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Dan: “Bella, what are you coloring?” You asked your friend’s 4 year old.

“You and Dan.” She stated without looking up.

“..oh. Okay.” You tilted your head. The character that seemed to be you looked more like a demonic lion than anything else.

A few minutes later, you and Dan decided to start coloring as well. You were drawing a cat, while Dan started drawing Bella. At one point, you looked over and noticed Bella had added a weird ball to the picture.

“What’s that?” You pointed to it.

“A baby,” she said plainly. “His name is Dan.”

You giggled and looked at Dan. He locked his fingers with yours. He gave you one of those looks that you knew was just for you. One that told you he was ready for a family with you.

Phil: You’d been asked to watch your close friend’s child for the weekend, and you happily obliged. You both loved kids and couldn’t wait to have some of your own.

Your friend’s son was all tucked into bed when Phil offered to read him a story.

“Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess. The prince was super cool and handsome, and the princess was… Meh.” He joked. You hit his arm. “They wanted a baby.”

He looked at you. “..but when they tried to have a baby, it came out as a lizard!” He changed the tone, the child immediately breaking into laughter.

Shit Ryuken might say (if he had to babysit baby Ichigo and baby Ishida)

Babysitting Ryuken requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that one day Ryuken found himself babysitting Ichigo and Ishida, both of whom happened to be toddlers. What sort of things might he say?

1. “I cannot believe that Masaki and Isshin asked me to watch their son while they go out.”

2. “Had it just been Masaki asking, I would have been happy to do it.”

3. “But Isshin. He ruins everything.”

4. “Oh well. I already have a 3 ½ year old son. But is one more 3 ½ year old in the house? This will be no problem.”

5. “Perhaps I will even get more work done, since they will be amusing each other.”


7. “….Although admittedly Ichigo seems to like you more now.”

8. “What a strange child.”

9. “And just for the record, Uryu, I made *my* first rubber band bow and arrow at age three.”

10. “Here, why don’t the two of you play with these blocks?”

11. “Uryu, you need a better foundation if you want to build a block tower.”

12. “That tower will never stand, Uryu.”

13. “You should be better at blocks at age three.”

14. “….but at least you are not simply piling the blocks up whilly nilly like Ichigo.”

15. “Oh never mind Ichigo just knocked over his own block tower.”

16. “He seems to enjoy that part more.”

17. “Probably Isshin’s fault.”

18. “Oh. Ichigo is crying now. What is the matter?”

19. “Are you hungry?”

20. “Here, have some rice and milk. Uryu will only eat foods that are white.”

21. “He cries at the sight of ketchup or red apples.”

22. “He is a strange child.”

23. “All right, now that both of you are eating, I will go and…”


25. “Well…at least Ichigo seems to enjoy wearing your bowl as a hat.”

26. “But now he is dirty and must be cleaned.”

27. “And now Uryu is crying?”

28. “Oh, I see. You spilled milk on your clothes. You know what white on white doesn’t really show, right?”

29. “Oh, never mind. Let’s get you both changed into new clothes.”

30. “Now that you are both clean again, please play quietly so that I can get some work done.”

31. “….Or Ichigo can chase Uryu around the house with a paper towel roll. That’s good too.”

32. “Are you boys playing or fighting? It is difficult to tell.”

33. “Well, so long as you are not hurting each other.”

34. “Ichigo, are you crying again? Oh, I see. Uryu shot a pencil at you again.”

35. “Ichigo certainly cries a lot.”

36. “Probably Isshin’s fault.”