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Spacetime // The Christmas Invasion

“Well, I reckon you’re mad, the pair of you. It’s like you go looking for trouble.”  


Daesung singing his member’s solos.

151111 Hyukmom’s 8th letter to Hyukjae ♡

Baby !! H~i

Did you train well today too?

Did you focus well during the firing training and did it without any mistakes?

There is not long left until i get to see our baby now ~~

I want to quickly meet you and feed you homecooked food. Bulgogi,Tofu Kimchi, rolled omelet, Bossam etc ~~ I will make delicious food and bring it there.

The local and international fans has sent lots of letters to CBB so you’ve got to read them during your vacation. All the ELF said they are waiting ~~ Thankful thankful touched ^^

Yesterday on the 10th, the Suju parents were invited by Ryeowook’s parents and they bought us delicious Sashimi at Yeonan Pier. After eating deliciously, we went all the way to Ryeowook’s house and came back. The parents has also been meeting for about 8 years so everyone is like a family now. It is comfortable and fun to meet up now that everyone knows each other well. Especially today, Ryeowook’s dad made us laugh a lot. It would have been great if Ryeowook was a little bit more like his dad ㅎㅎ

Baby, it’s sad that the weather has become even colder ㅠㅠ

Officer Junghoon has uploaded lots of photos so my mood went up ~~ i recognized you even when you dressed up.

It would be great if the time passes faster ~~~~

You should be having sweet dreams at this time right?

Sleep ~ well ^^

Bye (c)