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So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you do BTS reaction on coming home and finding out that you adopted a puppy without telling them? Thanks!! Xx

Sure thing!! But man its been a while since ive posted anything XD Sorry guys! i’ve had some major writers block and i’ve been really busy with work! >.< But im going to do some requests tonight :) LETS GO!!

Jin: “Babe i’m hom-…………..Why is there a puppy he-”

You:“Shhhh babe don’t ask questions just accept it.”

Jin:“…….Not again”

Jimin: “BABE!!! There is a white fluffy poof running rampage in the kitchen!!! Did you pick up another stray!?!? i thought we agreed no more after like the 10th one just last week!”

Taehyung: “PUPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”

Jungkook: “I feel like i should be shocked but honestly i was expecting this at some point in the relationship.”

J-hope: “Awwwww look at this beautiful little ball of sunshine! What shall we name him?”

Suga: “Listen here little puppy…that bed right there is mine, Also the girl who brought you here is mine… when cuddle time is happening….Do.Not.Interfere.She.Is.My.Pillow”

Namjoon: “As long as it doesn’t shit and piss all over the house its fine! Oh and we must train it! We will make it the smartest puppy on this planet.”

~~ Admin Abbie

Hope you guys liked it! sorry if it isn’t that good my brain is kinda fried XD i had a long day at work! love you guys!!


Daesung singing his member’s solos.

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How about some orange spacesuit/(crazy!)TLV? ;) (surprising, I know :P)

One little click and your whole plan goes boom - and I can hardly resist a nice red button as it is.

Crazy enough? ;)


Spacetime // The Christmas Invasion

“Well, I reckon you’re mad, the pair of you. It’s like you go looking for trouble.”  


Series 3 left eyebrow action for whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid. Happy Birthday Stupid Unsexy Eyebrow!! <3

Bonus close up: