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Is there a way to explain to people that VC isn't... bad? I've been called crazy, gross or a killer quite a few times. It makes me so sad, cause I'd never hurt an animal in any way... I just think that the nature is beautiful, both alive and dead :'<

Tell me who did it and I’ll lecture them and fight them >:v

Seriously though, so long as you explain that it’s done because you love nature and want to understand animals in a hands-on, educational way, most people see it as being less of a ‘serial killer’ thing and more of a legitimate educational hobby. I tend to bring up the whole, ‘well museums have taxidermy,’ etc. and I can kinda get people to shut up. I’ve had a few fighters over the years that still called me gross even after my explanations, but you can’t force people understand so I just let them have their fits and walk away.

I’ve also found having a confident attitude as well as being able to counter argue common points will help people understand better. “Animals are killed to be trophies,” - Yes but the funds used for those hunts to take place are used to benefit the species as a whole. “Animals are skinned alive,” - Actually that’s a myth that was debunked, also do you know how hard it would be to skin a live animal that could bite you? etc.

Or, and this is my personal favorite to tell people who are being real assholes, “Do you really wanna fuck with someone who knows how to rot down a body ovo?”

I try to normally laugh when people post silly things on my posts, but when you start calling me a knee jern nationalist over my taste on oatmeal, I’m going to kindly ask you to go forth and multiply in the Biblical sense.

And in case that’s too complicated a phrase for your darling brain to comprehend: Go fuck yourself.

The “discourse” needs to stop.

Here’s a tip for everyone in the LGBTAQ+ community:

Stop abusing and alienating other members of our community in an attempt to lift yourself up or “defend” yourself or make yourself seem more “legitimate”.

No more acephobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc from within our own god damned community. Just stop it.

More Institute Ranting (they just don't get any breaks this weekend)

How come the Institute never tried to reclaim Nick (or DiMA)?

See, before Far Harbor, his assumed backstory checked out - he thought he was a discarded prototype, old trash with all the important Institute memories removed, hence why the Institute ceased to care about him even though he was still walking and talking.

But in Acadia DiMA reveals they were both important Institute prototypes who escaped together, and Nick’s failing memory banks and some unknown damage upon escape were to blame for him forgetting the Institute.

So why were no attempts made to retrieve them? DiMA I can let slide, he had all the memory and sense to get far away from the Commonwealth, and lived in isolation for many years. Nick, however, was confused, disoriented and hurt and instead sought out people and settlements in Boston, and would have been easily tracked down.

Here’s where I duck into headcanon territory - Nick and DiMA were helped out of the Institute by someone on their research team who recognized their humanity and intelligence and got attached. DiMA was concocting a plan to escape already, but when the team was informed that Nick would be decommissioned and his experiment benched because of his stubbornness, insubordination, and now deeply ingrained personality that couldn’t be worked around, the pressure to get them out was increased and DiMA and their friend moved rapidly to enact an escape. Their institute friend planned on sneaking them out during Nick’s would-be decommissioning, but things were botched when another member of the project stepped in to erase important Institute information off of Nick’s memory banks before their ally could fake it. Though it didn’t get everything, it was enough to permanently damage his memory and leave him only with fuzzy memories of the Institute and all the prewar memories of the original Nick Valentine, which would explain Nick and DiMA’s fight after they finally got out, what with Nick not recognizing him at all.

I like to think afterwards teams were in fact sent to recover the synths - but they were still only gen 1s and 2s and they couldn’t keep up with the human level of innovation and intelligence Nick and DiMA possessed. DiMA fell off the radar, and so many synths were annihilated or turned around that eventually they gave up trying to retrieve Nick and instead started using him as yet another wall to bounce experiments off of. When they started developing Coursers, they sent the first models to attempt to retrieve Nick and used the data from the failures to make their synths better. Of course, by the time they had fully developed their gen 3s, Nick had become fully obsolete and the technology he was made with was no longer important or relevant to the Institute, so they started ignoring him for good.

I subbed for a 2nd grade class today, and one of the things they did was write about why they would make a good President. And all of them wrote stuff like “I’d build houses for poor people,” or “I’d build roads in my community”, and “I’d let everyone come to Pennsylvania.”

A class of 7 year-olds would literally be better presidents than who was elected.

Sorry, but I don’t trust people that shit on Bellamy, called him white, demonized his character, compared him to a rapist, or titled him “Genocide King” and then suddenly ship him with Raven.

the voting gauntlet final would be billion times more fun if we didn’t already know the fucking outcome

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u shouldnt use queer to refer to u being ace btw

I’m queer because I’m ace and I’m queer because I’m pan. They’re both important parts of my identity as a queer woman and I’m not going to throw one under the bus to make the other more “legitimate”.


OKAY. Took this request as an excuse to draw fanart for fic written by one of my favorite irl ladies <3333. Although these can’t possibly match up to the actual complexity and imagery of the story, here are few vignettes inspired by scenes from Inking Indigo!

If any of you are fans of ML, I’d recommend reading all of her stories-!

Her AO3 | Tumblr! Please go spoil her!!!

So, the apparent ‘discourse’ now is along the lines of ‘asexuality is totally valid but you guys aren’t inherently lgbt’. Which is interesting, because back when this whole clusterfuck was starting up I would most often see discourse along the lines of 'asexual people are LGBTA+ but they can’t reclaim certain slurs’. It’s rather disconcerting to see how quickly the rhetoric has evolved to exclude us entirely. I’m willing to bet that it’ll change to 'asexuality is invalid and wrong’ within the year, because now that aphobia is such a popular thing they won’t have to hide how much they hate us.

I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?

quiet bpd Lance head canons
  • he automatically internalizes ‘bad’ feelings so fast that he’s legitimately cheerful more of the time but god forbid it stops working for a while & he gets stuck sad & it shocks his system
  • disassociation when in space too long (what the fuck is time and reality who cares)
  • Keith is his fp and he hates craving attention and validation for LITERALLY EVERYTHING from him
  • tries v hard to flirt bc he learned really young that if u do that u get Attention from people
  • 90% of emotions he gets are manic as shit, and acts overly impulsive bc of it (always internalizes the SHAME and DEATH feelings over it all)
  • has a hard time staying sad around people who will talk to him and pay attention (Coran in ep4!!)
  • cries when alone for more than 2 hours at a time (even if he’s not feeling ‘sad’)
  • is bad at eating consistently without Hunk around to suggest food (“bro when did you last eat” “haha you don’t want an honest answer to that”)
  • risks own life to save others out of 50% concern for the person, 50% “hopefully I’ll get hurt and get attention”
  • bounces between “I am the best” and “I want to die I am the worst” constantly but only vocalizes the first. talks about self extra amounts when feeling the second to throw people off his tracks
  • literally just wants to go home let him go home he is crying again
  • gets spikes of actual blood thirsty anger and it scares him
  • risks safety constantly to feel Alive
  • attention attention attention (he is STARVING)
  • fidgets a lot bc he needs to keep his hands busy all the time otherwise the anxiety builds up
  • tactile as shit, needs constant physical stimming
  • easily over stimulated by silence and the dark