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Shu Sakamaki - Dark 5

/screen fades to limousine/

Yui: (Shu-san invited me out today…..that’s rare)

Yui: (even so, where is it that we’re going?)

/Screen fades, scene changes to dressing room/

Yui: (dress shopping….)

Yui: huh….?

Shu: they say there’s nice costumes here. Hey, do you have any suitable dresses?

Lady: yes, of course

Yui: a dress…?

Yui: (for me? Why so suddenly…)

/Lady walks back in/

Lady: how about this?

Yui: (wow….what a lovely dress…)

Shu: ………

Shu: ….no. The color is too dark, it’s not suitable. It should be more pale

Lady: okay….how about this?

Lady: pearls are decorated around the chest area, it’s the most popular in our shop

Shu: the color is good but, not the length. It’s still a little long

Lady: then… about something with more lace?

Shu: well….I guess that’s fine. Hey, why don’t you go try it on?

Yui: this is, for me…?

Shu: ha…., I said we came to buy you your dress. What are you going to do if you have nothing to wear?

Yui: well….

Shu: you understand, hurry and go. or are you going to change your clothes here?

Yui: …..I’ll go and change….!

Shu: –ah, then. Also, the decorated dress over there. Its unexpectedly suitable

Shu: Also take measurements. Because i’ll probably have to order the next one soon

Yui: (measurements….!?)

Lady: certainly. ……ok, please go here

Yui: th,thats…!


/screen changes to a dressing room/

Yui: (what on earth is going on…)

/screen fades black/

/scene changes to limousine/

Yui: (mn, I’m tired….)

Yui: (I wonder how many dresses I wore…..I don’t want to think about that….)

Shu: the preparation was very quick, did you not find it to be very good?

Yui: but, why did you suddenly get me a dress….

Shu: There is a party at the Vibora castle. You’ll be participating as well

Yui: eh!?

Yui: (I’m, going to the Vibora party?)

Shu: Reiji, wanted me to take you along

Yui: Reiji-san…?

Shu: Aah. You have that woman, cordelia’s, heart

Shu: Cordelia, was part of the Vibora clan. It seems convenient when you have something like that

Yui: …..but, I know nothing about the Vibora clan…

Yui: (is that alright…?)

Shu: really, I’m not expecting you to do anything. It’s not good to force you, so

Shu: aah, however I will tell you that there is only one person… should be aware of, right?

Yui: aware….?

Shu: that’s right. … aware that you are mine and only mine

Yui: ….!

Yui: (….how devious. To say such a thing so suddenly…)

Shu: kuku….whats wrong? why is your face all red?

Yui: …….

1 - it’s nothing

2 - because, Shu-san….

Choose -> 2 - because, Shu-san

Yui: because, Shu-san….

Shu: …..hmm, are you saying it’s my fault?

Yui: ….! th-that’s not what I meant….!


Shu: even if you say that, what’s going on? Your face, it’s becoming increasingly more red


Yui: ……

Yui: (Shu-san, is mean….—!?)

/car horn, skidding sounds/

Shu: ….!

Yui: Kyah..!!

Shu: that was sudden, what happened…?

Driver: …..just now, something came out of nowhere….

/car door opens/

???: —sorry, sorry. that was more rough than expected….

???: well, don’t be alarmed. I just want to talk a little

Shu: ……..

Yui: (who is….this person…?)


When the car door opened, there was a [strange]1 boy. He was [smiling]2. But, his eyes didn’t match his smile at all. When I noticed, I grabbed Shu-sans [sleeve]3 without thinking. Then I noticed, the demon that should have been in the driver seat had disappeared. The boy exchanged a look, and then another man came in and grasped the handle in front of him. I wonder who this boy is, and what will become of us.

Choose: 1,3

lavenderrpurr  asked:

She seems more carefree than her mother, does she stay that way? Portia for the most part seems to always be aware of society and what's expected of her, does Luna eventually grow up to have a prim & proper lady side ( more so than she does now) or does she relax a bit more in public?

Way more relaxed. Portia for the most part feels that way because she was adopted, and constantly felt like she had to prove herself to be a real part of this rich family because so many would look at her and just see that she didn’t fit in. Luna won’t feel that way because by the time she is grown, the Bartel name will be well-established in this generation to be grown by Portia. Basically Portia works hard to make sure Luna doesn’t grow up insecure like she did.

Luna still likes dresses and flowers and lace and ribbons and all the things Portia wants to dress her in, but always seems to be coming home dirty after going on adventures with Cake.

The Coca Cola “America the Beautiful” commercial

The Schuyler Sisters singing “and sisterhood”

Lady Gaga singing Born This Way

This Super Bowl is asking “How mad can we make all the racists, sexists, and homophobes?” AND I’M LOVING IT.

I think, in 2017 the Internet should come back to its true purpose:
Cat videos

  • Burr: Hamilton's skill with a quill is undeniable but what do we have in common? We're reliable with the
  • All Men: LADIES!!!!!
  • John Lauren and his gay ass: *looks at smudged writing on hand* let..lettuce? LETTUCE!!
‘do you know any good pick up lines?’ well usually i use nylon type 4 rappelling rope, and sometimes the rolled steel cable on the winch in the quinjet--oh, you mean for gettin dates--