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devoted time i didn’t necessarily have to redraw everyone’s favorite panel from our local shoujo ✨✨

this is the first time i used the tones from ms and rightfully so uwu pls enjoy

The Cooper Falling Body

“The details are pretty thin on the ground and are really just a couple of sentences. About half way through the last century (judging by the clothes), the Cooper family moved into a new home somewhere in Texas. They took a photograph to mark this occasion and this thing appeared in the left of the frame upon development. Aaaaand that’s it. I’m told that the original snap has been cropped, which explains why the family is now not centred, as one would expect them to be. However, there is some degree of vignetting, which points towards the photograph being uncropped. Hmmm.

Another possibility is that a doll or something was being dangled in front of the camera to make sure the boys looked into the lens, but would anyone really let an object into the frame so much? Surely it’d be just as easy to dangle the doll above the lens.

I’ve had a quick Google, with a variety of keywords, but more details than the above evade me, so if anyone can squirrel more than I have been able to out of the internet it would be very enlightening to read. Furthermore, the farthest back it seems to appear online is April, 2012 – although I can’t find the original source.

Whatever the truth behind this photograph, it sure is an intriguing image.”

Via Ephor/Imgur

2,500+ followers: Keyword Requests

First thank you guys so much, you’re amazing! And thank you to the people who submit headcanons too, they are all amazing!

To ‘celebrate’ in a way, someone suggested I do some keyword burst requests!

Send me a keyword (this word can be literally anything, including nsfw and AUs) and I will write a bunch of short headcanons based off it!

I will post them all throughout Friday and Saturday, depending how many I get.

Thank you again and much love!



Name : Jisung
Date Of Birth : 2002.02.05
Jisung’s Keyword:#DreamTeamMaknaeOnTop

More Info
Hobbies : Singing along to songs ,gaming
Specialities: Dance,thinking deeply
Favourite Subjects:Physical Education , Social Studies (likes making use of his body ,as well as social studies which helps him how the world works ! )
Least Favourite Subjects:all (everything’s_so_difficult_to_dreamm_team’s_maknae)
Jisung’s Dream:for 50% to know my name and my team.
Goal:Chris Brown


Mark:“Jisung Park who likes to dance than to play soccer ( t/n : reference to park Jisung the football player) the hyungs will always take care of you so just know that , and when there is something that worries you tell us . Your always our centre and maknae.”

Haechan: “Jisung Park !!! The hyungs really like you a lot so don’t be worried and fool around (with us) a lot !!”

Jeno: “Swag jisung ~
continue to joke around with hyungs and fool around, just like now , we’ll accept all of it….”

Jaemin: “maknae on top jisungie ^^..
Continue to joke around with us Jisung-ahh !! and fighting !!”

Renjun:“turn of your alarm !! Cute donsaeng Jisung-ahh !! ”

Chenle: “Jisung Park !
Our teams cutest member , you’re so respectable to everyone. You’re never angry at someone else , you’re very nice towards the hyungs , you’re event nice to me the hyung who’s only a few years older than you. Sometimes its obvious that you have something to say to every one but you keep it inside you . I hope you can continue to help me in the future even though I’m older , you’re still the sunbae ~ let’s work hard together ~ ”

TRANSLATION : @svnthns



Name : Chenle
Date Of Birth : 2001.11.22
Jisung’s Keyword:#dreamteammischeviousboy

More Info
Hobbies : cooking,soccer,enjoying music
Specialities: singing,playing the piano
Favourite Subjects: physical education, math,English ( likes making use of his body and his body and likes studying foreign languages !! )
Least Favourite Subjects:social studies, science( to study up on other subjects he hasn’t been able to study on these subjects much)
Chenle’s Dream: to be a singer acknowledged by the world. !


Mark:“ Chenle does not know Korean so it must be ydifficult for him , but fighting !! And ask Renjun hyung lots of questions ~just trust in the hyungs and follow us~

Haechan: ” the hyungs will take care of you well , so just trust the hyungs and let’s have fun together ~ ❤️"

Jeno: “ Chenle-yah your Korean has improved a lot since you came , your doing well, from now on lets continue to promote while having fun just like now !! ”

Jaemin -nana ( would you know who this is ? •_• )
Since now everything you do is cute,you can do whatever you want ~our cute chenle !! But let’s work hard !! That’s how we can catch up to our hyungs “

Renjun:"Jiayou !!! Let’s work even harder , for the world to know our name !

Jisung: ” Your only one year older than me but dongsaeng like chenle hyung …
Please study hard for Korean and don’t learn any bad things ^_^ “

TRANSLATION : @svnthns

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Do you have any information or advice about autism and empathy? It's something I really struggle with

Empathy isn’t really something that can be advised about. You either feel it or you don’t.

If you’re wanting advice on how to act in the manner of someone who experiences more empathy, a keyword you may want to start with is “secular morality”. This is an area of study which helps you understand why it’s good to do the right thing, even if you have no emotions attached to it.

-Mod Valencia

Assassins Pre-Season Class Update - Systems Tweaks and Smaller Scale Updates

Hey all,

Here to keep you guys in the loop on how things are progressing for the Assassins update as we get closer towards the next Pre-Season. In particular, we’ll be talking today about some of the other changes that will accompany the 4 large updates (Talon, Rengar, Katarina, LeBlanc). Here’s where we’re at:

Stealth and Vision Adjustments
We are doing a minor pass on the Stealth and Vision system this Pre-Season. Our first goal is to clarify and unify the different types of Stealth in our game. We will be making a clearer delineation between the 2 types of Stealth in League:

  1. Invisibility - shorter-term in-combat Stealths that make champions completely unseen such as Kha’zix’s Void Assault.
  2. Camouflage - longer-term pre-combat Stealths that can be detected through proximity such as Evelynn’s Shadow Walk.

This is part of an overall effort for us to make the game’s mechanics clearer, more flexible, and more consistent using such Keywords.

In addition to this, we want to clarify how Vision detection items like Vision Wards interact with each other as well as with Stealthed champions. All of the details are not sorted out just yet, but 1 big change that will significantly impact Stealth champions is that “Pink Wards” will no longer detect Invisibility next Pre-Season. Simply put, Invisibility being trivially countered by the use of a relatively cheap single consumable item rendered several champions non-functional especially at high levels of play. This will allow us to better balance these champions since they will now be able to more readily utilize their Invisibilities in fights such that they no longer have to solely rely on instantly bursting their target or dying to enemy focus fire. To support this change, we are adding in other baseline ways to interact with Stealthed units; one example we’re exploring is a shimmer that opponents can see when they hit Stealthed enemies (i.e. with a skillshot). This should give enemies a good sense of where the Stealthed target is so they can follow up and chase them down.

We are still currently exploring how we want Camouflage to interact with Vision detection items - this may remain unchanged going into the next season. Either way, expect some tweaks to champions who leverage Stealth as they will now have to be re-balanced with these new rules in play. Twitch, for example, is a champion whose current Stealth tunings may not be as reasonable going into the next Season.

Assassin Itemization
Finally we are doing a small pass on Assassin itemization and one of the most problematic stats in the game - Flat Armor Penetration.

Flat Armor Penetration has always had a couple big issues that we’re finally looking to resolve. Firstly, the term Armor Penetration can be misleading as it suggests itself as a strong counter to heavily Armored opponents, despite the fact that it specializes in actually taking out low Armor targets. And secondly, the nature of Flat Penetration and how it competes with Champion base Armor growth has always made it particularly feast of famine mechanic in the game. Either you get ahead of the curve and outpace your opponent’s natural Armor scaling or you fall horribly behind and quickly find yourself useless. We still want Assassins to be focused on dominating the midgame and snowballing ahead to succeed, but having their primary stat so heavily reinforce this pattern made them far too one dimensional. Next Pre-Season, be on the lookout for a Flat Armor Penetration “rework” of sorts.

Additionally, the current Assassin Itemization options are, simply put, not always best serving the needs of Assassins relative to those of other classes. In that light, we’re retuning items that are intended for Assassins to better suit their own needs. We want to reinforce their ability to roam the map and survive tricky situations as well as add some new avenues to provide benefits to their team as a whole. Although this won’t be an overhaul anywhere near as large as we did for the Marksmen, look forward to tinkering around with the item shop a bit with the next Pre-Season.

Smaller Scale Champion Updates
As with previous Class updates, many other Assassins will be receiving minor updates. The overarching goals here are to firstly address any champions that will overshadow the rest of the cast (whether it be through being overly generalist or just lacking sufficient counterplay) and secondly to push differentiation and uniqueness within the class itself.

The range of change here varies quite a bit from entirely new kit additions to just simple tuning changes. Here’s a quick runthrough on the current list of champions we’re currently considering and why. Note that these are all still tentative and we may choose to remove some or add more as we inch closer to the finish line.

Akali is another champion we believe needs a full Visual Gameplay Update to realize her full potential. Despite that, we’re exploring some small scale changes that will give her more ways to outplay her opponents, but are also looking to resolve some of the gameplay health issues that stem from her split identity as both a bursty Assassin and a sustained Fighter. On top of this, Akali will be one of the major beneficiaries of the Pink Ward no longer detecting Invisibility change as it was one of the primary ways to shut her down previously - moving forward Akali and her target should both have a bit more time to breathe in the midst of combat.

Although not strictly an Assassin, we felt this was an opportunity once again to better align Ekko with his intended gameplay and fantasy; we are continuing to push Ekko away from being a pure Tank and instead more towards being an AP damage threat. Even though we’ve been inching him in that direction for a while, we think some minor shifts here will go a long way into solidifying his identity.

We’re looking to retain Fizz’s unique arsenal of evasive tricks but force him to make hard decisions about when and where to use them by giving Fizz more incentive to play with his food before he ultimately feeds them to his Shark. We also want to give Fizz a bit more flexibility in the lane especially when he’s on the back foot and forced to just last hit minions. To top it all off, we’re exploring cool ways of further pushing Fizz’s unique identity as the Assassin with strong initiation potential.

One of Kha’Zix’s core tenets is to evolve and adapt - we want Kha’Zix players to feel like they are constantly re-considering which evolutions to take based on the context of the current game as well as their own playstyle. And although we want to continue to keep Isolation as the way Kha’Zix primarily succeeds, we are taking this opportunity to limit his instant burst damage and empower him to utilize the tools he has to follow-up and finish his victims.

Although we think Shaco is ultimately in need a full VGU-esque update, we wanted to take some time to give him a quick tune up. We want to give him back some of the cool tricks he used to have (as well as some new ones), but at the same time address some of the long-term game health issues he has always presented (overbearing early ganks and relentless split pushing).

Although an already solid part of the roster, Zed can be an overly generalist choice in the Assassin space due to his relatively safe early game and his effective Assassination tools. Outside of some tuning adjustments, we’re looking for some interesting ways to make Zed think more carefully about the opposing team composition and in particular who he chooses to Death Mark throughout the game.

💜🔮video readings🔮💜

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering video readings in conjunction with my detailed, written tarot readings.

Video readings would be offered at a lower rate, because they would be easier to complete and not quite as in-depth. They would focus more on keywords and associations, rather than an extensive analysis.

Is this an option you’d like to see? I want to make sure my readings are available to people with all kinds of budgets, and I feel that this would help in that regard.

Feel free to reblog or message me with your thoughts.

What is your typical budget when shopping for a tarot reading?
Do you prefer written readings or video readings?
Let me know what you think!

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Wow you know much! I'm Vietnamese in the US and would like to know more about my culture, but I can't read Viet to save my life XD Do you know how I can get more information, can be about anything in Vietnam?

I don’t read in English much, because my English is not good enough to do so (and my love for language is nothing else but Chinese scripts). But I can give you some websites that offer English. However, my interest is only about ancient stuffs, so I can’t help you with the modern time. If you want to know more about the people, please read Humans of Hanoi or Humans of Saigon, or just simply browse my tumblr lol.

About the history, well I’m not sure what foreigners say about us, but you can google “Vietnam history“ or “Vietnam ancient” (this keyword is more about culture) for more information, although you may find many things about wars. Please remember that we had peaceful periods too, and even the people then didn’t hate Chinese that much. We once called ourselves “Trung Quốc” 中國 (translated as “China" nowadays) or “Hoa Hạ" 華夏 since in that time the aristocrats believed that these words stood for civilization, maybe it was like “we are the possessors of Confucianism and we can stand up to the Chinese and that is sooooo good and we are sooooo proud" - no offending, but I like Taoism more lol. I read a document before, it stated that when the Mongols and Manchu conquered China, the aristocrats in Vietnam were in shock (that feeling when your idol has fallen down) and despited “non-Hán” cultures. One more thing to remember is when you read about history, you shouldn’t read only one source, because it depends so much on the writers’ views. In Vietnamese schools, students only know what the government wants us to know, so when I was old enough to understand complicated things, I went a little further just to find out that so many things I had known up until then were not necessarily true. No one knows the truth, because, let me say it again, we only know what the government wants us to know, especially in ancient time you must have quite the courage to say anything bad about the emperor and his policy (he will decapitate you with just one word and no one dare to against that), as a result of this, even the researchers cannot say for sure what they know is what had happened in the past. Chinese and us have this sentence: “đổi trắng thay đen" 顛倒黑白 (call white black and black white, it means confusing right and wrong) which fits the situation very well. Make me wish I could have time machine to find out all the truth hahah.

No more discussing about this headachy subject, let’s move onto things I like the most: writing system, clothes and architectures.

There’s a website about “chữ Nôm” (writing system), not much information, but it has a dictionary, how useful. I use this book called “Tam Thiên Tự" 三千字 (Three Thousand Characters) to self-study chữ Nôm, not much but better than nothing, because I live in HCMC, no one teach chữ Nôm here, so sad… Recently there was an exhibition of chữ Nôm calligraphy, so beautiful that made me wanna explode.

About the clothes, we have a book of Trần Quang Đức (my idol!) called “Ngàn năm áo mũ" (one thousand years of clothing), the most detailed and accurate book of ancient clothing (from 1009-AD to 1945) up until now. I’m sorry that there’s no English translation. But the basic idea of the book beside the research of ancient clothing is that our Vietnamese clothing varies throughout the history just like Chinese, not just what we see nowadays - “áo dài khăn đóng”. This type of clothes had lasted for thousands of years? Wrong, wrong and wrong, we once had this, this, this, this and so much more with holy lord of details, levels of delicacy. To be honest áo dài is my least favorite, I like this more. You can see more pictures here, and their facebook group, page (you can browse albums, and even if you ask, they will reply you in English), flickr.

More on wiki: Ancient cultures, Poets, the country itself (at the bottom of this article there are so many links).

And just for fun, here are some translations of Vietnamese poets, only the early modern ones though.

The more I spend time on Tumblr , and the more i feel not interested with their lives. Like, idgaf where they live, who are their friends, how are their sisters, what’s the difference between their private and public lives, which theory is more probable. I really am not interested anymore.

I like them, I like their music, I hope they’re happy, Im happy to meet people and to read fics , but … idk. I’m not that interested in their lives I guess. I used to, but this hiatus and all the bullshit tend to make me angry and now I just look at posts in my dash and scream internally “who caaaaares??” 3637 times a day. I’m just bored.

So I’m not saying I’m taking a break (because I’m weak and I’m not able to do this). But I guess I’m gonna go in a unfollow spree and try to clean my dash of negativity and bullshit. Blacklist some more keywords. Stop rebloging about business and rumors. Focus on what makes me happy on this fandom : fics of course, fanart, edits, pics, headcanons. At least I’m gonna try. (Also I’ll be on holidays tomorrow -Friday- for the week, away from my computer. Ill still be there but only on my phone and not that often)

so i drew ivan from that one macrabe/library au i talked about lol. alfred is next. and more about ivan, no one has the balls to talk to him 99% of the time. he’s just too creepy looking (and sounding), and those eyes on his jacket (they’re fake. . right?) seem to follow ur movements, which just unsettles everyone. alfred disapproves. ivan tried to be friendlier and more inviting. keyword tried b/c well, the one time he tried it gave a customer a heart attack. apparently using a decapitated hand to shake hands with a customer isn’t the best way to be “friendly”. :/