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Hey Jenna, I notice in your videos you sometimes say that " healthy food is the devil " ha. I'm just saying this because I care about ya, not trying to tell ya what to do at all because nobody can tell you what to do :) Something my mom told me to push me to eat healthier was " you're a writer right? So wouldn't you rather treat your body right, and feed it the best food possible? So you can live a longer life and do what you love a lot longer, and produce more excellent books? Love ya Jenna :)

ok this is a kinda shitty drabble idea but i’m half asleep and i don’t wanna forget

when the junkers are at that awkward phase past full-blown distrust of one another where they Want to trust the other but aren’t sure if the other trusts them yet so they keep doing like. little favors for the other, or they try and learn more about the other, or they just show little signs of care

like. they come across some canned rations that includes a can of pork and beans. and while they’re eating, rat picks the saltpork out of the beans and just kinda awkwardly goes “uh… do you mind if i..?” and hog is just “??? what. go ahead.” “no i mean… do you mind me eating it?” “….i don’t want it.” “no no i mean… do you mind me eating pork?”

and rat just sorta gestures to hog’s patches. and after a moment of surprise that rat even thought of that, he just snorts and goes “not really, you need a bit of meat on you.” and rat is a lil offended but realizes from hog’s suddenly softer joking tone, he meant it like “i want you to get stronger and healthier” and just

more……. lil signs of them just starting to Trust And Care™ for the other

I just want for Lena and Maggie to be really close friends and complain ~not really~ with each other about their girlfriends. And for Lena and Alex to talk about gadgets and things that only they understand and in the background Maggie and Kara exchanging look like “they are too nerd for their own good but we love them anyway”. And I want double dates and Kara and Alex competing with each other over who can eat more potstickers and Maggie doing annoyed faces because she’s the one who would have to take care of Alex and then that same night Alex whizzing about how her stomachs hurts and Maggie complaining and saying repeatedly “i told you so” but actually she’s just really happy because she loves how Alex gets all clingy and she just loves to take care of her. And in the other side of the city Lena is just congratulating Kara for winning. If you know what I mean.

What If...

Like what if when Yuri and Victor entered competitive skating and each round they’d keep swapping between first and second place but the others success would make them so happy and want to try harder and become become better, always practicing together and giving each other hugs and kisses on the forehead when performances are flawless. And what if Yuri won the Grand Prix final and Victor got second but their would be no hard feelings they’d literally start crying for each other because their performance and efforts were so beautiful and they’d just go home and cuddle and party and eat cake to congratulate Yuri’s first gold. And Yuri would playfully make fun of Victor not getting gold but Victor wouldn’t care because he loves Yuri so much and would be like I care for getting married to you so much more right now and they’d both blush and kiss and they’d just laugh the night away and be soft and warm ahhhhh

RFA+Saeran & V as Teachers (Pt. 5)


{Computer Programming and Internet Technology} 

  • makes dad jokes 24/7
  • is basically known as the living meme in the school
  • dude knows all the internet trends
  • legit the coolest teacher ever
  • trips up kids with facts about students that normal teachers wouldn’t know background checks, anyone?
  • doesn’t care if students sleep in class (he understands them all too well r.i.p) 
  • students are in awe during his in class demonstrations (he just works so damn fast omg) 
  • secretly teaches students how to hack 
    • bonus marks if they tell him something about another student that he didn’t already know
  • God Seven doesn’t understand why students need more than one class to finish an assignment 
  • needs MC to bring him lunch every day otherwise he’ll just eat Honey Buddha Chips with Ph.D Pepper
  • students call MC Mrs. Choi when they see her because Seven insists that that’s what she goes by more like he tells his students that she’s his waifu

(Stay tuned for Teacher Saeran :))

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The shy one | Newt Scamander part 1/2

Let’s pretend Newt went to Hogwarts during the Marauders era. And let’s pretend there’s a yule ball like in The Goblet Of Fire but without the tournament.
You had been friends with the Marauders since your first year at Hogwarts. They’re idiots, but life is to short to be normal. People didn’t really understand your friendship ‘cause you were a slytherin and Sirius has made it very clear he doesn’t like slytherin house. ( if you’re not a slytherin you can just ignore this part.)  You couldn’t care less about what other people thought, at least you had real friends. 

You were studying in the library when your best friend Lily Evans rudely interrupted you by snatching your book away. “Lily give that back I need to study!” “Oh please you’re like the smartest person I know, and besides we have more important matters to discuss than what unicorns eat.” “And what might that be?” I asked her. “Your date for the yule ball of course!” she yelled excitedly. “I heard there’s this hufflepuff that has a giant crush on you.” “Which one?” you asked hopefully. You’ve had a crush on this boy called Newt Scamander for quite a long time, but you’re just to shy to ask him out. And besides you were pretty sure he was dating Leta Lestrange “I don’t really know his name. Like the one who’s so obsessed with magical creatures, the shy one who’s always alone.” “You mean Newt? The one that’s friends with Leta Lestrange?” You couldn’t help the small hopeful smile forming one your lips. “Yeah I think that’s the one. Why are you smiling like that? Awwww does little y/n have crush?” she teased. “I most certainly do not!” You yelled blushing furiously. “Yes you dooo. You’re in loveee.” she sing songed. “Who are you going with anyway?” You asked trying to change the subject. “I’m going with Potter. He wouldn’t stop asking me out so I said yes to get him of my back.” “Admit it sweetheart, you love me.” James said as he and the others joined you. “Nope, but you know who is in love? Our little n/n over there.” If looks could kill Lily would have died about 70 times right now. “Who’s the lucky guy?” Remus asked you. He was by far your favorite, they all were like brothers to you but you were closest to Remus. “It’s no one. It’s just a small crush.” “A name would be nice.” Sirius said with a smirk. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone.” You pleaded. They all nodded their heads and smiled for me to go on. “It’s Newt Scamander.” “Oh I knew it! You should ask him out, he totally has a thing for you!” James said. “He’s right, the boy won’t stop staring at you every time you’re near.” Peter joined in. They all nodded and you sighed in defeat. “Fine I’ll ask him to the yule ball, but if he says no I will murder each and everyone of you." 

You had been looking for Newt for the past 15 minutes when you saw him sitting against a tree. Alright it was now or never. Your hands were sweaty and they were shaking. Your heart was beating so fast, you were scared is was gonna break out of your chest. You were about to go up to him when Leta appeared by his side, engulfing him in a hug. You didn’t want to eavesdrop but you just couldn’t help it. "Oh Newt I’m so glad we’re going to the ball together! It’s gonna be so much fun!” You couldn’t quite process what Leta just said. Newt was going to the ball with her? You felt your heart break a little, it didn’t break out of your chest, it just broke. You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt your wet tears drip onto your hands. You turned around and ran back to your common room. You ran past Remus on the way who tried to ask you what happened but you just ignored him. You couldn’t believe how stupid you had been. How could you even think for a second that he would want to go to the dance with you. You should’ve known you weren’t good enough for him. The rest of the evening you stayed in your dorm, not bothering to go eat dinner. Your roommates tried to get you out of bed but you just told them that you didn’t feel well, and that they should just go without you. Just like Newt’s going to the dance… without you.

- this is from my Wattpad account called imagines_and_stuff

OK @darthluminescent , it’s not  Anakin “oh my god I have a cold and I’m probably dying now” Skywalker, but it is more Texts From Anakin. ;) 

Anakin: [text] SNIPS
Ahsoka: omggggg WHAT IS IT NOW MASTER it is 1 am 
Anakin: im just worried what if he doesnt like the chocolate cake 
Ahsoka: you SAID he likes chocolate cake. i have seen him eat chocolate cake. it’s FINE. i’m going to bed now, Master. Please do the same. I’m putting my phone on silent. Goodnight!!

Anakin: pls say u r awake 
Padme: I have an early Senate meeting tomorrow. I care about you, but if this is about that birthday cake again, I am going to have to block your number. 
Padme: Was it about the birthday cake?
Anakin: no but now im not gonna tell u 
Padme: goodnight Ani. I am sure he will like everything you’ve planned. 💕

Anakin: look I am just really really worried about all of this bc it has to be perfect and is that one photo of me i put in his card too much? like i know i look hot but this is a man who gets embarrassed when people kiss on the holonet 
Mace Windu: wrong number skywalker
Mace Windu: and if you ever text me at 2 am again with this ridiculous bullshit i will bust you back down to initiate again 
Anakin: shit sorry 

Anakin: OK no one else is awake so i need ur help: i bought 17 kinds of tea for obiwans birthday do u think that is enough???
Quinlan Vos: Skywalker, the man got a rock for his birthday once, OK? u need to RELAX. He owns like 2 pairs of pants and he’s eaten the exact same breakfast every day for 35+ years. 17 kinds of tea is going to be like Space Mardi Gras for him. Plus he’s gonna be getting it from your pretty self. 
Quinlan Vos: Getting the tea from you, I mean. Of course.
Quinlan Vos: 😏
Anakin: omg why did i seek ur counsel 
Quinlan Vos: hey I’m just a fan 

New Year

1. Care less about likes/what other people think in general

2. Practice piano more

3. Teach one other person a skill

4. Sleep more just because I can

5. Exercise more so I can eat more

6. Call my parents more than once a week

7. Give more gifts

8. Use coffee as an excuse to hang out with more people I don’t know

9. Create, even when I don’t feel like it

10. Love Christ more whole heartedly, build my life on him, seek Him, trust him, believe in the gospel again and again

You know what? Break up’s suck. So much. You can no longer be with the person you cared more about than anything else. And it hurts, a lot. But understand, this pain won’t last. I know it seems like the world will never be happy again, the colors will never be bright, nothing will be okay. But it will, I promise :) Pain is temporary, but it does demand to be felt. You can’t just ignore it. You can’t just wish it away. It’s there, forcing you to feel it’s sting, eating away at your very soul. But this will not last. I know, I’m going through it right now. And yes it hurts. Everything hurts, and it takes so much more energy to move than it did before to do even the simplest of stuff. But it will end, and i will be happy again. And i know you will be too. 


Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Harry Potter Universe

Prompt: The reader has been acting strange for a few months and Newt goes to figure it out. “I just don’t want to be a disappointment.”

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

PS: The reader is female. 

“What should I do?” Newt hummed, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He felt a little tug on his shirt and looked down. The little bowtruckle had lifted a frail finger and pointed at the door. Newt breathed deeply, eyeing the door as worry and anxiety crippled his body once more.

The door of [Y/N]’s bedroom was closed, again. Throughout the whole month, she was locking herself for hours and hours, only leaving to care for Newt’s creatures or to eat or to accompany him in any new discovery. At first, Newt didn’t really mind. He thought it normal for [Y/N] to seek some time to herself, as he sought the same. But when one day [Y/N] barged in the flat with a pile of thick old books and did not mutter a simple hello to Newt, he began to worry. What had he done? 

“Do you need help?” He asked, trailing behind [Y/N] as she shuffled to her room.

“No.” She responded, struggling with the weight of the books as she fiddled with the door knob.

“Uh…here, let me.” As soon as he opened it, [Y/N] rushed inside and dropped the pile on her bed. She was rummaging through it while Newt stood awkwardly at her side. Then, something caught his eye. He picked up the book with the silver title glistening against the black leather cover.

The Cursed Objects of Dark Arts

"That’s it!” [Y/N] snatched it happily and skimmed the pages.

“Wh-what do you need it for?” He stammered with a frown. 

“Oh…” [Y/N] uttered softly. “Um…well…there are rumors…” She hugged the closed book, gently tapping her fingers on the cover. Her gaze dropped to the floor. The air grew so tense as the silence thickened.

“About?” He urged; his heart beat rapidly against his chest and dark thoughts swirled in his head. He snatched a random book from the pile as a last resort to steady himself. 

She breathed deeply.

“There are rumors that the Ministry is recruiting every prominent Auror to fight against Grindelwald." 

The book fell from his fingertips.

"And…just in case a letter arrives…”

Newt stepped back. His eyes strained firmly on the carpets. His head shook slightly because no… [Y/N] couldn’t…she couldn’t possible be…

“I want to be prepared.”

He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t believe…he couldn’t think… [Y/N] considering…. [Y/N] leaving to fight….to fight Grindelwald? No.

“I-I’ve…gotta…I’ve got to leave…the beasts n-need me…” His voice trembled as he walked briskly to the door.

“Newt…” [Y/N] grasped his forearm. “They’re just rumors.” She searched for his eyes, yearning for him to look at her.

“Not to you. Clearly.” He whispered, he glanced at her with teary eyes. He sniffled and yanked his arm away and left without looking back.

She caught her breath.  

She regretted every single word. 

Another tug snapped him back to reality. He pushed himself off the wall, standing inches away from the door. He shakily raised a fist and knocked on it softly. He quickly tucked his hands inside his pockets, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet.

The door swung open and a force so strong knocked Newt against the wall.
“I’m sorry!” [Y/N] breathed, hugging him tightly. “Is just that…it’s my job and…and I have to…I just don’t want to be a disappointment.” She untangled herself from him. A blush crept on his cheeks as he stared at her. He gently lifted her chin and her eyes locked with his.

“You can never be a disappointment.” He whispered; his thumb graced her cheek. A warm feeling tickled her stomach as his fingers left ghostly marks on her skin. His eyes watered as he gazed at her flushed face. 

“Really?” She croaked, looking down and fiddling with the hem of her dress. 

“Yes.” He kissed her forehead, lightly shaking from nerves. “I’m just worried about you…your safety…”

“I’ll be fine.” She murmured. She lifted her gaze with a smile tracing her lips. “And if anything happens…”

“Nothing will happen.” He stated; his stare bore into her eyes. 

She began to stand on her tiptoes; her face inches away from Newt’s. A lump tangled his throat as his cheeks reddened furiously. 

“Nothing will happen.” She echoed his words and her lips tickled his and her breath mixed with his and he pressed his lips firmly against hers. His eyes fluttered close at the touch. Her hands tangled with his hair. His arms wrapped around [Y/N]’s shape, bringing her close, and

A little squeak creaked from Newt’s breast pocket and little Picket emerged, sticking his tongue at them.

“I’m so sorry!” Newt said, laughing with [Y/N]. He looked back at her, placing an arm around her shoulder.

“You hungry?” [Y/N] asked, leaning against Newt.

“Starving.” And, hand in hand, they made their way downstairs and Newt’s worry left without a trace.  

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do you think there are any school/club events that would coincide with the fae? Like the annual greased pig chase or something or a big bake off where all the baked goods are left in the woods on a fancy table to earn some sort of favor or just to get the fae to not bother the culinary collegiates

‘the annual greased pig chase’ is this a thing??? or is this like that one post about routinely smashing watermelons in the dark woods in summer camp and eating the innards with your hands like it’s an alien egg

In general no, I don’t think any events intentionally coincide with the Fair Folk’s movements. For the most part, students and staff just kind of live their lives as normal - it’s amazing what you get used to. But those who tend towards caution, or know more than the others, probably take extra care not to offend on days like this when you might be trespassing on something Else.

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Hi! Do you have any prompts for a character secretly taking care of a mythical creature? Thanks in advance for the help! (BTW, this blog is amazing and super helpful, and I hope you have a wonderful day)

Thank you so much! Asks like these always make my day a bit more wonderful!!!

1. “What do you think a dragon would eat? I mean, hypothetically, of course.”

2. “Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of you. You have to be quiet, though. I don’t think the neighbors would understand.”

3. “You want to come over? Um, sure, that’s fine… Just let me straighten things up a little. It’s kind of a mess right now.”

4. “No one would ever believe me.”

5. “I need every book you have on mythological creatures. …It’s for a project.”

6. “Whatever you do, I’m begging you, please don’t open that door. There’s an awful stench in there.”

7. “I can explain, honestly.”

8. “I wasn’t sure what kind of food to bring you, so I-Well, we can cross cheese off the list.”

I hope these helped!!! :) And I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

VIXX taking care of you when you're sick

Leo: ok so I think he might act like he knows what he’s doing, but he just ends up asking someone else, like an older person, what to do. If it’s something serious, he wouldn’t hesitate rushing you to the hospital despite your protests. However, if it’s something small like a cold, he’ll probably baby you and make sure you have enough to eat and drink. “ jagi, have you had water in the past hour?” “Do you want more soup? I’ll go make some more soup.” He’d stay by your side all day and night to make sure you’re doing okay.

 Ravi: despite his calm and cool exterior, he’ll go into full panic mother-mode as soon as he hears a groan or a complain from you. “Are you sure you don’t wanna get it checked out? I mean it might be more serious than you think…” after you assure him it’s nothing more than a cold, he still doesn’t let his guard down. Will always put your health before work or his busy schedule. 

 N: the most fun out of all of them. Will always keep you entertained and make sure you’re coughing out of laughter instead of your cold. Always has a recipe ready for when you’re not feeling so well. Won’t hesitate to get in bed with you even after you try to convince him that he will get sick as well. “I don’t care, as long as you feel better, babe.” Lost of forehead kisses and cuddles. 

 Hyuk: will probably start freaking out. Doesn’t know whether to call his parents and ask for advice, or if he should call a doctor and get medical help. He’ll always settle for comfort food and movies/music to cheer you up. Probably has stocked up on all the medicines you need, and makes sure you take them when required. Expect lots of cuddles from this one as well. 

 Hongbin: I think he also seems like the type to make you laugh when you’re sick, he can’t stand seeing you in pain. Will look up the stupidest memes and have the goofiest smile on his face when he hears you laughing. Puts his phone number as the first one for speed dial just in case you need anything while he’s away. Always drops everything and comes to your aid if you do. 

 Ken: would also freak out a little, but remain calm because he knows he needs to have a clear head. Always makes sure you’re taking the right medicines and buys you extra snacks and DVDs to pass away the time. On alert 24/7 when you need something, no matter if he’s away or cuddling next to you.

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i’m actually really excited to see the new Vox Machina dynamic. Like, it was so heavy, and it still is but now they have this dude to deal with? With his shit eating grin, and obviously no care in the world? Will it get more light hearted now that they have someone who hasn’t been hardened by the world around them yet?

I’m excited to see Vox Machina stumble around finding each other again. 
I’m excited to see Taryon learn what type of people he’s traveling with.
I’m excited to see Taryon stumble and fall, and discover what true heroes are.
I’m excited to see Vox Machina build up this little shit of a person into a hero. 

I’m just plain excited. 

Sick at Work

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: “Fred or George (either works haha) goes out or something and meets a girl and they both like each other but neither will say anything and then he finds out she’s sick and alone so he brings her to his house so Molly can help make her better and they end up confessing they like each other and just cuteness.”
A/N: It’s not really a romantic Imagine, more of a fluffy story/cannon/whatever you want to call it :) and also, if you think I’ve proof-read this, you are so wrong
Squicks: None

George burst into the kitchen of the Burrow, covered in snow and still puffing from running outside,

“What’s your problem?” Fred asks from his spot at the dining table, not caring enough about his brother’s worn out state to stop eating his cereal,

“I met a girl” George signed, taking off his scarf and beanie and sitting opposite Fred,

“About time, where’d you find her?” Fred asks, paying more attention now,

“She works in the Muggle town, in one of those little food shops,” George replies, resting his chin in his hands and smiling at nothing in particular,

“You’ve got it bad, Georgie,” Fred says, rolling his eyes and taking another spoonful of cereal,

“She’s beautiful Fred,” he says standing up, “She’s got this gorgeous (H/C) hair, and her eyes are so bright, and she’s always happy and she’s nice and funny and sweet… She’s super hot as well,”

“Blimey, she sounds alright…” Fred started,

“Don’t even think about it”.


After a few weeks, George had memorised Y/n’s work roster off by heart, being sure to walk into the Muggle town whenever she was working so he could see her, and today was no different.

“I’m heading into—”

“The Muggle town sweetheart, yes, we know, it’s Friday 3pm,” Molly finished, kissing her son on the cheek while Ginny laughed,

“Bye Mum, I’ll be home in a few!” George called out from the door, walking out into the crisp winter air.

Once George had reached the small shop where Y/n worked, he smiled to himself and stepped into the cosy warm room, his eyes searching for Y/n.

He spotted her behind the counter serving an old lady, but she didn’t seem as bubbly and vibrant as usual.

“Hey George,” she smiled weakly, her voice croaky and quiet,

“Hey, you’re not looking too good, if you don’t mind me saying,” George said, worried that she might take offence.

She chuckled, “Don’t sugar-coat it, I look dreadful, and I feel it too,” she smiled again,

“You’re sick? Why are you here if you’re sick you should be resting,”

“I can’t, I need the money, and plus I wouldn’t want to miss on seeing my favourite customer would I?” she teased

“How about when you’ve finished up here, you can come back to my place, it’s not too far from here,” George offered hopefully,

“That sounds really lovely, thanks George,” she smiled, “I’ll be finished up in a few minutes if you want to hang around,” and he did.

—— At The Burrow ——

“I’m home,” George said as he opened the door into the kitchen,

“Right on time, 5pm,” Molly teased, Ginny and Fred snickering to themselves, “How’s Y/n?”

“Ask her yourself,” George replied, stepping aside to let Y/n walk in.

All three of them froze in their spots, looking absolutely horrified.

“Oh God, I didn’t think I looked that bad…” Y/n said awkwardly,

“I don’t know what’s going on… Mum? Why are you looking at us like that?”

“George you blithering idiot, she’s a Muggle!” Ginny whisper-shouted.

George realised what the problem was. He has just brought a Muggle into a house where the pots were cleaning themselves, the food cooking itself and Ginny’s Pigmypuff was sitting on her shoulder.

While Y/n was looking around the house at all the interesting things, the four Weasley’s continued to argue,

“George how could you be so daft?!”

I’m feeling kind of light headed…

“Fred, don’t call your brother names, but really George, what were you thinking?!”

Everything’s swirling around…

“Mum, she’s sick, and I forgot all about how we’re different,”

I can’t see…

“How could you have possibly forgotten, you literally moved your broomstick away from the door before inviting her in!”



“She’s waking up…”

“Oh thank God,”

“George you were right next to her, how did you not catch her,”

“Boys, stop squabbling! Ginny dear, would you go and grab another wet cloth for her head?”

You were lying on a couch by the fire, with a whole family of redheads crowded around over you. As soon as your eyes opened, a sharp pain ran through your head, and you groaned in agony.

“How are you feeling sweetheart?” Molly asked, putting her hand on your head,

“I’ve felt better, Mrs. Weasley, thank you,”

“Y/n I’m so sorry,” George began,

“Are you really a wizard?” You blurted out,

“Why dear nooOOOooOOoooo, of course not! Why would you think such a thing! My, that must’ve been a rather nasty fall for you to think of an idea like that! Golly, wizards, of all things!” Molly rambled, laughing as if this was the most hilarious joke ever told.

“I am too,” you say simply, smiling at the sudden change in Molly’s facial expression hearing this, “also, Muggle houses don’t have Floo powder on their night stand, nor self-knitting needles,” you say, inclining your head over to the chair. “And also, George, if you’re going to go for the Chudley Cannons, then we’re going to have problems…” you say, looking from Ron’s Cannon’s scarf hanging over the chair to George, “I’ve always been more of a Holyhead fan personally,”

“I like her,” Ginny piped up, and George smiled.

While Molly went back to the kitchen to finish dinner and the other Weasley’s have all left, you sat on the couch with George, talking for what felt like hours, and you felt like something more was sure to blossom from this friendship.

Daddy + Harley = wet baby 😻
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Daddy:</b> *comes home round 2*<p/><b></b> Baby lets go, we need to leave. Have you eaten today?<p/><b>Baby:</b> euhmm, *hides face* uhh, a banana Daddy??!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *frowns* Seriously? Again? Just 1 banana?? If you say banana 1 one more time I'm gonna do things with that banana grmbl ...<p/><b></b> *grunts and gets pots and pans*<p/><b></b> Sit down, Daddy will make you food. Daddy will take care of his baby. That's what Daddy's do.<p/><b></b> *starts heating up food*<p/><b>Baby:</b> hmmm Daddy, that smells good! Baby loves food!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *turns around, frowns one eye* Baby always gets happy from food. Baby should listen to Daddy and eat when Daddy says so! You are a disobedient little girl!<p/><b>Baby:</b> *pouts* But Daddy, I try, I'm too little, it's too complicated!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *sighs and fills plate * Come here, let Daddy take care of you.<p/><b>Baby:</b> *smiles*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *handfeeds baby*<p/><b>Baby:</b> * eagerly eats* Thank You Daddy, my tummy is happy now!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *smiles* Come on honey, let's go now. I'll bring the bike so baby can sit in the car because it is raining and Daddy doesn't want his baby to get wet now does he? *strokes babys face*<p/><b></b> Your Daddy's precious litlle baby sweetie.<p/><b>Baby:</b> *puts on jacket, sees Daddy get on His Harley and drive off, gets instantly wet*<p/><b></b> Oh my God ..... he's so FFFF....ery *no bad word Daddy!* sweet and so sexy and SO hot on that bike, dear Lord please kill me now ..... life is good .... 😻<p/><b></b> @babysdaddyddlg<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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i really liked your fic about finn and bathbombs! this is probably pretty vague but tbh i just want more of finn practicing some good old self care/treating himself

((more from this, which is from a fic i’m writing for @peradii that will someday be completed hopefully maybe ;___;))

Finn’s life takes a dramatic turn for the amazing after he’s introduced to the concept of eating what he wants, when he wants.

He’s not like Rey: a life of starvation and absence of everything leaves Rey as a hoarder of things, from food to tools to shirt wraps. She devours food in front of her with the dedication of a large starving animal, filling her mouth until her cheeks are round and full, afraid on some subconscious level that someone, even on sunny D’Qar, would lean forward and take her plate from her.

Life in the First Order was different; the food was as uniform as everything else, and about as bland and tasteless as the people who ate it. But it was nutritious and filling and there was always enough, because with the exception of approved punishments, every trooper got the same, perfectly measured amount. So, Finn thinks once, feeling revolted, even by First Order logic, Rey’s life on Jakku was some sort of sick punishment.

So, while Rey consumes to survive, slowly growing outwards until the curve of her ribs is no longer gaping and jagged beneath her clothes, Finn learns to appreciate food in all its many forms: he tries chocolate for the first time, and ripe strawberries that burst under his teeth and drip juice down his chin and onto his white shirt. Sharp cheeses and drinks that send shudders up into his nose, and spicy rice with thick sauce and gleaming smoked fish, fresh enough to be baked in the salt of its ocean home. He develops enough of a palate to recognise tastes and smells as both separate and parts of a whole, and learns how to roll pastry thin enough to slide through the prongs of a fork, and how to sear thick steaks just long enough to caramelise the outside in butter but leave the inside red and moist.

It’s not a direction Finn envisioned his life taking; licking curry off his fingers and tasting ash and the burning of laser fire, and how to wrap food tight enough to last in the cold vacuum of space. It’s not what Phasma would have called necessary or useful, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about Rey’s sticky hands holding his after she’d eaten a whole chocolate pudding in one bite, or Poe’s grin as they’d slowly flipped tamales over a pot at a steaming boil.

sam-the-storyteller  asked:

Hi Guys! I'm a Hufflepuff annnd I'd like to ask somtheing. Do you think that people from Hufflepuff house in particular, tend to give more of themselves to someone they care about, be them friend, partner, family or whatever, so much so that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves? E.G, not sleeping, eating ect.

I have a very specific memory of college, I don’t remember what happened to cause it (maybe a break up?), but I had a huge paper due the next day and at 11 PM, I found myself in my best friend’s room, just hanging out because she needed someone to be there with her physically, laptop on my lap, movie playing in the background.

So I’d definitely say it’s not uncommon.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

had somebody tell me that “as much as I love animals, I wouldn’t be able to go vegetarian or even vegan that’s crazy!”
and what I heard was “I don’t care or respect animals bodies enough because my taste buds are more important.”

You can’t ‘love animals’ and eat them too.


Vernon: As for yer part two question. I don’t really know. I figure Dawn wouldn’t want me to start something unless he was acting like an ass when I met him.

Dawn: Yeah, I wouldn’t exactly want you to just scream at him while he was eating his dinner at a restaurant or something. What he did was a long time ago. Unless he decided to bring it up it wouldn’t look good to just start yelling at him. I’d rather just leave quickly.

Vernon: But if he started in on Dawn like it was old times or something you can bet I’d let that big prissy cat have it. I don’t care if he’s bigger than me, I’ve got more practice fightin’ than he does.

Dawn: Vernon, there’s really no need-

Vernon: Get his arm locked behind his back, make him beg and cry for Dawn’s forgiveness just to get out of it. 

Dawn: Well…I guess I wouldn’t hate that.