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people reading and posting golden age comics are small spots of brightness among the slew of cw stuff i have to shift through in the jay garrick tag


I made these a rlly long time ago (and they’re kinda crapy) BUT they r gay and I need to post more stuff on this blog.
Enjoy some gay ninjago icons!
Mod Jay~

(use for whatever, they r honestly too crapy to give any credit for)


21 Grammys. @jayz: I think excellence is being able to perform at a higher level over and over again. Having success for a year or two, that’s “being hot” that’s being in demand for a short span of time. Excellence is being able to perform at a high level for a long period of time. In a genre of music, where it’s almost microwave and your career is almost like in dog years. If you last through a decade and beyond [in hip-hop], it’s almost unheard of. In my genre of music I believe that I’ve achieved excellence.

20 Grammys. @beyonce: I’m competitive really with myself. Everytime I start an album I go and watch all of my performances and I try to figure out, what is it that I could’ve done better or what worked. I try to better myself, I’m really tough on me, more so than anyone else. I’m not a competitive person that walks in thinking about other people and how I can compete with them, especially not my husband, not at all.

Combined Total: 41 Grammys.


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Staying Up - The Neighbourhood/ Underdog (Acoustic) - You Me At Six/ End of Me - A Day To Remember/ Afraid - The Neighbourhood/ Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance/ Throne - Bring Me The Horizon/ All Signs Point to Lauderdale - A Day To Remember/ The Kids From Yesterday - My Chemical Romance/ Alibi - 30 Seconds To Mars/ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy/ Misery - Good Charlotte/ Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless


Carmilla Life Magazine AU

Laura wants to help the people where ever they go. She tries to give food or toys or clothing to local communities and tweets about aid relief.
Carmilla just wants to get in, do their job and get out. There’s always going to be pain and suffering in the world. You can’t save everyone. These are dangerous people and situations, we can’t mess around here or bad things will happen.

For the amazingly awesome @nat-bah! Happy Birthday dude!!