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I feel stupid
And contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us


21 Grammys. @jayz: I think excellence is being able to perform at a higher level over and over again. Having success for a year or two, that’s “being hot” that’s being in demand for a short span of time. Excellence is being able to perform at a high level for a long period of time. In a genre of music, where it’s almost microwave and your career is almost like in dog years. If you last through a decade and beyond [in hip-hop], it’s almost unheard of. In my genre of music I believe that I’ve achieved excellence.

20 Grammys. @beyonce: I’m competitive really with myself. Everytime I start an album I go and watch all of my performances and I try to figure out, what is it that I could’ve done better or what worked. I try to better myself, I’m really tough on me, more so than anyone else. I’m not a competitive person that walks in thinking about other people and how I can compete with them, especially not my husband, not at all.

Combined Total: 41 Grammys.


I made these a rlly long time ago (and they’re kinda crapy) BUT they r gay and I need to post more stuff on this blog.
Enjoy some gay ninjago icons!
Mod Jay~

(use for whatever, they r honestly too crapy to give any credit for)


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