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17 MAY 1991 -  happy birthday Misha Ge! (x)


2016-2017 season: Men’s Free Skate scores over 200 points (as of February 2017)

Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)    206.67   2017 Four Continents Championships
Nathan CHEN (USA)    204.34   2017 Four Continents Championships
Javier FERNANDEZ (ESP)    201.43   2016 Rostelecom Cup

The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway) pt.2

Dearly Beloved,

here we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Men’s Free Program – last group.

Usual warnings apply, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

ISU Feed was horrible, but sadly that’s all we got since fancams are few and far between. For reference (and also because Uncle Kurt says some very interesting things about jumps) CBC broadcast here:

Let’s Go.

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This picture needs to be a meme

When your friend gets the medal you wanted so you’re tryna be supportive but you’re secretly jealous:

When your friend’s outfit is terrible so you secretly keep roasting them in your head when they aren’t paying attention:

When Canada is extra as fuck and has maple leaf medals: 

Stuff that need to happen at WTT

-Boyangman in an actual spiderman costume X  I forgive you for the spin you did at EX you meme lord

- Nathan in a polar bear onesie X come on! now I’m waiting for the twt update! You can’t get away from this Nathan!

- PoohLoco interactions (yes thats the name of the ship now fight me) ✓✔✓✔✓✔X10000 what the hell happened you guys went from friendly to HONEYMOON PHASE like WHAT

- Embarassed!Shoma but Cheering!Shoma ✓✔✓✔ Yeah mah boi even screamed for his teamates!

- Team France shenanigans ✓The Eiffel tower was the cherry on the top well done guys!

- No one giving a fuck about the scores NOPE come on guys it’s the end of the season you can chill (still haunted by Yuzuru’s face after SP)

-Tech controlers costume fest ✓ HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH

- Evgenia cosplaying✔ The return of sailormoon !

- Team Chants with the public ✓ not as much as I’d like but okay

-Team Japan stepping up their Team Spirit Game (come on Yuzu I’m counting on you to lead the shenanigans) ✓ Shoma in a pink bow tie, Shoma in a flower crown #BLESSED + PPAP REMIX VERS YOU GUYS WERE FAB!

-add more as you’d like



Because Brian Orser said, eventhough their personality and cultural background are like south and north pole,totally different, but they respect and support each other.
Yuzuru makes Javier more diligent in training and fired up for striving to be the best.
And Javier makes Yuzuru more relax and takes thing with calm head.


Yuzuru Hanyu world 2017 FS Danish commentary

Video credit to tnori.

F: Female commentator

M: Male commentator


M: We start with the gentleman who won the Grand Prix Finals. He was second at Four Continents, won silver at the World Championships last year, world champ and Olympic champ in 2014 and now he’s here. A fifth place, a bit disappointing after the short program.

F: Yeah.

M: Music “Hope and Legacy” by Joe Hisaishi. Yuzuru Hanyu.

F: Choreographed by Shae-lynn Bourne, former ice dancer, who is actually a very exciting choreographer who works with many skaters overseas. And of course specially with skaters from Canada.

F: Here comes the quad - quadruple loop! It was so great! 

M: Fantastic.

F: Super start.

F: That was great - quadruple salchow! He is starting strong.

M: I have to add that Yuzuru Hanyu has the world record 330.43 in comparison to Javier Fernandez that only has 314.93.


F: It looks like it’s going smoothly for him - 3Flip.

F: (laughs)

M: That is wild.

F: (still laughing) 4Salchow - 3ToeLoop.  He is putting a lot of pressure on his closest rivals right now. He has decided not to go out without a fight for a medal.

(short pause) And there’s another quad coming, according to plan.

M: Yes! Shut up, what landings.

F: 3Axel- 2ToeLoop.

F: 3Axel- halfloop - 3Salchow

(short pause)

M: He only needs 3Lutz.

F: Here it comes - out of nothing.

M: Ayyy…

F: (laughs)  That is so fantastic to see. This is totally wild. And the hall is totally going crazy and of course, strong representation from Japanese audience. (laughs)  He is just raw.  The wildest I’ve seen him.

M: (laughs) Shut. Up. 

F: This is so great.

M: Oh, this is wild.

F: Yes.  I mean, this is… 

M: Annette, he has a fairly good chance to win the competition, despite his 5th place in the short program: It’s going to be exciting.

F: He has 98.39 points and Javier has 109.5, so there’s a 10 -11 points difference.

M: But Yuzuru Hanyu can easily accumulate 10 points mere in the free skate.

F: Yes, he can.

M: Javier can not afford to put down a wrong foot.

F: And I am sure Brian Orser will do everything he can to keep Javier’s nerves down. He (Javier) must hear the jubilation from the hall.

M: Try reading Brian’s body language.

F: Uhum.

M: I think it’s special. Look at him.

F: Yeah…

M: Is he happy?

F: That is it, isn’t it? His favourite is threatened. One can also say, that if Javier Fernandez trains more with Brian, that they work more together, and Yuzuru primarily is in Japan and comes to Brian… I don’t know…

M: But he’s still a trainer for him.

F: Yeah, but you just don’t have the same relationship together.

M: There are feelings.

F: Yes. Of course.

M: Then again, Yuzuru can just say, “Whatever.”

F: I think he doesn’t give a damn (sorry this is the closest translation).

M: “I will just beat record after record.”

F: Exactly. It’s what counts. It can also be he has Brian as a trainer, like for politics.  They use each other (NOTE: this doesn’t mean anything negative, just points to a symbiotic relationship). 

M: Well, it seems Yuzuru has gotten something out of it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to skate like this. He has en exceptional psyche (mental fortitude). This is wild.

F: Wild, indeed, I am deeply impressed.

M. Me, too.

F: Brian… (laughing)

M: He looks ready to explode. 

(F translate what Yuzuru and Brian say to each other - about working hard and being calmer)

F: I’m so excited to see what points he gets.

(When the points come up)

F: Wow! This is wild.

M: 223! 223.20! It looks like the total scores for majority of other skaters. No, no, no, no… he beats the world record by four points.

M: I’m speechless.

F: Me, too.

F: I don’t know if anyone can go out and create a program that is good enough. 

M: I’m happy I’m not Spanish and a skater, or a Spanish national champion.

F: Or reigning world champion? 

M: Yes.


Yuzuru Hanyu & Javier Fernandez congratulate each other

“I am proud of him and his performance was so great today so I’m proud” - Yuzuru Hanyu.

“He’s a really hard worker and he gives people around that personality that they want to work more, that’s what I feel like.  I want to work more because I can see this skater working that hard.” - Javier Fernandez


2016-2017 season is my first as a fan of figure skating, and i can’t explain how happy and grateful i was to be a part of this family. it’s been a VERY WILD EXPERIENCE for me. here, i’d experienced too much nervousness, too much sadness, too much happiness, too much excitement and many more too much’s. but i absolutely do not regret anything. thank you for this experience! thank you to all the skaters who gave me so much determination and inspiration! until next season! and more and more seasons Arigato gozaimashita !!!

A Summary of the GPF 2016 Men's SP

Overall thoughts/reactions:

Javi is a #ninja and can defy the laws of physics

Patrick’s SP was cleaner than Mr. Clean’s Dry Eraser

Shoma my precious son :’(

I hope Shoma isn’t hurt or disappointed I just want my smol son to be happy

Nathan…just…let’s hope for a better FS????

Adam deserved better™


Yuzuru thoughts/reactions:



Forgetting how to breathe for his entire SP

I’ve ascended


Yuzu is #unimpressed by his score

That quad loop™

Yuzu and Pooh interactions :))))))))

Brian being Brian

Best part:
The B. Esp commentators

Final thoughts:
In Jin Boyang we trust