more jane love is needed

Anyway here is an itemised list of the reasons why I’m loving Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries so much:

  1. Miss Fisher is obviously a badass but also she’s not young! She’s Of A Certain Age and she still lands the absolute hottest dudes. The hottest dudes. The hottest dudes
  2. It’s the Carousing Good Guy trope but a lady!
  3. Her lady-loving doctor friend Mac wears the most wonderful suits and she is amazing and I want to kiss her
  4. What kind of a name is Phrynie. It’s absurd
  5. Super old-school anti-procedural. Like Jonathan Creek but without all the British cringiness. Like Star Trek but instead of space stuff it’s murders and instead of space it’s set in Australia.
  6. I didn’t even know Australia had a ‘20s until I watched this show. Upon closer study, it seems plausible
  7. Miss Fisher is absolutely ruthless, clever, dangerous, insightful, and willing to go to any length to solve her case - including playing any number of fanciful parts, scaling large buildings, getting herself nearly poisoned to death, and otherwise putting herself in physical and emotional danger - and she does all this without having to sacrifice her love of pretty things. She scales those buildings in beautiful hand-tooled Italian heels. She is always impeccably, gorgeously dressed, and doesn’t ever change that about herself, even when she starts being taken more seriously by the police force or when she is doing serious detective work like interviewing wicked murderers or hunting for the man who killed her sister. Miss Fisher is only ever entirely herself.
  8. She adopts strays like no one’s business.
  9. There’s something very appealing about the story of a woman who has seen terrible, gruesome things, decided afterwards to dedicate her life entirely to pleasure, and then (almost despite herself) ended up becoming a philanthropist and a den mother and a doer-of-good. I have seen this story many many many (many, many) times from a male perspective, but not so often from a female viewpoint, and Miss Fisher does it without ever begrudging what she’s become. She’s infinitely more graceful than every other good-guy-against-his-better-judgment story I’ve watched or read.
  10. THE END

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Blindspot ► the endless list of favorite moments. (5/ ∞) 

Kurt: Mayfair told me she lifted your detail.
Jane: Yeah… I requested it.
Kurt: Jane, you and I, we need to sort out some things. There’s a park, at the end of West Street, meet me there at 10 o’clock.
Jane: Kurt…


“Jane, I need more than that.”

Love seeing how they develop as a partnership both workwise and later on as a couple, this consecutive trajectory of Jane growing more and more out of his habit of taking decisions on his own and keeping minor and crucial things to himself, behaving every time less and less as a loner and learning to hear Lisbon’s voice – the voice that becomes his force, his moral guide, the one that tells him what he needs to hear or that he is avoiding and muffling up in himself, because of his insecurity or fear to lose control over the situation. I love seeing how he comes to the understanding that for them to function properly in any plane, Lisbon needs to be heard and included into his plan, be it work or their life together.

And I love how Lisbon stands by her point of view, makes herself heard by Jane, reminds him of his words, and makes him speak and be frank with her, open and sincere, without actually pressing him. It’s hard for him but he’s learning, and so it is for her to voice her needs – she’s not used to asking for anything, but they know this is what makes them equals, and proceed, for the sake of their trust and the strength of their relationship.


- Do you recognize me?
- I don’t even recognize me. Why would you be familiar?
- Because my name, Kurt Weller, is tattooed on your back.