more jane love is needed

Just having some jeller feels over here. Have some gifs of jeller being all beautiful and in love. 😍😍😍 Happy Friday!

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I just wish you would have consulted with me first!
Well, I didn’t!
I could’ve made calls.
I wanted to take care of it myself.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” is the most Aaron Dingle to Robert Sugden quote ever written in the history of time.    


Blindspot ► the endless list of favorite moments. (5/ ∞) 

Kurt: Mayfair told me she lifted your detail.
Jane: Yeah… I requested it.
Kurt: Jane, you and I, we need to sort out some things. There’s a park, at the end of West Street, meet me there at 10 o’clock.
Jane: Kurt…

This gave me so much chills, I think I might have hypothermia. I seriously love it when Lauren experiments more when she sings because she has a very powerful voice and it needs to be heard more. Dang, Lauren Jauregui never fails to amaze me.