more is than isn&039;t

i thought about this a lot last night, but one of my favorite parts of the new movie was belle asking everyone why they all cared for adam so much and mrs. potts responding, “We’ve looked after him all his life.”
i really think there’s more to that than is suggested.

after adam’s mother died, he really didn’t have anybody to care for him. his father was never one to really provide any sort of love or affection. so i can totally imagine a young adam running to some of the staff members at times after his mother’s passing. they were probably some of the only ones to offer him any sort of sympathy. but, of course, his father would pull him away, saying it was improper to socialize with those below him.
which is where everything went wrong.
i have no doubts that they really did care for him for a time until his father had had enough and rarely even allowed adam to speak to them directly. he’d tell adam that they were just staff and no prince should be associated with them. and, after a time, this became adam’s belief as well, which is why he turned into almost a carbon copy of his father.
with the lack of affection and the inability to speak with those that actually cared for him, he became exactly what his father wanted him to be.

further on this, i truly think that adam saw them as his family eventually. especially after they were all cursed. he definitely recognized that they were the ones trying to help and console him. even after he was the reason they were cursed in the first place, even through all his rage-driven outbursts, they still did all they could for him.
mrs. potts, lumiere, cogsworth, plumette–they were all he had.
but–and this is my favorite part–he definitely tried to distance himself from them. he tried to convince himself that he didn’t care as much as he truly did. because once he lost hope of the curse ever being lifted, he knew that they would all be cursed forever. but while he would continue living, they would become inanimate objects. and i can’t tell you how guilty he would be.
so, in distancing himself (to a point), he figured it would hurt less when they were all inevitably cursed.


Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

honestly my biggest pet peeve in fic AND in canon is everyone forgetting that kara is more than just a musclehead with the emotional range of a puppy and is actually a refugee, with her entire culture and language and religion wiped out, everyone she’s ever met dead, not simply a human with powers but a Kryptonian, always.

Who comes from a family of universe-renowned scientists, and was considered a genius by the standards of the extremely technologically advanced society that aren’t simply american humans in a few thousand years but people who probably have very different brains–along with also being created via the Codex and genetic manipulation (so it’s probably phased out any junk DNA, or vestigial structures–so, Kara probably doesn’t actually have an appendix or wisdom teeth tbh). If Kara had actually lived her life on Krypton, there’s a very high chance she would have went into the Science guild tbh

Really, imagine if you had gone through the equivalent of a rigorous phD program, and then all of a sudden put in a kindergarten science class. In the comics Kara was about to become the youngest person on the Kryptonian science counsel, ever

Yeah, of course Kara’s going to be bored with Earth level science, those science fairs that Alex dragged her along to are, to her, probably rudimentary at best, wildly off the mark at worst (and really–she’s been told to keep hidden. Genius children make news, genius children are noticed. Alex probably had a bit more leeway as the daughter of two world renowned scientists, already noticed by her teachers to be gifted but kara’s already the new adopted kid with the funny accent and mannerisms in a small town. That would be the exact opposite of laying low).

Lena’s probably a better tactician than Kara–a life as a Luthor would be a constant practice in tactics, long term planning. She’s definitely a brilliant scientist, but out of the two of them? Kara’s probably better.

And honestly? Lena realizing just how brilliant Kara really is, a fully fleshed three dimensional character, would be such a better story than just pretending that kara is an idiot with maybe 3 emotions.

Part of what makes Kara such a compelling character is that she’s been through so much, has so much anger and rage and sorrow but still manages to be a light and inspiration for others, intelligent, someone with a gift with words, a genius–someone who thinks of herself–Kara Zor-El, the powerless Kryptonian–as ordinary, someone not yet worthwhile, but she wants to be. She defeated Myriad through her words, through her sincerity and optimism, simply as herself. As Astra said, Kara “has the heart of a hero,” regardless of powers.Her heart is what makes her a hero.

tl;dr: kara is more than just a “puppy” who is incapable of intelligent thought

“Tale as old as time…”

My official redesign of the Beauty and the Beast 2017 ballgown. I tried to keep the general design of the new version while making it historically accurate. Think of her as a living golden rose.

We’re going to pretend I’m not upset JJ won bronze over Otabae Otabek because I still love JJ to pieces and want to talk about this moment in his FS 

At first glance, you’d think “they’re his parents. They’re obligated to greet him with a smile no matter what score he gets.”  And I have to admit that was my first thought too.  But it goes deeper than that. 

Look it’s Leo’s coach! AND LOOK IN THE BACKGROUND I KNOW THAT’S LEO’S ARM First, I want to say that JJ is about 12-14 here, so he’s still growing and developing as a person and as a skater.  As egotistical as he is, you can’t help but feel for him for wanting a certain image.  He has a vision and he wants to execute it.  As corny as “JJ Style” sounds, it’s something he came up with, and he’s proud of the idea. 

And now look at her facial expression.  That’s the face of someone who wants to tell you “it’s just not going to work, babe” but doesn’t know how to softly deliver the blow.  In other words, Leo’s coach isn’t sure she wants to run with the “JJ Style” idea, and this most likely causes problems between the two because I see JJ as a very moody person when he doesn’t see eye to eye with people.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Like I said before, he’s proud of the idea, and it’s because he feels it captures who he is as a person.  This rejection from Leo’s coach tells him “who you are isn’t going to get you anywhere, so we need to put that idea on the back burner” 

This to me was so heartbreaking.  Maybe it’s just me getting emotional about my favorite dickhead skater, but I really feel for him. He couldn’t even tell Mufasa Celestino what he wanted to do, and he’s getting a hand in his face punctuated by a “first of all, say, ‘yes.’” 

Keep in mind that JJ here is about the same age as Yurio, and, for the second time, he’s being told that who he is isn’t going to get him anywhere.  Which is the same thing Leo’s coach was getting at, but what’s different about Celestino is that he actually tells him “first of all, say ‘yes’” meaning “it’s my way or the highway, got it?” 

Which makes this line and the first one from JJ’s father make more sense 

I initially thought it was odd that JJ’s parents were his coaches, but now I see that it couldn’t have been easy for them to see their son so disheartened by every coach’s comment about “JJ Style.”  When you remember that the Leroys are famous ice dancers, it makes more sense that they would want their son to skate with his whole heart and not just cater to the whims of his coach(es).  

JJ’s father might be speaking as a parent in this moment, but it’s because he and his wife know how much “JJ Style” means to their son.  At the end of the day, they care about his happiness more than how he performs on the ice, which is a complete 180 from how Leo’s coach and Celestino were portrayed in the flashback. 

I want Ian and Mickey to just talk; a good long chat about each other and how they’re doing. I want Ian to ask Mick about prison, I want them to talk about micks tattoo, I want Mickey to ask how Ian is doing with his disorder and how his mental state is. I want them to share each other in a moment of Just them no cares in the world and a quite moment. I just want them to say I love you face to face for real, NO ulterior. I don’t really care if gallavich is END game, like yes it would be nice but I just want a good
Moment of Ian and Mickey, two separate beings talking about their lives in the past few years.