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really? i was thinking Alex as Sherlock but that's interesting (keep in mind that I'm just now watching episode one as I type this)

well that’s true but alex is moriarty is better because alex is more manipulative and has less sympathy than thomas so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Read this if you read fanfics

I just read a fic which I personally really like and when I went to the comments section, it was so disheartening. Nearly everyone was so rude and hateful and completely disrespectful of the author’s efforts, all simply because the fic did not cater to what most of these people like. So in honor of this author and every other fanfic author, let this be a reminder to all you fanfic readers

  • fanfic authors are NOT obliged to please your personal preference
  • they can write whatever they want to write
  • they don’t owe you anything
  • they are writing fics for free, for fun, and they put a lot of effort into it. So at the very least, be respectful.

  • No personal preference is better than the other.
  • a more popular preference (ships, AU, etc) does NOT make it any better than a less popular one. All it means is that more people happen to share the same opinion for one and not the other. That’s it.
  • Remember that “personal preference” is basically an opinion. There is no right and wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Being entitled to your own opinion does NOT justify you being a rude asshole

  • if you don’t like it, shut up and just leave. there’s no need for you to ruin someone else’s confidence by insulting their efforts just because it didn’t suit your personal preference

  • if you DO enjoy their work, please leave kudos and comments.
    You know damn well yourself that even just one rude comment can ruin the author’s confidence, or ruin their day, or make them doubt themselves. So please help to compensate that by leaving loving comments. If you like what they wrote, voice it out. It’s very encouraging and the authors will appreciate it A LOT.

I would have told Hosea to leave her. 

No one should have to hold on, I’d say, to a heart that doesn’t want them back.

No one deserves a straying soul, a fleeting kiss, someone who devotes themselves more to the dirt than ever to him. 

There are better women with less stains on their clothes, I’d convince him, they will love you like you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to crucify your sainthood for the sake of her.

I would have told Hosea to leave her. But I’m glad he wouldn’t have listened.

Because, how many times have I deserved to be forsaken? How long have I fought off my destiny of being loved unconditionally?

Since my first breath, born with clenched fists, I’ve lived half in the shadows, half in my idols, half in the worth I find by giving myself away to temporary places. 

How many times have I been an imperfect bride?

I’m a goner, I’m Gomer, and I would have left me a long time ago. But instead of moving on, God never did, for His grace covers me more than my mistakes ever could.


the ultimate unrequited love - Christina Hopp

a poem from my book The Morning After Relapse

Magnus and Alec were cuddling on the couch, lazily caressing each other. Alec was close to dozing off. He’s never felt more comfortable than with Magnus in his arms, just holding his perfect boyfriend. He was magical alright.

“Alec?” “Hm?” “I love you” Alec smiled gently, still vaguely sleepy. “Love you, too” It wasn’t the first time they said it. Magnus straightened up a little to be able to look Alec in the eyes. Alec gave a low whine, because he’d lost his comfy Magnus-cushion.

“You don’t understand. I have never loved anyone the way I love you. You, my dear Alexander, are making me feel so content with myself. I’ve never been happier in my life.”

Alec’s eyes widened noticeably. He looked dumbstruck. Certainly this couldn’t be true? Centuries worth of history - there was bound to have been someone better than him. Someone less awkward, more romantic, less ordinary. He said as much, albeit stammering and blushing while doing so.

And Magnus just looked at him, adoration shining in his eyes: “No, Alexander, there really wasn’t” Alec smiled at Magnus, raking his hands through the warlock’s soft hair. “I love you too. More than anything”

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Two words for everyone- OAT. BRAN. You guys like oatmeal? Well strap on your helmets and brace yourselves, because oat bran is like OATMEAL OF THE GODS. You think oatmeal expands to make a filling meal? Oat bran more than QUADRUPLES in size. It is creamy with ONLY WATER ADDED, not just sad soggy water oats you wish you made with milk. Even better? MORE FIBER THAN OATMEAL, AKA FEEL FULL LONGER FOR LESS CALORIES! 100 calories cooked is more than a cup of warm food that fills for hours. OAT. BRAN.

I love this person

Did you ask for Solangelo ? I have Solangelo for you, just out of the oven. The fact that I’m nearly done with the Hidden Oracle can maybe explain why I needed to draw the two cuties. Leo will probably follow soon <3

I’m still not ok with Will and Nico’s charadesign but it’s at least slightly better than before. Adn of course more or less everything is wrong about it but a least it’s sweet. We need sweetness.

I’ve seen a couple of posts now about why art is more relevant than ever now that we are facing down the darkest timeline, and they’ve been great, but nothing’s quite lined up exactly with what’s in my head and why I’ve decided to double down on art in the next four years.  So fuck it – I’m going to write it myself.

The thing I keep coming back to is a little two-word phrase that crops up in the AITAF mission statement:  shared humanity.  This is something that I feel we as a country are really struggling with right now.  Because let’s be honest with ourselves:  There are a hell of a lot of people out there in this country who have been taught all their lives, whether that’s eighteen years or eight decades worth of living, that all humans are not created equal.  That some humans are lazier than others.  More criminal than others.  More sinful than others.  Weaker and more emotional and less rational than others.  That some humans are better than others.  That they have achieved more.  That they are naturally stronger and smarter and braver and more deserving than others.  That there is no such thing as a shared humanity.  That there always have been and always will be some people who, due to their gender and their religion and their sexual orientation and (of course, always) the color of their skin are just meant to be the ones in charge.  And that, on the flip side, the rest of humanity is just the side characters.  At best lust objects, at worst villains to be destroyed.  That if you are not a straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied, Christian (but not Mormon, and only sometimes Catholic) male whose family has been in this country at least three generations, you are not fully human.  You are other.  You are less.

Right?  This is how we end up with things like “A black woman stole my scholarship” or “An immigrant took my job.”  Mine.  Because white dudes are the humans in this story, and what they get is what they earned.  Everyone else is less than human.  What we get, we steal.  We cannot earn.  We are not human enough for that.

This is why people claimed Donald “tells it like it is.”  Because he said that immigrants were criminals by default.  Because he accused the Jews of running the banks and the media and everything else (and, of course, doing it for their own benefit).  Because he treated women like objects and mocked the disabled.  Because his vision for America was a vision of a country where, again, we are not all created equal.  We do not all deserve the same.  Where there is no such thing as shared humanity.

How do we fix that?  How do we teach people who, again, have spent all their lives living in a world where it’s entirely logical to reject a candidate who promised to better the country as a whole because she didn’t pander enough to “working-class white men”?

I got an e-mail from AITAF just the other day, sort of a year in review for the organization.  At the bottom of it was this:

“The most moving monologue was the one from Hurt Village because it gave me a perspective I did not have before hearing it.”

“The most moving was Hurt Village. I grew up in really rough situations. I have seen my own mother that desperate before. She showed a whole world of people and a struggle they have yet to understand with one monologue.”

“The intensity and realism helped bring the issue to life.”

“The Hurt Village—'cause it meant something to our classmate.”

“Hurt Village. I’ve seen it firsthand, so it really hit home for me. I almost cried.”

“The welfare monologue seemed to be the most moving because it hit home with a lot of people and caused a lot of emotion, allowing yourself to picture the scenario better.”

“I think that the monologue of the woman begging for support was the most moving because it felt so real.”

“The monologue about the woman and her housing situation. This was moving because the actress made it feel like she actually was in that scenario and it just made me sad believing she was in that distress.”

“I found the monologue about welfare most moving because the desperation, dread, and small bits of humor immersed you into the full range of emotions felt.”

“Most moving – food stamps – such intense visceral emotion. I was very sympathetic.”

“The most moving monologue for me was the piece where the woman was trying to collect her welfare check. I felt so strongly for this character and nearly cried as she continued to plead and beg.”

“The food stamps monologue was authentic, poignant, and moving. Thank you for reminding us that stories, like the food stamps one, occur every day. By directly facing us, you gave us the chance to fully engage with your performance and feel a little bit of your character’s pain, sadness, and desperation.”

“I found the monologue about welfare the most moving because for me, I’ve always looked at the other side—my parents are small business owners and my mom works HR so I’ve always heard about people who just try to sham out of work and get the government to pay their way. It was very emotional to hear the other side of the conversation.”

“Monologue about asking for food stamps. It was easily the most relatable to me, almost all of my friends live in that system so I have seen the struggle their families face.”

-Westpoint Military Academy’s cadets’ responses to the monologue from Hurt Village by Katori Hall, read by Tonye Patano

The answer, guys, is art. 

Human beings have always told stories.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.  We’ve done it with cave drawings and epic poems, with dance and sculpture and tapestries and goddamn Broadway shows about the Founding Fathers.  We tell our stories and if we get it right, if we make it real, we can give people a perspective they didn’t have before.  They can see the humanity in that mother on welfare.  In that gay teenager in Ohio who just wants to hold hands in the hallway.  In that immigrant kid trying to write his way out.  In the refugee, in the soldier, in the teacher, in the frightened child hearing his drunken father trying to kick his door down.  We make art, we tell our stories, we express over and over again the undeniable truth of our shared humanity.

We chip away at the wall that the greedy and power-hungry keep trying to build between us.  We reach out.  We connect.  We become stronger with every link we forge.

Make art.  Share art.  Support art.  Promote and defend and distribute art.  It is the best tool we have in the fight to prove our shared humanity.  So pick it up, hold it, and get to building.

Jedi weren’t immune to guilt, fear, doubts and for sure these feelings grew stronger during war time. Jedi were put in difficult position; the peace makers were changed into generals and commanders. They were forced to make the hard choices; they made mistakes and sometimes they failed miserably. The old sources - now called Legends - presented quite often various Jedi and their internal dilemmas but how often do you hear Jedi, especially master Yoda, saying “I’m sorry” for what they did? How often Jedi aloud admitted their mistakes?

This is one of the things that struck me while watching TCW, namely “Wrong Jedi”, the final episode of 5 season. After Ahsoka’s trial in senate, there was scene when she and Jedi masters met in the same chamber. Anakin was the first person to apology Ahsoka (”I am so sorry about everything”) though he believed in her guiltlessness the whole time and it was him who in the end proved Ahsoka’s innocence and thus saved her life / freedom.

Beside Anakin, only Plo Kloon apologied for Jedi Council’s mistake (”You have our most humble apologies little ‘Soka.The Council was wrong to accuse you.”). The rest of Jedi went with talking about her “great strength and resilience” in her struggle to prove her innocence or how it was a Will of the Force that made her a better Jedi (”This was actually your great trial. Now we see that. We understand that the Force works in mysterious ways and because of this trial you have become a greater Jedi than you would have otherwise”). And Yoda, just said “Back into the Order you may come.” What a kindly words after everything what Ahsoka experienced, yeah. No “sorry” or any explanations why Jedi Council decided to kick her out of Order in the first place.

I understand that it was a hard decision to make; it wasn’t just about Ahsoka but also how public opinion would see Jedi after bombing attack. There were political pressures (Tarkin, senate) and Jedi Council did what was best in their opinion. I don’t blame them for that. But after recapturing her no one, beside Anakin, tried to prove her innocence nor show her any kind of support. They handled her to senate and then didn’t do anything. Looking at Ahsoka’s reaction, she wasn’t thrilled by what Jedi Council told her after trial.

What brings me to the contrast between Yoda and Anakin.

Yoda was usually seen as the wisest yet kind master. But when things went wrong - especially during Clone Wars - his standard answer was along line of “Dark Side of the Force clouds everything” and thus he was unable to see threat before something bad happened. It was sort of religious excuse for making mistakes, sure, why not - but it was hardly an apology for harmful behaviour or choice. As much as I believe that Yoda cared about Jedi, I don’t remember much of times when he directly apologized someone (especially someone outside of Jedi Council). And definitely there wasn’t any apology from him for Ahsoka. Or Anakin, after the whole mess of “Obi-Wan’s death” (admitting it was wrong to deceive Anakin is not the same as being sorry about it, not to mention that soon after this statement Yoda said “you’re too unpredictable”, like it was Anakin’s fault he didn’t told him truth from start. Frankly, I can see why Yoda was wary of Anakin’s reaction and how it would affect Obi-Wan’s mission but it was really that difficult to say “I’m sorry it turned that way but it was neccesery” or something?)

You may say what you want about Anakin - how arrogant he was, how reckless - but he was one of those Jedi that actually bother to apology for his fault, difficult behaviour or acting on anger/fear. He was stubborn and prideful(?) so admitting his own mistakes was difficult and sometimes took time but in the end ANAKIN APOLOGIZED and MEANT it.

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My brother-in-law loves The Last Airbender. But that might be less love and more "better than having to watch Barbie movies" because of my nieces haha.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone enjoying this movie. 8V

Though I guess if you divorce it from its source material, some people may find it pleasant.

People need to cut Sun some slack. Yeah, he might have come off as a bit stalker-ish, what with the whole “following Blake around” bit. And yeah, he very obviously misinterpreted her actions. But he had the best of intentions, and given how jumpy Blake was at the beginning of the episode, it’s painfully clear that she needed someone to watch her back.

Yeah, he probably could have found a better way to do so rather than more or less stalking her. And to those of you comparing it to Adam…just shut up. Stop talking, because Sun’s behavior is nowhere near as bad as Adam’s. Sun actually cares about Blake, which is why he did this shit in the first place.’

Edit: oh…and before anyone says anything, no, I’m not a Black Sun shipper. Quite the contrary, I ship the hell out of Bumblebee. I’m also mature enough to recognize that Black Sun will probably be the canon ship and realize that just because a ship isn’t canon doesn’t mean you can’t still ship it. So yeah.


My two favourite Undertale comic-based AUs! Sketches and coloured versions.

Underline: @underlineau

Playbacktale: @linssins

(also no one in the chat pointed out my mistake so I’ll admit it here: I messed up with PBP’s hand goop. I put the dark blue on the wrong side and the best I could do to salvage it was to flip all the other hands’ colours.)

Bonus thing: (cut because this post is already long)

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So fucking stupid how different types of punks hate other entire kinds of punks. Like way to be a judgmental, jaded cunt. Not all people of an entire group are the same. Stop inventing some sort of punk rock supremacy. It is so fucking disgusting and unnecessary. The type of punk you enjoy is no more or less better than what someone else likes. Stop shitting on what other people enjoy. It’s a difference in taste and sometimes a difference in hobbies, get the fuck over it. How do you all try to say you want no government and no oppression when you are too busy hating and fighting each other? 

4/100 days of productivity
(Sorry for kinda bad quality)

I finally feel better today, since I was a bit unwell for the past two days. As per my list for the weekend, I made some notes for business studies from the PowerPoint sent by our teacher. I started with the Economics notes as well. Could have been more productive, but being less productive is better than exerting way to much pressure on yourselves than you can handle.

I was in the middle of explaining the timeline for The Reveal which is bound to happen, and I thought of using American Dragon Jake Long as an example (for those of you kids who still remember it)

but then I thought about it like

half-Chinese city kid can turn into animal, gets tutored by old Chinese guy on his powers

plus some of that amour chassé-croisé, I mean every time the protag tries to talk to his blond crush he gets all clumsy

no wonder I like Miraculous??

“Dragon Age 2- Fenris”- My first go at drawing my salty boyfriend, Fenris. Well… actually my second, but the first didn’t make it to the scanner XD Maybe I’ll brave his armour in my next picture :)

Inked and coloured in Manga Studio 5


I was cleaning through my “June” folder and found a lot of unfinished stuff… Most of it I threw away, but this one I wanted to finish. :D I was supposed to upload this around the same time I posted the “slightly more realistic Elsa” GIF, but for some reason did not. 

Program used: Adobe After Effects CC

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.