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Interview Transcript: Matthew Daddario - Talk Nerdy With Us

for @brizzbee

Matt’s interview from the screening of 201 in Denver.


Interviewer: We were wondering, at Talk Nerdy With Us, if you have a real life “parabai?”

Matt: Parabatai!

Interviewer: I knew I was gonna screw it up!

Matt: It’s fine, no. We’ve had uh- we took a lot of time to establish that pronunciation, which apparently is correct.

Interviewer: So like a best friend or a brother just who you sort of would do anything for?

Matt: I do.

Interviewer: That’s awesome. Is it a relative?

Matt: No it’s a friend. Who I would consider a brother. That’s all.

Interviewer: Ok, so with Alec having learned about Magnus and Camille’s shared past. (Will she) come back to be a thorn in their side this season?

Matt: Let’s see. *sighs* In a way. Because Alec is not entirely irrational. In the beginning of the season the are certain elements that make him more irrational because he’s dealing with a variety of concerns, but Alec understands who Camille is. He’s dealt with these kind of vampires before and he knows that kind of person. Camille is a particularly evil individual. But also, one of those characters on the show, frankly, I mean, I love watching Camille, I think she is just- she’s got that attitude and she’s creepy. And she’s a- she’s a real monster.

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