more importantly other people will live if there is less war and violence

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Time Travel + KC?

So sorry this took so long!!! Mentions of violence, gore, a tiny bit of angst.

When Bonnie Bennett had told her that time travel wasn’t a matter of moving forwards or backwards, but sideways, Caroline had laughed at her. The entire concept seemed impossible. One reality was more than enough. Bonnie had simply shaken her head, that familiar exasperation, and continued on with her little pet project.

Caroline had teased her occasionally, would sit on her back porch in Mystic Falls and debate the concept with her for hours.

“Somewhere there’s a me who actually likes Damon? Impossible.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and took a slow sip of her beer, skin flushed in the heat of a Virginia summer. “Probably. Although it’s probably more likely that there is a reality where Damon is less of an ass.”

Caroline snorted out a mouthful of beer. “You like Damon.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t realize how ridiculous he can be,” Bonnie said with a grin, handing her a napkin. “But it’s not every decision that branches, I think. Just the big ones.”

“Like what?”

Bonnie purses her lips. “Maybe you’re human.”

Caroline tipped her head back, stared up at the sunset. “That seems so strange.”

“Who knows?” Bonnie shrugged. “It’s just a theory. For all we know, certain events are set in stone and are bedrocks of a healthy universe.”

“Hey now,” Caroline protested, waving her beer. “That’s Batman logic, from the comics. Have you been holding out on me?”

Bonnie turned scarlet and spluttered. Caroline had teased her mercilessly, but all the while, a little thought had niggled at her. She’d shoved it to the side, refused to dwell on it. A promise she wasn’t certain she’d ever accept.

Caroline treasured that memory. The certainty of her friend that somewhere, things were different. Because for the last fifty years, everything had gone to hell.

Figuratively and literally.

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I Have A Problem

I have a problem, and that problem is with the character of 0ctavia Blake. 

Now, before I get into this, I’m just going to tell you that all of this is going under the cut. So, if you are a crazy 0ctavia fan, don’t look below the cut unless you are open-minded and won’t attack me if I end up saying something that you don’t like. 

Here goes.

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The Boltcutters

Thank you everyone for your stories of Wasteland Weekend! @flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy‘s photos, art, and search for the Boltcutter group among the crowds inspired me to write this story. I’m posting here with Gurdy’s approval. It’s both fanfic and fandom fic. You’ll see phrases and moments from Gurdy’s story here, transposed into Mad Max’s Wasteland. Hope you like it - thank you all again, especially @flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy.

He saw the sigil more than once in the Wasteland.

The way his life had worked out, he was a scav. His people had fallen away. He had the dented small car, his name, Sydney (they all missed Sydney, his people said) and his keen, hungry eyes. The Wasteland, cruel and beautiful in its sand and stone, greys and browns, and rare rusted buildings, was his home.

For all the vast and curving contours of the Wasteland, he craved colour.

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So Finrod had his kingly duties to think of and he's a dick for abandoning his people to play noble hero. Is Feanor judged by the same standard? For being an utter dick and first embroiling his whole nation into a war over his daddy issues then taking them all out of paradise and into certain death?

Yes, obviously. Fëanor is a dreadful King of the Noldor and blaming someone other than him for his death would be as silly as blaming Celegorm and Curufin for Finrod’s. 

If a leader is going to take his people to war, he has some very strong obligations to make sure there’s 1) an objective worth the blood that will be shed to achieve it, 2) a reasonable chance of achieving it, and 3) no better options.

Finrod falls down on all three, in my opinion. Stealing a Silmaril for Thingol is an awesome mission but not exactly a morally defensible one. Lúthien was perfectly ready to marry Beren anyway. If you were going to do a stealth mission into Morgoth’s chambers to pluck the crown off his head, you should at least murder him while you’re there - and, in fact, if the mission had been to assassinate Morgoth I side with Finrod. Even a tiny chance of achieving that is well worth it. 

But we also run into trouble on the second front, because there’s no reasonable chance of achieving the goal. Even with the full strength of Nargothrond behind him he wouldn’t have been able to take Angband, and a stealth mission was probably bound to fail in precisely the manner it did fail. I don’t think from his perspective there were any options with more than a tiny chance of success, and again ‘success’ looks like 'condemning his cousins to eternal damnation’ if Finrod thought they’d be good enough people not to start a war over the Silmaril and 'condemning Beleriand to a civil war’ if Finrod didn’t think they’d be good enough people. 

And 3) - Finrod is like canonically really good at talking Thingol down from being stupid. 

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Hinny, Watching Ginny at her Quidditch practice, for anon

Her long, red hair was let loose behind her and she soared across the sky, like a trailing red banner of victory and vitality. It was fiery and bright red, like a burning flame that could not be doused, high up and sailing across on a broom, and Harry watched in contentment as she moved, secure in the knowledge that she was, after it all, alive.

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