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fabelyn suggested something really genius i just had to


In order: Ayame and Michiko (Micchan) joined the team! They are @mokonarts‘s ocs!

And then Hachi just joined the team! She is an oc from @KuroShinkiro_ on twitter c:

Hope you like these new members!

  • Cassandra: ahah... so tired... so exhausted...
  • Azusa: You can't be tired yet eve-san... we still have two more .. days of fun left ...
  • Cassandra: Fun.. This has been fun??!
  • Azusa: two more days in the demon world and then we... will be home.. with Ruki-kun and the others...
  • Cassandra: ...home sweet home... how exciting.
  • Azusa: Maybe your attitude... is the reason your not having.. fun..
  • Cassandra: ... or maybe it's because I don't like how everyone is looking at me...

So sorry Ash. But this was literally the only thing I could imagine when reading that first fic. And I just…. gosh I just had to draw the major dweeps. Think of it. He just see’s this strict, messy haired, probably with bags under his eyes, prefect who is moody like 5067% of the time and just thinks something like

“ahhh yess. there he is. the one. he’s perfect.”
Mabel “Who is? That prefect?”
“he’s gonna teach me magic.”
Mabel “I don’t think-”
Mabel “ Dipper-”

Also a bonus Pacifica because why not and I need more of this snotty rich girl being a jerk to everyone in my life please. Problematic fav but she’s absolute bae.

Inspiration and AU belong to the always fabulous imaginashon =)

🎮 ¦ @wakairyuu | starter calls are just the friends we’ve made along the way

“Why don’t you wanna go to the movies with me all of a sudden?” She huffed, arms folded over her chest. How could he suddenly be turning her down like this? What on earth could be more important than spending time with her especially when he knew just how busy of a woman she was! There were a million other things she could be doing right now instead of being stood up by her boyfriend and he knows it! “You promised me we’d go see it together; don’t tell me you saw it with someone else!” 


More vampire!Marco/nurse!Jean au (I’m just gona start calling this atnsit/ndht rp ok? ok) from my rp with the lovely beautiful amazing magnificent @hallow17 


Ok so explanation- Hitch is a dark faerie who’s bitter about Marco, a soul who escaped her by turning instead of dying. So, she finds someone he’s shown interest in and captures him to be her next victim- except, you don’t piss off vampire Marco and expect to live. You don’t mess with Marco’s hot nurse and expect to live.

hahaha the very beginning… how they first officially met… how cute right?

Coruscant Chase [Star Wars RP; @qvillons; closed RP]

(tag: @qvillons)

Location – Coruscant – Somewhere within the lower levels…

Flecks of blood dotted like a trail behind her as she silently moved through the undercity towards one of the numerous portals that led to the upper levels. If luck was on her side security would be light where she was heading.

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