more huehuehue


oh yes please,
teach me mr Watanuki,
teach meeeeeeee everythiiing <3

private tutoring  with Sakkun will be the beeest  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <3
no seriously, he’s pretty good at math due to StrikeTanaka… >w>)! Ireallyneedthat.

at any rate,
I never have to study for school anymore… <3 ahhhh FREEDOM ( for now ~ )
now I gotta wait for all the results… ;w; hopefully everything will go fine. PLIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ
nevertheless, I’ll be able to draw more fanart from now on :D !
( although I still have to deal with school business with classmates but there’s still more time than before ~ I already have some sketches for sth >^>! )

hope you’ll do fine too >^>)9 !! Summer Holidays are up ahead !

hope u like it :> !


I thought it didn’t have enough poses but this is plenty lmao one day im gonna do a proper photo shot bahaha i love cosplaying!!! This cosplay was so hard to keep with. I thought my sleeves were gonna be the problem but it was my belt! Ah well. Its just all part of a learning experience huehuehue~❤

[more photos to come!]

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope you are having a nice day. If you are interested, could you maybe draw flower-crowned Roy or Riza? I think the flower crown trend's so cute, and I really wanna see your interpretation on it! Thank you :)

I might’ve gotten carried away a little bit. The flower crowns were done by my talented friend @cosplayreject

I would have uploaded this yesterday, but the stars were not in position and the internet was refusing to cooperate.

Happy Birthday, my darling!

I am way too obsessed with this cinnamon roll. And this anime. If anyone deserves a flower crown, it’s Makoto Tachibana. This little cotton-candy puff.


So sorry Ash. But this was literally the only thing I could imagine when reading that first fic. And I just…. gosh I just had to draw the major dweeps. Think of it. He just see’s this strict, messy haired, probably with bags under his eyes, prefect who is moody like 5067% of the time and just thinks something like

“ahhh yess. there he is. the one. he’s perfect.”
Mabel “Who is? That prefect?”
“he’s gonna teach me magic.”
Mabel “I don’t think-”
Mabel “ Dipper-”

Also a bonus Pacifica because why not and I need more of this snotty rich girl being a jerk to everyone in my life please. Problematic fav but she’s absolute bae.

Inspiration and AU belong to the always fabulous imaginashon =)