more hipster than you think

the signs as things said to me this holiday
  • aries: this pumpkin will one day weigh as much as you
  • taurus: you are so miserable you make me want to kill myself and im a successful 22 year old man
  • gemini: if youre straight, then why is hannah hart your lock screen
  • cancer: law is a stupid career path, i think you would do much better in the military
  • leo: are you really not going to drink your butternut squash cappuccino?
  • virgo: what kind of goth are you?
  • libra: you remind me of a gay squidward
  • scorpio: youre like a really shit hipster
  • saggitarius: i think you got more bath bombs than me because you smell the most
  • capricorn: why do you dress like an emo 80 year old man?
  • aquarius: sometimes i worry you like this cat more than me
  • pisces: were you born on a wednesday because you look like wednesday adams

Shoutout to VSCO cam for making photos look half okay