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How do you feel about the comparisons between IH to NS? I don't ship either but personally I don't see any similarities in those pairings? The only thing that I can think of is Color Schemes? That and Sakura and Inoue are both Healers. What else?

Well first of all, comparisons between Bleach and Naruto ships are kind of stupid in the first place since the characters, relationships and the entire context of each manga are so different.

That being said, I abhor to see a ship like NS with actual potential and so much mutual positive development be compared to IH of all things. They’re not similar at all. 

I don’t understand why some NS are supporting IH…for the exact same reasons they bashed NH and SS all these years. What, Orih*me got more screentime than Hinata did? Or*hime got more interaction with him? So what, doesn’t change the fact that Ori*hime was written to revolve around Ich*go, doesn’t change the fact that most of her “development” with Ich*go was standing next to him and being ignored. Or alternatively, incredibly negative development like The Lust Arc which consisted of her screaming at his corpse to save her. Additionally, how would some NS have felt if Sakura’s entire presence was diminished in the manga proper, heck during the entire last arc of the story just to give Hinata all the paneltime? 

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hi!! i just found your art on my dash and i love it so much,, if you want could you draw komaeda and/or hinata from sdr2?? if u do thank u,,,and if you dont still thank u for sharing your art,

i used to draw so much dr back in the day…still lowkey into it,,here ya go i hope u like it

my demands for the future of haikyuu:
-more oikawa and suga interaction
-more kageyama and hinata hanging out outside of practice
-more tsukishima and yamaguchi hanging out outside of practice
-kageyama, hinata, and yachi hanging out in town
-more bokuroo
-more oikawa and suga interaction
-more kenhina
-less focus on the practice side of the series and more focus on the relationships and the character development and the friendships of the characters
-more oikawa and suga interaction
-emotional third year dads coming back to watch over their children’s practices occasionally
-oikawa and suga meeting up on accident somewhere and realizing they have a lot in common and becoming friends
-please more oikawa and suga interaction
-i only ask of so much


Day 6: awkward meetings
OK lISTEN I think these two are enemies w the sun as they burn easily, so even in summer, they still wear full sleeves. One summer day on the bus, they happen to wear hoodies and sit next to each other and o no everyone thinks they’re a twinning couple

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Sorry but there's got to be some tsukkiyama in the coke au somewhere right? Like yamas with iwas team and notices tsukki staring and cuz yamas a cutie thinks tsukki wants a coke so goes over to tsukki and all shy asks 'are you thirsty?' cont--


Yamaguchi is ADORABLE, innocently assuming Tsukki is thirsty because he’s staring so much while Yams is drinking, when in reality he’s just “thirsty” lmao

thirsty for you omg legit dying send help 


Can you imagine the first time they appear, with their scaffold slowly raising them level with the office window? At first Tsukki and Kageyama would just casually glance at the window like “oh, it’s that time again” but as more of Yams and Hinata get revealed they’d be watching with increasing fascination and would totally both be distracted from their work for the duration, although they’d both totally deny it aNd THE SNIPING. SO MUCH SNIPING. THey’d get so salty with each other omg.

ANd Hinata definitely strikes me as the type to have the radio on all the damn time. He’d just casually be wiggling away to the music while he works, totally unaware of the effect he’s having on poor Kageyama in the office…

Yams would be a little more aware of Tsukki’s eyes on him and would get adorable and blushy and a little clumsy - probably splashing water all over himself ayy


*clenches fist* SO BLESSED

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oihina: after oikawa graduates and has to go away to university he is always texting hinata like at any given moment theyre texting each other and they call each other every night and make sure to leave time for it and sometimes its just to tell each other good night but they make it work

But like, imagine if like they take turns each night on who calls who first for their night time chats and one night it’s Oikawa’s turn and he was busy doing some school stuff or whatever until like 2 am or something and he hates himself for not calling yet. He assumes his chibi-chan is already asleep but decides to leave a voice message at least and calls, he is surprised to Hinata answering the phone, he had been waiting all night just to hear Oikawa before going to bed and to say good night and Oikawa is just aahhh I don’t deserve you

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i know you said you were being conscious about the 90s diet coke au posts you put out there, but BUILDING ON THE KAGEHI so kags is super strict and one of those overly-organized people yknow so he takes like 5 minutes at the hole puncher (bc so help him god if those papers are not lined up when he goes to punch them). one day, when he's lining up some papers to go staple them, hina and yams come up in that window thing and all the office workers go check out whats going on and kags is slow on-

LMAO oh god Kags stapling his papers to his tie because he’s distracted. AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THIS MENTAL IMAGE!

I’m not sure Kageyama would immediately start lining up at the window, though. I think he would likely just get more and more annoyed that Hinata is so distracting, especially because he’s so used to being efficient at his job and getting things wrong is just…not like him at all. He can’t work out if he’s more annoyed with Hinata or himself, honestly, and he doesn’t quite understand what the hell is wrong with him.

Can you imagine him reaching breaking point and just marching up to the window, banging on it and shouting “THE WATER IS SUPPOSED TO GO ON THE WINDOW, DUMBASS, NOT ALL OVER YOUR BODY >:(” - poor Hinata would have a small heart attack and slop the bucket of water all over himself, causing his t-shirt to entirely become see-through. Kags would probably march back to his desk in that really awkward way he does, with his arms out to the side, and then sit there aggressively drinking coffee and glaring out of the window.

Yama would try desperately not to laugh throughout all of this but he’d have to turn around and face the other way to hide it when he inevitably fails, which would mean he accidentally makes eye-contact with Tsukki, who finds Yama’s laughter absolutely charming. Cue blushy, giggly Yams…