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This time i draw the young ver…..yup…ahahaha! ;D i love that i draw mccree again omg 

(sorry to make you guys laugh…???) XDD and yeh~ Mercy,Fareeha,Jesse,and Jack…i dunno why, it just fits XD i gues more haunted house meme soon again? ;D


on a lighter note, I have high appreciation of Nick’s snark in the game

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RONSY for the Halloween headcanons ('Crisp' made me feel some kinda way)

[ in which there is a potentially haunted mansion, and a dare that spirals out of control. part 1 of 2. for the @slytherdornet halloween challenge ]

  • to set the scene:
  • it’s midnight, which means it’s officially halloween. they’re walking up the rundown red-brick drive of the old riddle house—the one that pansy insists is haunted; the one that weasley insists isn’t—and damp, rot-spotted leaves are sticking to the soles of their boots while wispy swathes of fog swirl around their ankles. after a few minutes, the house slowly starts to rise up and out of the gloom, a hulking mass of sagging gutters and peeling paint, shutters dangling from rust-shot hinges and the cast-iron spires on the roof casting shadows that remind her of prison bars.
  • “this is literally the plot of a horror movie,” pansy snaps, tucking the fringed ends of her scarf farther down the front of her tailored suede jacket.
  • you’re the plot of a horror movie,” weasley mutters darkly. the hood of his sweatshirt is pulled up around his ears, and his breath is coming out in smoky white puffs of air. “why’d you even come if all you’re going to do is whine?”
  • “pointing out factual hazards to my health is not whining!”
  • the ancient, rain-swollen porch steps creak ominously as he motions for her to follow him inside. “weasley, it’s cold,” he mimics with an exaggerated pout. “weasley, i need hot chocolate. weasley, why didn’t you ask them for marshmallows. weasley—”
  • the front door suddenly slams shut behind them with a startlingly loud thump.
  • pansy jumps, emitting a strangled, quickly bitten-off scream before reaching out to grab weasley’s arm.
  • “what the fuck was that?” she whispers, digging her nails into his elbow.
  • he glances down at her—way down at her; she doesn’t think she’s ever been this close to him before, and she’s a little taken aback by how tall he is—and then he smirks.
  • “oh, it was probably just the ghosts,” he says, too casually. “or. you know. the fucking wind.
  • “shut up,” she hisses, eyes darting warily around the cobwebbed ceilings of the entry hall. “god, i hate you, i can’t believe you coerced me into this.”
  • “i didn’t coerce you, you invited yourself—
  • “for evidence!”
  • “of what? a condemned sign?”
  • you’re so dramatic, parkinson,” pansy deadpans, dropping her voice an octave. “that house isn’t haunted—in fact, let me be extra dramatic and tell everyone i’ll sleep there just to prove you wrong.”
  • weasley scoffs, but there’s a faint pink tint to his cheeks that hadn’t been there a second ago. “seriously? you’re here to prove me wrong so that i can’t prove you wrong?”
  • she sniffs. “like you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.”
  • he rolls his eyes, flashlight clutched between his teeth, and begins to rummage around in his backpack. pansy has no idea what he’s looking for, but she’d bet half her trust fund it’s fucking stupid.
  • “here,” he finally says, tossing her a small grey spray bottle. “all yours.”
  • she catches it clumsily, furrowing her brow. “what’s this?”
  • he grins, and she flatly refuses to admit to herself that he’s kind of alright-looking when he smiles. “it’s ghost repellant,” he tells her solemnly. “for the ghosts.”
  • she narrows her eyes. “gosh, is that a spider web?” she drawls, loudly. “with a spider on it? do you see that, weasley? the spider?
  • “what—where?” he spins around, expression frantic, and it’s pansy’s turn to smirk.
  • “oops,” she coos. “my bad. it’s just a little dust.”
  • he scowls at her, looking more disgruntled than angry, and then sighs. “where are we sleeping, then? one of the bedrooms?”
  • “do you want to fall through the ceiling?” she half-shrieks, rubbing her lips together. it’s a nervous habit. she hopes he doesn’t realize that anytime soon. she does it a lot around him. “no, god, we’re sleeping—wherever there aren’t bloodstains, i don’t know.”
  • “bloodstains,” he repeats, wryly. she wonders if she’s imagining the way his gaze lingers on her mouth. he blinks. “i guess that leaves out the root cellar—”
  • a thunderous crash sounds from somewhere upstairs, screechy and shrill and jarring enough that the hair on pansy’s forearms prickles with unease as she darts forward to clutch at weasley’s elbow again. he’s gone perfectly still, she notices, his gaze sharp and wary.
  • “what the fuck was that,” he whispers, a mirror echo of her earlier panic.

want one? send me a slytherdor ship for halloween!

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The s/o dragging them to a haunted house for Sinbad and Kouen


  • Sinbad thinks he’s going to be the hunky hero for his terrified s/o but things do not go to plan. Sinbad startles more easily than the thought and races through the haunted house. He hold his s/o’s hand tightly, makeing sure not to lose them as he drags them through in record time.

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen isn’t perturbed by the spooky cobwebs and teenagers in masks making minimum wage. He really doesn’t see the appeal—until one particular jump scare causes his s/o to cling to his arm for deal life. Maybe he’ll look up some more haunted houses near by.