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[cowgirl Cynthia and Butterfly Fairy Lucina showing off their cute lil costumes]

[Maribelle decided the theme here, obviously,]

[this is here so you can see lil Morgan in that cute bat costume]



I had costumes and nonsense planned for everyone and I’ll probably draw more eventually but here is what I did work on!!

Nerdy inktober prompts!!!

I can’t decide which list to use (there are so many good ones!!) so I’m creating my own that’s will be lowkey kinda nerdy but also super spooky!! LETS GO!! 👻👽

1. Multiple limbs

2. Ghost boy

3. Falling leaves

4. Modern witch

5. Classic witch

6. OTP at homecoming

7. Aliens and humans collide

8. Scars

9. Cuts and bruises

10. Favorite characters on Halloween

11. Other fandom Harry Potter AU

12. Mermaids

13. Favorite horror movie character

14. God/Goddess AU
15. Killer plants

16. Cozy fall

17. OTP at a haunted house attraction

18. OTP at a corn maze

19. Space

20. 20’s AU
21. Zombie AU
22. OTP accidentally summons a demon

23. Character/OTP join/start a band

24. Scene from your favorite fanfic

25. Giant/scary versions of small friendly animals

26. Your biggest fear

27. OTP Halloween decorating

28. Monster AU
29. OTP at a Halloween party
30. (Because i just have to) non- Heather’s characters dressed as Heather’s

31. You and/or your friends in your costumes!!!

These may change during the month if i get better ideas or inspiration to do something else, but here’s my inktober prompts list! Happy haunting ✌👻

P. S. Use the hashtag #nerdtober and I’ll reblog your drawings!!!

her name is leo and she’s a witch


- Michael moves with his mom into a haunted house
- the house just so happens to be haunted by an anxious ghost named Jeremy
- Jeremy makes a really bad time of trying to haunt Michaels house
- he tries knocking stuff over but Michael always catches it
- eventually Jeremy stops trying to write blood on the walls and makes an everyday tradition of getting his ass kicked at Apocalypse of the damned and floating crystal pepsis to Michael from his mini fridge

Who people think Moon Taeil is: 

  • Sensitive
  • Quiet & Shy
  • Visual hole (Yes some idiotic people actually think NCT has a visual hole)
  • Since he’s the oldest,he’s the most mature
  • Another victim of NCTs slander 
  • Just a vocalist 
  • Loner

Who Moon Taeil actually is: 

  • NCTs biggest comedian (His finger gag in the N’ video,THE HAT HE WORE IN THE AIRPORT THAT HE HAD TIED OMFG I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS)
  • Best cheerleader in kpop
  • KING OF BUTT GRABBING I swear this dude is obsessed with Marks butt
  • I’m not sure how he ended up with the surname moon because he is the actual sunshine?? Like have you seen his smile?
  • Most underrated member in my opinion.One of SMs best vocalists
  • Lowkey savage (Called WinWin more scary than the haunted house in NCT life Osaka,tried to fight the ghost than got scared and fell)



This time i draw the young ver…..yup…ahahaha! ;D i love that i draw mccree again omg 

(sorry to make you guys laugh…???) XDD and yeh~ Mercy,Fareeha,Jesse,and Jack…i dunno why, it just fits XD i gues more haunted house meme soon again? ;D

||Haunted House|| The Pack Imagine

(Reader’s P.O.V)

“This has got to be your dumbest plan yet."I muttered as Stiles, Liam, Scott, Theo, Isaac, and I waited for him to pick lock the front door to an abandoned house.
This abandoned house was known for being haunted, and I didn’t want anything do with it. Stiles had dragged me out of my house and threw me into the jeep.
"Wait a minuet, I can say you kidnapped me because you literally did!"I stated, making Stiles roll his eyes.
”(Y/N) you escaped my grip and grabbed holy water and a cross.“Stiles muttered right before we heard the door unlock.
"Then you walked back into my arms and said, ‘Continue’ and you didn’t fight back anymore. That’s not considered kidnapping anymore."Stiles objected, opening the door for us.
"Damn you and your law knowledge."I muttered as Liam and Scott dragged me into the house.
As soon as we all stepped in, the door instantly shut.
"Fuck, I fucking knew this would happen. I fucking told you guys-”
“(Y/N), Theo closed the door."Stiles spoke up.
"Sometimes I forget how strong I am."Theo shrugged.
I clenched my jaw, sending him a death glare.
"Oh cmon (Y/N), don’t tell me you’re scared of some ghosts-”
“That’s exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time!"I yelled.
"I hate anything supernatural-”
“We’re Supernatural."Scott reminded as he pointed at himself and Liam.
"Ugh you know what I mean, ghost, demons, witches, vampires, zombies-”
“Zombies, you actually believe in zombies?"Theo scoffed.
"If werewolves, banshees, and kitsunes exist why can’t zombies exist?"I asked.
"Because they don’t."Isaac spoke up.
"I’m done explaining myself, let’s just get this whole thing over with."I muttered, sighing.
"Okay we all know the plan, right?"Stiles asked as he handed Liam and Theo a bag.
"Yes."Everyone but I answered.
"Oh right, she was getting her holy water and cross when I explained the plan."Stiles mumbled.
"Liam will fill you in."Stiles stated before he and Scott walked off.
"We’re splitting up? Are you kidding me, that’s like the number one rule of not to do at some place like this!"I yelled.
"Relax (Y/N), you’ll be fine."Isaac reassured me.
"Unless you forgot your cross and holy water in the car."Theo whispered in my ear, making my heart drop.
I rummaged through my pockets to find them missing.
"Stop being an asshole and give them back to her."Liam muttered as he playfully punched Theo.
Theo smirked before dropping my cross and holy water to into my hands.
"Hope Tara’s friends with one of these ghosts so they can help her find you and take you back to hell."I spat making Liam and Isaac’s eyes go wide.
"What’d you say?"Theo asked, walking over to me.
"Woah, woah-”
“You heard me Raeken."I challenged as Liam started to pull me away from him
"You say one more thing about my sister and your boyfriend won’t be able to help you-”
“Theo, don’t."Liam warned.
"Go to hell."I muttered, making him turn to me.
As soon as he raised his claws in the air, a picture frame went flying towards Theo, hitting the back of his head.
"What the hell?"Theo muttered as he rubbed the back of his head.
"Looks like the spirits don’t want you to hurt (Y/N)."Isaac joked.
"Aw that’s sweet."I whispered, making Liam look down at me.
"Try to hit her."Isaac said, making Liam and I glare at him.
"Just to prove a theory."Isaac shrugged.
"Gladly."Theo whispered before swinging at me.
As soon as I ducked, Theo went flying back and was pinned on the wall.
"I was right!"Isaac cheered, proud.
"That’s not good."I whispered.
I grabbed Liam’s hand and started backing away.
"Aaah!"I heard a high pitch scream come from upstairs.
Liam and I ran upstairs to find Scott groaning on the ground as Stiles dropped his back.
"I told you not to sneak up on me Scott."Stiles muttered as he kneeled by his best friend.
"I told you to look before you swing."Scott muttered as he held his head in his hands.
"Scoot McCool taken down by Stiles and his bat."I said, making everyone look at me in confusion.
"That’s his nickname in my contacts, sorry."I apologized.
Scott rose to his feet, still rubbing his head. Stiles walked over to Scott and kissed his head, making Scott slap him away.
"Thank you, that did make me feel better."Scott joked.
The four of us walked downstairs to find Theo still pinned against the wall.
"Hah, amazing."I whispered, earning a glare from him.
"Tell them to let me go (Y/N)."Theo muttered as he wiggled in the air.
"What the hell?"Stiles asked.
"Seems like the spirits like (Y/N) and protected her from Theo."Isaac explained.
"Yeah I kind of like this house."I spoke up.
"Good because I’m ready to leave."Theo said.
I grabbed Theo and pulled him down, and like that he fell to the ground as the invisible force let go of him.
"You’re welcome."I whispered in his ear, smirking.
"Shut up."He hissed.
Theo and I had this love hate relationship, mainly hate though.
As we all started to walk towards the door, the door slammed shut.
"That wasn’t me this time."Theo whispered.
"The spirits don’t want (Y/N) to leave-”
“Fine, spirits you can keep her but let us go!"Theo yelled, making me throw a punch at his face.
"Asshole, you know I’m terrified."I muttered, ready to throw another punch.
Liam grabs my balled up fist before it came in contact with Theo, dragging me away from him. Suddenly Liam was dragged away from me, making me scream.
"They always take stupid ones first."Isaac shrugged.
"They would’ve taken (Y/N) then."Theo objected, making slap the back of his head.
"Hit me one more time and I’ll make an offer to the spirits they won’t resist, ready to spend your whole life here (Y/N)?"Theo threatened.
I was about to lunge at him but Scott grabbed my shirt, pulling me away. Just like Liam, Scott was dragged away which made everyone scream.
"I don’t know about you guys but I’m leaving."I muttered as I grabbed a chair. I threw it towards the windows, but it barely cracked.
Suddenly Theo was dragged away, then Isaac. I grabbed onto Stiles, hoping they wouldn’t take him away.
"This is why I didn’t want to come here in the first place."I said as Stiles and I held onto each other.
"Maybe I should listen to you more often."Stiles muttered.
"No, no, no, (Y/N)!"Stiles screamed as he was dragged away.
"Stiles!"I screamed, chasing after him.
He slid into one of the many rooms of the hallway. I tried to knock down the door but it wouldn’t budge.
I grabbed my holy water and cross, praying silently. Out of nowhere I hear laughing as the pack walks out of the rooms.
"You bastards!"I yelled, realizing they set me up.
"Happy Halloween Eve (Y/N)!"Stiles yelled as he ruffled my hair.
"How did you guys just fly out of the room?"I asked.
"Malia, Kira, Lydia, Mason, and Corey tied us up with rope and pulled us into the rooms."Scott answered.
"I was so close to jumping out of the window!"I yelled, shoving Stiles against the wall.
All of a sudden the door upstairs creaked open.
"Guys quit it, you pranked me already."I spat.
"That wasn’t us…"Malia mumbled.
"Then what was that?"I asked.
We all turned to look upstairs as the door creaked, closing by itself. The stairs started to creak as if someone was walking down them, but everyone was downstairs.
"Run!"I screamed as I started jogging towards the door.
Everyone pushed past each other, dashing out while I waited by the door. I laughed as they all kept running towards their cars.
"That’s they get for dragging me out at night to a haunted house."I muttered, smiling proudly.
"Thanks Alli."I whispered.
Suddenly she appeared right in front of me, with the same outfit she had died in. She let out her famous Allison Argent laugh, showing her pearly whites.
"No problem, little sis."She replied, smiling down at me.
No we weren’t siblings, but she always treated me as if I were her younger sister.
"Tell Lydia I love her and that I’m insanely happy for her that she’s finally with Stiles."Allison spoke up.
"Of course-Alli, Scott told me that he’ll never forget about you. He said you were his first love, you’ll always be in his heart."I said, remembering what Scott had told me.
"Tell him I’m still there, standing by his side as he leads the pack. He just can’t see me, but I’m there."She replied.
"Thank you."I whispered.
"I thought you said to run?"Liam asked as he swung the door open.
"Exactly, what’re we waiting for?"I yelled as I grabbed Liam’s hand.
"Bye Alli."I whispered before winking at her.
"Bye (Y/N)."She whispered back, winking as well.
"What’d you say?"Liam asked he picked me up and started running.
"I said that I hate haunted houses, and to not bring me to another."I answered, wrapping my arms around his neck.
"No more haunted houses.”-

R.I.P Allison Argent, always in our hearts ❤️. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful night/day!

Avengers Halloween Headcanons

Pairings: Avengers X Reader

Prompt: Headcanons about what spending Halloween with different Avengers is like.

A/N: May or may not be influenced by my own Halloween hijinks

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Little Red Riding Hood-(Theo Raeken)

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Prompt no. 1 and 19- ‘Just one bite?’ and ‘I’m scared’

Pairing: eventual Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 637

Warnings: swearing, some mentions of blood and guts(duh it’s a halloween prompt)

Summary: Theo and (Y/N) work at the local haunted house, but will romance form outwith the characters they play?

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Time for a story - The team’s investigations

Previous chapters in the storyline: 1 2 3

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“I didn’t think I’d see this place ever again,” Thea said with a sigh while Felicity was directing the car up the driveway to the mansion. “I didn’t even know the mansion was built back up. I thought it burnt down the summer after mom died.”

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