more hair spams

but i got smarter, i got harder in the nick of time
honey, i rose up from the dead, i do it all the time
i’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
i check it once, then i
 check it twice, oh

hair (photoshopped) @darkosims3​ / hat - me / whale tail choker - @magnolia-c​ / bodysuit - @maimouth​ / acc shirt - @serenity-cc / pants - @jordutch

赤髪の白雪姫 第89話 Pages 11-20

All usual apologies etc~ ^^  

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The Brain of Nekoma High

Iwaizumi part +  Suga part + Kageyama part + Oikawa part

lookforanewangle said: Hmm, Harley Quinn Arkham Knight style maybe?? Or maybe Suicide Squad version. Your pick. :)

I gotta say that I prefer the SS outfit over the Arkham Knight outfit. Especially the taint of pink and blue instead or red and black