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have this crack theory: weblum galra was actually keith’s sister whos part of lotor’s squad as a spy for the blade of marmorra

supercorp - a ribbon at a time

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“Why do you want this job?” the interviewer asks her, and Kara stares at him in disbelief. His hair is slicked back, and whatever product he’s using to do it is too oily for his skin. It’s left a trail of acne along his hairline. Why does he think she wants this job? It pays slightly more than her last job, and so far no one here has tried to pinch her ass - although the day is young.

She’s pretty sure saying that isn’t what will get her hired, but she doesn’t know what else to say. ‘I want to change the world, one package delivery at a time?’ She remembers being thirteen and full of noble ideals - she remembers seeing Kal on the news, saving lives in his stupid skintight suit, and being so excited to follow in his footsteps. She remembers grief slowly transitioning into determination - remembers privately thanking Rao for the gift of her new powers, remembers thinking that in payment for the loss of her world, he’d made sure she would never be helpless again.

Kal is dead. Eliza is dead. Jeremiah is dead. Alex is hopefully alive somewhere, but she doesn’t have any use for the foster sister who got her orphaned before she finished high school. Kara is twenty one years old, and the idea of pretending, even for a single moment, that she still has ideals leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The world doesn’t deserve any idealism from her.

“Well, I’ve worked at UPS for two years,” she says finally, since the interviewer is looking a little uncomfortable with her continued silence. “A private courier seems like a logical next step. You guys have better uniforms, I hate wearing brown.” Actually, she’s worked at UPS for six months, but she’d applied for the job with a fake letter of reference claiming she was trying to transfer from another UPS over in Washington, and nobody had double-checked.

She gets the job, she finds out a few days later, but she’s pretty sure her amazing interview skills have nothing to do with it. They give it to her because her last manager wrote her a reference letter in which he described her as, “ridiculously strong - you can send her to deliver cement bricks and she’ll just hoist them onto her shoulder and go,” and because when they asked if she was willing to use her own car for deliveries she said yes.

Joke’s on them. Kara does own - and currently live in - a car, but it’s not what she’s planning on using for deliveries.

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on the topic of Arabic, we are kind of extra with our romantic talk and I love it?? it sounds so poetic in Arabic but so weird when you translate it (from some songs):

“I don’t just like you––a glance from you melts me. I live in your love, and I die in it. I can’t imagine myself away from you for a moment… Your being far from me makes me suffer, I cannot break free from you (your love)… When you’re not by my side, I cannot create melodies or sing… I die.”

“A new feeling, that rises in your heart… you feel it every time you look at me. You’re always thinking about me, you truly miss me and you die for me. I don’t want you to tell me words that melts my heart from kindness and love––I just want you to tell me ‘I love you’, this word kills me.”

“My darling come, I am calling for you to reassure me and calm me… Don’t let go of my hand. Don’t leave me or stray away, just hold me and make me forget the world… Promise me that as long as you are with me, you will not let go of my hand. Oh, (you) light of my eyes––hold me, feel me. With you, I can walk and continue, and no matter who hurts me I will push onwards. For the sake of your eyes, my love, I would rather die than leave you.”

“I don’t know how in one glance you do this––you take me, and I die for you. I don’t know what’s enchanting me like this––the touch of your hands, the laugh in your eyes. I felt safety by your side, I became in a new time (period), unlike any before. I am falling in love, I am being reborn.”

“The moon swore by the colour of the roses, the colour of the flowers (pink) on the cheeks… the beauty was enhanced by black braids, and your lips made the rose more beautiful. In beauty, there is no one before your or after you, my soul (a term of endearment). My soul, your characteristics are completed (aka you’re perfect).”

I haven’t seen any posts about this yet, but I’m pretty sure we saw Zarkon and the previous paladins in the s3 trailer? And maybe a glimpse of the showdown between Zarkon and Alfor. Like?? I hope we get flashbacks and learn more about the previous paladins?? I wanna know what they were like and why Allura didn’t want to tell the paladins about them…

This is a drawing from wayy back lol that I’m far from 100% happy with but that I’ve been too lazy to fix up, so it’s going from my drafts to here!

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