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Kuroshitsuji American AU:

Everything is the same except:

  • All messages are delivered by bald eagles.
  • Or the Pony Express.
  • William is SUPER AMERICAN
  • And goes by Bill.
  • Ronald’s scythe is a John Deere.
  • Grell’s is a Ditch Witch.
  • William’s is a weedwhacker.
  • Instead of his long weird top hat, Undy wears a giant floppy cowboy hat.
  • Instead of heels, Grell wears cowboy boots.

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I had an absolute blast seeing Book of the Atlantic tonight with @yuri-on-ice-hell! It was amazing seeing the arch unfold on the big screen but meeting these three was just as fun. The only one I know how to tag is the every lovely Ronald Knox @touchmylawnmower. Thanks for the pictures!

anonymous asked:

Hello~ Can you share your thoughts about the latest chapter Kuro?

Hello Anon and… I can but… read it at your own risk because /!\ slightly salty soup of feelings ahead /!\ okay?
Sorry in advance for the slightly annoyed tone sometimes. ;_;

So, about the beginning of the chapter:

I already talked about this panel here and here and I don’t have anything else to add for the moment. As for this panel…

(bye bye characters, see you maybe in another arc)

@erebus-cheslock did a great summary of my thoughts here and I’m, like, completely jaded about how convenient it is.

Next about Ciel’s investigation:

Personally it’s not something I was surprised about, but I have to admit it felt good to have something at least a little logical in this chapter. And about this…

Well, lmao, besides the fact that Soma is ten times less blind and naive than they are, this part was also nothing new for me. 

Also about Bravat killing the old Lords, nothing new yet again but from the moment he was already collecting people’s blood to the point of killing them before this chapter, I really am sure it wasn’t supposed to be a big reveal to anyone. 

Next, about Violet’s plan………… ( -_-’)

Besides the fact that I completely share @akumadeenglish‘s feelings about this being an utterly stupid and senseless plan, I also am searching for the entire subplot’s logic ‘cause…

1) Greenhill is the one who invited Ed

but yeah, I mean, okay, maybe Violet gave him the idea, that would wor–

2) But Bravat attracting Lizzie into the Sphere music hall was totally planned in advance because Bravat knew things about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb that he couldn’t have guessed, which means there is a mastermind who isn’t Bravat and who told Bravat about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb.

3) - So if Violet is the reason behind Ed coming to the Sphere music hall… 

- And Ed is the one who brought Lizzie because he had a good time which is how she met Bravat…… 

=> Then somehow that means that the mastermind behind Bravat’s actions had planned that Violet would plan to invite Edward and also that the mastermind bet the whole success of his plan to bring Lizzie into the Sphere music hall on the initial hypothesis that Violet would convince Greenhill to invite Edward (who then would need to have a good time in order to bring Lizzie with him, which would allow her to meet Bravat, leading to her running away from home 3 weeks later).


And I’m sorry but… what? So really, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the current subplot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, let’s say that the mastermind is UT, well, I love him and he’s a good judge of characters, but to say that he could see through Violet that much is going way too far into Nonsensical road lane. :/

4) Violet’s plan sucked anyway since it’s the Queen who ended up introducing Ciel to the Sphere music hall.

Finally about the Shinigamis…

This part kinda saved the chapter to be honest and Othello was funny. 

Once again, nothing new about what was going on with the old Lords, it’s something I and several other bloggers had theorized about when it comes to the blood transfusions being linked to an extended life span.

The mystery remains full about who really is behind Bravat’s blue sect getting such knowledge though…

Because Othello gave again the example of a demon…

But I still think it’s not crazy to imagine that UT could be behind all this so… For now, nothing changes about this part of the subplot.

Lastly about this little scene…

I saw many theories already about how Othello could have known Claudia/Vincent/the twin etc. but… here’s the thing:

  • Othello hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and I’m not sure he sees any humans at all when he’s not in the human world since Shinigamis like Grell only collect souls (and I’m also not sure Othello gets anywhere near those souls).
  • 50 years ago Vincent and the possible twin weren’t born and Claudia was 9 years old, so let’s say Othello met with Claudia 50 years ago, that means he would have somehow remembered her face until now? Why not but… still seemingly a bit far-fetched to me (but at this point, maybe Yana doesn’t care anymore about making sense).

So, Vincent and Claudia aside, logically it could be interesting to consider that there is one other link between Othello and Ciel, because Othello is a Shinigami that hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and… that person is the Undertaker (because he was a Shinigami as well before deserting 50 years ago).

So… maybe this scene could be a hint to the grandpa!UT theory, but then again that would mean that we’re supposed to consider that Ciel looks like Vincent who looked like UT and… not only is it still far-fetched but I know that not everyone agree on this. :/

TL;DR  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are all my thoughts so far in exclusivity for you Anon, keep in mind that they can still change as always.

I hope it answers your question, have a nice day.


I spent all day watching Kuro Musicals and it’s the best thing I’ve ever watched in my life. Jesus, I guess, I totally fell in love with Uehara Takuya. His acting is just gorgeous, just breathtaking! I mean… how brilliantly he played Grell. These self-confident movements, this naughty smirk, this ultra graceful walk and this badass behaviour. Oooh maaaai… I just love musical!Grell more than the anime/manga one. This Grell is extremely sexy… (❤ω❤)

Kuroshitsuji Musical 3 | Lycoris that Blazes the Earth (2014)

I have a headcanon that Grell is still a virgin. Grell adores being flirty to get the attention of good-looking adult men, but when these men show their wish to get more, then Grell becomes very shy and unconfident. Grell would like to have sex with very tender and careful man, but still is unsure about that wish. Anyway, I believe, Grell keeps their innocence only for William, because Grell is sure that despite of his everyday rudeness Will will be tender with them at that minute. 


Grell asks the single most important question in all of Black Butler.

starlight-ciel  asked:

Why is that shinigami in the white goat on a front volume cover but Grell has never been on one ?? D: any thoughts ?

I guess it’s because

1) Othello probably plays a more important role than Grell in this arc

2) Grell already was on the cover once (it was a special all-in-red slip over cover for vol.12)

3) Yana said Grell will probably get on the cover (again) someday before the series ends. (X)