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If The Reapers Had Cats

- giant fluffy cat
- very aggressively affectionate
- gets cat hair everywhere

- another giant floofer of a cat
- hates everyone but loves him
- matching deadpan stares

- it s c r e a m
- the one cat that yowls all night his neighbours hate him
- jumps on to people

- GORGEOUS persian cat
- literally the most beautiful cat
- alan buys the cat clothes w “princess” on them
- has own insta w more followers than grell

- old cat
- hate everyone even eric
- loves alan tho
- eric is perplex???
- step on eric face

What Kuroshitsuji characters do on summer break
  • Undertaker: laugh all day aka do nothing
  • William: work, work and more work
  • Grell: obsess and stalk Sebastian
  • Alois: swim in the pool and dance
  • Claude: is Claude
  • Ciel: eat sweets
  • Sebastian: Ciel
roadtrip headcanons i promised my frand !

I imagine them renting having this van Ron rented somehow none of them really wanna question it. Of course William wants to try and figure out the driving schedule but Eric Grell and Knox are get too pumped to listen. 

On the road its a hit and a miss with music and the seating arrangements get interesting. First up to drive to ease his anxiety is William with Grell in the passeneger but Knox insists on playing his “boss ass playlist” first. 

Two hours in Grell is asleep, Ron needs to pee, Alan is thirsty and Eric needs a smoke. This is just the beginning.

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What the other characters think of Sebastian
  • Ciel: He's my butler, that's all, and nothing more than that! *Blushing*
  • Grell: My darling Bassy~!
  • Madam Red: Grope that ass, grope that ass, grope that ass
  • Alois: He's not Claude! Fuck Sebastian!
  • Claude: Stop telling your fangirls that I'm trying to copy you. It's annoying.

Random Musing: What if all the Shinigami had nearly opposite personalities when human? It’s a common headcanon that Grell might have been more like butler Grell when alive; meek and timid, but maybe this could extend to other reapers. Perhaps William didn’t take things seriously enough or worried about the rules. Ronald didn’t take the time to have fun. These were their flaws, but after being reborn, these traits completely flipped. It would be like they were trying to deal with things that might have led to their deaths, but they went too far the other direction.


“All living creatures had to die, and Wilhelm bore his duty as a Grim with respect. Unlike some.”

Grelliam AU → A Hexe named Grell from the Coven of Cardinals, so named because of the red velvet cloaks they wear, strikes an unlikely friendship with Grim Spiers, who turns out to be not very grim for a Grim at all.

Romantic Undertaker HCs

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- if you walk past him while he’s sitting down, he’ll pull you onto his lap
- a lot of nuzzling
- definitely comes up behind you and hugs you
- seems like the sort of person who’d need affection
- probably the most affectionate person, even more so than grell
- such a cuddler, won’t let you get out of bed bc warmth