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compliments that aren't about physical appearance?

  • i’m so glad i know you
  • your laugh is contagious
  • you are a source of light in my life
  • you are so caring
  • i trust you
  • you are one of the strongest people i know
  • i love how fun you are to be around
  • you’ve taught me so much
  • i can’t imagine my life without you
  • you make me a better person
  • you are home
  • you make me feel special
  • you deserve so much in this world
  • i admire your passion
  • the world needs more people like you
  • you have such a great taste in music, art, etc.
  • i love the way you love
  • talking to you calms me
  • i love hearing your ideas
  • you treat everything with an open-mind
  • you make me so happy
  • i’m proud of how far you’ve come
  • i don’t want to lose you
  • i admire your passion
  • you make me feel good
  • you’ve helped me
  • you’re so important to me
  • i love how you treat strangers
  • you are brave
  • you are fearless
  • you inspire me
  • you motivate me
  • you make me laugh
  • thank you for being you
label masterlist pt 1

after many, many requests, i’ve finally created my own label masterlist. the following 8 labels are all inspired by the aesthete and relate to such to some extent. they cover all sorts of characters from artistic and knowledgeable, to the foodies to the self-indulgent and pleasure seekers. depending on the response this receives, i may post another label masterlist similar to this. so i’d love to hear your feedback on what you guys think of the labels below. likes and reblogs are great and highly appreciated but they’re not required. if there’s any labels that you’re not sure of or would like a deeper insight to, feel free to ask me and i’ll be more than happy to explain further. enjoy !!

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HeY yOu! Did anyone EVER tell you that you're a ball of sunshine and creativity? No? Yes? Well they should more often. Also,I'm afraid I have the 25 dollar question of the hour (that literally made no sense whatsoever...) May I ask how you draw a full body sketch? Lately I've been bummed out because I can never draw a full body sketch (I can only draw from the neck and up)... Also,how can you draw with symmetry? It's quite hard and is like an experts opinion on it. ThAnK yOu and have a great day

hello!!!! aH well i’m no expert myself since i’ve never gone to art school and my only source of Artistic Education™ are youtube videos lmao but i’ll try to explain as best as i can!!

when drawing a symmetrical full body, i personally find that it’s easiest to do it when you’ve already got the hang of the shoulders since theyre kind of the “starting point” to a full body drawing?? for me at least?? so here’s a bit of a tutorial i made to do just that + a tiny review about the shapes i use in a full body drawing (i’m only focusing on the shoulders for now so let me know if you need more explanation on that!)

(((also, you are about to be subjected to some pretty terrible handwriting. you have been warned.)))

and there you have it!! this is my first time drawing out a tutorial of any kind so idk if it helps at all but i hope it does! i’d love to help out some more if you’d like so just hit me up whenever! :)

Dear Jesse,

You always say that your face is the most embarrassing thing, but your face, your intellect, charm, humor, passion have been really the biggest source of joy for me these days. You inspire me not only in my doodles but also in my career to be more open and to be more knowledgeable. You make this world less lonely and full of inspiration. I know all I can ever hope is for you to keep on doing your job, -acting, writing, or directing, whatever it may be -, at which you are already nailing with your great mind and passion. Here’s wishing you a fantastic birthday 🎉 I wanted to do something special but I’ve been a bit busy so .. just another portrait should do just for now. 


To raise your vibration, surround yourself with all things lovely. Read a good piece of literature, a good poem, a beautiful song. And Rumi, the Sufi poet, is a great place to start! Make it a practise to let your eyes and ears take in positive things. It will help you as you go about making changes in other areas of your life. 

The more positive sensory impressions you feed your brain, the more positive connections it makes. By indulging in culture and art like this, you help your nervous system produce tonic healthy chemicals, and relieve stress!

So with the new laptop came the newest version of sai, and there’s this new layer mode that is the bomb omg, it’s great for really bright light sources. 10/10 recommend (lumi & shade layer mode)

Anyways, 8/10 times the fights Set gets into are his own damn fault because he can’t shut his damn mouth

EDIT: woah this came out really bright, I’ve gotta fix the colour balance on my laptop

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As an artist/creator, what do you think when people say "originality is dead"? Do you agree with it or no? Also do you have any tips for someone starting to learn how to draw anatomy?

I think they mean there isn’t really any new ideas left in the world. Most concepts have been explored and the so everything just sort of borrows and copies from previous works of art. Which isn’t really a bad thing.

Most great works of art borrow from the past. I think the concept of originality is a bit overrated since most works that are considered original borrow elements from other sources (Star Wars, for example, borrows a lot of old sci-fi and Kurosawa films). 

They could also mean that originality isn’t profitable. Which is sort of true. Most original works aren’t very profitable compared to sequels, reboots, and remakes. The latter three make more money because of the audiences’ familiarity with the source material, making them more likely to purchase said thing, thus making it a safer investment than an unknown property.

It doesn’t help that corporations aren’t confident in original works and tend to under advertise them or just fail to properly market them to audiences, causing them to fail.

I personally have no opinion on whether its dead or not.

As for tips, I guess you should just practice and do anatomy studies frequently. Treat it like exercise. If you stop doing it after a while, you’ll begin to regress. I hope that helped.

CA: dont you knoww wwhy the condesce sent all the adult trolls into space after the last rebellion

AG: To prevent more rebellions?
AG: She did a great jo8 of that, 8y the way.
AG: Super jo8, it’s definitely working.

CA: i mean yeah that too
CA: but the real reason is cause gl’bgolyb is on alternia

AG: Peixes’s terrifying sea monster lusus?

CA: yeah
CA: shes the source of the condesces ultimate powwer
CA: only the condesce and her heir havve the ability to commune with her
CA: and nitram

AG: W8, what?

CA: the summoner directly targeted gl’bgolyb in the last rebellion
CA: he almost managed to pull her to the surface
CA: if the grand highblood hadnt a killed him in time he and his followwers wwould a butchered her and i dont need to tell you wwhat sort a problems that wwould a caused

AG: So, w8, what you’re saying is that the Condesce removed all adult trolls from Alternia 8ecause she was afraid another troll with the Summoner’s a8ilities would come along and finish the jo8?

CA: duh
CA: its nitrams destiny as the summoners descendent to end wwhat his ancestor started

From Insurrection for Desperate Dreamers, chapter 15


@atrox-forensis asked me for tips on linearts so I slapped this super quick bc I’m kind of tipsy. Lots of wine lmao

Bonus tips:

  • Look up what other artists do. Try to replicate it. If you can’t figure out how, ASK. Most artists will be more than happy to help, specially during livestreams. I learned lots from watching @silvestervitale‘s livestreams. If you’re shy, many other artists put up tons of tutorials for their art process for you to study!
  • Your favourite artists are also wonderful sources of inspiration. I am a fan of Shirow Miwa and Patrick Gleason, to mention just two of them, and their b&w/inking works are great references for complex linearts. Even older artists are great study material-Gustave Doré is a personal fave bc of how good he is at using crosshatch lines for light and shadow in his engravings. STUDYYY
  • Experiment!!! Both Paint tool SAI and Photoshop have TONS of fun brushes and tools to work with. Each artist is different and has different methods. Play around, see what looks pretty and what you’re most comfortable with but remember that staying in your comfort zone will get you nowhere. 
  • PRACTICE!! I know most artists are super tired of hearing this but SERIOUSLY GUYS literally nothing comes out perfect on the first try, specially NOT art. PRACTICE. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
  • Enjoy yourself-if lineart is simply not your thing, just leave it for a while. Many artists prefer to just clean their sketches up a bit or straight up paint on top of lose sketches. Art is like fart-if you gotta force it, it’s probably shit so you should let it be. Linearts in particular are super straining for me, so take breaks and don’t push yourself too hard if you notice pain or discomfort.

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Your art is freaking amazing. It's my dream to become a concept artist, do you have any advice you could offer? Finding study options where I live is proving a bit difficult especially since I don't have much money.

There are two routes - School and Self Learning online. the most I can can say about either is that they both still require alot of commitment and time but one more expensive than the other. I would try give yourself Design Challenges/Projects, Trying to design for a already existing IP as personal practice, and/or just overall foundation studies to strengthen yourself as a whole. 

Any of those would set you on your way towards concept art, its just understanding what the industry is going to ask of you after all of that. 

Long winded answer - but summary: Online is a great source, its gotten me far as it is. School helps in the capacity of having a professional/peers to bounce your thoughts off of and creating connections/networking.

I hope this answer is helpful at all ;; 

Hello~ Just wanted to let you know that this jewel-doll exists and it looks like one of the greatest things ever. 

External image

—————————————————————————————————-Well found, my faithful mortal ally.  The more works created in my image, the more powerful my universal projections become.  I have to offer great congratulations to the artist ( as well.

Prince Phobos reminds you to always credit the source, mortals!  As well as to thank @mikelio once again for helping to find it.

so @therealjacksepticeye is officially my favorite youtuber! this is the first time i’ve ever drawn him so i hope it looks okay haha

also normally i’m not confident enough to directly talk to people i look up to BUT:

sean if you’re readin this i hope you have a great day and thanks for being a constant source of positivity and happiness. your enthusiasm and energy are contagious and you’ve helped me as well as tons of other people feel more motivated to keep doing what we enjoy. you’re a super cool dude and i’d love to say hi in person one day :D

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How did you get your tab icon to be a flower?

OH ! it’s super easy, really.  i though for months that it was some crazy freakin’ extra thing you have to hunt the html down for. i’ll just show you a general idea of what to do ( you can always ask more questions if you need to ).

FIRST THING’S FIRST. you need to open up your ‘edit theme’ thingy, then you need to search for  ‘ shortcut icon ‘ and what you should see is this: 

once you have found it, the part you need to change is the {Favicon} part. you need to replace it with the url of your desired icon. ( if you need one, @pixel-soup is a great source for cute pixel art! they even have a tab for favicons and a full list of what kind of icons they have. for my rose icon, i actually googled ‘ pixel rose png ‘ and put it in there. ) 

when you have your icon url, you just copy and paste it where {Favicon} is and it should look like this: 

then you just update and save! it may take a minute or two for the custom icon to load the first time you go to your blog. if you have any other questions or get stuck you can always ask for help. i hope this was helpful to you! 


Award-Winning and Unexpected Floral Designs with @zizkonata

To see more of Natalia’s amazing floral arrangements, follow @zizkonata on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

Moscow floral designer Natalia Zhizhko (@zizkonata) is creatively sparked by the inherent beauty of nature, but she also looks to less expected sources when developing an arrangement. “I draw inspiration from extraordinary landmarks, architecture and art,” Natalia explains. The internationally decorated designer travels all over the world to compete, but for Natalia, it’s all in the name of joy: “Whenever I work with flowers, I’m in a great mood.”

堕天使ヨハネちゃん誕生日おめでとう!! | るりえ [pixiv] 

Source Link:

“Character Birthdays are great because then there is tons and tons of wonderful fan art for them :3 although she’s only had a tiny bit of screentime, she’s already one of my top favorites of the Sunshine girls! Her bubbly personality and shyness is beyond adorable, hopefully we might see more of her…HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOHANE, our little fallen angel ^w^!!!

Character: Yoshiko/Yohane Tsushima ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anime: Love Live! Sunshine!!! (currently airing!!!)

Learning Amortentia



Summary: Sitting at the other houses’ tables just wasn’t done. It wasn’t a rule, per say, but Gavin had never seen it happen before.  Still, when you’re friends with Geoff Ramsey, these things tend to happen. Freewood. Hogwarts!AU.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 4100~

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I rarely talk about my diabetes, because it’s boring for me and even more boring for you. The Little Prick makes good comics about it which I haven’t stopped thinking about and transplanted here. They also have a great name which is fun to type especially when I’m not using it to describe myself.

Quote for the annual cost in America is sourced from here.

If for any reason you are interested, curious or whatever, most people with diabetes will be happy and open to discuss it with you.

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