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Congratulations to our boys 1st win! #NCT1271STWIN It was a tough battle but we finally made it! Haechan literally dropped down after 1st place announcement (you can spot the tiny him on this frame) which lets us know how much, just how much did he want to win this time! We all did great, NCT and NCTzens! Let’s fight together for more wins! Don’t give up on streaming, this is only the start! They deserve it for all this hard-work and limitless love they gave to us during all this time we’ve been together as one! And lastly, but not least, congratulations to everyone who contributed for their first win and made this day special! #cherrybomb #🍒💣 #170622 🎉

A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

Title: One More Step
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: This took waaaaaay too long to get out and I humbly apologize for my incompetence, bUT this was a super good request and I wanted it to be a+.

“(Y/n),” Danny said, gently shaking your shoulder to try and stir you from your sleep. “(Y/n).” He repeated, this time drawing it out and poking various areas on your face.

You slowly opened your eyes, giving him a blank look, when you noticed Danny was actually up before you, you sat up. “What time is it?”

Danny shook his head. “Doesn’t matter! Come on, get up. We’re going somewhere today!”

You threw off the blankets and noticed Danny was practically bouncing with excitement, already fully dressed even if his hair was slightly more tousled than usual. “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, but don’t worry, you’ll like it.” He said cheekily, giving you a wink before letting you get changed.

It almost never took you long to get dressed, you had developed it down to a science ever since college. But when you pushed open the door, Danny was sitting down on the sofa, apparently talking to someone on the phone.

You were about to return to the room to give him some privacy, but Danny noticed you out of the corner of his eye and motioned you over.

“Who were you talking to?” You asked, tucking your shirt into your jeans while approaching him.

“Joy.” He answered, placing his phone into his pocket.

“Oh, what did she want?”

Danny chuckled a little. “Well, she found out about the whole instance with the Hand breaking into your shop, and to say she was pissed I hadn’t told her was an understatement,” He mused, getting a laugh out of you. “But apparently she had been tracking down one of Madame Gao’s men and basically threatened them if they ever came near you again.”

Your shoulders perked up. “Wait, does that mean I can go back to my shop?” You asked, trying to control the excitement in your voice.

Danny nodded, and barely had time to speak again before you tackled him into a hug.

“That’s great! Can we go now? I should get my things, then we can go. Wait right here! I’ll be back!” You said so quickly Danny almost missed it.

He watched you sprint up the stairs in record time.

You pushed open both of the doors to your shop, smiling brightly at the interior. It was a closed day, but you were ready to spend the next several days completely absorbed in your work.

“I’ve missed her so much,” You said, running your hand along the shelves. “I don’t think I’m
gonna go home for weeks.”

Danny placed his arm over your shoulders. “You call your shop a ‘her’?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” You said, tossing your things on the sofa and running to turn on some of the main floor lights.

You had several rows of string lights littered all over the store, and Danny jumped a little when they all suddenly turned on, drenching everything in a light hue.

“Isn’t she pretty?” You asked, returned to his side while you rest your elbow on his shoulder.

For the next couple hours, Danny listened to go on about how happy you were to be back in your store, and how it felt like years since you had been there.

Not long, the sky started to get dark outside, the lights from the shop becoming more saturated in color. Danny felt an awkward tension settle over him, but you hadn’t seemed to noticed. A plethora of paperwork was scattered around you while you were busy filling them out.

Now that everything was clear on your end, you wouldn’t have to stay with him anymore.

And it bothered Danny far more than he’d care to admit.

He didn’t doubt Joy, but past events have proven that the safest place for you was by his side.

And Danny liked having you there.

Sure, watching you stare sadly outside the window of his apartment while you lived there in some odd guilded cage wasn’t the best arrangement. He wanted you to have your shop and your life, but he didn’t want you to go away.

What upset him though, was how happy you seemed with the situation. He probably got boring after awhile, but he didn’t think he was sobad so as not to elicit some kind of reaction. Your time spent together was probably the most pleasant experience he’s had since returning to the city. Perhaps it was just false hope to assume you felt the same.

“Dan,” You called, looking at him with a quizzical brow. “You okay? You blanked out on me.”

He shrugged and chuckled. “It’s nothing, I think I should probably be headeing out.”

There was a flicker of emotion that crossed your face, and maybe it had only occurred to you know the gravity of the situation.

“Oh, yeah I guess it’s gotten pretty late, hasn’t it?” You said, standing up from your chair and walking over to him.

There as a brief pause, the sounds of cars rolling past and the very subtle hum of music coming from a small club a couple buildings down.

“I just wanted to say thank you, for saving my life and letting me stay at your place till the whole thing blew over,” Your fingers were fumbling together as you tried to get your thoughts out in an eloquent manner. “I was probably the biggest pain, so thanks for putting up with me. And stop by whenever you want, really.”

Danny tilted his head. “You shouldn’t be thanking me, I let you stay with me because I wanted to keep you safe and I wanted you there,” He cleared his throat. “I still want you there, actually. You make the place feel a lot more like home when you’re there and I like the way you think and talk,” He finished with a small laugh. “But if you wanna go, don’t let me stop you.”

You gave him a big smile and jumped up to wrap your arms around his neck, giving him a tight hug.

Danny welcomed the embrace, holding on just as tight and basking in your presence for as long as you could.

It was silent again.

“I like being with you, too,” You answered, hopping down to your feet. “But I think, for now at least, I should stick around here, get some stuff figured out and then we can talk about it again. Sound good?”

The fact that you’d even consider staying with him long-term was all Danny needed. So happily, he nodded his head.

“Sounds perfect.”

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Changing Feelings

Requested Imagine by @viemdm18
-Y/N is a warlock and is best friends with Magnus. She also falls in love with the most unlikely person in the Shadow World, a Shadowhunter.

I was sitting on the balcony of my best friends apartment. I was thinking over the recent events with the Shadowhunters. I normally avoid them but it seems I’m being pulled toward one. My normally care-free, loud attitude did a complete 180 when I met him. I couldn’t figure it out! What was it about Alec that made me rethink my views with Shadowhunters? I unknowingly formed an energy ball and was playing with it. 

 “Y/N?” I heard Magnus behind me. I glanced at him. 

“Hi.” He sat down and observed me. I knew he noticed too. 

 “What’s up?” His voice was soft. 

 “I just…I don’t know what to do. He has made me act so strange. And I don’t know how to feel about it! My past and views…” 

 “I know you have a bad past with Shadowhunters but…” He grabbed my hand and the ball disappeared. “But that was 200 years ago. Today a good number are friends with downworlders.” 


 “Yes. Maybe it’s time you came back to the Shadow World completely.” He glanced behind me. 

“Just be yourself.” He moved my hair and got up. I finally felt the presence behind me. Alec. 

 “Mon dieu.” I groaned in French. Magnus walked to him. 

 “Treat my friend well. She is like a sister to me.” I didn’t hear a reply but felt someone sit where Magnus was. I couldn’t look at him. 

 “Y/N?” Alec said my name. I glanced up through my eye lashes. 

“Yes?” I asked. 

 “What happened 200 years ago?” My eyes widened. 

 “How much did you hear?“ 

“From about acting strange.” He told me. 

 “Oh my…” I took a breath. “Okay when I was around 18 is when it happened. My parents were outside of our house gathering herbs when a group of Shadowhunters came and slaughtered them. And I saw it all from the window.” 

“Really?” I just nodded. He moved closer. 


 “That won’t happen now. I promise.” I smiled. I remembered what Magnus said to me. Be yourself. 

 “Thank you.” I sat up and kissed him. He jumped but didn’t pull away. I moved to where I was leaning over him while we kissed. His hands were tentatively on my waist and mine held tightly to his neck. I pulled away.  

“Wow.” He said. I giggled. 

 “Right back at you.” I pecked his lips. He tried to follow me. “Ah ah.” I placed a finger on his lips.“There will be more to come.” I stood up and held our my hand. 

“Where are we going?” He asked as he stood up. 

 “I don’t know, I guess we’ll see when we get there.”

*Mon dieu- oh god


I’m so sorry this took so long! Alot has been going on in the past month. -Nights Legacy 

Imagine Chris being a supportive fiancé. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B is here, y’all. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A)

Chris licked his lips nervously, his fingers playing with the hairs in his beard. His meeting was with Emilia London, an old friend who happened to be the head of production at Sony Pictures. He’d secretly printed a copy of your mini series in its full, original glory while you were asleep last night, after you turned down his suggestion to pitch your Chris Evans mini series. He went behind your back because he wanted it to become something- not because it was a story that surrounded the two of you, but because he believed it had great potential.

“What do you think?” He spoke the second Emilia put the stack of pages down. “Do you like it?” He asked then spoke before Emilia could. “‘Cause I’ll go on the record and say I love it, like- I’d love to direct something like that.” Emilia chuckled softly at Chris’ excitement, knowing he was slightly biased as it was his fiancée’s work. “I know I’m her fiancé,” he said because he knew too. “Which is why I’m asking you, is this worth something?”

“It’s good,” Emilia nodded and Chris grinned. “But,” she continued and his smile faltered. “It’s too perfect.” She explained when she saw Chris’ eyes narrow slightly, “there is nothing other than the pre-term labor to spark excitement, Chris. There is no drama, no problem and resolution. It’s too smooth a ride, it’s not enticing. Yes, it’s super romantic and very sweet but- you know you need more than that to make a good movie, or even a television series.”

“I know,” he nodded, his hand reaching to fiddle with his beard again. “I don’t know,” he sighed. “I just thought the world is chaotic and messy enough for this to be a good escape.” Emilia nodded in agreement with pursed lips. “Thanks for seeing me anyway, I appreciate it. Hopefully her meeting with Geoffrey Davis went well, I really think she has a future in Hollywood.”

“She does,” Emilia nodded, reaching for the stack of pages. “She’s got a lot of potential and she’ll make it very far if she gets the right person to view her work. I can tell you right now Geoffrey Davis is not the right person, he’ll no doubt cancel on her today.” Chris frowned at that, immediately reaching for his phone to text and ask if you were okay. “Y/N is a skilled writer, she’s got a gift for telling stories. A very good eye for detail,” she continued praising your work as she skimmed read the pages again. “Her use of dialogue and imagery, it’s brilliant. Her vocabulary could be expanded, but I guess if she’s thinking of script writing- it really doesn’t matter as long as she gets her point across to the director. I like that she’s got a good balance of clichés and originality, it really sets her apart from others.”

“Yeah, she’s one in seven billion,” Chris smiled when he thought of you, then glanced down at his phone. It was a good sign that you weren’t replying, right? It meant that Geoffrey was meeting with you and you were too busy to respond. “Do you have any other advice?” He reached over and patted the pages like he would a baby because it was your baby. “I’d really like for this to become something.”

“Chris,” she shook her head. “It’s got potential, but it can’t become something if it’s that happy and perfect. She needs to change the plot, or at least- add more into it.” Chris sighed and she did too, then remembered what Chris told her about how the two of you met. “You said the two of you met because of this series, right?”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “I found the link in my Twitter mentions a while back and fell in-love with it. I tried to find the writer, but um- everything’s fairly anonymous on Tumblr. But as fate would have it, I met her at the Sydney airport. I saw her in the check-in line and I had this inkling about her, like I had to talk to her. I thought I wouldn’t get to as I missed a few very good chances,” he chuckled when he remembered how many times he failed to approach you. “But then I caught her at Starbucks, made my move, and the rest was as they say…history. We’re engaged now and she’s absolutely perfect for me.”

“How was the getting together for you?”

“God,” he groaned then laughed. “It was such a hassle. A lot of unnecessary drama and road blocks, we practically-” He stopped when he realized what Emilia was getting at; the gleam in her eye and the smile on her face said it all. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Talk to your fiancée first,” she advised after she nodded, and Chris nodded with an excited grin. “But I think you’ve got a story to tell that many, including myself, would love to buy and produce.” She slid the stack of pages back across the table to him. “This is good, but your love story- it’s going to be a lot better.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded in agreement, “it is.”

• • • • • • • •

You stared at your phone, contemplating whether or not to reply Chris’ “is everything okay?” If you didn’t reply, he’d think you were still in the meeting and it’d give you some more time to come up with a better story of what happened. So you left it, ignored your fiancé’s text, and continued doodling on your paper coaster.

You stirred your untouched vanilla latte which had gone cold; the toasted blueberry bagel you’d bought and not even taken a bite of had gone stale as well. You weren’t really in the mood to eat or drink anything, not with everything you’d heard everyone say about you and your relationship with Chris running through your mind. You doodled a little cartoon version of you like the doodle from your mini-series, except this time you were holding a broom and not an Oscar. It was clear where your future laid, absolutely not in Hollywood. You knew you were being over dramatic. You also realized you’d broken the promise you’d made Chris, your mom, and Ava: to not let one rejection fuck you over. You tried to keep it, but it was hard; you were pretty fucked.

“Miss Y/L/N?” You heard a familiar male voice and looked up, realizing why it was so familiar; it was only a voice you’d spent the last three years listening to at lectures. Because why not? Why not have your least favorite professor tell you how much you sucked after you were rejected by a huge production company. Though you were being slightly unfair, he was only your least favorite because he was boring compared to the rest of your professors- he’d always been kind to you. You managed a smile when he asked, “is everything alright?”

“I could lie and say ‘yes’, but I think we’d both know I was lying.” You said and he nodded, chuckling. He used his hand to gesture at the chair, politely asking without words if he could join you. “Yeah,” you quickly nodded, “of course.”

“Would you like to talk about what’s bothering you?”

“I would, but not with one of my old professors,” you admitted and he nodded with an understanding smile. “Can I ask you something, and will you be honest with me?” He nodded again, then took a sip from his paper cup. “Did you mean it when you told me I had potential?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” he answered. “Why? Did something happen, is that why you’re doubting yourself?” You dropped your gaze, stirring your cold coffee. “You did that a lot in class too, you know. I’d tell you to change one paragraph, and you’d freak out and question your entire piece.” You chuckled softly with limited humor; all your teachers- since you were in grade school- always had that same comment. “You’re good, Y/N. I could tell you that a thousand times, but you need to believe it yourself.”

“I know,” you nodded, dropping your hand to your lap. “I just- I had a meeting with New Line Cinema and they didn’t even want to see me.” He sighed because he knew all the setbacks that came with the industry you wanted to be apart of. “They were so mean about it too, I mean- are they all going to be like that?”

“Pretty much,” he nodded. “But you knew that going in, I told you what would happen and you told me you could handle it.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Look,” he chuckled; you reminded him a lot of his younger sister, even the twelve year age gap between you and him were about the same. “It’s going to be a rough ride, but if you’re truly passionate about it- you’re going to get there. You’ve got potential, Y/N. I believe in you, you just need to believe in yourself.”

“Thank you, Professor Killian,” you smiled.

“You can call me Daniel, all my friends do.” He held out his hand for you to shake and you shook it, smiling. “And it’s not like I’m your professor anymore,” he reminded you as you both withdrew your hands. “Which is kind of a relief, 'cause I hated being your least favorite.” He teased and you felt heat rush to your cheeks as you grimaced.

“You weren’t my least favorite,” you tried to defend yourself and he laughed, shaking his head as if to say it was alright. “I liked you as a person, you were always very nice to me. I just-” you winced as you admitted in a sheepish tone, “your class was boring compared to the others.”

“Not every teacher is meant to inspire and mesmerize, Y/N,” he chuckled. “Some are just meant to guide an already brilliant mind, a mind like yours.” He told you and you smiled. “You may have come third in the class, but you’re the only one I see doing some very incredible things. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let the setbacks kill that light you carry, it’s what makes you and your writing special.”

“Do you have any other advice?”

“Dump that fiancé of yours,” he responded and you frowned; all that fondness you carried for him faded as soon as he said that. You felt your jaw tightened as he continued, “you’re never going to make if you stay with him. No one is going to take you seriously if all they see you as is Chris Evans’ fiancée. I bet you were turned away today because of him, weren’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter why I was turned away,” you bit and Daniel knew he’d struck a chord; he did it on purpose, just to see how you’d react and so far- it was exactly as he’d expected. “And I couldn’t care less if all they see me as is Chris Evans’ fiancée. I’d be happy to be just his wife and mother of his children because it is not a bad thing to be. Honestly- if that is all I can achieve in this lifetime, I’m going to die a very happy woman.”

“I know,” he nodded and your facials turned from angry to confused. “I just said all that to see if you really love him as much as you say you do.” You must have looked even more confused because you couldn’t remember talking to your professor about Chris. “I read your mini series, the one that brought the two of you together? It’s aspiring, it’s the kind of love people spend their entire lives trying to find. I’m lucky, I’ve found that with my wife. And you are too,” he nodded and you smiled. “Everything is going to work out for you, your relationship- your career, it’s going to work. It’ll take some time, but it’ll work out.”

Your phone chimed and its screen lit up, both yours and Daniel’s gaze darted to it. Daniel drank the rest of his coffee as he rose to his feet, “I should probably get going. Mandy sent me to get diapers and this was a little detour.” You looked up at him and smiled because you didn’t know he was a dad. “It was nice seeing you again, Y/N.”

“You too, Prof- Daniel,” you corrected yourself and he smiled, turning on his heel and making his way towards the exit. You waved at him as he got into his car then turned your attention back to your phone. You picked it up and opened Chris’ text, chuckling in absolute awe and amazement when you saw what he sent you.

Coming to get you now, someone wants your story.

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Part 5C


What better way to celebrate four years of Rookies than with a bit of a makeover, right? Yes, those of you that noticed the change in icon and/or that the main was private for about an hour probably guessed it. Check out our lovely new theme, courtesy of the amazing Mod Razel! Those of you that were around in December 2013 may feel a little familiarity in some of the graphics, because this theme drew inspiration from the first theme Rookies ever had. The new acceptance graphics will kick in next week, so please look forward to it! Pardon our dust as we clean everything up and apply the necessary changes to our numerous sideblogs, too. We had intentions of getting all of this finished yesterday at the end of the queue, but what can we say, sometimes high quality work takes a little bit more time!! We hope it was well worth the wait.

To conclude the celebrations of this incredible landmark, we, your staff team, wanted to share our feelings on all of this beyond just a blanket announcement– in a little more of a personal way. We always enjoy reading all the posts from you guys when you reach an important benchmark on your characters, be it a year anniversary, a certain number of posts, or more, so this is our version of that as mods. If this compels you to embrace your feelings of nostalgia and fondness, feel free to make an OOC post to let it out. We’d love to hear what this anniversary means to you! Tag any relevant posts as #rkfourth so we can see them all. If you’re inspired to make graphics or start any other projects, too, feel free to! Now, onward with our feelings!!


the fact i’m writing this right now is pretty surreal (especially since i forgot about it and had to do it while lying in bed ready to sleep). i was one of the last additions to the admod team and sometimes i still need to stop and think about it to remember that actually happened. i had been a member of rookies for less than a year when i was given the chance to become a mod and even if at first i wasn’t sure if i was ready for the job i’m glad i took it! rookies has become something close to a second home to me and i often find myself choosing to write something instead of studying for an exam. during my time here i actually graduated from high school and got into an university which sounds crazy to me!! now debuts are happening and i can’t wait to see what more this rp has in store for us. i truly do hope rookies continues going for many more years and that i can help it grow into something even better that can bring joy to whoever wants to join us (or is already part of the family)! watch out for events and see you next year, rookies!


ahhhhhh it’s already rookies fourth birthday *wipes tears* y’all grow up so fast i can’t believe we’re here four years later and rookies is still as alive and accommodating as it had began. i just want to thank the original admin team, julie and jaiden, for bringing to life a roleplay that’s both brought happiness and excitation for many of our muns. shoutout to piper for doing her absolute 100% best taking over and giving us a foundation to continue on after her leave. my fellow mod team who are literally THE BEST team y’all could ask for in running a roleplay. BUT ALSO who could forget our beautiful muns and muses we’ve seen come and go (as well as who are still here) without your participation, anticipation and love for rookies — none of this could really be possible. thank you for being so patient and hope everyone is excited for the future of rookies and the expectations of debuts in the new year! (i think we can all say this was a long time coming and i’m happy for those who have overcome this wait with us! rookies has always been my home away from home. from the very start, back in 2013, i had already known it would be hard to leave this place behind. with the countless muses i’ve created, rkqri has made a deep impression in my heart with her relationships as well as her development in the rk-verse. i honestly don’t know what i would have done without her or rookies to distract me from the stress irl had on me. it’s been my safe haven since 2013 until now and i’m happy to continue being here to see it til the very end! aghhhh i’m getting emotional but i’m super happy for rookies, it’s fourth birthday and for all the muses and muns who are still here and have made rookies their home as well. i Love ya, rookies 💓


hello, it’s your bandaid mod here! i still remember when i first joined rookies when shannen (former rkmyung) brought me over during the mgas2 season. i thought this place was amazing then (my first tumblr rp!) and i still think - despite the ups and downs i’ve felt as a member - that this place is incredible for lasting as long as it has! i’m beyond grateful to the current head mods for hiring me on within the last year because it was definitely a leap of faith on their part!! it’s even more of an honor to get to work on debut tier along with mod kyle (how y’all gonna trust me with these big tasks idk???) so i just want to say… thanks!!! to everyone for making the rookies community as fun, as stressful, and as rewarding as it is. i love it here more than i can possibly express. i’ll keep working hard as your mod from now on and as hyeri & joohyun for as long as i can! ♡


Happy Birthday, Rookies!  As a lot of you know, I’ve been here since the first day Rookies opened, four years ago!  I’ve really enjoyed my time here and the opportunities I’ve had to bring my muses to life and to write with so many talented people over the years.  I just want to say that Rookies has been a major part of my life for a long time now and I’m very grateful for that.  

Over four years, I’ve played several characters, though probably Taeyeon is the one I’m best known for, having played her for every single day of the four years I’ve been here!  My other two current muses are Seulgi and Sejeong, and I’m quite happy with how both of them have progressed so far!   I’ve also played the actress Kim Jiwon, After School’s Lizzy, GFriend’s Yerin (who became Seulgi), APink’s Eunji, & Pristin’s Minkyung.  I’ve enjoyed writing with all of you that I’ve had the chance to and even if I haven’t, I’ve enjoyed seeing you all here over the years, building your own characters in this world we share.

We have a lot more coming up in the future of Rookies, including debuts! (Finally, I know some of you are saying, myself included lol)  I just want to say thank you for all of you that have been here, no matter how long or short of a time you’ve been here.  Rookies is an amazing rpbecause of each and every one of you that takes the courage to put your writing out there.  So really and truly, thank you for being here and sharing your lives, and your muses lives, with us.  Here’s to more fantastic times in the future!

The only advice anybody can give is, if you wanna be a writer, keep writing. And read all you can, read everything. – Stan Lee


i remember feeling both excited and super nervous while writing my app to become a mod for rookies over two years ago - those who were close to me at the time can confirm that i wrote about six different versions for it, and ended up changing to a seventh one last minute because i STILL wasn’t sure of what to send! i also remember the day mama piper told me she picked me as events mod as one of the happiest days of my life; i love her and rookies more than i can explain in this tiny little message and it means the world to me to have been chosen into such an important and special role in it. i know i’ve been lacking in my job and i would like to take the chance to apologize to all my members for being absent. i would also like to thank everyone for letting me be here and helping me grow both as a mod and as a person. please, know this: if i haven’t been around as much as i should have, it’s because i now finally have the strength and courage to take care of myself properly. i have accomplished many, many things this past year, and i know that i couldn’t have done it without all that i’ve learned while being your events mod and your head of development. rookies is a part of me that i dearly love, and i promise i won’t ever give up on it. it’s not everyday you get to be a staff member of a rp that shares your own birthday, after all. ♡


i really honestly can’t believe rookies has been around for four years (people have entered and graduated HIGH SCHOOL in the time rookies has been open!!) but at the same time, i can. rookies always seemed like a special rp, and once it got through the original bumps, i’m really glad nothing stopped it. i think the most unbelievable thing is that i’m here, talking about this as a mod (admin???) those of you that have been around for a while have heard the story before. i joined rookies a few days before christmas 2013, and i was so overwhelmed by everything– back then, my health was even worse than it is now, and i had no idea that i even had lyme disease, i was just sick allll the time. i thought for sure i would end up dropping in the first two weeks. i don’t actually remember how or why i stuck around, but by february, i was really invested and attached. over time, i started reading and liking every solo and sns post anyone ever posted, and kept up with what was going on in the lives of all of the characters here (i was inspired by our now former admin piper, who did the same thing before i did!) and i’m sure that’s what got me my dash mod job at the end of 2015. in my mod app, i said “i love rookies and rookies has helped me so much in the near two years i’ve been here, so i’d love to give back even half as much as i’ve gotten from it,“ and i think that sums up why i became a mod really well. rookies has been here for me when i didn’t know what all of my health issues were, when i got my diagnosis of lyme disease, and through all of the (continuing) ups and downs of treatment for it, and i can’t honestly express enough how wonderful it’s been for me to always count on rookies to be here as a creative outlet, and something to enjoy, and to always count on you all for your support. i like to think in the two years i’ve been a mod, that i’ve done a good job of giving back some of what i’ve gotten from rookies, though i think i still have some work to do before i reach giving back half as much, because you guys are always giving a lot to me every day, too. i should probably cut myself off before this gets EVEN LONGER so all the other mods can talk too (joke’s on you carly your message is so long that it got moved to the end) but i feel really blessed to be here in this exact moment, with the exact role i’ve had. i hope that my being a mod has made rookies a bit better of a place, and that your lives have been a little brighter because of it. thank you all for talking to me about your muses, and trusting me to sort out things that bother you, for choosing to spend your time and energy here, and for helping me learn and grow into a better person every day. in good times and bad, rookies has always been some of the good for me. i love you all dearly and i’ll keep working to make rookies a place you can enjoy for an even longer time  ♡♡♡

For @elucida, she asked since I now own the DVDs if I could finally make an HD gif of Akoya’s transformation, so I did (His More Better Form is coming up too and I may do Ryuu’s because his and Akoya’s OG transformations had ghosting errors) (I do wish the colors didn’t look so bad, but I’m new to gif making lol and the bigger gif original gif looks better but it’s too big for Tumblr’s limit…)

Hi everybody! I am Lola and I was interested in making and keeping a studyblr, since I am going to college in a few days. I thought this would have been a good post to introduce myself to the community! 


  • I am a freshman in college (starting on the 5th!) 
  • I am bilingual in English and Dutch, and can understand French, Spanish and German if I concentrate hard enough or there isn’t any use of slang. I am currently trying to learn DSL! (Dutch Sign Language).
  • I am an athletic trainer in baseball and have currently 1 team that I coach.
  • I have studied Sports and Physical Education last year, but had to quit because of complications.
  • I was top of my class in freshman year of Sports and Physical Education.
  • I hate math or any sorts of subjects with numbers because I just can’t.


  • baseball, handball, swimming and running is what I like to watch and/or do. It would be more likely to see me walking around in sneakers and a oversized pair of joggers than just fancy clothes.
  • I love the hp franchise. Have a sirius black wand, I am a proud hufflepuff, and hav all the original book covers. so yeah thats something.
  • I love new music and my taste is very over the place, so you can always recommend me stuff!


I am not entirely sure what my classes are going to be named so I am just going to give the ones that I know.

  • Professional Communication
  • Trivaché
  • PE
  • surgery
  • Internship class
  • dutch
  • math
  • basic medical care


  • learn more about the body and using that in my internship, around me and with the physical coaching that I do.
  • Be the top of the class
  • Have a recommendation from at least 3 teachers to internships for my 2nd year.
  • Use this blog as an outlet and give more information and getting more information.
  • Also trying to do the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge

favourite studyblrs: 

@evascholar @emmastudies @studyquill @statisticstudies @aestudyque @jasperstudies and many more but can’t come up with!! Please like and reblog so I can follow you or you can follow me ‘cause I am in need of new blogs to follow!! Thank you for your time! <3

Here’s my long-haired damsel, primed and ready for shipping

(There are certain characters of mine I’d like to fill more quadrants with, so in an effort to get them some more attention I’m making these ads for them ;)

Small summaries are included, and open quadrants are left blank and unanimated. More to come, hit me up if you’re interested in any of them.)