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The very definition of cursed images


Hello I’m alive and I have a cookie to share

I tried drawing them topless and they felt TOO naked, so now they have “sleeve” markings like some hairless cats do, awwww

Also in describing this I realized Sphynx would maybe make a good nickname for cookie’s designer type. The splotchy patches, probably excessively flexible, and most importantly, hairless.

But not True Hairless of c. Where there normally would be hair is a more velvety fuzz u can’t really see.. very Gucci don’t u think

Return of the muff

Big muff v9 rev3

After being bigmuffless for Some 8 years. ITS back. From the usofa dis time. Used to have a black russian sovtek muff. But she died on me and At the time i couldnt fix it so i threw it away Shame on me but this Fresh one sounds all the same. Iirc
Unintended: Stiles Stilinski

requested: by anonymous

pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Female!Reader

word count: 3.8k

warnings: swearing, cheating, lots of adrenaline

summary: You and Stiles ended things in complete disagreement, leaving your relationship ruined. After several years apart, the two of you finally come face to face in a moment you naively believed wouldn’t happen.

a/n: I got carried away but I don’t care!!!!! It’s 3 am and I have to be up at 8 so thanks for ruining my life!!!!!

“I can’t believe you, Stiles,” You spoke, shaking your head as you crossed your arms over your chest, “This is just… it?”

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Twdg head canons, I guess

•David can’t grow facial hair. Which explains why his face is smooth-ish (well, maybe he shaves, but I like to think that he can’t grow more than peach fuzz)

•Gabe is definitely the kind of guy who says “That butters my egg roll”
•and the first time Clem heard him say that, she couldn’t stop laughing for almost an hour.

•Clem thinks that Jesus is the actual Jesus Christ, but doesn’t admit it to anybody.

•Javi and Conrad have pun-offs every week.
•Conrad literally wrote a book that just has nothing but puns.

•Mariana would SO have the caterpillar sleeping bag from Steven Universe.
•Sometimes Gabe would dream about the sleeping bag coming to life and eating him.

•Kate once ate an entire lemon without cutting it or anything.
•And Mari watched her eat it.

•Tripp is scared of birds because one time, when he was young, a goose chased him around and he fell, then the goose attacked him.

•Jesus sometimes calls Clem “Clemen-child”

•AJ doesn’t know the word for “sneezed” so he just says, “I achooed”
•Clem cried from laughing too hard when he first said it.

anonymous asked:

one of the space cats has kittens, yondu just sighs looking at this group of murderers and thieves cooing over little bundles of fur. (kraglin definitely has 3 kittens in his lap and is happily booping them on the nose)

OH MY GOSH I would absolutely draw this if I could draw well enough. Yes, absolutely, thank you, anon! =D

Peter had sworn up and down and left and right that those three pets were male cats, and despite paying the vet, Yondu never bothered to find out if that’s true or not. He kind of regrets that when the one cat he had always thought fat turns out to be not as male as Peter had believed, and there are suddenly six baby space-cats stumbling around, making weak, tiny noises and falling over their own paws.

Peter’s cry of surprise and awe is what had made Yondu come running (even if he would deny to his dying breath that it was because of worry, psssh) and he finds the Terran sitting on the ground, cheering over the exhausted feline and two kittens he has picked up with one hand each, carefully pressing them to his cheeks.

And if that’s not bad enough - in Yondu’s eyes - a few of the mighty, murderous, heartless Ravagers are sitting right next to the boy, cooing over the babies much like the child does. Tullk has one lifted up into his large hand, carefully petting it between it’s tiny ears with just one forefinger, smile soft and warm. Oblo is laughing at Kraglin, who has the other three in his lap, taking turns of petting each of them with a gleeful expression not unlike a certain lil’ Terran.

“Yondu, look!” Peter’s eyes are sparkling when he spots the stone-faced Captain, no care in the world, no thought given that Yondu could not approve. On the other hand, the Ravagers look up sharply, delighted smiles turning into a mixture of embarrassment and worry at the sight of their Captain.

“Quill,” Yondu starts, not sure if he wants to yell or laugh or just flat out whistle his arrow over, “What by the actual fucking stars…?!”

He doesn’t know where he wants to go with his sentence, or what order he should give the boy. Get rid of the fur-balls? To put them down at least and get back to being a thieving Ravager?

Peter doesn’t even give him the chance to think it through, instead jumps to his feet and darts over, pressing one of the kittens he was holding into Yondu’s hand, curling limb blue fingers around it. “This one’s yours! You can name it whatever you want!”

And then he’s gone again, darting over to Kraglin and Oblo to ask them if they had already come up with names for their kittens.

Yondu stays stockstill, glancing down at the living, breathing, tiny being Peter had just pushed onto him. It’s fur is sprinkled with glittering star-like spots like all the space-cats have, fur short, no more than fuzz really, and a dark-blue base color mixed with lighter blue spots that remind of the mist clouding over certain planets. The kitten breaths calmly and deeply, snuggling into Yondu’s warm palm, yawning as it goes.

And instead of yelling or getting rid of it immediately, Yondu catches himself actually wondering what he should call the little ball of fluff.

(It’s still all Peter’s fault, of course.)