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Hello I’m alive and I have a cookie to share

I tried drawing them topless and they felt TOO naked, so now they have “sleeve” markings like some hairless cats do, awwww

Also in describing this I realized Sphynx would maybe make a good nickname for cookie’s designer type. The splotchy patches, probably excessively flexible, and most importantly, hairless.

But not True Hairless of c. Where there normally would be hair is a more velvety fuzz u can’t really see.. very Gucci don’t u think

The very definition of cursed images

I forgot I had this sketch so I worked on it a bit. I hate coloring short hair. I think I’ma define more little fuzz spikes with the lineart. IDK. I was playing with a lot of color lighting overlay layers. Next time I pick this up I’ll probably deleted them all and start over haha. Just mindlessly coloring an old finished lineart is theraputic though. Even though this lineart has muchos problemos. 

Oh by the way, the soft queue, clearly, ran out. And it’s hard to find a lot of quality stuff to fill it. Plus with school right now I don’t have enough time to edit my own fluff photos to make my own posts so there’s gonna be a hiatus for a while! But soft always returns, so I hope you’ll be able to bear with me until then! In the meantime, stay cozy everyone!


(Here’s to you, cute anonymous messanger! Some of these might be familiar if we’ve talked about headcanons before, so sorry if you’ve heard them before! It’s late and I’m super tired) 

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

- Nicholas Angel is on the autism spectrum, leaning towards Asperger’s’ Syndrome. He is not formally diagnosed, but through his own research, has begun to learn the details of his condition. He is not ashamed of being autistic, nor is he (or anyone who knows him) particularly surprised.

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

- PTA Mum Nicholas Angel cooking up them vegan gluten/soya/sugar/dairy free brownies and secretly slagging off Bernice from the Village of the Year committee for letting little Timmy pick his nose during the harvest festival.

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

- Nicholas broke his lower back at some point during the Sandford siege, either in the fighting or in the explosion. Due to the adrenaline and constant anxiety, he didn’t realise how badly he was hurt until he woke up a few days later, unable to move. Luckily it was just a trapped nerve, but he must wear a back brace for the remainder of his life, which really limits his movement, keeping him from patrolling the streets with Danny and many of his sporting hobbies. Being cooped up and having to take it slow drives him insane, but it’s that or paralysis.

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

- Nicholas went deaf after the sea mine explosion and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of his life. See expansion of that headcanon here x

Super happy with this setup. I recently downsized from a board twice as big that I felt unnecessary, I had two more fuzzes and another eventide that was way underused which I traded for the MXR; the carbon copy is an amazing delay eventhough dark, I have no issue with that however and I find it works great. The catalinbread is a cool delay too, I have it set all wet with no delay though.

However I feel I may want to replace the hardwire, it sounds great and I love how clean it is (also the instant Shields soumd 😝) but I don’t think it really works as a standalone effect. I use the modulated setting and even if it is notoriously weak I have figured out how to get some washy modulation from it but I still feel like it only works to compliment other effects and that doesn’t really work as I play music with many quick changes; a reverb that would be noticeable as a cool effect by itself would therefore be a much better option.

Other than that I have tone for days! I get great chunky distorted sounds and lovely ambient soundscapes; I maybe may get a good FSU pedal to compliment during freakout-oscillation jam sections, other than that really content with the setup.

Signalpath is right to left starting with the bottom row

Submitted by @the-gerogerigegege

This is definitely a cool setup, damn. I feel you on the Hardwire, sounds like the digs are good though. Thanks for sharing. I still haven’t played that cattybread yet, so sick though. The Pitchfactor is always bae, hard to utilize the crazier stuff it has going on but when you can it’s so damn rad. 

Day 244: With a Gentle Hand

A fic for @quaviver​, who asked for some Texas Toast, with Engie being patient about Pyro being comfortable showing themselves.

When he was a boy, Dell spent his summers on his uncle’s farm. It was a good place for a boy to while away the days, far away from the city. Bee Cave wasn’t like Houston or Dallas by any means, but it gave him a chance to “get his head back in the real world,” as his mama used to say.  A week after school let out he would be dropped off at the bus terminal with his suitcase in hand, and given explicit instructions about not thinking too hard.

His favorite part of those visits had always been helping with the horses. Dell had always loved horses, their bodies beautiful examples of the elegant designs nature could come up with. He would watch them for hours as their powerful muscles moved effortlessly under sleek coats as they galloped through the fields.

Then there were the foals, with their spindly legs and doe eyes, awkwardly trotting along behind their dams. They were all knock knees and energy, playful little things who had no problem poking their muzzles into a jacked just in case an apple or carrot had managed to find its way inside. Summer was after foaling season, so he always arrived just as they were starting to get trained. Not carrying any weight - they were far too young for that - but little things. Wearing a halter, for example, or not being skittish when a man walked up to them. Or being touched. Early on he’d learned that you had to take it slow. One step at a time, earning their trust before going on to the next step.

Pyro was like a foal in that way.

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karlimeaghan  asked:

If you're still doing requests, Nicholas teaching Danny how to hold a gun (one of those things where the teacher stands behind the student and positions their hands), and it's obvious they're both enjoying the lesson a little more than they should ;)

phew. definitely not an easy one, but good practice! Thanks for the prompt. <3