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A3 for Robbie and C1 for Marvin, maybe? •3• Btw you're art is so cute I just got finished looking through all of it XD

I know you said it years ago, but maaan, thank you so much! >u< I’m so happy you think they’re cute C:
And here they go :D
Sorry for waiting for that long, still hope you’ll like it! C:

Hey Marv, could you check if everything’s okey with Robbie? 
Man, Marvin always have to do the worst job :v xD
Guys, I drew two characters *^* And it looks better than i though *u* xD

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I swear if this show doesn't end with Dean, Cas, Sam and Jack (hopefully) retiring/at least taking a LONG vacation to some peaceful, tropical island, relaxing on a beach with fruity colorful cocktails - they ALL need a restful break. Since it seems like that won't happen (if it at all) until probably towards the end...Well, I won't settle for anything less than Dean and Cas happily attacking the other with sand while Sam laughs/rolling his eyes, Jack collects shells, and they're all smiling. ^_^

We’ve been hoping for that exact ending for years now, friendo. :P

I even have a tag for that

Intern/Pt3 . Jay Park

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A/N: time skip bc i like the holidays and wanted to quickly get to that. next few parts take place during the holidays tho. also, tHIS TOOK A TURNNNN. ITS KINKY AFFFFF, sorry, i’ve been reading lots of little smut lately. 

Summary: Being Jay Park’s assistant can turn into so much more. 


10 year age gap
mentions to sexual actions, 
sexual actions 

PART 1. PART 2. PART 3 (you’re here rn) .

It’s been about a month since Jay hired Y/N and loads of flirting has been happening. 

Since they had lunch that day, they’ve been out together 5 more times. Each time cuter, flirtier and more fun that the one before. 

The two were basically close friends by now considering the constant hanging out at work and outside of the office. They talked 24/7, facetimed practically anytime they had free time, and basically were attached at the hip. 

And that’s exactly why Jay was the first person Y/N dialed to help her decorate her apartment for the holidays. 

Thanksgiving was a day away and even though Koreans didn’t celebrate, Y/N and Jay’s American side both knew they had to celebrate. They would love to buy tickets and go out to see their family but there wasn’t enough time neither did Y/N have the money for that. 

So they did the next best thing. 

Y/N and Jay were going to decorate both of their apartments, call up all their friends and spend Friendsgiving at Jay’s apartment on November 23rd. 

So now here Y/N was, pushing a buggy at some store Jay knew was great at Holiday decorations. Of course, mentioned older was at her side, hand on her waist and another pointing at many things they ‘had’ to get. Y/N personally thought Jay reminded her of a kid. 

“Oh! Y/N! Look,” Jay ran to a display bed where Christmas decorations were all over. The headboard was wooden with colored fairy lights, at least 6 pillows sat against flannel printed covers 4 pillows being Christmas themed, at the foot of the bed there was a white fluffy blanket that said ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ in red letters. And to top it all off there was a Santa skirt at the bottom. 

“I need it all!” Jay practically screamed, throwing himself against the bed and smiling with his eyes closed. 

Y/N shook her head in amusement, pulling Jay’s phone out of her pocket and clicking the Instagram app where she quickly posted a video of him singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ with an annoyed emoji. 

“We can get two things from this entire collection, that’s all.” Jay’s smiled basically brightened up the entire store as he found the white blanket and fairy lights, adding them to the buggy before back hugging Y/N. 

The younger blushed, although you couldn’t really see it. “Thanks!” Jay thanked his assistant, earning a scoff from her. 

“It’s your money so shouldn’t you be thanking your job instead?” She stated, trying to walk with Jay back hugging her but failing and instead examining some candles. 

“No, I mean thank you for putting up with my mess. I really like you, Y/N. And not just as an assistant who can somehow deal with my busy schedule.” To say Y/N was shook would be the least. 

She was full of quaking. 

The Park Jaebum just said he really liked her, and she had no idea how to respond. 

“Oh! Looky, they have a whole collection of just Yankee Candles.” Jay changed the topic quicker than Y/N changed biases while watching the DNA music video. 

 During the rest of their shopping experience they managed to finally get the rest of the things they needed, getting in Jay’s now Christmas-decoration filled car and drove to his house where a large tree was waited. 

Upon getting inside, the two assigned duties for themselves. 

Jay was going to decorate everything besides the tree, Y/N was going to cook. And once they had time, they would decorate the tree together. 

So they put on a Christmas, Western music, Kpop music filled playlist and got to work. 

“That food smells so good I think I just failed No Nut November.” Jay practically moaned as he walked into the kitchen. 

Y/N giggled, about to say same before she had turned around and saw Jay in just a pair of sweatpants, Calvin Klein underwear band on display. His hair was swept down in front of his eyes, different from his usual quiff. 

“W-Wow.” Was all she could say, eyes never leaving his entire appearance. “Are you trying to make me fail too?” Jay smirked, clearly getting very cocky as he tucked his hands in his pockets, let his head drop before swiftly picking it back up with a half smile half lip bite on his lips before replying. 

“Maybe,” Y/N practically died. She tried not dropping the spoon she held that mixed the homemade mashed potatoes, instead sitting it against the granite top. 

Pulling her bottom lip between her teeth, the assistant tried bracing herself as her boss slowly approached her. “I-I’m quaking.” Jay chuckled, now right in front of her with his hands rested against her hips. 

“Good,” He lowly whispered before pushing their lips together. They both have been waiting for this for the longest time. Equally soft lips moving together, ones tasting of Pumpkin Spice. The others tasting of Vanilla. 

Somehow, that welly blended together. 

Y/N found her hands running up Jay’s abs to his hair where she lightly played before tugging softly, earning a low groan from Jay. 

“Do that again,” Just with that command, Y/N’s legs were practically shaking as she obeyed. “Mess around and we both might fail.” 

Sadly, Jay pulled away. Not before placing one more kiss against her lips. 

“Once you’re done, lets decorate the tree!” He chirped, walking out of the kitchen with a tent in his pants and wetness in Y/N’s. 

Either way, she got back to stirring the mashed potatoes together a little more before settling on the task to start making the sweet potato pie. She turned the eye where the collared greens were cooking down, questioning if she should turn them off but just going with putting them on a low setting and doing the same for the candy yams. 

After she put the mashed sweet potatoes into the pie crust and putting them in the oven, she grabbed her phone and walked into the large living room where Jay was sat watching ‘Elf’. 

“Ready, bitch?” She sat beside him on the black couch he owned that really felt like heaven. 

“Correction, since when have I been a bitch?” 

“Um, correction. You’ve always been my bitch.” Y/N teasingly smiled, tilting her head to the side for effect of cuteness. 

Jay scoffed, finding this unbelievable. “Correction, do you want to be my bitch?” He noticed how Y/N clinched. “Someone has a degradation kink, huh?”

Y/N had no idea how their relationship suddenly took this kinky turn and she didn’t really know if she liked it but she for sure didn’t hate it. 

“Maybe.” She whispered, shy out of no where. 

“Hmm, what other kinks do you have, Y/N?” When she didn’t answer, Jay started naming kinks. “Do you like pet names?” She nodded. “Like baby girl, princess,” She nodded again. 

“What about BDSM in general? You’re obsessively a sub, I like that.” Jay eyed her, smirking slightly. “Your tough demeanor is gone now, baby girl.” Y/N shifted, folding her legs under her. 

“Do you mind if I called you,” She stopped briefly. 

“Call me what, baby?” 


“Wait! I can’t reach!” Y/N stood on her toes to try reaching a branch of the tree where she had to put lights. “And it’s not like you could either.” She huffed, turning around and looking at Jay who was just stood there recording her. 

“Hey! Stop!” She yelled, covering her face and just getting the cutest laugh from Jay. 

“I’m posting this.” She rolled her eyes, giggling slightly. 

“But seriously, we need Zico here. He’s like a freaking giant.” She spoke of the male who she had met twice before while hanging out with Jay after hours.

Jay eyed the work they’ve done so far, liking the progress. “It looks good though. Maybe we should’ve gotten a shorter tree, though.” Y/N nodded in agreement. 

“Just get me a chair and I’ll make do.” 

The 20 year old handled the decorations towards the top while Jay did the bottom and with that they finished off their decorations. 

“Et Finit!” Y/N yelled, reaching for Jay to help her step down. When her feet were on the floor she pecked his lips happily. “Now, I’m gonna shower. If the house almost burns down, call me.” 

She happily skipped away, took a shower and did her nightly routine before re-joining Jay downstairs in the living room. 

Said male was half sleep on the couch, giving Y/N a thought. She grabbed her phone, connecting it to the wireless system connected throughout Jay’s apartment, blasting Mommae which woke Jay right up.

He wandered into the living room x2 as Y/N called it, seeing the young girl throwing it back. 

“Oh! Aye! Okay!” Jay cheered on, walking towards her and bending down beside her. He started clapping his hands beside her butt, making her giggle and fall out of it. 

“My turn.” Jay said, trying to twerk but failing miserably after two seconds. 

“No, you are doing it incorrectly. Your form is all wrong.” Y/N pushed Jay down lower, arching his back more and opening his legs. “You should feel a burn, and bounce with it.” 

Jay tried, again failing but this time from pain. “How the fuck do you do that? It hurts like a bitch.” Y/N nodded happily. 

“Oh I know. It’s a good workout though.”

Both were insanely tired, and you could tell. That’s exactly why Jay smiled softly before grabbing Y/N’s hand and saying, “Let’s go to sleep. We need it after this long ass day.” And getting an, “Okay, Daddy.” Back. 

“By the way, I fucking hated this video. Made me wanna die.” Jay laughed insanely loud, making Y/N almost do the same. 

“Was it that bad?” She nodded without hesitation. 

more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


Welp, @destatree finished my celeb AU chapter…

….as promised I’ll be doing a double promptis post for her! Here is the first one; boys in their ugly, disgustingly sweet and very accurate matching hoodies that is well heavily inspired by her Ludic fic instead ahahaha! I found them on pinterest and went for it! 


I like to think that they watch on from a better place.

… and make bets on what’s going to happen.

Tex is way better at this than Church.


Things the Types Need to Hear

ESFP: Look, I get it, you leave people in the dust because you know how crazy and all over the place your life can be and you’re also crazy scared to let somebody in just to have it end up with you accidentally leaving them and both of you getting hurt, but emotional intimacy and real depth in friendships are 100% worth it in the end and it’s the struggle and fight of a lifetime to keep them in your life, but it’s also the greatest gift and you can’t keep denying yourself that intimacy and friendship. 

ISFP: I know you have a lot of great desires and wonderful dreams and they might seem too far off and too crazy and too beautiful to come true, but you have them for a reason, and you gotta stop paralyzing yourself with fear and take that first step and throw yourself into the unknown, and that’s the scariest part, I know, but we both know you’re braver than you look, and that your passion can make it happen. 

ENFP: I know that the moment you hit an obstacle or two when you first start working towards that far off dream, it’s scary and it makes you want to crumble and run away to a new thing like you think you always do, but don’t! You’re miles more tenacious and capable than you give yourself credit for and you’ve got to discipline yourself and trust that your talents and optimism can and will propel you through whatever is keeping you from your goals. 

INFP: I know it’s hard to feel understood and it’s easy to let yourself become bitter by the ways of the world or whatever’s happening, but closing yourself off to others isn’t going to save you the pain. You have a natural capacity to understand others that’s hard for the other types to grasp and when you stop yourself from using that talent, or use it for selfish reasons, you’re doing yourself a massive injustice. 

ESTP: Listen, I totally get that the world is full of fun and interesting things and you want to experience them all, but you’ve got to remember that for a lot of the people that come along with you, they’re there to experience YOU as much as they’re there for the thing itself. Don’t let yourself forget that half the fun of anything is who you’re doing it with. 

ISTP: I know you generally don’t mean to yell or be rude when your irritated and that it’s really just a passing thing and you don’t generally care all that much, but just apologize to people after you’ve calmed down! Explain it to them and that you don’t mean it! Admit to yourself that you care enough about them to try to make amends, even when you’re just being a little crotchety; it means a lot to the feelers lol. 

ENTP: You’re a genuinely fun person to be around and you usually rack up a reputation for that, but just because you’re funny and witty and damn smart doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings and problems that need to be externalized, and trust me, the right people will be more than willing to talk about what’s really happening in your life one minute and go back to elaborate jokes the next without a problem. Don’t stunt your emotional growth for the sake of brevity. 

INTP: It’s okay to not know what to do in an emotional situation. Like, it’s genuinely okay. If somebody’s opening up to you, half the time your presence and you listening is 95% of what they need in that moment. Don’t avoid the situations just because it causes writer’s block emotionally. Emotional availability comes with experience. You’ll learn. Just, be your goofy self and the rest will come with time. 

ENFJ: You’ve got to realize that although holding yourself to such a high standard is noble and praiseworthy, that it sometimes eclipses your ability to be a good friend when that was the goal in the first place. You’re human and can’t do everything for your friends that you’d want to be able to do when they need help, and profusely apologizing and beating yourself up for it just shifts the focus off of helping your friend and turns it to you. Accept your humanity, and just do what you can. They appreciate the help, I promise. 

INFJ: I know you have a tendency to feel misunderstood and want people to show you that they love you and care about you, but you don’t get to say you’re fine AND disappear on people. Either say you’re not okay and pull back, or say you’re okay and stick around long enough for somebody to see through the BS. In my experience, y'all have a habit of making things a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that doesn’t do you any good! Be forward, be honest, and just be vulnerable; they care more than you convince yourself they do. 

ESFJ: I need to be straight with y'all. Learn how to talk about something other than your 4-5 current fixations. In my experience, N’s have a crazy hard time being close with you because you keep bringing the topic back to one of your current Favorite Things™, whether it be the semester abroad you just got back from or the first date that’s scheduled for two weeks from now. Expand your area of interest and you’ll find people will be much more authentic with you. 

ISFJ: You have this really amazing ability to notice the small things about people and that helps you show them you care about them in these really great and meaningful ways, but you can’t let yourself overthink the small things you notice about people. One of my good ISFJ friends started poking around trying to see if alcoholism ran in my family after noticing I’d been drinking wine a lot recently. You might have an intention to help, but overthinking/overanalyzing like that and trying to involve yourself in helping can hurt your friendships. 

ESTJ: Your presence is powerful and intense and that’s great at times, but you’ve got to let out your goofy fun side more, and hoe we’ve all seen it before, you’re a damn riot after a beer or two. People, in general, care more about fun than having every plan go right during the night/event. Be willing to be fun more, you’re so good at it. 

ISTJ: I know you get frustrated with yourself because you want to do new things and get out there and be a fun person, but the thing is, you’re so much better at being a responsible, caring person. Befriend the chaotic, crazy, lovable rascals and let them bring the fun to you (or more often than not, drag you kicking and screaming to where the fun is). 

ENTJ: Look, I’m an INTJ, so I know how hard this is to swallow, but showing you care about a person sometimes isn’t so much giving them solutions to their problems or trying to correct an issue; a lot of the other types literally just want you to listen and hear them out. And you gotta do that sometimes, babe. And shut your damn mouth while they’re telling you everything, okay? Just. Let them finish. 

INTJ: For the love of all that is holy, just cry already. Cry alone if you have to, or better yet, just go to the person you’d literally murder a thousand people for and freakin’ cry about all the crap you’ve been bottling up for the past two months and accept that you can have razor-sharp rationale and be a damn human at the same time. And just admit that you’re insecure about your relationship with that person because you care about them so much and you’re not the best at trusting people.


I like you wielding a gun. Did it feel good?


There’s so much life living here. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m living here! 

Peridot and Lapis being fascinated about Earth makes me grin like a big dork. I want these two to share exciting new discoveries together about their new home while Lapis makes a tiny water Earth! 

Stan Talent. Stan EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?)

Based on a scene from the fic Burger Kings by plantegg on Ao3! It’s such a cute fic!