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The 'I am losing a tumblr argument' tool kit

-I can’t believe you (an adult) are harassing me, I’m a MINOR!!!


-Actually you ship these two characters together so you aren’t entitled to an opinion

-Sorry I don’t make the rules uwu

-Finds an old selfie you posted and makes fun of your appearance

-How dare you harass me I’m mentally ill! Ableist pig!!!


-More emojis in their reblog than there are episodes of One Piece

-‘Your’ instead of 'you’re’

-Link to a Buzzfeed article to prove their point

-You aren’t worth my time anymore, I have better things to do

-Also, this 💅 emoji

okeedokees  asked:

I've just discovered you and I love your work! Would you mind sharing your approach to composition and thought process on it? Are there any artists you reference? Thank you!

Hey! you found me! Thanks!  

 I reference from photos for stuff I can’t visualize on my own, and artists like bouguereau, rockwell, leyendecker, mucha for mind fuel


Whenever I do a piece, the objective I have in mind is to not get bored, because once I lose interest, I lose the piece.

So for me, the composition has to be distinct enough to avoid echoing an early piece, and to immediately be recognized due to its layout. It’s gotta be new for me, and new things are fun and exciting, right? (yes they are) 

I think about the subject, the action, the actual format (whether it’s allegorical, objective, subjective, i.e. is it a symbolization, a certain scene, would you find it in real life? I tend to avoid the latter, because I find it dull and uninteresting and I hhhhhhhate that) I place priority on the human form, it’s versatile and expressive more than anything else, in my opinion. 

Here’s an example. Normally I don’t post my sketches since they’re just glorified chicken scratch, but this is the best example I could think of at the moment. It’s St. George (for my series sanctus), and normally, you’d see him like this 

(Saint George and the Dragon by gustave moreau, 1889-1890 )


(Saint George and the Dragon by raphael, 1504-1506) 


It’s a pretty common depiction, since it goes back to medieval times. The similarities are that he’s on a horse, he has a spear/lance, there’s a dragon, and he’s attacking it.

The big picture (haha pun) is that I wanted to also have my subject be st george (side note, it’s kind of the theme of the series), but different enough from past artworks where I’d know it wasn’t enormously reminiscent of the traditional depiction. So I aim to keep the basic idea, and see what goes on from there. 

This is the first sketch I did, it was okay, I knew I’d never drawn anything like that, which is good, but composition was lacking. I wasn’t so hot about this, so I dropped it. I kinda like it so I might revisit it .  Additionally, though, it strayed a little too far from the main idea. 

Above was the second sketch, after I’d finished roughing it out, I knew immediately it wouldn’t do. I was satisfied for about 2 seconds, then I got disappointed and stayed that way.. If I put it side by side with the other million or so paintings of st george, I doubt I could tell it was mine. It was practically the same: horse, lance, dragon. The action was too similar to other portrayals.  


It’s not as similar as the previous one was, but I didn’t like it. That’s a good indicator too, whether you like it or not. I’d tried to fuse the first and second sketch because I did like the first one somewhat, but it didn’t really work for me. It’s just so awkward … 

So I left the piece for a while, and came back and did this. It was different, simpler (which can improve a piece more often than not), and I liked it. After I did most of the sketch, I said great job u idiot it only took you a week to come up with a sketch the hell is wrong with u, went to bed, and woke up happy, and normally it doesn’t take me 3 actual sketches or something to come up with a good piece, and I was getting pretty fed up before the last sketch, but good thing I didn’t give up (this time. hah) This is basically how I go about my pieces for now.

tl;dr Don’t give up! (haha I lied, go back and read)


One of the really fun things about playing Breath of the Wild with my friend is that we often have very different thought processes - so even though she’s much more experienced than I am, I could still think of new ways to do tasks that she hadn’t thought of!

IMPORTANT!!!! So I know that I’m making comics about Breath of the Wild, but the truth is I actually still don’t know very much about the game, so as strange as this may sound please don’t talk about Breath of the Wild to me!

Click HERE to check out more Breath of the Wild comics!

Click HERE to view my schedule for the current month!

Wondering why there are two Links? Why their equipment isn’t exactly the best? Check out this post for an explanation!


their then, and now, and what is to come

inspired by this lovely song~ listen at the same time as it’ll be easier to follow the panels :3 

(and a little word under the cut)~ 

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TEXTS FROM DARK AND ANTI: Part 45 (part 1?)

Okay clearly I deviated from the prompt a little bit, but I thought it’d be more fun to have present-day Dark and Anti pose as a teenage prom couple than do an AU where they’re already teenagers. I’ll probably do a part 2 to this where they’re actually at prom if people are interested.

EDIT: I just realized I posted the wrong anon prompt for this one, idk how this happened and I know for a fact I no longer have the actual prompt someone messaged me. It was basically Dark and Anti talking about prom (aka the high school AU nobody asked for :D) and I’m really sorry I fucked this up/don’t have the original prompt but the credit goes to the blogger who sent it to me.

Full archive here!


Tumblr is a butt. The images are now separated to not be so blurred.

Copied from previous upload attempt: 

“Celestia’s got the right idea. After every candy/treat heavy holiday, she goes incognito so she can go around town and see how much sweets she can get with a set budget. Far more fun than just outright buying whatever she wants.

I forgot about Valentines Day until the afternoon before. I’m sure quite a few of your were in the same boat but with actual significant others and not just a pony blog. Shame. So yeah, that’s why this post is extra sketchy.”

This is sketchy as hell.

For people who see this post… why? Why would anyone like this?
This is a weird invasion of childhood moments that weren’t released by choice.

You don’t just get someone’s yearbook. 
You either go to the school those years, or you hunt this down from someone else that has one.

Everyone wants to know whatever they can about Ryan’s past, but can we at least let him decide when he releases or okays pictures from his own childhood?
It’s exciting and fun to know more about someone!
This is not one of those times.

Leaving out the name of the school makes no difference.
It’s still creepy and weird.

“For the sake of his privacy”
If there was any care at all for his privacy this wouldn’t have been posted.
Especially not on a side account with no other posts than to reblog this same thing.

I blacked out the name just for the fact that they shouldn’t get more named recognition for this kind of negative digging.

If people out there care for Ryan’s actual privacy and life, please…
Give this post no notice when you go by it.
Don’t encourage this kind of hunting stalking behavior.

Ryan should mean more to this to any true fan who cares deeply for his well being and privacy of his life.
If he wanted it released, it’d be out on an Extra Life or a stream.


kajuned  asked:

Hey, I'm curious. Is there anything psychologically different between Novel-Izaya and Anime-Izaya, and is there any difference between Novel-Shizuo and Anime-Shizuo?

Oh my, where do I even begin?

There are definitely things psychologically different from Novel-Izaya and Anime Izaya. 

(Fun fact - Anime is an anagram of Namie, I just mispelled it lol) 

I talked about it in this post some time ago. Generally, anime Izaya is made to seem invincible especially in the first season. And because they left out important novel scenes, there’s inconsistency in his character. For example, how did he get knocked out so easily by Slon while talking to Kujiragi when he had the advantage before? It was actually because Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo and Izaya ‘fell silent’. She spoke about Shizuo being a hindrance and thanked Izaya for landing him in jail. 

Whether he was worried about Shizuo or not, Izaya’s moment of silence and the description of his bad feeling shows that he’s not invincible even though he suddenly seemed to gain the upper hand. He was affected by his human feelings and emotions when Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo, for whatever reason. 

I took that as a Shizaya moment because it was very unusual for Izaya. But the point is, Izaya has human feelings and emotions that can render him vulnerable to unexpected consequences and is definitely not invincible, even though he may seem like it. 

This link was something the anime left out, the novels expands on this further with his conversations with other characters and the telephone pole scene where he punched a telephone pole as he thought of betraying Shinra. 

In retrospect Shinra, who lived confidently above this world, did invoke some jealousy in him.

Yet he was attempting to betray even a friend like that. Not a friend by Izaya’s standards, but a “friend”  as defined by most people in the world.

He’ll probably be mad at me if he finds out that I went to meet Celty taking the head with me.


Izaya couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he pictured his only “friend” by the world’s standards getting mad at him.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

This is the way I have lived my life all along, he laughed as he thought  –

                                                                                                     Laughed  –

                                                                                                       Laughed –                                                                                                            
                                                                                                         Laughed –

He clenched his right fist and slammed it hard into the telephone pole next to him.

- Durarara Volume 9

This was a very important scene in Izaya’s character development especially after they showed his past with Shinra, his only friend. It shows Izaya’s conflict over his own desires which has governed the way he has lived all along and one of his only two relationships - the friendship he has with his only friend. Izaya was affected by a human relationship, and it really shows he isn’t some villain but just an abnormal human who is eternally true to his own desires (but is still affected by relationships like everyone else)

I’m working on a theory for Izaya’s attachment to humanity. It’s taking much longer than I thought since I lack the time to sit down and finish it. But I intend on showing how Izaya is actually very human. It will of course include reference to the Shinra stabbing incident as Izaya said himself it was probably the only thing that affected the formation of his personality in a significant way. I’ll also refer to the interviews about Izaya in his novel. So I’m currently integrating all the information together, both old and new about Izaya to formulate a theory that may explain Izaya’s attachment to humanity. You might want to look out for that if you’re interested in the psychology of novel Izaya. 

Other than novel Izaya not being invincible (both psychologically and outwardly), I guess another psychological difference would be that Izaya is actually a very private person. The impression I got from the first season was that Izaya was a very open person (not open-mindedness, as in socially open). 

But Izaya behind all his talk and interaction is actually very private. You don’t see it in the anime, but in the novel he thinks to himself a lot, reflects quite a bit, and generally is…very confident in his own identity internally. For example, Mikado’s first impression of Izaya was not that he was a weird person, but that he looked like an ‘intellectual that gave tuition in some remote district’. It speaks to the demeanor novel Izaya has that Mikado would form such an impression of him. 

Even though he might seem open with humans, Izaya actually keeps to himself a lot. Shinra said himself in his interview that Izaya’s not the type to stand in front of people. You can see that in both the novel and anime version of middle school Izaya. While he was portrayed like a rebel in the anime, in the novel he was just distant and enjoying observing humans. He was actually a model student, not a rebel, so that’s another difference in portrayal there. 

What a strange guy. 

I’ll just keep observing him in the future.

But I have to watch out. Getting too close to him might be dangerous.

So this is just a small scene when Izaya thinks as he watched Shinra leave to go home to Celty (though he didn’t know that yet). But even with Shinra Izaya is already distancing himself. He tells himself he can’t get too close to Shinra, can’t let himself be too affected and involved in their friendship. Perhaps he’s apprehensive Shinra wouldn’t satisfy his expectations, perhaps he just doesn’t want to become like everyone else - whatever the reason is, Izaya has, since young, kept a distance between himself and humans. So much that he has to be ‘wary’ when he feels himself getting closer to Shinra than necessary.

At first sight, he looked like a gentle-natured man of slender build, but his features had a relative sharpness in them, making him the perfect exemplification of the word “handsome”. He was smiling as if willing to accept anything in the world as part of him; yet at the same time his eyes shone without mercy as if he held contempt for everything except himself. The way he dressed was idiosyncratic, but it was hard to point at why. Overall, he gave an elusive and mercurial vibe.

- Durarara Volume 5

What are the implications of this? Well, it just shows how distant Izaya is from humans. And how he keeps to himself. Even though he’s handsome, it doesn’t matter to him, and he may only use his good looks for human observation and not any socialization. He has a stable internal perception of his love for humans, so he’s willing to accept anything, but at the same time he’s the only one who understands his love for humans so he holds a contempt for everything except himself. 

One reason why could be his tendency to keep things to himself and how he’s a private person. Like, he says he loves humans and declares love for humans but except with Shinra (and a reluctant Shizuo), doesn’t try to form any sort of relationship with them. He doesn’t try to connect to them in a way they can understand (maybe because he can’t because of his upbringing) and so they can’t understand him. And so he’s left with him only understanding himself and being shunned and outcast from society, which will naturally breed contempt.

That might be why Izaya seems mysterious and ‘elusive’ - because he’s such a private person. He’s more introverted in the novels, in that it seems natural for him to be alone with his thoughts. I guess you can kind of see this in Volume 5 where he’s shown to have stayed at an internet cafe alone while working on his plans for the city, left alone and walked away alone, he basically just does things alone.

Novel Izaya is also not in control of everything. Well you can see that in the anime as well when he got knocked out twice. But I mean, he’d move the piece that will give him the most advantage, but generally he’s open to any result. He just seems like he’s in control all the time because he accepts everything that happens (except with Shizuo). Because he loves humans unilaterally and doesn’t have any personal feelings or relationships with them (except Shinra and Shizuo) So again, he’s not invincible in his predictions. He does have some idea of how things will go and what he wants to see, but he’s less of a ‘mastermind’ in that sense. He’s still a mastermind, but has less of the ‘mastermind mindset’? In that he doesn’t expect everything to go according to plan. 

And I suppose novel Izaya is more sensitive. You don’t see it in the anime, but when he was left out of hotpot, it was mentioned he ‘felt more lonely than usual’. Tsukumoya said that he’s lonely but accepts that loneliness. And he was not happy at being left out of the events of Volume 4, which is part of the reason why he wanted the ‘city’s holiday’ to be over. He’s more human in that sense. Like, he’s a logical minded man, but he actually acts on his feelings quite a bit. He is affected by his feelings, sometimes even driven by them (like in the death match with Shizuo) and is definitely human.

Also, novel Izaya is more like a child. As in, there are various times in which he’s described like a kid having fun. So in that sense he really doesn’t have any malice. He just wants to see, like a kid discovering more about the world. Shiki agrees with this, in both the novels and his interview for Izaya’s novel. I’ll be expanding on this with my Izaya attachment theory in the future. 

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anonymous asked:

if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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I think you’re putting me on a pedestal, and putting yourself way too down– That’s why you’d call me the sun. But I know you, dude. I know you’re actually awesomely talented. And I know that you’re actually a super fun, super sunny kid!

So, to put it using your words you’re even more amazing than any sun. The sun’d get outshone by you, man!! Guess what I’m trying to say is… Just be confident, Tamaki!!

Your name is… Suneater.

anonymous asked:

LOL, i dont know who's annoying again by saying Louis' couldnt be there if the paps were (like we havent gone through this a million times and have tons of proof he sneaks out in the back), but if that wasnt enough... does Harry's 2015 birthday party ring any bell? Louis was known to be at his party yet there was no picture of him even tho everyone and their mother took pics with Harry.

Louis is more with Harry at public events than people imagine, but people seem so sure that every time harry is out louis is not with him EVER just because we only see harry with jeff. it’s not how it works and they are not the only two in hollywood / showbusiness that use this strategy to avoid being spotted together when they actually are. I am not saying he was 100% there but i laugh cause people are writing posts like louis left him for the night to have fun with his promo friends without him cause he apparently is not able to go where harry’s pap friends are if he wants to, like ??????? 


Ronald picking on Sebastian || Requested by: feelthisbeatz

Wind in our sails!
The future is looking bright!
For us, that is.

As I was browsing around randomly I came upon this graphic again:

External image

This graphic is super fucking old, like old enough I might have seen it on Freewebs sites or LiveJournal. Definitely before Tumblr was ever really known.

Now an interesting part to me is the Q. 

Discoursers love to rewrite our history and they’ve done endless posts mocking the Q and what it stands for. One I remember recently is some major bullshit about it standing for Questioning, in a same thread making fun of the U and QUILTBAG standing for Undecided. 

But Q has always been Queer/Questioning. And to be fucking honest, Q for Questioning makes far more sense than the argument that A is actually for Ally “because they could be closeted”. “A for Ally” has always been about cishets wanting brownie points for not actively hating us. 

But yeah, P, I, A, Q, nonbinary genders - none of these are tumblr exclusive ideas. None of these started within the last year and are only here on this website. These ideas have existed since the early 2000s at the most recent, but of course are much older.

Very interesting, that’s so true!


Title: Laughs

Author: someonexsomeone

Pairing: Tyler Schied x reader

Summary: Tyler and reader have been dating for a while, but the reader has never been to the Markiplier Studio. On the day she’s invited, they film a silly video that makes her laugh uncontrollably. 

Warnings: none!

A/N: A small blurb to get me back into writing things like this. AP tests are very hard.

        Tyler was always supportive of your dreams and in every aspect of you life. You wanted to do the same, no matter what it was. So, when your boyfriend would disappear for the whole day, off to the infamous Markiplier Studio, you naturally supported him in every way. Whether it was getting up early with him, despite it being your day off, to have some quality time over a cup of coffee, leaving encouraging post its anywhere you could, or making sure to have cuddles ready after a hard day. He loved how much you encouraged him. These little things made his day, and was always met with a loving kiss. 

        Yet, despite all the fluff that passed between you, you had never been to work with him to see what he actually does. The team had been to your house more times than you can count - movies nights, dinners, just general fun - and you had gone out with them, but never had you stepped foot into the building. This was completely overlooked, until one faithful Thursday. 

        “Hey Tyler?” Mark had called, pulling out the square object that had been digging into his back as he worked. He took one look at the black phone case, bright blue note stuck to the back, and knew immediately who it belonged to.


        “Did you know that (Y/N) ‘can’t wait for you to come home and tell them about your day. You’ll do great!’?” Tyler’s head immediately whipped up, simultaneously patting down his pockets to find his phone. You had slipped it into his hand before he left, note stuck to the back, placing a sweet goodbye kiss onto his lips. Tyler was quick to stand, snatching the phone from his hand. It wasn’t because he was embarrassed - definitely not. These notes were private, and intimate thing shared between the both of you, having Mark read it to the room was almost taboo. 

        “How come (Y/N) never visits?” Ethan asked from across the room, water in hand on his way back to his desk. This perked up the ears in the room. How come you hadn’t visited? Did you dislike them? Or felt uninvited?

        “Oh! I’ve invited (Y/N) before.” Amy called, spinning in her chair to face the boys. “But she didn’t want to impose on Tyler’s work space.”

        “She doesn’t want to visit…because she thinks I’ll be annoyed?” Tyler was practically mumbling to himself, crossing his arms. That couldn’t be true…could it?

        “Not like that!” Amy was quick to respond, realizing her wording was poor. Kathryn quickly jumped in, defusing the situation.

        “She just doesn’t want to distract you is all. Plus, she told Amy and I that she liked hearing about work from you. Kinda counter productive if she was there, ya know?” A blush settled on Tyler’s face, a bashful smile accompanying it. Mark wiggled his eyebrows.

        “Well, we have to change that, don’t we.”

        That’s how you found yourself sitting on the couch in the boys office. You had been worried you were overstepping your bounds, watching a video in real life, but that was quickly forgotten as Tyler placed a kiss on the crown of your head before walking into view of the camera. Mark was doing a very intense introduction, that worked perfectly until he introduced himself. The boys giggled to themselves softly, trying to keep composure. It was until a dirty joke was introduced that the intensity had lost its effect. You were red in the face, trying not to burst out laughing and ruin the recording. Tyler, however, was quick to notice. He pointed at you, setting him off into hysterics, which in turn made you lose it as well. Although you didn’t anticipate coming back to the office anytime soon, you already were excited for the next opportunity to watch your boyfriend and his friends be complete fools on camera.


also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)

I just wanna say thank you to everyone for making these final few weeks extra fun. Tumblr just feels more alive than its felt in a long long time. Whether we’re discussing a serious theory, throwing around “what if” ideas, reminiscing over previous seasons or flat out mocking the convoluted and unrealistic plot, Tumblr activity is skyrocket high recently. There are new posts every time I refresh my dash. Everyone is getting involved. Everyone is buzzing and these final few weeks have low key actually been my favourite on this site in years. I just wanted to say that. I’m going to miss this so much in 4 weeks 💙😢

anonymous asked:

What other Top Ten lists are you planning to write (if you are planning to write more!)?? They make me so happy, and once we really get into Victor's Suffering I know I'll be using them to remind me Victor has an actual future with Yuuri ahead of him T.T Plus the world building/character development is so much fun to read! LoVE your writing and I am out of my mind excited for Sunday!!!!

I am planning to write more :D I’ve had a lot of requests and I’m intending to do them all but it takes quite a long time to think up ideas and write them so they will be posted much slower than I answer normal asks. So far I have:

Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning/ Top 10 Viktuuri Posts that made the Fangirls Die from Nosebleeds/ Top ten Viktuuri PDA moments

10 texts/sexts 

top ten times yuuri katsuki was charming without him noticing

top ten times yuuri katsuki broke the internet

10 moments the world was certain yuri plisetsky was adopted by katsuki yuuri and viktor nikiforov

Top Ten Drunk Yuuri Moments

Top Ten Pranks in Yuuri’s and Phichit’s Prank War

Top Ten Fights between Viktor and Yuuri

Top ten times someone hit on an oblivious Yuuri Katsuki?

Top 10 surprise visits to each other while they’re living apart

top 10 vacation/travel stories

Ten times Yuuri ended up wearing Victors clothes (and one time Victor wore Yuuris)

Top 10 moments of Victor crying joy and happiness for Yuuri

Ten times Yuuri adorably fell asleep in inappropriate places.

top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri’s tell-all book 

Top ten memes inspired by Viktor “Extra” Nikiforov 

I also have requests to write a little snippet of the confession scene if the doping scandal had never happened and what would have happened if Yuuri had actually retired.

I will write all of these, it’ll just take me a little while to get through them all! 

anonymous asked:

After-sex cuddling

Originally posted by jenesuispasunefilleparfaite

Fuck I am passionate about post-sex okay there’s something about it idk it’s more fun to write than the actual smut itself; but anyways let’s get down to business and create headcanons

  • During sex, the two of them glimmer with sweat and saliva and when they make love in the evening they shine underneath the moonlight. But, when they’re lying together with post-orgasm smiles and slowly calming breathing, they fucking glow.
  • Yuri’s head has a go-to spot on Otabek’s chest, just beneath his head so he has options to nuzzle his nose against his neck or to look up and stare at his lover in the eyes. It also gives him the option to run his fingers along his chest, stenciling little patterns in the skin and twirling the hair that grows there. 
  • Otabek would hold Yuri by his arms, one still and the other gently swooshing his thumb back and forth along the skin he held there. Since Yuri’s head wasn’t too far from his lips, he would take full advantage to leave kisses on his scalp or forehead. 
  • Things are only so much gentler if it’s aftercare. 
  • Beka would practically treat his kitten as if he were made of glass, taking the time to give him a warm bath or leave feather-like massages – anything to let the boy just rest while he would take care of him, making sure to whisper how good he was and how much he loves him along with all of the little reasons why. 
  • The reasons alternate every time. 
  • Who’s getting taken care of more often depended on who initiated the sex in the first place. Typically it’s Yuri because that tease, but when it’s Otabek and he needs his lovings, Yuri does not let any ounce of care go to waste. 
  • He’d smother the man in kisses and shoulder rubs and whispering to him what a good Daddy he is and how he loves having the Kazakh around, making sure to mention “I don’t even want to imagine a life where you’re not in it.”
  • Sometimes they chose to shower together afterwards, or a bath, depending on if Yuri needed to be cleaned out, but regardless they end up sleeping together completely naked in the bed. 
  • Yuri’s hair tends to get everywhere during sex – long hair problems. But while they snuggle up against each other Otabek would take his time to run his fingers through the locks and scratch his scalp. Yuri would just purr, melting into the touch, and he’s already passed out by the time Otabek starts to braid it.
  • If the sex was emotionally harrowing (AKA the post-fake-breakup sex to try and forget that incident), they don’t say anything. They don’t do anything, either. They just hold each other, losing themselves to the breathing until they finally fall asleep. 
  • Otabek typically wakes up first in the morning, and he’s the one that makes breakfast, while sleepy Yuri just wakes up halfway through the cooking and hugs him from behind, a warm smile on his face. 
  • “I love you.” 
  • “Forever and always.”

Hey everyone, I’m Chris, game designer at Monomi Park.  I’m going to share a glimpse into the process of world building for Slime Rancher.  Please note that this just a lightweight overview on world design and it will also include images of in-progress content that is highly subject to change.

For ease of discussion, I’m simplifying the process into three phases: direction, layout, and polish.


Before I start building out a new area, Nick and I often discuss what purpose the space should serve.  Does the space primarily serve as a playground for many slimes?  Is it a traversal space for the player to get between two areas of heavy content?  Is it a hidden space for a treasure pod or other reward?

Once we determine what the purpose of the space should be, I start to think in the broadest strokes possible within the established framework.  What is the area’s central conceit?  What makes it unique but still a part of the larger world as a whole?  What can be added to sell the theme of this space?  This part of the process can involve sketches, quickly blocking out how assets can be used, and thinking about set pieces.  Decisions in this phase always inform later phases, even if the specific implementations change during layout and playtesting.

A quick designer sketch of the large set piece on “Ring Island” in the Dry Reef

When developing entirely new spaces, there’s often a lot of back and forth discussions during this phase between Nick, Ian, and myself and those ideas build upon each other over time.  For example, when developing the new Ruins zone I found a few pieces of concept art online that hinted at visual themes that I thought were interesting.  I then quickly blocked out a vignette with white box and existing assets that helped early discussions of the zone’s style.  A lot of exploration in this phase is temporary at best, but it is still an invaluable part of deciding what we wanted as a team.

Experimenting with early visual themes and styles for the Ruins in small vignettes

Ian then took those visuals and applied his own ideas about how to unify and use them in a concept art piece.

Ian’s concept art based on the ruin vignettes with notes on art direction

That piece then helped inform me of the types of set pieces I wanted to capture in the slightly more detailed whitebox pass.

Starting to integrate Ian’s art direction into white boxed Ruins areas

Direction Summary:

  • What purpose does this area serve? - gameplay, hidden area, transition?
  • What interesting concept is central to this area’s theme? - ring island, marsh, sea bridges?
  • Utilizing sketches, hero props, set pieces, identifying central conceits


When it comes time to start building the space, I first block out how the critical and alternate paths take the player through the area and think about where the majority of the action is likely to take place.  Each area is usually a combination of open space and visual funnels that lead to new areas.

‘Ring Island’ during various stages of development

I then add some representative spawners to add slimes and resources to the mix.  At this stage nothing is balanced, but it helps to see how the slimes will behave in the space and where they tend to naturally congregate.

After playing the rough layout for a bit I try and figure out if traversal through the area feels intuitive and if the space accomplishes goals set in the Direction phase.  Afterwards, I go back through and do a little bit of “pre-polish” to further define specific parts of the space.

In the above example with Ring Island I started with the concept of a beach with a land-locked “tidepool” in the middle as its set piece.  As the beach developed, coral and grass were added to frame the sandy path leading further into the island.  These patches of flora also served to anchor where slimes and resources spawned from.  Color was also a consideration in aiding flow of the space.  Sand and warm colored coral and grass were used to lead the eye down the beach path, while water and cool/wet colored seaweed and moss lead through the alternative tidepool cave.

Layout Summary:

  • Main navigation and playable space.  Which space for slimes, which for traversal?
  • Props to further define areas, anchor resources and slime spawns
  • Representative resource and slime placement


In many art books, I’ve always jokingly referred to this phase as the “just add detail” step in the process.  Of course it’s never that simple, but at least during the first part of this phase I get to go back through each area and really double down on “art-ing” the space up.  Decorative elements, such as most of the flora and rocks, and additional navigation guides are added to reinforce areas of interest.  Audio and visual effects such as gusts of wind or fog are added to strengthen the atmosphere.

As more flora was added to to the marshy area of the Moss Blanket, glowing navigational guides were added to help guide the player.  This was even more important for traversing at night.

Many areas are actually much more straightforward than they appear, but become much harder to navigate with all the extra environmental decoration.

Props really transform early block outs of areas

Although that’s the more lighthearted fun part, a much larger part of the polish phase is balancing, playtesting, and optimizing.  I go back through and see all the parts working (or not working) as a whole and iterate, iterate, iterate.

Polish Summary:

  • Decorative elements for aesthetics and additional navigation guides
  • Audio and visual effects
  • Balancing, playtesting, optimizing, iteration

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading!