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ok but remember “waitforme” and that ended up being the video for Pax East?

Pax West is coming up in two months guys….

i think we might be in for the long haul. and i am terrified haha T-T 

ok, but like Anti appearing on tv, and then in another episode they use dark green haired- all black wearing jack’s layers of fear episode, and then they use a surgeon simulator vr clip with the same title as schneeple’s bio inc video



im getting way too paranoid over Anti haha…..

(honestly the only thing keeping me sane rn is that anything MAJORLY Anti related isn’t coming til after Jack gets back from LA. at least i still have that certainty to hold onto lol.)

…hopefully ;-;

briefnightmarefire  asked:

Headcanon: How the bidders will react if the MC died giving birth,please?

The bidders’ reaction to MC dying in childbirth

a/n: Once again, I’m sorry, briefnightmarefire, for taking so long in completing this request :(

I do hope this is worth the wait. Honestly, I feel like I could’ve done better with this one, but nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy! You people sure do love angsty headcanons. Lol I do too, haha.


This wasn’t right. Her dying wasn’t part of his calculations at all. They were supposed to be parents together, raise their child together, and remain together. It was as if though Fate loved to mock him. The only time he ever truly wanted something, it would be cruelly stolen from him, leaving him to bask in his ironic despair. This wasn’t a sacrifice—this was a murder.

He only felt anger at everything—the doctors, his friends, and yes, even their son. That child took his world away from him, so why was he allowed to live? Why did she have to die in his place? If he knew beforehand that this birth would only cause death, he would have never allowed it to happen. All he needed was her, but she was now gone. The only thing she left behind was a child that looked exactly like him—a cruel reminder of how he was always the one who caused her pain.

Deep down, he knew it wasn’t right to think like this. Their son did nothing wrong, but he couldn’t help but think that if the baby weren’t born, she’d still be here with him. Nonetheless, he also knew that she would’ve wanted father and son to get along and be like the family he never had. Conflicted between the irrational resentment he felt towards his son and his duty-bound promise to make her happy, her happiness would always be his priority.

His son may have taken her away from him, but it was also the last thing she left him.

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