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Ridge - Roadkill to shelf

WARNING !! This post contains photos and descriptions of dead animals, skinned animals, decomposition, maggots, and the general gory details involved with cleaning up bones.

I’ve gotten a couple asks about the methods I use to clean bones, so I thought I’d put together a quick summary of the journey of my female Badger, Ridge, from road to shelf. It’s not really a tutorial, but I have almost kind of written it like one - keep in mind this is just Ridge’s personal cleanup journey, and all the steps she went through while being processed (it’s pretty similar for all my roadkill though) It’s a bit garbled and I haven’t really clarified anything… Hm. Maybe I will put together a proper tutorial in the future. For now, this is Ridge~

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Red’s Hannigram Fic Recs

So the ever lovely @sheepunderthemountain​ asked if I had any Hannigram fic recs. When I pulled out this massive list from my even more massive collection of bookmarks, I figured it might be nice to share with some of the rest of you as well.

DISCLAIMER: When I was making this list, I went with fics that stuck out for me, so a lot of these are skewed to my kinks and preferences. Your milage with them will probably vary. I also purposely avoided some of my favourite, but constantly rec’d fic by prominent authors in the community. These fics are on nearly every list I see, and figured anyone who has done even the bare minimum of digging into AO3 or Tumblr has found said fic. So I won’t take up space here rec’ing something you’ve probably already read. Finally, be sure to read all the tags on AO3. Many of these fics have too many for me to list here!

That said, Happy Reading!

The Sixth Seal by Ithiel_Dragon

Rating: E;  Words: 48628; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

“Will…” He refused to believe that Will was gone. Will would not have left him. Not now, not after everything. Will had expected to die with him. He would not let Hannibal go on without him. They would either live together, or die together. There was no other option.

“Please…” Hannibal had not begged anyone for anything for more years than he could remember, “Will, please…”

He was almost startled when Will’s body suddenly lurched beneath his hands, and water erupted from Will’s mouth as his lungs tried to expel the fluid in them. He was not so surprised however that he did not act immediately to turn Will to the side so that the young man wouldn’t choke on his own vomit. Hannibal used his fingers to help clear away the debris from Will’s mouth and closed his eyes in relief when he heard the younger man’s first pained gasp for air.

Diligo Inimicus by bokunojinsei

Rating: E; Words:  78199; Complete: No; Setting: Historical AU (Rome)

In second century Rome, the Persian empire creeps steadily towards Roman borders, war pressing from a distance. Will is a Roman legionary medic and a pariah among the soldiers. As war looms ever closer, he finds himself forming a unique bond with the captain of the mercenaries who accompany them. The captain’s name is Hannibal.

Reciprocity By Proxy by chronicopheliac

Rating: M; Words: 16431; Complete: Yes; Setting: Canon Divergent S2

Will likes to push Hannibal’s buttons, because he can. After Hannibal had sent Randall Tier after Will, they had called it even - no more need for murder-by-proxy. But Will is curious to see where else he can push Hannibal, how else he can wind him up and watch him go. He tries a different sort of proxy, using another person to accomplish something he’s not sure he can himself. Will Hannibal push back?

The Joy of Creation by  FKAHerSweetness

Rating: E;  Words: 54226 ; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

The Atlantic has dissolved the old Will Graham. Hannibal begins construction on the new one.

(Red’s Note: The fall renders Will mute in this fic, AND IT’S AMAZING HOW WELL THIS IS WRITTEN BECAUSE OF IT. I’m keeping this one open for my fourth reread now.)

Busted by FauxFidele

Rating: E;  Words: 2283; Complete: Yes; Setting: PWP

Will is busted for watching porn when Hannibal is away teaching a class at the local university. Cue the dirty pictures.

Don’t Lose Your Head (Because The Devil’s In The Details) by @thesilverqueenlady

Rating: T;  Words: 10274; Complete: Yes; Setting: Devil!Will AU

After Mischa’s death, Hannibal knows he can’t avenge her alone, so he does the reasonable thing: he summons the Devil himself. Will gives him the standard agreement: 5 years and a kiss for Hannibal’s immortal soul. When Hannibal demands more, Will decides to gift him with an invisibility cloak to help him in his quest for revenge.

Except five years later, Will realizes that he can’t find Hannibal, because the clever human has used his invisibility cloak to hide from the hellhounds. So Will settles in to wait, because eventually, every soul ends up where it belongs. Even if Hannibal did turn his invisibility cloak into a bloody murder suit.

Blackbird by @emungere

Rating: E;  Words: 88892; Complete: Yes; Setting: Canon Divergent S1 

Shortly after Will kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, he and Hannibal stumble into a D/s relationship. It’s a relief to have Hannibal telling him what to do, but the closer they become, the closer he gets to realizing who and what Hannibal really is.

A Growing Boy by @slashyrogue

Rating: M;  Words: 1169; Complete: Yes; Setting: Student/Teacher AU

Will Graham has a secret. He loves plants. Loves. He’s grown up around them all his life because he can hear their language for he’s part of them. He can grow vines from any part of his body and requires water and sun to thrive. He meets Professor Lecter and instantly sees the respect he has for plant life, making Will feel more at home than he has in years. But would Hannibal be disgusted with him if he knew the truth?

Cathexis by Weconqueratdawn

Rating: E;  Words: 57316; Complete: Yes; Setting: Hannibal is not a Cannibal AU   

What if Hannibal’s sadistic tendencies only find expression through consensual BDSM relationships? Set in a Season 1 AU where Will is allowed to continue teaching, relatively undisturbed by Jack, and seeks Hannibal’s professional help of his own accord.

In psychoanalysis, cathexis is the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea (especially to an unhealthy degree).

Peachfire Whiskey by @lovecrimevariations

Rating: E;  Words: 22076; Complete: Yes; Setting: A/B/O  

Will knows he’ll remember this scent until the day he dies. Hannibal smells like firewood, and malt whiskey, and roasted peaches drizzled in honey. He smells like nothing Will has ever scented before, and it is so divine it dizzies him.

The Adventures of Professor Will Graham and His Terribly Naughty Omega Student, Hannibal Fucking Lecter.

Close Shave by bluethegreat1

Rating: E;  Words: 2461; Complete: Yes; Setting: PWP

Hannibal asks Will if he can shave him.

Breaking the Waves by Melusine10

Rating: E;  Words: 12904; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

The Atlantic pulls them in every direction, pulls them apart, rushes them together. From deep within, Will summons a matchless, bottomless outrage. He survives. When he wakes, Hannibal is nowhere to be found. Will isn’t convinced he needs to move on, but while he waits, he decides it is high time to stop hiding behind rumpled clothes and slipping glasses. Can he trust Hannibal to return to him? Could they ever trust each other after all their misdirection and manipulation? Plot, fluff, and porn.

Blood and Feathers and Antlers by @thesilverqueenlady

Rating: M;  Words: 10068; Complete: Yes; Setting: Bambi!AU 

When Will was a young fawn, all he ever wanted was to grow up as proud and strong as his idol, the Prince of the Forest, Jack. And then one day he wandered off the path and into the strangest pool he’d ever seen. It was red as those sharp roses whose thorns Will had learned the hard way not to eat and smelled like the metal that he’d seen two-legs leave behind. It takes a few drinks to realize that it’s blood. When he jumps back in shock, he ends up bumping into the biggest stag he’s ever seen, bigger than Will’s father, bigger than even the great Prince of the Forest, with antlers as tall as Will himself and feathers as black as night.

“Hello, little fawn,” says the Ravenstag, “what have we here?”

Like Sudden Lightning by @shiphitsthefan

Rating: E;  Words: 23566; Complete: Yes; Setting: Post-S3

Will’s free hand was in Hannibal’s hair, pulling them together over the gearshift, and Will’s lips were against his. “In case we get caught,” he finally explained, pulling away, shoulders heaving. “I couldn’t bear the thought of us getting caught and never having kissed you.”

They walked to the shuttle. They walked through the terminal. They walked through security. They checked baggage and boarded and took their seats on opposite sides of the plane. They never held hands or acknowledged what happened in the car, Hannibal somewhat confused and riddled with new questions and Will having all of the answers but not sharing them.

First and foremost, Hannibal wondered, “How many dogs will he bring home?”


“I should never have been allowed to walk into a store and buy this pop figure” I say aloud to myself as an adult, sitting here making my Rick vinyl figure kiss my bobble head of Stan Pines.



Talking dresses, dates & drinking at semi formal in today’s video.

I showed y’all all the dresses I wore to Kappa Delta & fraternity events and lots of pictures with my dates (#lol). What to do and what not to do before and at the events. Pre-games, drinking, backup dates & MORE!

I also showed y’all my party cup collection from my LSU years & pictures of the events. 


The Gone Series part four

A few more vanished or altered scenes from my private collection. The Last Frontier is a view of Del Obispo St. in Dana Point from a time when it was still a sleepy beach town. All the vacant lots have been filled, and the surfers priced out. The View from Peet’s Hill has changed a bit, with the railroad tracks gone and some of the industrial buildings removed or repurposed, and the white house in the center right repainted in “hippy colors” as my aunt would have called the. The Maine house in Autumn still stands, though the trees do not. The Spanish Kitchen sign no longer graces Beverly Blvd. A cheap imitation hung on La Cienaga for a time, but that too is gone. Used Cars is now a self-storage facility, and the aggregate plant in the background is gone as well. The Helena foothills in Washday have houses on them. The Traverse City view in Eighth and Maple has been obscured by fences. And the Santa Ana fireworks stand in Almost Independence Day has been replaced by a medical clinic.

Silent Night Exchange Recs

Now that works for the Silent Night SSSS & aRTD Exchange have been revealed, I’ve gone through the entire collection (59 works as of this posting, oh my gods. This fandom is awesome).

I received 5 lovely gifts! And there are so many awesome things in the collection that I don’t want to spam you with posts of individual recs. So check under the cut for details on my gifts + top 10 favourites from the collection. :)

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