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When I created this blog not so long ago I couldn’t even imagine this happening. I can’t believe it now, too. Thank you, for all your time, patience and followship. I’m very pleased this blog is so popular and loved among y’all. So, thank you for making it together

a guide to becoming the galaxy.

one. swallow a teaspoon of stardust, a
tablespoon of moon crust. chew it until your
teeth chip and its gravely
texture finds its way down your
repeat until you feel 
yourself to be
as weightless as
the cosmos.

two. start a garden. pull the 
stars from the skies and name them after
roses, and lilies and
daisies. disregard the way
they reach for the
heavens they no longer belong
way up there where
no one can touch

three. skin a planet and eat its
flesh. take the sun in both
hands and bite 
into warmth. feel your tongue burn
and melt away
and smile.

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I’m trying to be more active on tumblr and I really want to follow more people!! so uh, like and/or reblog if post the following && I’ll check out your blog 😄

• witchcrafty things
• chaos magick theories
• energy work
• spirit work
• witchy aesthetics
• nature aesthetics
• idk magick in general

and for my side blogs~

• animal crossing cute/funny stuff
• ac:nl town pictures
• overwatch
• zenyatta anything!!
• zenyatta × genji
• omnic related stuff in general

guys im sorry if ive been inactive, its cussa school. And also, im tryna do my best so yalls wont unfollow me . LOVE YALL. Oh and PS- heres something I found out after rewatching Steven Floats.


Chapter 9: Visitors; but way more dramatic XD

Please tell me that Green actually sees through her pain, and it hurts to see her smile because he knows, but despite all that she’s still selfless, putting others before herself; showing concern to those around her, even when they don’t

The words “It’s just been so long since I’ve actually been treated like a person.” echoes in his head; how long has it been since she was last shown respect? He had to, he just had to. 

6S1M belongs to @/raccoonsinqueen / @raccoonsinqueen-taxes , check out their fic here~ X3

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who are your favorite skam blogs? im just looking for more to follow

omg you’ve come to the right place my friend! 

My favorite skam (+ multifandom) people on this website are…

@mikaelboukhalls // @isisisak // @eksild // @tiptopevak // @awesomeskam // @soyellowcurtainsthen // @julieseven // @coldharmonies // @skamthough // @evenvalterson // @cuddlyaki // @theleavesoflorien // @betchnaesheim // @infiniteisakeven // @gayvildeee // @lovedisak // @isakcutie // @tessalabessa // @sanaandthesun // @noora-seatre // @evensbestbuddymikael // @monstermonstre // @smilewright // @happily-found-strong // @alterloveevakskam // @thememesupreme // @parallel-univers // @tarjei-sandvikks // @pansexualmahdidisi // @evakkjaereste // @tocapturethisvoice // @isaksredscarf // @nooradeservedbetter // @dagfordag // @cheekyeven 

Favorite blogs in general: 

@dahlstrom// @skamfairy // @cuddlyevak // @softestisak // @toneelspeler // @hemrikholm // @koninginnen // @kosegruppaa // @josteninski // @tarjeiandhenrik // @skamz // @julieandem // @sanas4main // @westiris // @adamparishe // @rrnan // @skamforfaen // @imansmeskinis // @nalle // @stardefiant // @ravenclawisak // @stayinherewithyou // @evakviigmoon // @littlespooneven // @smolbeanvaltersen // @hallaisak // @softnorwegians // @sanabckkoush // @isakisalittlepuppy // @lesbian-noora // @closetlesbianvilde // @kierensczerny // @lienhellerud // @illgiveyouahint // @isakvaltr // @evakvigg // @whenitisreal // @evakshalla // @skamwlwnet // @evensavedisak // @isakthesnake // @evyisaks // @shaolinfantasitic // @valtersehn // @sanaismyqueen // @cuteandtwisted // @shadeandadidas // @shakerrmakerr // @evenbakkas // @hufflpuffs // @noora-knows-best // @chickenparmaskam // @sanathequeen // @tarjeitrash // @evamoans // @siwrenate // @ainaevak // @even-bitch-naesheim // @isaksmilk // @skamzy // @e-naesheim // @skampov // @bakkoushs // @skamenglish // @v-ltersen

There you go. A 100 new blogs to follow. Did I forget some of my faves? probably yes. Do I care after spending an hour on this? I do not. :’) 



I would like to start off by saying a massive THANK YOU. In fact, thank you doesn’t even begin to convey how utterly grateful I am to everyone who has, at some point, clicked that follow button. The fact that over 11,000 people have taken the time to follow my wee blog blows my mind.

Now I’m going to list some of my favourite blogs and write a little about my friends at the bottom! 

(I follow over 400 people so if you’re not on the list I’m sorry! I couldn’t list everyone or I’d have been here all day!)

Faves: bolded

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this became one of my favorite shirts from like the very moment I found it so naturally I’m going to wear it to therapy today ✌


hi again lol i couldnt sign in for 5 days and idek why:“))) im currently learning economy for my big uni test which in less than 2 months:”))) and im sooo bored and yess i did treat myself some new study supplies omg im inlove with them already especially my new Tombow Fudenosuke and Kuretake Fudebiyori💗💞💞