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...this is possibly the best mistake I’ve *ever* found.

First, as the bad guy falls, the motion tracking of his face is a frame out of sync with his head…

…making it look a little something…

like this.

But that’s not all. Ohhhh no.

They also forgot to delete the facial loop when he’s upside-down…

…making him have his own screaming face…

…materialize out of his butt and fly off into the starry night, presumably returning to its home world.

Majestic. Truly, a wonder to behold.

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can I ask you who your good friends whose blogs you recommend are? If possible only EXO blogs? I want to follow some nice blogs/people ㅠㅠ

anon i like so many blogs T^T only exo tho? okay so in random order:

@ohhsenshine @daenso @kaibility @yeolhighness @byunvoyage @baekhyuntella @littlebyuns @chanhyun @suhocean @glorious-soobooty @dulcetyeoll @angelaeri @angel-in-slow-motion @byunlucid @baekshitbyun @baekiya @absolutehun @baehkhun @bhyunq @galaxychen @sebaeked @r-velvets @babyun @ohxing @wuboxian @mochibaeks @wuyifanxing @chanys @viruspcy @prankchanyeol @beautyeol @baehkkyun @princewangeun @sehunsi @shypcy @derp-yeoll @jngn-km @irpsychotic @minniedeer @chanssoo @queenbyun @sehunoh @laycult @laygion @chanyoelpark @jonginism @shining-petal @luhan-vevo @deararchimedes @huntertainment @yvesaintluhan @ethereal-baek @intokai @byunchen @baek-a-licious @sehunnified @dayafterdae @chenrrerorocher @v-dyo @sehurn @dyoful @sehduce @byunult @aishbaek @prince-chanyeol@nohsehun @92-pcy @sehuntiago @94aries @mniseokk @slayeol @dazzlynini @progamerbyun @byunspuppy @suhokai @ohsehons @su-lay @xiundeer @yeollovemebaek @dorkyksoo @exheaux @monsieur-kimjongin @ohsehunpai @iyeolie @sekaisoosgirl @kyungso @cbxo @baekhyunsama @assbuttbaek @174cents @smhsehun @chaichanyeol @untouchabyeolman @purejongins @flawfreesuho @kingbbh @solobaek @exeauxs @lottomp3byexo @callmeminseok @byunutella @getlayd @lovinthesoo @duckyhun @sehunned @chanshine @asleepykid @topfied @krisinsanity @krisitup @aerilu @lunber @kyungsuhos @whenxoxosmilesunshines @sehuntiful @dearhan @chanyoel @xiuminel @kaizzzi @chanyeof @exo4lyfe @kamikoy @tiny-myeon @baixeans @fyncten @chokerbyun @jonqins @toomanyfeelsexogdi @ilovepcy @babyuns @layshands @tellmewhatislove @ohwondae @sebyun @dearbyun @silencesneeze  @squynhty @305heaux @yixingsosweet @baekhyunlipchain @my-bobohu @grinding-on-baek @killeryixing @exoturnback @hitchiking @cbxrise @subaek @byeolks @myeoneandonly

wow thats a lot….

I need more blogs to follow!!!

Hey everyone, I just realized that my dash has been dry lately so if you post any of the following things or things relating to these subjects… like, reblog, or follow me and I’ll follow you. Thanks!

  • Literally anything superhero related
  • Game of Thrones
  • Doctor who
  • Sense8
  • New Girl
  • Gossip Girl
  • Black empowerment
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • Quotes… I don’t care where they’re from
  • Stranger Things
  • Lovesick
  • Anything related to archaeology/anthropology 
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
  • Everything, Everything

“hey gang wat is dis place”

“oh i kno let’s ask dat old lady over there”

“she looks safe ‘n’ perfectly normal an’ not at all like da widards from–

– dat game Magicka.”

“dis is totally unsuspicious, an’… wat?”

“why old lady do dat”



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honestly i'm not even a hellenic polytheist or even a spiritual person at all, but whenever i see dionysus described as just "the god of wine" i get 10 years off my lifespan cuz honestly wine is basically just a tool to his thing about liberation and spiritual ecstasy like "god of wine" just feels so reductive for a deity thats so important and represents something so rich within greek culture

i can relate!! i live with my lady dio close in my heart always, and wine is important, yes, but its more than just a drink and dionysus was more than just the fool who went around getting turnt all the time (i mean, i doubt they’d be entirely innocent of that, but it goes deeper than just the alcohol)

dionysus is a god of a certain kind of joy and freedom. the god of laughter, the god of tragedy and comedy through the power of drama… this is human ecstasy. this is that which humans call divine that is allowed to be felt by humans. dionysus is less party god, and more pleasure god. the pleasure of freedom - from our oppressors, from our expectations, from ourselves.

like…. im gettin really excitable about this haha! basically, i love dionysus, my lord and lady, goddess and god. i probably worship them a bit differently than most people, and im sure many people think im a total whackjob (i do, too, so i understand), but i think most people that know her and love her can agree that dionysus is a god of wine, but is also so much more than just what those words appear to mean.

✨ To all my sparkle bros ✨

Ok so you fuckers, well, ahem no, ok– I should start over… <3

SO, I just wanted to say thank you for all the followers, I reached 100 a little while ago but heh my mod is hecking dumb and didn’t care about that at all so, I only knew about it now. got problems??I’ll cut u down m8 >:V fite me
Ok, but seriously, thank you so much for everyone following me and sending me kind words, it’s really great *wipes tears* <3

To celebrate, I’ll have to… do something right. So here it is, a picture I’m really not comfortable with, but you all deserved it. *Puts on shoes so I’m ready to run away*

This was still from the beginning of my career as a designer.. I didn’t have money and well, no models for me h A.  I had to model by myself…

TAKE THIS CARD, It’s signed

runs away™


Alright, so we all know this scene right? The one where dementia dressed up as the bitch and it turns out, wowie! The bitch was the bear the whole time!

Story of my life, but anyways I notice that when dementias running away that black hat/505 does a :3c motion, since it’s actually black hat that means black hat subconsciously had to do this motion and now I don’t know how to feel anymore

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Hello Sanne, can you recommend some drama free blogs that maybe follow all the boys?

Hey darling! Sure! 

@ivegotfirefouraheart is a lovely person, blogs about Harry mostly, but I’m assuming you don’t mind if you follow me, haha <3 But she loves everything that’s good and positive. 
@florelikeaflower, funny tags, all around lovely, blogs very positively, lots of cute and funny stuff.
@ot4andchill blogs about all of the boys, complete embodiment of her URL.
@teamnouis for all your Niall and Nouis needs <3 Theresa is a treasure.
@loveloveolivia loves both Harry and Louis, also reblogs a lot of shirtless Liam (ha!) and when you see her answering anons you’ll love her, it’s amazing to have on your dash.
@weareonejazzhand: lila is hilarious, makes edits and is in a westcoast timezone so you can have nice people on your dash all the time.
@alicedoesntsharefood is hilarious, truly, she will brighten your day
@delusionallarrie blogs about all of the boys, good content.
@pinkislouder loves both Harry and Louis… and also drummer Sarah Jones ;)
@iamnotbeingsarcastic Noora has a GREAT blog, lots of pure stuff like puppies and make up, lovely lovely lovely Louis content.
@soulmatesandfate hates drama more than anything, we have that in common, haha.
@gayspaceagenda: lots of Louis, Fanny is amazing.
@lostjams sydney loves all the boys, lots of Harry, very enthusiastic, it’s contagious, very helpful and fun.
@ciaoloueh: Hannah is a lovely person, always kind and wililng to chat with her anons about all kinds of stuff. 
@sunshineloueeh: lots of pictures and gifs! <3
@reinventlou: chiara is funny, also loves a good cat post every now and then.