more flag gifs!


liberté, égalité, fraternité   
[ ou la mort ]

Dear Tumblr.

Please stop flagging half my #LizKeenAppreciationMonth posts as “sensitive” / “NSFW” before they even leave my drafts folder and see the light of day.  Especially since every single time I request review, you come back afterwards and say “oops” yeah we were wrong.  I get that Spader and Megan and Diego and the rest of the cast are hot.  I get that hands may occasionally touch and guns may be drawn and things may explode and heaven knows what else triggers your stupid algorithm.  But these are gifs of a broadcast NETWORK TV SHOW THAT AIRS ON NBC WITH CENSORS.  You need to improve your algorithm.  End of rant.  And if I have under-18 followers or followers with safe mode turned on who want to know why I’m suddenly posting “sensitive” things?  This is why.  I’m not.  They are just stupid.  @staff    


“Vane, the Captain, was for making off as fast as he could, alledging the Man of War was too strong to cope with; but one John Rackam, who was an Officer, that had a kind of a Check upon the Captain, rose up in Defence of a contrary Opinion, saying, That tho’ she had more Guns, and a greater Weight of Mettal, they might board her, and then the best Boys would carry the Day. Rackam was well seconded, and the Majority was for boarding; but Vane urged, That it was too rash and desperate an Enterprize, the Man of War appearing to be twice their Force; and that their Brigantine might be sunk by her before they could reach on board. The Mate, one Robert Deal, was of Vane’s Opinion, as were about fifteen more, and all the rest joined with Rackam, the Quarter-Master. [..] John Rackam was voted Captain of the Brigantine, in Vane’s Room, and proceeded towards the Caribbee Islands.
-Captain Charles Johnson, A General History of the Pyrates

Chicago Blackhawks; turn down for fucking what