more fanservice anyone

@mewuniverse and @cypsiman2

It’s for Cielizzy from Black Butler, while this person does like individual analysis of the two as well but they have an entire tag of ship meta that I just adore:

Since a lot of it concerns a recent plot twist, I recommend you don’t look through it unless you have absolutely no interest in the series, so the basics are these two are engaged in canon but there’s a lot of drama mucking up their relationship since they both want to protect the other and their bright idea of how to do this is either to a) build my entire life around you and hide away any trait that might displease you or b) keep you out of my personal life so you stay innocent don’t see how broken I really am

and so in the current arc of the manga, the stars are aligning where they might actually have to sit down and talk about these things out together, Hallelujah and while the series isn’t very romance heavy I can see a scenario like they suggest happening