more fangirl

Me reading a fanfic
  • The couple: does something kind of cute
  • Me, gasping for breath, on the verge of tears, 12 dead, 15 wounded, sirens in the streets. The house is burning. My phone, shattered. : I would die for you

happy birthday my precious squischy! 👵 🎂 👵

Daily conversation
  • Mom: Why do you want to buy that book? You already have it?
  • Me: Yeah, i know. But not this cover.

just one word december bpc
day 5: fluffy

Who cares about a social life, spending time with people face to face, when you are clearly uncomfortable about your vocal skills.
Instead, reading books, fangirling and spending time on the Internet memeing is way more productive
—  a fangirl

“Let Ian Choose Your Tattoo.” // Nerve 2016