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Me reading a fanfic
  • The couple: does something kind of cute
  • Me, gasping for breath, on the verge of tears, 12 dead, 15 wounded, sirens in the streets. The house is burning. My phone, shattered. : I would die for you

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day 5: fluffy


“Let Ian Choose Your Tattoo.” // Nerve 2016

Can we appreciate?





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September 2016

Day 28: Significant 

Daily conversation
  • Mom: Why do you want to buy that book? You already have it?
  • Me: Yeah, i know. But not this cover.

whatever-fangirl  asked:

Can you recomend some good JxHQ fics?💕

Yes, of course sweetie 💕  Since you asked me for Nolanverse too, I will include both versions.

Suicide Squad-verse (Leto!Joker)

Kill Me Slowly
One of the best takes I’ve come across on their early Arkham relationship and Harley’s transformation. Raw and delicious, enthralling.

Grape Soda
Another Harley origin story that is simply so intriguing, with a twist.

Nobody Ever Comes To Our House
This fanfic switches between super light and funny and very dark. The author has such a wide spectrum for them and it’s really impressive.

Harley’s characterization and the way she react to her struggles here is just so good.

A delicious revenge act towards someone that hasn’t been getting much spotlight.

The Joker’s Wild
He is so desperate for Harley, it’s just amazing.

Secondhand Smoke - Ain’t No Church in the Wild
- Purple Teardrops - New

Joker is dark and possessive, Harley stands her ground. Harley’s origin in a way rarely told before. Very dark but beautiful.

My Weakness
Sweet reunion.

Let Fire Reign
One of those pieces with a psychological view on it, it just draws you in.

Wicked Games
It paints something really dark in a beautiful way, and I love it. Powerful.

My Queen
Sweet and hot.

King and Queen of Gotham
This one depicts the movie events in a really satisfying way. I wish this could replace the SS novelization.

The Jokes on Them
A mixture of fluff, funny, sweet and just overall so good.

Trouble Sleeping
Some heart-warming fluff.

The Next Day
This fic is exactly what I need, in terms of a Joker who is just so dependent on Harley. A perfect band-aid for the heart after reading angst, it mends and it makes me so happy.

Kiss The Ring
I love it when darker elements mix with sweet, and this is an example of such.

Where Are You Looney Tune?
I love this so much, Joker’s POV of looking for Harley. This filled a very big void that the movie and novelization left behind. The Joker being desperate is portrayed so good.

Nolanverse (Ledger!Joker)

 Bad Jokes  - Malady The Ringmaster
I consider this triology a classic, a pure piece of art. I have rarely found better writing in fanfiction, - you can really tell that the author is a published writer.
It’s one of the few fics that shows full abuse but does not make me cringe. All because of the way Harley is portrayed - she is so strong,  so fierce. It contains heavy abuse but also some moments that are absolutely stunning and balances it.

Killing Time
This is so good, I’m constantly impressed that the author portrays the Joker with such ease and still in a way that I find completely compatible with Ledger!Joker - it makes me genuinely believe this could happen although it’s sweeter than you could expect. The portrayal of the Joker is slightly different from in Bad Jokes, showing him as more human, a tad more affectionate, but still just as sociopathic.

Do Not Disturb
In case you didn’t think this Joker was capable of amazing sex, as well as humor and slaughter, well, you’re welcome. The fic is based on an amazing artwork, found here.

Used Too Well
A very dark take on it. If you, like me, are intrigued by the historical mistress theme, this is very fascinating and heart-wrenching. Non-con.

Twisted Knives
Angsty, dark and sweet.

General/Other Batman Universe

A take on Brian Azarello’s Joker, and his breakdown. Beautiful.

JxHQ: Piety
Another, dark take on Azarello’s famous Joker breakdown scene, showing how complex their relationship really is. 

Sign on The Line
Delicious, dark. Harley’s portrayal, the way she fights back, is amazing.

The Art of Seduction
Just in case you want some, you know, good smut.

JxHQ: Snuff
Included just because it’s funny and original; crack and seduction mixed with bloody gore.

A big angel with his beautiful smol angel. 

I swear I’m doing the devil’s work here since there still isn’t enough deckerstar fanart for my liking. I shall make more until more artists do the same. 

Guess what came in today?? @goddamnchou‘s Sugar with the amazing cover by Pandanoi! I’m so glad I didnt forget to order one before it’s out of store, because I love that fic to pieces…It’s Fluff, Feels, Smut and…Daddy in all the right amounts :> The Eruris themselves did take a look too:

…at the smut, huehuehue.