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thoughts on... long distance relationships? Online sustenance for it?

I know for a fact they can work. Heck, my best friend recently got engaged and moved together with her long-distance boyfriend of a long time! They just need more effort than “regular” relationships, and simply don’t suit everyone. We’re all blokes of different strokes, after all.

It takes time, effort, patience, and trial and error to make a long-distance relationship work, and ability to meet the other person halfway and do compromises. They’re difficult for many reasons, but not impossible to make successful. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get the relationship rolling.

Communication is the key, in every relationship, but ESPECIALLY in one where physical contact and affection aren’t readily available at any given point. It’s heart-wrenchingly tough to manage sometimes, but often it’s worth it.




Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

Small and Vulnerable

Summary: Dan and Phil have been at a Youtube party in London and Dan had a little too much to drink.

Warnings: alcohol, drunkenness, vomit

Word count: 4222

A/N: Here is a small fic that I wrote the other day - I was going to save it for the next time I’m way behind on Someday, but its actually been a week since I posted already. If you follow me on twitter (@ philsdrill - lol cheeky spon - im trying to use it more) you might’ve heard that this was in the pipeline. Hope you enjoy!

When his usually articulate way of speaking started to reduce to a drunken slur, that’s when it was time to go home. Dan’s face was red from the heat of the room, feeling no embarrassment from the things he was saying. He was on the verge of being able to offend people now that his filter had been broken down by the alcohol.

“Dan,” I said, pressing a hand firmly on his shoulder to stop him from wandering off, “It’s time to go home.”

“But… but… the party’s not over. We can’t go home yet.”

“Yes, we can, Dan,” I said, knowing that no amount of persuasion could make him agree; I’d have to drag him out of here, unless he wanted even more regrets in the morning.

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caroline blushes & klaus makes a comment about how he'd like to see if that blush extends to the rest of her body. if you want, it could even be combined with another prompt

I went with a Regency setting to this prompt, and I hope it worked out! Thanks for the prompt, anon!

Blush || Klaroline

Having returned late in the night, Klaus felt rudely awaked with a sudden pounding on his bedroom door. “Nik!” a small voice called from the corridor. “It’s time for breakfast.”

He hauled himself out of bed, rubbing his tired eyes as he opened the door to find an excited Henrik waiting for him. “Mate, I’ve barely gotten any sleep. I promise, I’ll spend some time with you this afternoon.”

“Master Niklaus,” their butler Andrew interjected, easing himself into view behind Henrik’s bouncing form. “Lady Mikaelson specifically requested your presence in the dining room.”

Sighing, Klaus gave a reluctant nod. “Thank you, Andrew, I shall be dressed shortly.”

Esther Mikaelson had summoned her errant son to their country home where she was enjoying the holiday with Rebekah and Henrik. While Klaus usually enjoyed the time with his younger siblings, he hadn’t really looked forward to hearing the grisly details of preparing for Rebekah’s first season. It was well known that the only Mikaelson daughter would be a wealthy catch, and Klaus didn’t relish the kind of attention his baby sister might attract in her hunt for a husband.

Worse, Klaus risked his mother’s ambitious eye falling to his own unmarried status. A third son without a title needed more effort than he was willing to expend on finding a rich wife, but he had been fortunate to be recognized as his birth father’s heir a few years before. Marriage suddenly wasn’t a necessity to maintain his lifestyle, and he enjoyed the chance to learn his father’s merchant business throughout the continent during that time.

It appeared, however, that his luck had run out. Esther likely already had a few candidates for his consideration; she would invite them to dinners throughout the holiday for interrogation of their prospects, Klaus was sure.

He trudged down the stairs to meet his fate of heavy expectation, only to bump into a smaller body as he rounded the corner toward the kitchen. Linens burst from a girl’s grasp as she fell to the ground, her servant’s uniform crumpling beneath her. “Damn the world,” she muttered quietly, though not quietly enough.

Klaus’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at the American accent. “You’re a new face,” he realized, watching her gather the linens with a jerk.

“And you’re rude,” she napped as she stood, though she paled at the sight of his fine clothing. Embarrassment then flooded her cheeks with a deep flush. “Pardon me, sir, I thought the family was gathered for breakfast. I apologize for speaking out of turn.”

She was a pretty thing, and Klaus greedily tracked her blush down the neck of her plain dress. “No harm done, love,” he winked. “In fact, a little frankness would go far in this household. I am surprised my mother would hire one so bold, though.”

“Caroline is still learning,” the cold voice of his mother noted from the end of the hall. Esther shrewdly watched as Klaus stepped away from the young maid. “Those linens are hardly suitable for the beds now, dear. Please take them back to the laundry and try again.”

Klaus watched as the girl - Caroline - wilted in front of him at his mother’s admonishment. Her head dropped to her chest and she sank into a small curtsy before shuffling away as quickly as she had appeared.

With an imperious cluck, Esther turned on him. “I will not have you charming the help, Niklaus,” she chided. “They tend to think a pretty smile enough to rise from their station, and Caroline is hardly subordinate as it is. Don’t encourage her.”

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Klaus nodded and followed his mother into the dining room. He wondered how she managed to offend her sensibilities enough to still hire an impertinent American, but knew better than to press the issue. It was early, and he just wanted some food.

He looked back, though, just catching sight of the maid as she turned the corner.

Caroline. Her name was Caroline.

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re: earlier ask, how do you account for the difference in skill/training? I can become a very competent fast food worker with a much more limited amount of knowledge than it would take me to become a doctor. how is the unequal amount labor it takes to assume these positions accounted for? Would the idea be that nobody would care if they were safe and provided for no matter what they do? Would the compensation for that work/dedication be social rather than financial?

The thing that I don’t understand is, why does it matter whether or not the labour it takes to assume a certain position is unequal? There are literally dozens of situations where this can apply to, including within the medical field itself. Some branches of medicine don’t require as much work to understand and practice as other branches do. And even within the same field, some doctors wouldn’t have to put in the same amount of effort as another doctor to accomplish the same stuff. Not to mention, some things that might take less/more effort for some people might just be as a result of external factors that they don’t have any control over. What then? What about doctors who take longer to complete med school or undergrad than their contemporaries? What are the ways in which we’re going to evaluate this concept of “difference in skill/training”? And more importantly, why are we so insistent on doing so when it’s been proven time and again that these sorts of perceptions are difficult to pin down and, as a result, tend to be primarily based on our own prejudices as opposed to anything else??

The idea that “some things are inherently more of an effort than others” is something that people need to re-evaluate. The perception that folks hold as it exists right now, that doing more work clearly implies that the profession requires more “intelligence,” is something that doesn’t hold water for a variety of reasons. I say this as someone who literally flunked out of fast food job because of ADHD. I’m an engineering student. Arguably, I’m doing something that requires “more work” so therefore, I should be getting “more respect/more money/compensation,” but the truth is, engineering is a LOOOOOT easier to deal with for me, for a variety of different reasons. 

The idea is that when people are safe and provided for, these things don’t matter. The amount of effort you want to put into something is entirely dependent on you, because it’s not beholden to capitalistic ideas of what counts as a “valuable contribution” in society. These ideas of what is or isn’t valuable is arbitrary in a whole host of different ways, so to try and dedicate time and effort to assigning monetary value to some occupations, vs just trying to see it in terms of how it can enrich you as a person, isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.

- Mod A

I want to let you know, I put some thought into this, just not any effort.
—  An actual quote by me about my final paper

Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.

So!!! I went to lunch with my friend Mariah and we had an excellent hour and a half ish together just catching up and the next time we get together for lunch we’re gonna make tacos!!! Yay!!!

Something's Gotta Give
Sammy Davis Jr.

Imagine that it’s the 1960’s in New York City. Eren and Levi have known each other their whole lives and they’ve grown up together, now they’re sharing a small Brooklyn apartment while they try to establish themselves. Eren is an aspiring writer and Levi is a nightclub singer working his way up the ladder, ultimately hoping to find himself among the ranks of Sinatra and Martin.

Levi works a few jobs in addition to his singing gigs, so Eren rarely gets a chance to see him, but he always makes sure to leave his Friday evenings open so that he can attend whatever show Levi’s booked for. He has always loved Levi’s voice and after a long week, it’s exactly what he always needs to wind down and relax. It’s also one of the few times that he gets to spend with him: they usually have a drink and talk for a few hours after the show finishes, then they walk home together around 2 or 3 AM. He genuinely savors their time together, probably more than he really should. 

After one particularly stressful week, Eren goes to see Levi perform. He’s in a horrible mood: his manuscript has been rejected, he misplaced a draft he was working on, he was nearly fired from his job, and someone pick-pocketed him a few days prior and took a nice wad of cash from his pocket. Tired, upset, and irritated, Eren thoroughly enjoys the show but he sits through it with a scowl that Levi can’t help but notice. He’s usually so upbeat during his performances, he’s only seen him angry like this at home. 

When he’s done with his show, he tries the water with questions about what’s bothering him, but Eren deflects them and instead makes Levi talk about himself while they drink. He’s still visibly on edge, so Levi waits until they have a little bit of alcohol in their system and they’re on their way home to pry.

It takes a little bit of urging, but Eren finally cracks and tells him everything that’s been bothering him, and Levi listens patiently while he complains. There isn’t really much he can say that can make it better so he just offers his sympathy. Eren knows that he isn’t a particularly talkative person and he rarely says more than he needs to, so he appreciates the effort regardless of how helpful it really was or wasn’t. He does, however, have one request: “Would you mind sing something for me? Anything, really, just one song. Your voice calms me down.”

Levi pauses thoughtfully but nods. Eren is expecting one of his normal set songs, like Fly Me to the Moon or Beyond the Sea, but Levi starts on a note that he isn’t familiar with.

When an irresistible force such as you

Meets an old immovable object like me

You can bet just as sure as you live…

Never one to half-ass anything, Levi suddenly takes Eren’s hand and twirls him around in the middle of the street. Eren doesn’t dance, so it’s more of a one-sided swing dance on Levi’s part: he yanks him around by his arms and has him trailing clumsily behind his own refined steps and movements.

Something’s gotta give

Something’s gotta give

Something’s gotta give…

Eren questions the situation at first and apprehensively pleads for Levi to stop, but his requests are turned down with a terse head shake. There’s nobody around, Eren notices, and he’s forced to let it go and enjoy himself to the best of his ability.

When an irrepressible smile such as yours

Warms an old implacable heart such as mine

Don’t say no because I insist…

It’s harder to do than he’d thought because he’s having an awful time trying to ensure that he doesn’t blush. He shouldn’t feel this way about his childhood friend, especially not when said friend is a man, but here he is, and his heart is pounding out of his chest.

Somewhere, somehow

Someone’s gonna be kissed…

Levi pulls Eren in close with an arm wrapped around his back and his other arm extended, hand in hand. There is a pause as they make eye contact. It’s only a few seconds, but it’s sultry and intense and makes Eren’s breath catch in his throat even though he’s gasping for air. (Who would’ve thought that dancing was this tolling?)

So, en garde, who knows what the fates have in store

From their vast mysterious sky…

Eren has the strongest urge to kiss him. He doesn’t know why, but he has the strongest urge to kiss him. It might be the way that the moon illuminates his face and reflects in his eyes, or perhaps it’s because of how fluid and well-practiced his movements are. No, no, it’s most certainly his voice, velvety and smooth and nostalgic… Or is it, perhaps, the way that Eren’s hand fits so well in his? (Does he even hear himself? Oh, this is bad, he has it bad for Levi and this is bad.)

I’ll try hard ignoring those lips I adore

But how long can anyone try?

Levi dips his head in and their faces are enticingly close, so close that Eren can feel the warmth of his breath on his lips. He struggles with himself internally for a few moments: he knows that it’s Levi’s job to be suave, it brings in business and this is surely just a show, he’s had practice and he’s been doing this for years, they’ve been friends for years and friends don’t kiss… but how much does he really care? No, is it worth risking everything? He shouldn’t do this.

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight it with all of our might

Chances are some heavenly star-spangled night

You’ll find out just as sure as we live…

Just as he decides against it, Levi raises his hand to cup Eren’s cheek. Eren can’t hear anything over the sound of his own racing heart, and everything around him fades out of focus when Levi kisses him. They’re soft and his movements are gentle, but there’s an undertone of hunger that catches Eren off guard. He hates to be presumptuous, but it feels like Levi craved this as much as he did, it feels like Levi spent nights wondering what Eren tasted like and how smooth his skin would be and what it’d feel like to be pressed against his body. On that note, Eren kisses back and wraps his arms around his shoulders. Levi misses his next cue in the song by a few moments in favor of sucking on Eren’s lower lip and then trailing a line of kisses up his jawline to his ear.

“Something’s really got to give.”