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Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump

  AT 10 AM the Saturday before inauguration day, on the sixth floor of the Van Pelt Library at the University of Pennsylvania, roughly 60 hackers, scientists, archivists, and librarians were hunched over laptops, drawing flow charts on whiteboards, and shouting opinions on computer scripts across the room. They had hundreds of government web pages and data sets to get through before the end of the day—all strategically chosen from the pages of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—any of which, they felt, might be deleted, altered, or removed from the public domain by the incoming Trump administration.

  By the end of the day, the group had collectively loaded 3,692 NOAA web pages onto the Internet Archive, and found ways to download 17 particularly hard-to-crack data sets from the EPA, NOAA, and the Department of Energy. Organizers have already laid plans for several more data rescue events in the coming weeks, and a professor from NYU was talking hopefully about hosting one at his university in February. But suddenly, their timeline became more urgent.
  On the day that the Inside EPA report came out, an email from O’Brien popped up on my phone with “Red Fucking Alert” in the subject line.“We’re archiving everything we can.”

one major reason why trump’s muslim ban is going to fall pretty swiftly is that it reeks of poor management of imperialism. obama managed to keep muslims out of america pretty darn well, and liberals never complained (he even bombed thousands of them without a peep). “Pew Research Center said last October 38,901 Muslim refugees entered the United States in fiscal year 2016 from all countries - almost the same number of Christian refugees, 37,521.” the incoming syrian refugee total was 1% of lebanon’s, and again biased towards christians. the bush presidency actually built a database aimed at collecting as much biometric data on muslims as possible and subjecting them to numerous migration restrictions. obama kept it for 3 years and then suspended it because another biometric program pulled even more data and did so for everyone, not just muslims. none of this aroused any kind of anger or mass protests from liberals the way the current muslim ban is, and that was just how the american state apparatus preferred it. more than likely, this ban will fall in due time, and we’ll sit around crowing about how we defeated evil once again, while the previously mentioned issues will continue to plague muslims attempting to come to america.


A Barky Cat dialogue. We’re debating who was the best Goonie. (Henry likes Data.) 🔊😺🔊For more Barky Cat Bros, their blog is @barkycatbros

high school au (part two)

(read part one here)

Andrew has spent every Sunday since he got out of juvie either in church or at an Exy tournament. It’s not a future he would have predicted for himself two years ago.

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I don’t know if you remember, but 2 years ago I made a complete searchable corpus of every line ever uttered by Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This corpus, or database of words if you will, was constructed to allow research on Data’s use of modal markers, but it also enabled me to show stuff like this.

Well, I just remembered about it today and thought I’d do some more digging into Data’s speech patterns. This time, I wanted to know how many times he addresses the senior crew of the Enterprise by first name only.

So I started searching, excluding Worf since he basically only has one name, and eliminating instances where Data isn’t himself, like when he’s possessed.

And what I found was astounding.

Data never calls any fellow senior crew member by first name only. He always includes rank, title, and/or last name when he says one of their first names.

With the glaring exception of one person


And it doesn’t even end there.

It’s not like Data addresses Geordi by first name only like a handful of times.

We’re talking 112 times.

I repeat: Data never not even once calls Picard, Riker, Crusher, or Troi by first name only. But he does call Geordi simply “Geordi", and he does it 112 times.

California Nebula with added SII 

Added some more data to my image of the California Nebula. Only my 2nd narrowband image so still learning but ive mapped the Ha to Green and Blue and the SII to Red, no OIII was captured. This object has moved out of my FOV now so its time to move on and image something else. 

Light curves of the seven TRAPPIST-1 planets as they transit

This diagram shows how the light of the dim red ultra cool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 fades as each of its seven known planets passes in front of it and blocks some of its light. The larger planets create deeper dips and the more distance ones have longer lasting transits as they are orbiting more slowly. These data were obtained from observations made with the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope.


ESO/M. Gillon et al.

On a different note, any of y'all that take medication for ADHD have time to chat a bit about it?

I am starting some trial meds today and I have a lot curiosity about the whole process and other people’s experiences with it. (Also I am wrestling with the whole imposter syndrome/ over-achiever thing where my brain keeps trying to tell me that if I don’t respond correctly to meds immediately I am doing ADHD *wrong* like a *wrong* person.)

Like. What was your experience with the process of getting on the right meds for you and fine-tuning the dosage? What did it feel like for you when the meds were working vs what did it feel like when they weren’t? What tips or tricks or issues did you encounter? Signs that it might be interacting badly w/ anxiety? Other thoughts?

Knowledge and anecdotes v appreciated.

NASA JPL’s Sculpture Is A Conversation With Space

This sculpture reacts to real-time communications between 30+ interplanetary spacecraft missions and the Deep Space Network. Communication sent to a spacecraft triggers streams of light upward. Information sent back to Earth triggers lights downward. The more activity in the lights, the more data is being transmitted.

“you’re destroying yourself,” he told her. she didn’t reply. “you can’t live for just your mind and nothing else. you’re human, for god’s sake. you need love, affection, you need all the things that all of us need. please. you’re destroying yourself.”

she didn’t look at him. her fingers turned the page. her eyes read. her lashes flickered shut, just a second, before she drank the words on the paper. more information. more data. all the connections and causes the world had to offer.

he reached for her, touched her shoulder. “please,” now he was begging, “you’re not a machine.”

“but I wish I was.”

“you can’t be.” he spoke gently now, hope rising up. maybe he could reach her. “you don’t have to be. it’s okay not to know things. sometimes there are no answers, or a problem that even you can’t solve. there are things bigger than any of us, and you can’t do anything to understand them.”

she froze under his touch. 

he let go. he took a breath. “it will be okay. you’ll get used to it. come on.”

“no,” she said.

he opened his mouth. she turned to him, and the shine of her eyes spoke not of life as it used to, not of curiosity nor the yearning for knowledge that had made her the most brilliant creature he’d ever seen.

“who are you?” he whispered it, stumbling, terror in his voice. she was brilliant still, and it had made her - 

“i am my mind.” she didn’t blink anymore. her fingers were curled around the book, a page crumpled up under her palm. “i was nothing before i could think like this. before i knew. before i could connect all the information, make nets and theories and new ways. don’t you see?” her smile spread over her lips, hesitating then, shying away from her wide black pupils. 

he pressed his back to the wall. his body trembled. “you are more than this.”

“no!” she hissed. her fist crashed into the book, tears springing to her eyes. “you don’t understand, stupid, stupid! my mind could be perfect! it could be brilliant, better than anyone, it could make me special. it could make me more than just another…”

“human?” her swallowed. moved. came closer, just a step. “you don’t want to be human?”

“no. yes. I want…” 

“it’s okay. you don’t have to be extraordinary, you know? it’s alright to be enough-”

“I want to be more.”

he took all the courage he had and went back to her. when he stood in front of her, silent, she touched her fingers to his chest.

“if you’re not brilliant, you’ll be forgotten.”

her fingers curled into a fist.

“I’d rather be remembered than human.”

When the response to our question “What do I do for my kids who can’t even read or do basic subtraction?” is “Well, we really need to collect more data…”
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Sherlock pushes his forehead hard against John’s and their noses are just nudging one another’s, and John can taste Sherlock’s breath as it pushes inside John’s lips, humid and slightly sweet as he breathes, “More data.”

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Personal Stories Are More Persuasive Than Scientific Data

Let’s say you have to make a presentation to several department heads  at work about your latest conversations with your customers. You   interviewed 25 customers and surveyed another 100, and have lots of   important data to share. Your first thought might be to present a   summary of the data in a numerical/statistical/data driven format, for   example:

  • 75% of the customers we interviewed….
  • Only 15% of the customers responding to the survey indicated…

Perhaps you are thinking about pie charts vs. bar charts.

Don’t present the data first — A data based approach  will not be as persuasive as anecdotes. You may want to include the   data in the presentation at some point, but your presentation will be   more powerful if you start with and focus on one or more anecdotes, for example:

  • “Mary M from San Francisco shared the following story about how she uses our product: …”

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