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and I’m back at it with another @therealjacksepticeye portrait!
(Not sure if I’m done with it yet tho so it’s a wip I guess lol)

I only had red, green, and white paint left so this is what happened
(Also the last pic was my half-assed attempt at painting with my non dominant hand)

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When you get this, it would be cool to post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers

Thank you, Darling !! 

  1. I am a Piscean
  2. I am Indian
  3. I love spicy food (forgone conclusion)
  4. I love reading ..crazy about books
  5. some of my fav books are -To kill a mockingbird, Daddy Long legs many more
  6. I love fantasy genre- Harry Potter, Tolkien, Narnia
  7. I also love Star Wars and Star Trek and comics - Marvel, DC u name it
  8. I can play keyboard a bit 
  9. I can draw a bit
  10. I am a physician
  11. I love animated movies- Disney, Studio Ghibli

Now for anyone who wants to play it @angrydragonpuppy , @kylo-im-ren@dolphinsaremajestic@kapkeyknudols@urfavpowerranger@chalek1725 only if u want!

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[In continuation to this and to this]

My dearest Eggsy,

I hope that the hangover from all those martinis isn’t so bad. I fear I overestimated your limits last night and forgot to take into account that you had just been drugged a few hours ago.

If you are reading this note, then you surely found the aspirin I left out for you, as well as the glass of water.

I shouldn’t be out for long, but I realised that if I wanted to cook you a meal fit for teaching you some table manners like I promised you, I needed to go to the shops. Merlin and I aren’t all that good at keeping the pantry full, I’m afraid.

If you feel up to it, there is fresh coffee waiting for you in the kitchen and one of those old letter you told me Merlin mentioned in his last letter to you. It will be right next to the pot and should keep you entertained until my return.

With my most sincere affection,

[written on a paper that has gotten yellow with age]

My darling Merlin,

Even if I have the immense luck of hearing your marvellous voice every day since I left, I must admit that I yearn to feel your arms around me again. There isn’t a night where I don’t dream of kissing you again and rediscovering your whole body with lips and fingers.

It is a constant struggle not to abandon this mission and come back home to you. But I wouldn’t be the man you fell in love with were I to give up now on my assignment.

So I persist with my surveillance and try not to lose myself too much inside my daydreams of being by your side once more. I would be satisfied with being close enough to feel your warmth through our clothes, but I what I truly long for is to hold your hand while you take me apart with your words.

My perseverance has at least rewarded me with some gorgeous specimens of Doxocopa Seraphina, Heliconius Erato and Callicore Hydaspes. I have taken the liberty to send them to you.

Their beauty reminded me of yours.

Tu me manques comme personne ne m’a jamais manqué.

My heart is forever yours,
Your devoted Harry

(Dear Daddies Long Legs is a on-going collab story/rp that I have the pleasure to write with @insanereddragon and @trekkiepirate)
(Author’s note: Harry’s french would be translated into “I miss you like I’ve never missed anyone before” but the french way has a slightly different meaning, more like “you are missing from me” which I felt was more appropriate somehow)

Musical Theatre Accessibility!

I added this reply to another post, but I decided to make a separate post because I’m so passionate about this. 

It is SO IMPORTANT to support when the Broadway community makes strides to provide accessible theatre.

There have been a lot of great things happening like BroadwayHD (which, while it doesn’t have the best selections right now is a HUGE step in the right direction and will continue to grow if we support it!) and livestreams!

The Daddy Long Legs livestream a few months ago was FREE to the public, and did AMAZING things for their PR.

The She Loves Me livestream was only $10.00! I saw some people complaining about the livestream price, but it’s only $10.00 and WELL worth it to see a current Broadway production from the comfort of your own home. ALSO this stream was made available for a week after it happened so if you couldn’t tune in for the live viewing you could still watch it, and I read somewhere the BroadwayHD will probably add it to their collection in a few months.

Hell, Hamilton was just professionally recorded! And Lin Manuel-Miranda mentioned that it was “going into the Gringotts vault” which means I can only assume that it might be released/accessible in a few years. I can understand why they aren’t releasing it now, but they went to the trouble of preserving it and publicizing that they were preserving it, so it must be for a purpose. 

We might have to be patient, but it might be something like Shrek The Musical which was released on DVD/BluRay/Netflix a few years after the show closed. 

Another note, try to buy things like Shrek The Musical or Billy Elliot (to name a few) that are released on DVD/Netflix/Other outlets! I don’t mind paying the price of a normal movie for a recorded live performance.

Encourage these things! And support them, both with publicity and support them financially.

If She Loves Me puts their show out there for only $10.00, do your best to pay that $10.00 so they know that people think it’s worth it

Also, if you enjoyed the She Loves Me/Daddy Long Legs livestream or any other show that tries hard to make things accessible, do your best to buy the cast album

I always buy the cast album of a show that does something like this, almost as a thank you, but also if it helps their publicity and their sales, it will prove that make recordings/livestreams are successful to the industry and more will start happening! Daddy Long Legs skyrocketed, and then a few months later She Loves Me happened! These kinds of events are already getting good word of mouth.

So please make it known that there is a demand, and try your best to support financially. The OP is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Not everyone can afford outrageous trips to New York, hotel rooms, ticket prices, and the like (I know I certainly cannot), but if you can afford the small price of a livestream or a cast album, or subscription to something like BroadwayHD, it might make a world of difference! It has already gotten better than in past years!

We aren’t entitled to theatre being free to the public, but we do deserve accessibility without OUTRAGEOUS prices, so buy things whenever possible and support the arts!

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Going off of the idea of Shoichi's VR form being related to spiders in some way, maybe the spider motif could also mean that if he does in fact end up being revealed as faking this friendship with Yusaku and being one of the bad guys, you could say he's currently /weaving Yusaku into his web/ >:3c (Probs not but that would be really cool~)

Me @ Shoichi if he ever betrays Yusaku:

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holy crossovers, Batman! 

HARVESTPENGUIN?? Got some Penguins on the brain, lately! WAUGH WAUGH WAUGH

SO UM, I’m pretty sure Harvestman’s design has been more or less subconsciously inspired by the Penguin’s from Batman the Animated Series.

lol, I also thought of Scapegrace as the Riddler and Crane as the Scarecrow, dohohoho