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How can you get custom brushes on the medibang app?(like ones others have made and put online)

MediBang Paint has a library of cloud brushes - here are instructions for downloading/installing a cloud brush

Also a more complete guide for the Pro (desktop) version.

When adding more custom brushes, there are three types of FireAlpaca/MediBang Paint brushes.  At the bottom of the brush list there are three corresponding buttons.

Add Brush, icon like a blank piece of paper, adds another built-in brush (Pen,  Airbrush, Smudge, Eraser, etc). For this, you don’t need to download anything. Just click the button and set the settings to match the posted settings (usually posted as a screenshot). For example, the great blend brushes by KittyKittyKittyzz here.

Add Brush (Bitmap), icon is a piece of paper with two dark grey squares and two light grey squares (like the corner cut off a fly-sized chess board), you browse and select a PNG file to be the brush “tip” or “particle” (for the scatter types). These are usually posted just as the brush image and (not always) the brush settings to match - simply right click on the brush image in your web browser and Save Image As or Save Picture As. Click the Add Brush (Bitmap) button, choose the brush .png image, then change the settings as required.

Add Brush (Script), icon like a piece of paper with a large letter S, you browse and select a BS (brush script) file,  which is text file containing a small program in the Lua programming language that defines the brush effect.

If brushes are posted in a .zip file, you need to extract or copy the files inside the zip file first, FireAlpaca cannot access files still in the zip file (although Windows lets you treat the zip file like a folder, FireAlpaca cannot use this).


This was my Christmas gift for Liz this year, I wanted to make a sort of post card design inspired by classic Golden Books illustrations and vintage Disney Holiday cards. I think I could have accomplished the look I was going for much more if I had custom brushes or used Corel Painter instead of Photoshop, just because I’m much more familiar with that tool set. But I’m still pretty happy with how this turned out, despite how long it took me to figure out what I wanted to do. Merry Christmas Liz!

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Hello! I have a question, what is the difference between the standard, bitmap and script brushes?

Ah, sorry, I didn’t notice this because the tumblr on my browser didn’t notify me for some reason? Anyway, here’s the answer, i couldn’t find any via simple google search that went into specifics, so i typed something up myself:

The simplest way to understand them is how each type is made. 

-standard from the “new” button in the brush window (it’s the icon with a sheet with a corner bent) .  These are your basic brushes available in almost any digital raster painting/drawing program. You’ve got basic brushes like pen and watercolor, but also some you can’t find under other brush types such as blur and smudge. Medibang paint has some custom eraser brushes but these should be available in firealpaca too because they are still actually simple round erasers. You cannot change the shape for brushes under this type.
- Bitmap from “new bitmap”. Once u press it, you get to choose a png of your choosing, recommended by both firealpaca and medibang as a 512x512 size canvas. Then you can customize your new brush a lot in the dialogue that pops up and choose the type of brush also: between watercolour and scatter types. Good for pencil and ink brushes, anything needs to look organic or textured or patterned. Recently on medibang paint, the option to rotate was added to the brush type so that improves their customization even more.
-script brushes from “new script” - these are made via writing Lua code. Usually script brushes are less customizable in their “edit brush” dialogue(double click the brush) than bitmap brushes but, they also have a variety of more specific brushes than other brush types, e.g. marker brush, a chain brush where you can change the length, color and size of the chains or a stipple brush where you can adjust the center of the brush direction. Good for specific brushes such as nib pens or speedlines. There are very many different types out there, you can find most listed here:

And if you want to code your own Script brush, Obtusity has a miniseries on this:

*** Basically, the standard brushes are really easy to make and have very basic customization but are good enough for high-end illustration and animation. This is where you can get some of your smoothest brushes in my opinion. Here’s the basic brushes on the Medibang Paint brush manual.
** The bitmap brushes are quite easy to make but can require some testing and designing on your part if you want to make your own. Otherwise, there are actually quite many free ones out there. You can check out my own brushes under tagged/fpacatuto. I’ve been making a tutorial this year on how to make btmap brushes for specific purposes (such as inking) and how to pre-think a brush but I haven’t had time to finish it. They are generally very editable after making them.
* Script brushes are harder to make if you don’t already know Lua code but it can fairly easy to learn. If you can think of a purpose not available under standard or bitmap brushes, a brush can be figured out via coding one. The possibilities with this are more open than bitmap brushes actually. Fairly easy to edit brush after creating it.

For preview and comparison, here’s an extensive brush list provided by Medibang Paint, these are all the brushes you can download from their cloud service. Brushes which are quite smooth and exact while providing a specific purpose are script brushes while those which are meant more for painting or patterns based on images are bitmap brushes.

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Hello, I was wondering if one day you could please post your brush textures? Perhaps as a patron reward or a paid download? I really love the splatter effects for the bg on Keith but I can't find a good brush texture for it! Thank you for reading! 😅

oh man I don’t know, is that something people would actually be interested in as patreon reward :?

I could also make more custom brushes for people as reward

(I’m actually trying to figure out which new rewards to make for it and I might post a poll soon ahh)

(and those were actually several brushes combined, probably 4+ haha)

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what program do you use to draw?

OOC: Mischief! It’s not the most spectacular program for coloring (Well for me at least, but then again, I’m still learning and haven’t colored much), but I like the lines and how simple it is. It has smoothing features for the brush stroke in preferences, which is useful if you have a shaky hand. It also has unlimited zoom which doesn’t pixelate when you move in close, additional custom swatch color palettes, and more docks for custom brushes. However, it’s kind of limited in tools compared to programs like Sai or Photoshop, but that just means the canvas can be bigger! I bought it for $25 but you can get a free-trial for fifteen days to test it out yourself.

Here’s the download for the program: click

Here are more reviews: click

 I am still skeptical about the coloring for this program, but maybe it’s because I’m still learning. After all, here are a few examples of the paintings made with this particular program that blow me away so..

Here’s a recent doodle I tried coloring:

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Hey! Awesome work! I'm trying to learn more about custom brushes in PS... What brush do you use for your sketches?

In Photoshop, I tend to use Frenden’s Greasy pencil,  the Stumpy Pencil, and Fun Sketchin’ Brush 1. As for Manga Studio, I’m glued to Frenden’s Inker Dry Brush Pen.

I do fiddle around with the sensitivity/pen pressure from time to time with them because I have a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to drawing…which is why I use either a lead holder pencil (HB-4B depending on the brand) or digital brushes that have that textured pencil-like line for my work. 

All secrets are revealed! Hope that helps! ♥♥♥