more custom brushes

I'm hiding in a toilet stall.

I can’t deal.

Horrible customers, one who got angry at me because the hairbrush she brought didn’t have a barcode and since i couldn’t leave the cash register, i asked her to please bring one with a barcode. So she took one from a different hairbrush. Not my problem if she took a barcode off a more expensive brush.

Another customer gave me the “you look bored” line, and yet another one ignored the whole line of people ahead of her and came to register first.

Then a coworker who i really like, we’re good friends, i know she cares and worries about me, but i need just one person in my life to not judge me and constantly pester me to get bariatric surgery. I know im fat and i should lose weight, im slowly recovering from a back injury and i want to start eating the paleo diet which I’ve read nothing but good things about. Can’t she leave that issue alone? And that i should get my act together and stop fretting about working the morning shift the day after working the night shift. I have my own issues which make this difficult, and in one sentence she belittled me and the stuff i have to deal with.