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I'm hiding in a toilet stall.

I can’t deal.

Horrible customers, one who got angry at me because the hairbrush she brought didn’t have a barcode and since i couldn’t leave the cash register, i asked her to please bring one with a barcode. So she took one from a different hairbrush. Not my problem if she took a barcode off a more expensive brush.

Another customer gave me the “you look bored” line, and yet another one ignored the whole line of people ahead of her and came to register first.

Then a coworker who i really like, we’re good friends, i know she cares and worries about me, but i need just one person in my life to not judge me and constantly pester me to get bariatric surgery. I know im fat and i should lose weight, im slowly recovering from a back injury and i want to start eating the paleo diet which I’ve read nothing but good things about. Can’t she leave that issue alone? And that i should get my act together and stop fretting about working the morning shift the day after working the night shift. I have my own issues which make this difficult, and in one sentence she belittled me and the stuff i have to deal with.

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Hello, I was wondering if one day you could please post your brush textures? Perhaps as a patron reward or a paid download? I really love the splatter effects for the bg on Keith but I can't find a good brush texture for it! Thank you for reading! 😅

oh man I don’t know, is that something people would actually be interested in as patreon reward :?

I could also make more custom brushes for people as reward

(I’m actually trying to figure out which new rewards to make for it and I might post a poll soon ahh)

(and those were actually several brushes combined, probably 4+ haha)

Cox And Crendor In The Evening.

After a month of learning to paint using photoshop, I’ve decided to put some hours into a single painting. This is the result!

I had some problems painting faces as my computer is far too slow to allow for adequate formats. More so with custom brushes. I had to resort to a lot of spacing and more patience.

In any case, I like the final result. So, take care and be positive!

anonymous asked:

what program do you use to draw?

OOC: Mischief! It’s not the most spectacular program for coloring (Well for me at least, but then again, I’m still learning and haven’t colored much), but I like the lines and how simple it is. It has smoothing features for the brush stroke in preferences, which is useful if you have a shaky hand. It also has unlimited zoom which doesn’t pixelate when you move in close, additional custom swatch color palettes, and more docks for custom brushes. However, it’s kind of limited in tools compared to programs like Sai or Photoshop, but that just means the canvas can be bigger! I bought it for $25 but you can get a free-trial for fifteen days to test it out yourself.

Here’s the download for the program: click

Here are more reviews: click

 I am still skeptical about the coloring for this program, but maybe it’s because I’m still learning. After all, here are a few examples of the paintings made with this particular program that blow me away so..

Here’s a recent doodle I tried coloring:

bodiechewning  asked:

Hey! Awesome work! I'm trying to learn more about custom brushes in PS... What brush do you use for your sketches?

In Photoshop, I tend to use Frenden’s Greasy pencil,  the Stumpy Pencil, and Fun Sketchin’ Brush 1. As for Manga Studio, I’m glued to Frenden’s Inker Dry Brush Pen.

I do fiddle around with the sensitivity/pen pressure from time to time with them because I have a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to drawing…which is why I use either a lead holder pencil (HB-4B depending on the brand) or digital brushes that have that textured pencil-like line for my work. 

All secrets are revealed! Hope that helps! ♥♥♥