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Slightly Warm [l]

Pairing; Chanyeol x Reader

Word count; 1642

Genre; Fluff, Smut in future chapters, University Au, Dad!Chanyeol Au, CEO!Chanyeol, Age Gap

If you are not keen on certain genres that will be seen throughout this fic, please do not complain or send negative messages. Just. Don’t. Read. Thank you!

Being a university student you didn’t have much money to live off, let alone money to spend on yourself. Your mom had told you to get a part-time job, your dad gave you $20 a week as he felt guilty that he couldn’t see you often. And your grandparents had already given you your inheritance money when they found out you got into uni. Working 10 hours on your studies and a following 8 in the local cafe just outside of campus you had no real time with yourself or with others- except those you served, your boss and your professors.

As you entered the back of the cafe, you began to tie your hair, you grabbed your apron and tied it around your waist. The manager of the cafe was already there, preparing the machines and brewing the coffee. “Hello sir,” you bowed, “I hope your journey here was okay?” You smiled brightly at him. He was a tall, dark, and quite honestly handsome. “It was a little cold, I couldn’t find my scarf so I had a chilly neck on the walk here.” You chuckled to yourself at the thought of your 6-foot boss walking to work doing everything he could to warm his neck up. “I woke up a little earlier than usual; Hyerin left her bedroom window open, the breeze coming from her room woke me- so I had some extra time to pack her lunch and lay out clothes for her.” You smiled brightly towards the words of your boss, he was definitely a family man, he took great pride in talking about his wife and his daughter, they were the light of his life. “That’s so sweet, getting her things together. Hopefully, you can sleep a little better tonight.” You both smile sweetly at each other as you walked into the kitchen to collect the pastries that he had placed in the oven not long after he arrived, ready to place them into the refrigerator at front of the cafe.

7 hours into your shift after finishing serving the last person who ordered, a tall, dark, handsome gentlemen- similar to your boss- walked in with, what looked to be, a 4-year-old toddler who just managed to reach below his waist. He approached an empty table that was positioned by the window of the cafe, placed his bag and the child’s things upon the two chairs and began to walk over towards the register, child in hand.

“Urmm hi, could I have an iced americano and a chocolate milkshake, slightly warm?” The child pulled the tall man’s hand and pointed towards the glass window, behind the pastries you put out earlier, “and a caramel flapjack and an orange and pumpkin seed muffin.” He ended his sentence with a smile. “Of course, that’ll be $6.20, you can go ahead and sit down and I’ll bring it all right over.” You tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear putting the money that he had given you in the cash register- he nodded and walked over to his table, still with the child in hand. While you gathered all the items that he had ordered together, you couldn’t help but look over every once in awhile- hearing the child giggle at his gestures and colouring in with him. It was a sight for your tired eyes.

“One iced americano, a slightly warm milkshake- chocolate of course- a caramel flapjack, and an orange and pumpkin seed muffin! Please enjoy and if you have any problems, please be sure to ask- you won’t be a bother.” You smiled at the little boy and the tall gentlemen sat to your right. “Say thank you to the young lady Hyun.” Removing the flapjack from his reach before he had the chance to tuck into it. “Thank you, miss.” His voice a higher pitch than the older gentleman, his gappy smile making you lowly chuckle to yourself. “Thank you.” He nodded his head and you walked over to the other side of the register. Cleaning up the worktops you had just worked on, a knock on the glass and a little voice shortly after, you looked over the counter to see the little boy that came in the cafe with his father. “Miss, could I have a straw please?” You giggled, this child was beyond cute. “Of course you can little man. What colour do you want?” He placed his hands on the counter trying to lift himself up a little more, analyzing the colours you had in your hand. You looked over to your right, seeing his father look in your direction- head on hand watching the interaction between you and his son. “Green! I want the green one…please.” As you handed him the straw your boss came walking out of the back with a towel on his shoulder and flour on his apron, “How’s the front of house doing? Are you handling everything okay?” He stopped in his tracks seeing you bent over the counter in the odd way that you were. “What are yo- Oh Hyun! Where’s your father?” You looked up at your boss, setting yourself down- just reaching you bosses chin once again. Hyun’s father walked over to the register, picking Hyun up- your boss walking over to the other side of the counter. “Chanyeol, what are you doing here?” Hugging him gently, not wanting to squish Hyun.

Chanyeol? How did he know his name? You were slightly confused by the whole situation, even though it was none of your business in the first place. “Hyun and I were on our way home from school and we wanted something to drink, Hyun’s legs were a little tired from walking.” You stood there staring at the men engaging in conversation, Hyun staring at you, trying to grab ahold of the straw in the bass pot next to the counter- you picked up one of the straws and started taunting the little one. Chanyeol looked in your direction and smiled at your actions, as did your boss. “Where are my manners, this is my best worker Y/N, she is one of my most loyal and hardworking employees. Y/N this is Chanyeol.” You put your head down in embarrassment. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” He put his free hand out, you placed your smaller hand on his and he shook your hand gently. “I’m Youngjin’s longtime friend, we’ve known each other since university- we were in the same business class as each other. Thank you for being so kind to Hyun for me, he seems to have taken a liking to you.” You smiled, “It’s been a pleasure messing with him- he’s been the sweetest.”

A new customer approached the counter- Youngjin, Chanyeol, and Hyun, still in his father’s arms, moved to the table they had previously sat at- leaving you to do your job. After serving the customer, you began to pack away the leftover pastries, as your shift was almost over and was almost time to close up- most of the cafe was empty excluding three tables which were full of talkative people enjoying their beverages. You loaded them onto a tray, ready to take them to the back- as you were on your knees collecting the desserts from the lower shelf, you saw your boss gesture you over. You got up, patted your knees down and headed over. “Y/N, Chanyeol is a very busy man running his own business and all- as well as looking after little Hyun. It’s a lot to handle since I’m also busy I thought maybe asking you to see if you could look after Hyun. I understand that you’re busy with university as well as working here- but the day that you’re asked to look after Hyun, I will allow you to have that day off.” You looked over to Hyun, he was playing with the straw you had given him earlier, trying to get his straw and his dad’s straw stick together. You then looked over to Chanyeol, his eyes pierced at you. “It would really mean a lot to me, I would pay you and if I needed you to stay the night you would have your own bedroom, you really wouldn’t have to worry about anything while looking after Hyun- he’s a good kid, really.”

You could see in the corner of your eye Hyun staring at you, there were things you had to take into consideration - such as how long you would be there, what about your studies, would the pay be enough for you to live off? I guess Chanyeol could see your thought process as he then told you that if you needed to bring your books you could, you could do anything that would make the whole looking after Hyun easier for you. “Yeah, of course, anything to help.” You said with a smile, Chanyeol then copied your action. “Great! Y/N, I’ll give Chanyeol your number and he’ll contact you whenever he needs you. I hope that’s okay.” You nodded, Chanyeol got up and shook your hand. “Thank you, really, this means so much!” You told him that it was your pleasure and that you looked forward to looking after Hyun, or ‘the lil man’ as you liked to call him. “Y/N I think we’ve taken up enough of your time, thank you so much for the day- you’ve worked so hard. You should head off home, I’ll finish up cleaning.” You nodded and gathered your belongings from the back of the cafe and made your way home to your apartment that you shared with your friend.

I hope you enjoy this first part, I’m sorry if it’s not written “well”…It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written something- I just felt like writing. Part 2 will be out next Friday, that’s the day I hope to update. Just please bear with me, hopefully, I can be more active in creating and posting my work. Thank you again - Admin Kiwi


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
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Friendly reminder that trans boys are still boys even if they are feminine, dye their hair with bright colors, call themselves boys instead of men, wear pastel colored clothes, and don’t give in to toxic masculinity and gender roles

Friendly reminder that feminine trans mlm are mlm and NOT girls fetishizing mlm relationships

Friendly reminder that feminine trans boys and feminine trans mlm are valid and are welcome in our community


There’s a strange love inside
It’s getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder
There’s a danger I can’t hide
Who I am, it’s who I am
It’s who I am, it’s who I am

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot

girls don’t want boys girls want 10000x more star wars femslash content than there currently is


*Slinks in* *Drops this* *Slinks out*

SO like, in my heart Harry is Ernest’s fave and he was absolutely obsessed with his hair and loved that they matched. SO he’s devastated when H cuts his. Think that clip from 1dday where the kid said he didn’t like harry’s clothes and he poorly pretended to laugh it off while obviously being deeply insulted. That sh*t is my jam. 



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anonymous asked:

Hi, 7goodangel. I am here to ask you about PaperJam as a shy, smol and innocent being (mainly thegreatrouge made him be). There has been some conflicts regarding his trait. Some said his canonical personality is a jerk, like what you wrote in his bio / info and some said that is severely wrong and being shy, (which made him shipped with Fresh), is his canonical personality. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, it is your character and people are taking control of it. Don't you disagree?

Well… I have talked to people and seen public conversations and this has happened several times to me over months. I guess I’ve gotten a little numb to it now… or maybe it’s due to school that I haven’t given it the attention that it deserves. Probably due to school. 

I just can’t update constantly like others - even though some others in school were and are able to update constantly. I can’t keep going around and holding up my bio of PJ and police people. It’s exhausting to me… it really takes up the small bit of free time I have. 

I think after I get a solid job that I’ll be able to go around better… but anyway - back to your question. 

While I love seeing interpretations and do not want people to be limited by something and have their imaginations go forth… it’s proving that a huge con comes with that mentality - which you have pointed out. A lot of people swear that PJ is the cute, innocent interpretation that really, did get PJ popular in the first place. While I did have him as a jerk from the beginning - I kinda kept that info to my RP blog - so you could say it is my fault this is all happening and I do think that. I could of done something to make it not as bad as it is now… 

It’s just like the NSFW stuff… people just assume the first thing and run with it. And it really does make me feel like I really am not needed for my own character at points. 

It’s a struggle - I don’t want to have people stop interpreting PJ within AUs… but I also don’t want people to just see him as an innocent child to ship with Fresh. 

And I’m still trying to find the best solution to it. 

But… I feel like the damage is already done. It’s too late for me to talk to all of these people going around swearing on their life that PJ is canoncally like Rouge’s interpretation/AUs. It feels like an hopeless battle to me. 

And I guess I needed someone to ask me this question so then I can fully say my thoughts on this. 

So in short, while I love creativity and don’t want to snuff it out (considering some people would probably think I’m doing that already with saying “No Sin”), I still don’t like it. It irritates me, irks me, frustrates me, and I feel like even as the person who thought of PJ in the first place, my voice isn’t enough. Communities seem like they don’t care about artists unless they reach a ‘certain goal of popularity’ or seem like they have a more professional style of art. I know I do not reach either of those titles. 

People misspell my username all the time - I actually claimed ‘7goodangle’ on tumblr for that reason.

People still say “I’m too lazy to find who made PJ” when they clearly mentioned they looked at the bio on the wiki. 

People still go around arguing others on the canon ship of OmniPJ and swearing that FreshPaper is the true canon ship, when all people are pointing out is that they need to keep the canon ship in mind when going around with information.

Even just basic personality traits… and these things are happening on sites that I do not nor want an account for. 

I still want others to have fun - to be happy; but I don’t know… I guess I’m cutting out my own happiness to get everyone else happy? I want to eventually write a version of PJ within his own universe and story… and he is more like the version I created within the UT verse. Not exact - but close. Though who knows… I might shove PJ to the side and replace his role with another character. I’m still weighing options.

Cause PJ was the first character I ever put this much time and thought into… my first character that was balanced, well rounded…

And what happens?


You said it Anon. 

They took it - changed it (initially as an AU but now people think it’s canon) - and I can’t do much about it. Due to school and not much free-time… due to how many don’t know the true creator… and just back talking anyone who is just mentioning it to people who swear by it. 

As an artist and a character designer…

It makes me not want to show designs, characters, and stories ever again online.

Considering if this is how I was treated on the first one… why even take a chance at a second one? If it has brought me so much stress, frustration, and time… why even try it again?

I said I was only going to do fanart so if anyone stole it, it didn’t really matter. 
I think I should have stuck with that thought process. 

In conclusion, there are some major things to take away here. First – that yes, I do not like how it has skewed this far to the point of arguing over a fandom version with the canon. Canon is canon and I get the different AUs – this is too far. Way too far. I am emotionally drained from this – from this whole mess that I have been defending throughout majority of PJ’s lifespan. I will state this – Paper Jam is my character. He is my original character that I created more than a year ago. And the UT AU fandom took my character and warped him to something he is not and all of his original meaning is lost. I do not like to hurt others or make other sad – but I must put my foot fully down. This miscommunication needs to stop. I am tired of repeating things over and over and I have past my breaking point time and time again. I just want people to see PJ how he really is… and I wish that people could be focusing more on the reality of him instead of the alternate that they all claim as truth.

Final words: I still like Undertale – I still like creating characters and having fun – but the Undertale AU fandom is ridiculous now. The Amino UT community is insanity in an app, and there is a lot of stuff that has made many artists and creators to their breaking point and leaving the fandom entirely. Everyone in this fandom needs to take ten steps back and look at what they are doing. Go back to the game. Play it again – watch your favorite let’s player’s videos of it again. 

And just… food for thought… please don’t jump the gun on someone else’s OC’s personality and actions. 

I do not want anyone to experience what I had.