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Homelessness as it exists in cities just isn’t an issue in small towns. If you lose your housing in a small town there’s a good chance you have friends and family there who can at least give you a place to crash. So when you hear people talking about the homeless, you either think they must be lazy fuck-ups who need to get a grip on their bootstraps, or they just need to walk over to the local church for some charitable aid to help them get a grip on those bootstraps.

In cities, homeless people exist in population sizes bigger than most rural towns – Los Angeles has an estimated 47,000 people with no place to go. New York City has over 60,000, and that’s lowballing it. That means if you took the entire population of South Dakota’s capital city and cloned them three times, they would still be outnumbered by New York City’s homeless population.

Did you know most homeless rely on hospital emergency rooms for care? Simply giving them a place to live cuts down on health problems and visits to the ER – ultimately saving taxpayers money, instead of having to pay more to watch people die on the streets. So it’s not just a case of bleeding heart liberals, wanting to save the world … it’s just as much a case of, “This person keeps crapping on my doorstep. I’d like this to stop. And also, instead of using my tax dollars to pay for a $20,000 surgery, how about we spend a fraction of that amount on basic preventative care?”

6 Ways Big Cities Turn You Liberal: A Convert’s Perspective

Finding Closure (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,682

Warnings: angst, language, more angst, mentions of sexytimes (so I’ll slap a NSFW-but-not-really label on this), flashbacks, mentions of alcoholism

A/N: This is the 2nd part of my submission for the talented and wonderful @tatortot2701 ‘s AU writing challenge.  I took a fluffy prompt and darkened it. My heart has an owwie.

My prompt was 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 -

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I know you're into US healthcare law, so I was wondering if you could explain to me why various insurance plans (including state-offered ones) have open enrollment dates and limit when people can sign up. It seems from the outside it's just so they can make peoples' lives more difficult, but is there an actual reason for this?

It is not a Bona Fide Healthcare Reason, and it’s…..not even a very good one, but essentially, it makes the math easier if you’re dealing with a finite and unchanging risk pool.

Remember that under the US health system, every time you see a healthcare professional, someone has to pay for everything they do. (Every test they run, every drug they prescribe, every blood draw and every needle and also the visit itself.) If that someone is you and you alone, a doctor’s visit could run you thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. However, if you have a good insurance plan and pay your monthly premium, the insurance company foots the bill, and will charge you only a portion of those costs.

Which means that in order for insurance companies to make any money, they have to create favorable risk pools. If 20 people sign up for plan ABC, they all pay the same premium. But if 5 ABC beneficiaries go to the doctor every week, they cost the insurance company a huge amount of money—probably more than their monthly premiums, and maybe even more than the amount of money everybody’s monthly premium brings in.

If I’m an insurer, I’m panicking—I can’t drop them from my plan just because they’re sick (thanks, Affordable Care Act!) but I also need to make a profit. Therefore, I need to figure out ways to offset the costs.

Which means insurance plans in general run on just….a crap ton of math. How many healthcare dollars does the average person utilize in a year? Where are they allocated (e.g. emergency services, pharmaceuticals, ambulatory care, etc.)? What if the average person has diabetes, how many additional dollars will they spend? Are there alternative therapies (like wellness plans or generic drugs) that do the same for less money? Are there partnerships the company can enter into that will bring those costs down? (This is where we get in-network and out-of-network stuff, as well as drug formularies.)

If people can jump onto plans and off again, or only buy insurance after they’re diagnosed with a chronic disease, it threatens the stability of the risk pool and ruins all the math. Additionally, when a company is offering its plans on the ACA marketplace, the government offers a subsidy—basically, they promise that if insurance companies lower the costs to the consumer, the government will make up the difference.

So much goddamn math, a lot of money changing hands—lawmakers and insurance compromised and decided it was much less complicated to have a single enrollment period, get everybody on the books, and manage the costs from there.

Which sucks for people who just……missed the deadline to enroll, or find themselves needing a different plan in mid-July. It also discourages a lot of shopping around for plans. (Which could itself lower insurance costs, though I have no faith in the free market to lower costs.)

That’s a long walk for a pretty short answer (”money and paperwork”) but I think it’s always helpful to know what’s really going on behind decisions corporations and legislators make.

Week 19 - Anatomy of A Scene

Here’s a look at our animation pipeline on AMBITION.  It’s a process that we’ve developed for doing client work and has served us well for many years.  It helps us save time and brain power, which gives us the ability to focus on just making solid work.

It Starts With Good Boards

Having solid storyboards is absolutely key to a successful production.  The concept of what a storyboard is actually used for is very misunderstood by artists young and old.  Getting the initial idea down is step one, but ensuring that all elements which will appear on the screen are clear and visible is the next important step to the process.  As a director, having a team that is familiar with your vision and level of standard for the work allows you the flexibility to be a bit more loose with your art.  But if working with a relatively new team, it’s super important to make sure that everything is CLEAR.

Key Animation & Timing

The next phase is taking the storyboards and putting the artwork “on model,” meaning to make it match the artistic direction that’s been established for the work.  Each cut of the reel is broken out and then every frame is counted for.

From our spreadsheet, the cut is 59 frames (2.45 seconds) long.  There are 3 main poses which are put on model as you can see below.  Now, you’ll also see an exposure sheet (x-sheet) that’ve made specifically for this production.  I start by marking down the main “beats” of the cut as indicated by the story reel.  Most story reel timing is usually left up to an editor and so it can be hit or miss depending on the experience level.  I tend to follow the Kurosawa school of filmmaking and believe that the director should also edit their own films.  Being an animator, I was meticulous with pacing so that my boards timing could be used as is.  

Writing x-sheets is a back and forth process.  Before I even start animating, I act out the actions PHYSICALLY to get a feel for the weight and I use a stop-watch to make sure that I have a good sense of long it will take me to go from A to B.  

NOTE: What you see here are my cleaned up key drawings which I produced AFTER I worked out my timing and spacing for the cut.

The Exposure Sheet (X-Sheet)

Some people have heard about them, others not.  An exposure sheet is much like a music sheet which allows for us to jot down the timing, spacing and action or camera directions of the cut.  

At first glance, it looks very intimidating but when you look understand that each cell represents a frame of footage; it’s not so scary anymore.  In fact, if you’re working in Flash or Harmony or any other animation program that has a timeline, you are in fact looking at a digital exposure sheet.  What trips people up is that they’ll spend way too much time in the timeline playing back footage and making tiny adjustments.  When in fact that proper way to go about producing high quality work is to do things one step at a time.

  • The key drawings from the story reel are marked down first.
  • Then I time out the action (using a stop watch and acting it out)
  • Then I jot down the spacing via thumbnails (testing as I go along)
  • When I’m satisfied with the work, I write it all done on the x-sheet and clean up my drawings.

As you can see, we’re animating on 1s so it’s doubly important that we have an iron clad grip on the work to maintain quality and consistency throughout.   If you leave too much to interpretation - I can guarantee that  - you will have more problems than you realized.

Once I’ve gone through and placed all my keys, it is now ready to be handed over for inbetweening and coloring.

Catch 22

Fact of the matter: Hand drawn animation - especially when done well - is a lot of work.  There’s a reason why we don’t see a lot of productions [in America] using hand drawn animation and it’s precisely because of the amount of work that goes into it and a lack of understanding of what it takes to do the work right.  9 out of 10 times, production budgets and schedules are often underestimated and then the money people get upset when the work looks like crap.  Animation takes a lot of time, especially to make it right.  It’s like sculpting a marble statue; when takes time to do it right.  And when it’s right, it’s right.  And when it’s wrong, it’s fucking awful.  But to most executives, producers and studios don’t want to spend the time (because it equals money) because the faster and cheaper you produce a product and get it to market, the more money you’ll make because you didn’t spend that much to make it!

It’s a catch-22.  Animation is an amazing storytelling platform, but in order to produce animation it will either require a lot of time or a lot of resources.  Both require money.  Guys like Bill Plympton keeps his production budgets and quality low because he does all the work himself but it takes between 1 to 2 years for him to do it alone where as Studio Ghibli will spend between 3 to 4 years producing a feature with all the trimmings.

Either way, when it’s done - and done well - animation is an incredible medium to work in.  Anything worth doing is never going to be easy.  

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People are missing the point about this charity post/involvement backlash. It's not that she's reaching out to a charity. No one, shippers or antis, should nay say that. But it's manipulation factor. When people (fans) feel like we are in the center of a shit storm being...I don't want to say manipulated bc we are smart, but maybe feel used by certain people taking advantage of our passion of the show and our support of these actors into spending our hard earned money for charity only (p1)

(P2) where they can throw away their appreciation for our support but lay it on thick for charity related things. I’m sorry but that’s not right. It’s not an MM thing either. Sam got heat during “suggest you ignore” basically saying I don’t care about how you feel & then all of a sudden when it’s time to raise money for MPC he seemed more sincere to everyone. There’s a lot of gray area in this bc of BTS bull crap but it’s the same concept that’d be a lot clearer if emotions were taken out of it.

(P3) And I don’t think people are wrong for thinking this way either. Supporting charities is always amazing work. But manipulating/using/whatever word you want to use for how people sometimes go about it is wrong even if it’s all for a good cause. That’s the end of my mini rant haha sorry. Have a good day!

I think that’s a pretty fair point anon! Thanks for explaining it better than I did :)

The signs according to people I know

(Written from a Scorpios perspective)
Aries: shy, smart, very hard working and super adorable!!!
Taurus: you tend to stress yourself out often. Just relax bb. If someone asks you to clarify, its because they don’t understand what your saying, but they want to understand. Don’t say “never mind”
Gemini: woah, I know we’re not supposed to get along very well but your chill as hell
Cancer: very emotional, but probably my best friend. You put your heart into it and I love you so much. (PS you don’t owe anyone anything)
Leo: hot damn bb I wish I had more of your attention. Everything about you is perfect like I cannot even put into words how I feel about you
Virgo: chill asf def comes w own personality and doesn’t give a crap. Can entertain for hours
Libra: lots to say, can hold a conversation like nothing and always down for parties
Scorpio: uhm, like the best kind of people ever (lol)
Sagittarius: fun, like to spend money, very careless
Capricorn: dark and to yourself but def my best friend ever. Very attractive personality wise
Aquarius: love the rules, very strict but one on one you can be very carefree
Pisces: energetic and crazy, can’t handle staying in

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So these "fans" are complaining since a selfie with Chris at supernova runs like $200. Maybe it's just me, but I think these people need to shut up. People easily waste money on far more worthless things. If they want to spend money to meet him- great! If not, stay home! There has been nothing but good reports about him and his interaction with fans. He bought a crowd of people pizza for crap sake. I'm suprised he wants to even do cons after all the bullshit shittlestoners have said/done.

I completely agree 1000%!!!! 

First of all, CHRIS does NOT set that price-he negotiates HIS base, and then the venue has to set the rest-and because HE is such a BIG NAME-they have to have extra security there-which they have to pay for and compensate on TOP of controlling the number of people who are going to want to be there to see him so they have to keep it at a price to CONTROL the number of people who will then purchase a ticket = CROWD CONTROL.  And in case anyone didn’t see this-Jason David Frank (Tommy, the original green ranger) was recently targeted at a Con by a “fan” with an assassination attempt so FUCK YES-GET FUCKING CHRIS HEMSWORTH PLENTY OF SECURITY TO KEEP HIM SAFE AND PAY FOR QUALITY SECURITY and if fans BITCH about paying for his safety and security THEN FUCK YOU -YOU DO NOT DESERVE to meet him OR EVEN BE HIS FAN. I mean that sincerely. I have met him TWICE and I had NO ISSUE paying the amount that I paid for my meet n greets. NO ONE twisted my arm or held me at gun point forcing me to pay the amount that I paid to attend the meet n greets. I happily paid the money for a once (twice) in a lifetime chance to stand next to Chris-I knew that I may never get the chance to do that again and that once his time with Marvel is done he probably won’t be doing cons anymore so I absolutely JUMPED at both opportunities that came up and yes those meet n greets go crazy fast but for me it is SO worth it-and if it’s not for you-then DON’T DO IT-but DO NOT DRAG CHRIS through the mud because you don’t want to pay to see him because plenty of people ARE willing to do it. And to compare HIS price to a typical Comic Con star is Unfair and uncalled for.

Chris is a sweetheart and takes the time to say hi and thank YOU for being there and so help me do NOT get me started on the “smiling” thing either because I could go off on that for days too-you can see it in HIS EYES that he is happy to be there and to be with you-he doesn’t have to grin like an idiot (as I am doing next to him in my pictures with him lol) in order to prove that he’s happy to be there with his fans). 

I’d happily do it again if I ever got the opportunity, it was terrifying/fantastic being that close to him! And I can’t stand “fans” complaining about something he has no control over (the price set) Chris is awesome and anyone who claims to be a fan and says differently needs to turn in their fan card right now.

And PS in that first picture-the meet n greet was like a WEEK after his Himalaya trip-you know…the one where he ALMOST DIED!!! And HE STILL CAME TO CLEVELAND for the meet n greet -so YEAH, he looks tired as hell but HE STILL SHOWED UP!! 

I think I’m gonna spend way less money on drugs and just spend it on show tickets instead bc tonight I went to a show and all the acts were so great and im honestly in such a good mood I wanna feel like this more

Behind The Scenes 2 (10.75/16)

Author’s note: I seriously don’t trust my computer, so let’s see if this part even gets posted today! The next part won’t be posted till Wednesday (hopefully). Sorry for any errors.

Genre: idk tbh… (Suga) (Jungkook)

Word count: 1496

Summary: Can you get thorough to Jungkook?

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back at the dorm, you did the usual routine of cooking, eating and cleaning. Since it was still a bit early, Rap monster had somewhere he needed to go. And since you “did your part”, he decided to reward you and let you stay out of your room until he got back.

You decided to go to Jhope’s room to talk to him and tell him about your sweet  revenge on Jungkook.

You lightly knocked on his door. When he didn’t open up, you poked your head inside. “Hobi?” His lights were off and it looked like he was lying in bed. “Hobi?” you called out again. From his bed you could hear him mumbling about something, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. “Dang, he’s high already…. Ah, well then Yoongi will get to know first as usual.” You went to Suga’s room, letting yourself in with a light knock.

You were welcomed by a flash coming from his bed. You saw him laying against the wall posing with the stuffed panda he won.

“Were you taking a selfie with that toy panda?” you asked laying down in the spot next to him.

He looked at you a bit embarrassed. “And if I did?” he retorted

“Ha! Nothing… What are you doing?… Other than taking selfies.”

“Just reading.”

Then you heard his phone buzz. You leaned over to take a look at his screen. Your attempted failed though because Suga quickly moved his phone away from you.

“Why does everyone keep doing that?” you asked in frustration.

“Why do you keep looking at people’s phones?”

“… Fine, you have a point…”

“So how was it for you today?”

“Like I said, it was actually fun. Jungkook and I went on a bunch of rides. For most of the day he was actually fun to be with!”

“Really?” Suga asked, quickly turning to you.

“Yeah, but then he started flirting with the girl at one of the stands.” You cringed your face.

“You got jealous or what?” although he was obviously joking, you could have sworn you got a vibe of genuine curiosity form him.

“No! It was just annoying. He wasn’t going along with the whole thing. I was scared he was going to fuck it all up cuz he can’t keep it in his pants… So I got some revenge.” You giggled.

“What did you do?” Just then his phone buzzed again and his attention went back to his phone.

You continued to speak, but he wasn’t really paying attention to you.

“Yoongi… Yoongi… Yoongi!”

“Huh? What?” he mumbled, still looking at his phone.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah… something about Jungkook.”

“What are you doing?”


You took the phone out of his hand and took a quick look at his screen.

“Hey!” he ripped his phone out of your hands.

“You could have just told me you were texting Aiko.” You said now grumpy.

He typed something out and then put his phone back in his pocket and turned to you. “Ok, tell me your revenge again.”

“Nope, I already told you. You should have been listening.”

“Tell me. I’m listening now… I’ll give you this panda if you tell me!” Suga offered, holding the stuffed toy in his hand.

“…Fine.” You took the panda from his hand and retold your revenge.

“That’s hilarious, you should be proud of yourself.” He smiled.

You sat up on his bed. “I know.” You said, joking flipping your hair dramatically. Then you stood up and went to open the door. “I’m gonna go now.”

“What? Why?”

“I need to talk to Jungkook. I gotta do it before the monster gets back.”

He looked at you a bit confused.

“Maybe I’ll come back when I’m done.” You said as you walked out.

With much determination, you made your way over to Jungkook room’s and knocked loudly on the door.

“What? I’m busy!” Jungkook shouted

“I need to talk to you!” you said through the door.


You waited a good minute before knocking frantically on his door.

“What?!?” He shouted through the door. Soon he finally opened up and asked. “What do you want?!?”

“Are there still cameras in here?” you whispered.

He rolled his eyes at you. “They got take got taken out!” He said in a still angry tone.

“We need to talk.” You huffed, pushing your way into his room.

“By those words, I really hope you mean that you are going to “break up” with me.”

You walked over to his desk chair and took a seat. It wasn’t until you did so that you realized he was only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. “Can you please cover up?” you asked looking away from him

He grunted and pulled on the pair of pants he was wearing earlier, not bothering to button them closed. “Ok, what did you want to talk about? Is this about paying me back?”

“You know I don’t have any money.”

“There are other ways you can pay me back.” He said slyly. He sat on his bed and smirked at you.

You glared back at him. “I wanted to make truce.”


“Yeah. Look, we both hate having to do this whole pretend thing, so why make it harder for each other.”

“Cuz its fun. Why should I change so much just cuz I’m stuck with you now?”

“Was it fun when I fucked with you today? Cuz it definitely was for me.”

He just looked away from you, not wanting to accept the fact that you made a good point. “It’s hard to take you seriously with that stupid panda you know.”

“Ignore it.”

“…So what’s this truce of yours?”

You rolled the chair closer to him. “Well, I wanted us to agree to be civil about this whole thing. I say that every time we have to be together, we just pretend like we are actors in a drama. We don’t have to go as far as making out or having in depth conversations or whatever, we just have to be more legit than we are now. I’ll do my best to be more involved and not pull away and stuff. You can’t be going around flirting with everyone. And we can’t be fighting with each other either.”

“That doesn’t sound very fun.”

“That’s not the point. The point is I don’t want any reason for Namjoon hurt me. It’s my ass that’s on the line here!”

Jungkook stopped talking, remembering how serious the whole situation was. He wanted to bring up the fact that you were putting yourself on the line when you threatened him earlier, but just he kept his mouth shut.

“How we were on all the rides is how we should be all the time when we are out in public. Not exactly love, not the shit we deal with here, just whatever we have to do together in that moment.”

Jungkook nodded at your reasoning.

“The main goal is just to look like a legit couple. If we want to talk about something serious we can say… “Time out” and for that moment, we don’t have to be pretending.”

“Like a safe word?” he smirked

“… Sure… like a safe word… then to pretend again, we can say “Time in”. But my point is that we have to take this seriously. Shit is bad enough and we shouldn’t make this harder for each other. That is what Namjoon wants. He wants us to be at each other’s throats. Maybe if we do this good enough, he’ll get bored and make up break up.”

“He’ll just come up with something worse.”

He was right. “…We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“… You make a good point though. I guess I’ll go along with this shit.”

“So, no more flirting, no more starting shit with me, no more mumbling shit at me under your breath. I will reciprocate the cheesy crap and I won’t make you spend so much money or threaten you… Deal?” You stuck your hand out to him.

He started at your hand a bit as he contemplated your deal. “… Deal…” his hand engulfed yours. “Now that that is settled, can you please leave so that I can properly relieve myself.” He said, his hand still holding yours.

“Relieve yourself?”

“Yeah, I was in the middle of it when you wanted to come in.”

You looked at him confused. All his did was give you that stupid smirk of his.

“You know… Why do you think my door was locked?” His smirk grew.

You froze. He couldn’t be talking about what you thought he was talking about. You looked down at your hand and pulled it out of his grasp and then you looked back at him. He was on the verge of laughter.

“Eeeeeewwwwwwww!” you ran out of his room and to the hallway bathroom to disinfect your hand.

This is beyond wrong.  It’s disgusting.  God damn you, Nick Spencer.  I don’t get angry much any more, but this is infuriating.

This isn’t a good story.  It’s shock value story.  WWE under Vince Russo had less idiotic shocking swerves.  Hell, WCW under Vince Russo had less idiotic shocking swerves.  

I refuse to spend money on this crap.  I’ll only read it if it’s on a scans site.  

Why, Marvel, just… why!?

There’s no coming back from this!  This is going to taint the legacy of Steve Rogers FOREVER!  Just like Spider-Man will have to suffer having One More Day on his record forever, and Scarlet Witch will have to suffer having Avengers Disassembled and Decimation on her conscience forever!  

Fans aren’t stupid, Marvel!  You can’t pull stupid shit like this and expect them to forgive and forget once it’s over!  

Tip for Impulsive Shopping/Option Overwhelm

Hi! Just wanted to share a tip that’s helped cut down on my impulsive shopping, stress and overwhelming indecisiveness this year.

Idk about everyone else but I dread going to the store. For groceries, for TP, for anything. What seems like a breeze to my NT husband is a sensory nightmare to me.
Everytime we ran out of a common household item, (for example laundry soap) I’d go to the store and spend probably an entire hour in the laundry soap isle. Looking at near every single one of the 20+ options. Searching for one that is better, cheaper, less chemicals, more eco friendly, blah blah blah. By the time I’d settle on something, I’d have completely exhausted my mental motivation, but there are still 10 other things on the list! Shampoo, cat food, trash bags, all the things that as adults we get the privilege of spending our hard earned money on.
By the time I was leaving, I’d have got half the things on the list, given up on the others, and filled my cart with other useless crap. Usually starving, probably had to pee. Irritated at all the sheeple that can’t figure out which side of the isles to zombie slow walk on.

ANYWAY. If this is you too, I’d like to HIGHLY recommend subscribe & save. It’s a free auto delivery service. They have an extensive selection of all kinds of categories of things that are eligible.
You choose what you want, how often you want it (as often as each month or as far off as 2x/yr) and that’s it.
If you’re a prime member, most of the stuff ships in 2 days, if not, it’s free standard shipping.
If you have 5, 15%. They also have coupons for stuff all the time.
Plus if you can afford the extra money/space, you can buy a ton of stuff in bulk, which is even cheaper and saves on packaging too!

The only kind of downside is that it’s autopay too of course, and im pretty forgetful. So I set a reminder (and they send emails too) each month to go review it. The way I’ve worked around this is I set all of my initial picks to once every 6 months, and then when I run low I change it accordingly.

It’s saved us a bunch of time/money/stress this year and I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before!!

Some Monday motivation from


If you’re CLOSE to slip… READ THIS 10 reasons not to list:

1. You wanna wake up tomorrow bloated?

2. Want to feel like tomorrow’s cardio workout will be in vain?

3. Want to feel hungover from crap tomorrow?

4. Why spend money on junk when you can spend it on GOOD stuff?

5. Tough it out tonight and feel like a true warrior

6. By not doing it you will feel great about your loyalty to your goals

7. To get over your plateau you need to stay strong

8. Nothing tastes good for more than a few minutes

9. Your abs are CLOSER to be seen if you stay on track

10. No food is as tasty as results are.

And with that I’m hitting the gym!

Character Name: Harley Rathaway
Faceclaim: Lucas Till
Occupation: Vigilante/Busker
Age: 24 Years Old
Species: Human

Hartley Rathaway was born deaf, only being able to hear through the use of advanced hearing aids commissioned by his father, Osgood Rathaway, when he reached preschool, costing mere pocket change in the man’s wealthy eyes. Though his parents were generally loving and his upbringing wasn’t the worst ever, he wanted more from life. Or rather less. He would rarely spend his allowance on himself, either giving it away to the few impoverished families he knew of around Keystone, or using it to feed the homeless. His parents, of course, tried to put a stop to it upon finding out, but their attempts were made in vain. Eventually, they just stopped giving him allowances, though this did little to stop his charity.

They kicked Hartley out at 18, citing finding him in bed with another male as their reasoning, but Hartley knew this was crap. They just didn’t like that their money was being put to uses better than funding dodgy pipelines or building yet another extension onto their already gigantic house. From that day on, Hartley made his own way in the world, making his money through summer jobs and busking on weekends. He kept little for himself, just enough to afford meals and rent a livable apartment in downtown Central City.

Hartley had a fascination with sound and music, particularly how it could be used to sway people, as well as their minds. Shortly after becoming self-sufficient, he developed a way to employ sound waves as a means to hypnotize, specifically through the use of a flute. To prevent himself from getting hypnotized as well, he switches off his hearing aids and uses a pair of goggles that allow him to ‘see’ sound waves as a means of ‘hearing’. He’d eventually start using this technique to convince one-per-centers to donate large sums of money to the less fortunate in the community, and in some cases, used it to aid in theft so he could donate for himself in the event someone proved resilient to his charms. The papers blamed these occurrences on a mysterious “Pied Piper”, a name Hartley eventually adopted for himself.

A few days after his twenty-fourth birthday, he was visited by a pair of officers from Keystone City Police Department, who had a warrant for his arrest issued for murder. His parents’ murder. Of course, he loathed his parents’ money and the kind of people they were, but at the end of the day he loved them. He could never murder them in cold blood. In a split second decision made in desperation, he grabbed his flute, hypnotizing the officers into driving around the block several times while he gathered his belongings and left. He managed to make his way onto a bus heading out of the Gem Cities, not paying any mind to where he was actually going.

After three days, he arrived in National City with only a duffel bag stuffed with clothes, his flute, and a green cloak made for him years before.

It was at this time he embraced, so to speak, the City’s vigilante complex, spending his days busking in the City Centre and his nights thieving in the more upper class sections. He has been largely successful, the general population and the disadvantaged often wooing the Pied Piper, but who is to say that will last?


Hartley is a fairly chilled out guy, with a very chaotic good approach to situations. He believes in the ends justifying the means, and is not above breaking the law if it benefits the greater good (save for murder, as he believes ending another’s life is the epitome of cowardice). He has zero tolerance for intolerance, switching off his hearing aids whenever someone tries to ‘spout their privilege’ at him. Though he has no close friends in National City, the closest to him being the number of contacts he has made as Pied Piper, he is fiercely protective of anyone he considers a friend, even if that “friend” only provides him intel and floor plans.

Though he is charitable by nature, he is prone to snap judgements, deciding his feelings toward people after one meeting, or by what he has heard of them. He is not quick to trust, though in his line of work, trust is a rare commodity. He feels a sense of kinship with people of similar circumstances or intelligence, however, and is able to form deep conversations about the finer points of society and technology.


  • Enhanced Hearing (with hearing aids)
  • Musical Hypnotism (with flute)
  • Ability to See Soundwaves (with goggles)
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Multilingual (English, ASL, French and Spanish)


  • Average Human Vulnerabilities
  • Limited Combat Skills
  • Susceptible to his own Hypnotism Technique
  • Total Deafness (without hearing aids)
I just want to donate all my paychecks

I donated to this sweet angel. I wish I could give more. The minute I saw her face I couldn’t not give something. After, seeing all the other stories I wish I could give everything. The frivolous food and crap I spend my money on means nothing. I would much rather give my money to people who’s lives depend on every penny they can get.

Hyde’s Diary Entry: #8

Flower Power!

Jackie said the other day that if I really liked her, I’d show up with flowers for her for no reason at all. I’m sure one of her stupid magazines told her that. The thing is, I wouldn’t mind surprising her with something for no reason at all, but just not flowers. Flowers die. I’d like to get her something that lasts, something she can use – but won’t bug the crap out of me.

So I tried to think of something a girl like Jackie would need. Like if it were Kelso, I could surprise him with a new air-filter for his van (too bad Jackie doesn’t have a car). Fez is always in need of candy (Jackie won’t eat anything that has more calories than she has unicorns). Donna’s easy, I could always get her a book (Jackie doesn’t like to read anything that doesn’t come with a perfume sample). Even Forman, as much as I’d hate to spend my money on it, he always loves a new Star Wars action figure. At least that has staying power. It’s going to take centuries for those plastic things to decompose. Along those lines, I could get Jackie a Barbie, but … no way, man, I do not buy Barbies. I’d date her. Won’t buy her, though.

Then, when I was at the store the other day, there they were: plastic flowers. What girl wouldn’t like flowers that never die? With real flowers, you have to keep buying them over and over again, but these – I bring them to her once, and I’m set. Man, Jackie’s lucky to have a guy who’s willing to go that extra step.

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Mini Heathers bootleg rant:

Okay, so this whole Heathers bootleg crap is getting out of hand. It’s basically one of the things the show preaches against; a clique of people with money thinking they’re above everyone else. In other words, people who have money to spend on bootlegs buying it and someone making money off others for someone else’s art. And then being all “grrr no sharing because I need more money from people to make more bootlegs” Like no.  Some Most of us don’t have the money to spend on bootlegs and/or to go up to New York to see the show live. You know that people are dying to see this show so you’re gonna feed off them for your own profit. Sorry most of this probably didn’t make much sense. I just really want to fucking see the show and I’m not gonna pay $25 for a video of it. If anyone out there has bought it and isn’t afraid of someone coming after them for sharing it before October (even though I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t find out anyway) let me know. Probably gonna get some hate from this but I honestly don’t give a fuck

anonymous asked:

So I can't help but wonder if you ever plan on continuing Tony's lil bastard

Hello Anon!
I’m glad you asked because I was going to post about this soon.

So, quick story time to explain the long absence behind Tony’s Lil Bastard and my other GifFic Story sets.
My previous Lappy(read Laptop) crapped out on my gif making capabilities. So I had to wait an annoying long amount of time to save up money and purchase a new one. Lo and behold my new one is here, but my gif making software I used on my previous laptop does not want to transfer over with any kind of ease.

So my essential options are caving and re-spending the money I spent on my last software, spending more ridiculous amounts of time continuing to transfer over my current software and hope I don’t kill my Comps, finding a new and potentially free and non-illegally obtained gifmaking software, or switching Completely over to the written word. (Not going to lie, I’m not wholly confident in my Writing skills, But I still love to do it.)

I may repost this updated tags so that others may more readily see this, but that is the story.

Didn’t mean to bore you Anon, thank you for checking in, whether for my work or for me.

The short answer is I do want to continue it, but I’ve having technical difficulties.

If anyone who follows me for my gifFics see this, I politely request some form of message to let me know if you would prefer my gifs, or if you are fine with me continuing written.



  • Rand Paul: For the overall tax plan, if I choose to get involved nationally or even if I'm just still in the Senate, it's going to be similar to what Steve Forbes presented, a 17% flat personal, 17% flat corporate income tax.
  • Interviewer: So in order to do that, you're gonna have to get the money someplace.
  • Rand Paul: Gotta cut spending. How? I eliminate departments. Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Energy. Almost entirely these departments could be handled either at the local level, or not at all.
Things I Think It’s Ok To Spend Money on At 27

This year, I’ve promised myself to spend less money on stupid shit and more money on better shit. At 27, I cleaned out my apt and still have crap like ripped tights and old underwear and broken cups and stuff. And this year, while it is my true resolution to start a real savings account, I also want to invest or purchase things that will actually better my life, instead of stupid crap that I will forget about. Thus, a fantasy list emerges:

-a fitted jacket

-comfortable boots

-something that Ina Garten would describe as “very good olive oil” (to finish with, not really to COOK with)

-flaky sea salt

-jeans that make a butt look good

-an enormous amount of tights that don’t rip after the first wear

-lipstick that makes you look immediately good when you put it on so you don’t have to wear makeup


-a wallet that can comfortably fit all my things

-a medium-priced eye cream that hydrates (try Clinique)

-necessary dental procedures

-a nude tank top that you can put underneath see-throughish things

-new glasses (for face or cupboard)

-sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out

-one or two nice outfits you can utilize for funerals, nice dinners, and maybe one wedding

-better eggs and meat if you eat eggs and meat

-dinners you actually want to spend money on and not just ones that you are spending money on because you are too lazy to cook

-events you want to go to but aren’t just going to because you were asked to go to them

-a weekender bag for small trips

-various organizational containers

-a vacuum that you preferably works well

-pens that aren’t promotional

-gifts for other people that have been very good to you

-new books

-new furniture if you don’t want to move in one year

-things you look at that make you happy and you can’t stop thinking about them