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Lokane - ALL the questions!

LONG POST ALERT. (I’m being rude and deciding not to use the “Read More” because it’s crap in the app. Sorry!!) *cracks knuckles* You asked for it…

1. Who spends almost all their money on the other?

Loki: The monetary system of this realm has no meaning to me.
Jane: (snort) And yet he spends money like the world’s wealthiest trust fund baby.
Loki: I would prefer to simply take what I want, but you’d rather I didn’t. I can behave when it suits me. (smirk)
Jane: Yeah, right.
Loki: I don’t hear any complaints when I acquire the lab equipment you need.
Jane: You only do that because you don’t want me spending so much time building my own stuff. You want me to pay attention to you.
Loki: And am I not worthy of such attention?
Jane: The jury is still out.

2. Who sleeps in the other’s lap? 


3. Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes? 

Loki: (cants a brow) Only half-naked?
Jane: It’s him. He’s the one who lives by the motto “clothing optional.”
Loki: (shrug) And yet you never yell at me to get dressed.
Jane: (blushes) No comment.

4. Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway? 

Jane: I’m a night owl out of necessity. Being an astrophysicist and all.
Loki: I am not beholden to Midgardian sleep cycles.
Jane: (snort) No, he isn’t. He gets cranky when he wants something but stores are closed.
Loki: (makes a face) I don’t understand why the only businesses open twenty-four hours are those which cater to the dregs of human society.
Jane: (laughs) You should have seen him the one and only time we went to WalMart at 2 am.
Loki: (smirk) That was memorable.
Jane: Right up until we had to pay damages when you decided to reenact the Battle of Manhattan in the middle of the store.
Loki: I was merely putting the fear of god into them, as you mortals say.

5. Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

Loki: Jane cannot cook.
Jane: Hey! I can microwave things.
Loki: As I said.
Jane: It’s not like you cook, either.
Loki: I am perfectly capable. I merely choose not to.
Jane: Sure.
Loki: (licks lip, leering) What would I get if I chose to prove you wrong?
Jane: If you cook a nice meal for me with no help at all, no cheating, no magic, and it tastes good–I’ll do that thing.
Loki: (raised brow) You’ll do it twice.
Jane: (eye roll, groan) Fine. Twice. But that had better be one mind-blowing meal.
Loki: It will be.

6. Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

Loki: The prompts that suit us best are the ones that begin as mutual adversaries.
Jane: (eyes round) Wait. You know what they’re talking about? You know what an OPT is?
Loki: (long-suffering sigh) It’s an OTP–as in “one true pairing” which is what we are.
Jane: But how–
Loki: Your internet is pathetically easy to access and navigate. Tumblr loves me despite my rather wicked inclinations. Your fanbase is decidedly smaller but just as fierce in their loyalty.
Jane: I have a fanbase?
Loki: (rolls eyes) Do keep up, Jane.

7. Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes? 

Jane: I have a fanbase? A fanbase?
Loki: (sigh) We’ve moved onto the next question.
Jane: Oh. I’m just. I can’t believe it.
Loki: Save your awe for later. We are being asked about borrowing one another’s clothing.
Jane: (blinks)
Loki: (frowns) It seems that I shall have to answer this one alone. The difference in our sizes tends to preclude exchanging clothes.
Jane: (still out of it) Yeah… that.

8. Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?” 


9. Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions? 

Jane: I drive. He’s a maniac behind the wheel.
Loki: Oh, but it’s so much more fun to push the limits of your vehicles.
Jane: More terrifying, you mean.
Loki: (smirk) It doesn’t scare you as much as you pretend it does. In fact, I believe you find it quite thrilling. I’ve never known you to be concerned with self-preservation.
Jane: I have a healthy fear of dying.
Loki: (cants brow, smirks)
Jane: Well, okay. It’s not healthy but it does exist.

10. Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

Loki: (wide grin)
Jane: No. We are not telling them about that.
Loki: Tell them what? That you do pose for me? That I like to–
Jane: (glares) Loki.
Loki: (sighs) You do realize if we leave this unanswered, whatever our audience dreams up with surely be more lurid than reality.
Jane: Don’t care.

11. If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

Loki: (derisive laugh) Neither.
Jane: Because I would never rob a museum.
Loki: I have, but my sorcery made it as simple as walking in, taking what I wanted and walking out. It was no challenge at all.
Jane: When did you rob a museum? What did you steal?
Loki: (enigmatic smile) Next question.

12. Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking? 


13. Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

Jane: I guess that’s Loki. I mean random gifts, yeah. Small? Not so much.
Loki: I never do anything by halves.
Jane: No, you do everything times a hundred.
Loki: I am a god.
Jane: An advanced being. Not a god.
Loki: Until you can scientifically explain my ability to wield seidr and my immortality, we agreed that I am a god.
Jane: I never agreed to that!
Loki: We’re agreeing to it now.

14. Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Loki: Never.
Jane: Yeah. He’s a little touchy about surnames.
Loki: I am not.
Jane: (whispers to audience) See? Touchy.

15. Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

Loki: I annihilate the creatures for Jane.
Jane: No, you don’t! You make them appear on me.
Loki: Well, I do have a bit of fun first, but I do eventually take care of them.
Jane: I hate that. I hate you.
Loki: (smirks) If you would rather I leave you to vanquish these–what do you call them? Oh, yes. “Spawns of Satan.” I am happy to oblige. Your squeals of terror are quite delightful.
Jane: Don’t you dare!
Loki: Who is this Satan, by the way? From the few descriptions I’ve heard, he seems like the sort of man I’d like to know.
Jane: (rolls eyes) Of course you’d want to be friends with the Devil.
Loki: I thought I was the Devil. You tell me that so very often.
Jane: You probably are.

16. Which one gives the other their jacket? 

Loki: (flat look) Did I not already answer a question regarding the exchange of clothing?
Jane: Do you see what he wears? His “jacket” alone weighs fifty pounds. I’m not wearing that.

17. Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

Jane: I don’t have any siblings. But Thor threatens Loki every once in while.
Loki: (grits teeth) It’s getting quite tedious.
Jane: (chuckles) Yes, because he has no reason whatsoever to distrust you.
Loki: (exasperated sigh) One merely attempts to destroy an entire realm, attempts to rule another, and dethrones a tyrannical ruler, and one is forever under suspicion.
Jane: Do the crime, do the time, dude.
Loki: (scowl) You’re spending far too much time with Miss Lewis.

18. Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

Jane: (bursts out with laughter) Yeah, no. We fought all the time, then kissed, and now this–whatever this is.
Loki: Are you saying that my declarations of undying affection mean nothing to you.
Jane: Yes. Because they mean nothing to you. And you only say those things to annoy me.
Loki: (feigns shock) I assure you every word is true.
Jane: (snorts) Says the self-titled God of Deception.
Loki: (enigmatic smile) Oh, I can be honest when it suits me.
Jane: (pauses) Do you mean them?
Loki: You’ll never know, will you?

19. How good would your OTP be at parenting?

Jane: That’s territory I’m not ready to explore.
Loki: Yet.
Jane: (brows furrow) You want children?
Loki: I adore children. They are so very reckless and entertaining–creatures after my own heart. Imagine all the mischief our offspring would get up to with my cunning and your cleverness.
Jane: (stunned) You want children.
Loki: Why shouldn’t I?
Jane: With me?
Loki: Yes. This is getting redundant. Another question, if you please.

20. Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

Loki: Jane is woefully inadequate at spelling and grammar.
Jane: I am not! I do a great job when I write my grants.
Loki: (raises brow, produces phone and shows an example of Jane’s texting: “plz stpo sending those stupid messages abt my lingerie im tryin to get workdon!!!1!!”)
Jane: That’s different.
Loki: And yet I always seem to manage proper sentence structure–and English isn’t my native tongue.
Jane: Ugh. Whatever.

21. Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

Loki: No one dares to bully me.
Jane: That’s because you are the bully.
Loki: (smirk) Are you not one yourself, Jane? You did greet me with a right hook when we first met.
Jane: You deserved it.
Loki: Perhaps I did. However, that spelled your doom, I’m afraid.
Jane: How so?
Loki: I wouldn’t be here otherwise. Now you’ll never be rid of me.
Jane: I’ve survived this long. You don’t scare me.
Loki: And there is that lack of self-preservation I find so oddly captivating.

22. Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

Loki: (groans)
Jane: I’m not that bad.
Loki: You have no idea how truly terrible you are.

23. Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

Jane: I don’t think either one of us do this.
Loki: You bring home your work and leave papers on every flat surface.
Jane: Chaos is a sign of genius.
Loki: (raised brow) Chaos is my domain. What you do is make needless messes.
Jane: Uh, that’s what you do, too. Just on a bigger level.
Loki: Ah, but I clean up after myself. And you, for that matter.

24. Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Jane: Well, I’m not giving him one, that’s for sure.
Loki: I’d love to see you try. We could wager on how many steps you could take before collapsing under my superior weight.
Jane: You would love breaking me for the sake of fun.
Loki: Don’t underestimate yourself, little Jane. You’re far stronger than you realize.
Jane: Yeah, and I nearly broke my hand the last time I punched you.
Loki: It was a worthy effort.

25. Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering? 

Jane: He’s banned from any presentations I give. From all science conferences, actually.
Loki: (grin) Your contemporaries are woefully lacking in humor. It was all in good fun. Harmless.
Jane: There’s nothing harmless about you.
Loki: True.

26. Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

Jane: You take pictures for blackmail purposes.
Loki: Not only for that.
Jane: (flat look)
Loki: Only mostly for that reason.

27. Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked? 

Loki: I have no need of a makeover.
Jane: Are you saying I do?
Loki: Of course not. You’re so fetching in your sad, rustic Midgardian garb. (rolls eyes)
Jane: I can look nice when I want to.
Loki: You look best laid out beneath me.
Jane: (blushes) Loki!
Loki: Hair like a halo, pale skin–
Loki: (laughs)

28. Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

Jane: We don’t have any pets, but he weirdly doesn’t like cats
Loki: (shakes head) You have it wrong, dear Jane. Cats dislike me.
Jane: I wonder why that is?
Loki: Perhaps they are uncomfortable with my power and majesty.
Jane: (snorts) Yeah, okay.
Loki: I do like animals, however. Snakes are a favorite.
Jane: That’s because you are one.
Loki: (laugh) According to your Midgardian legends, I fathered one.
Jane: My favorite is when you transformed yourself into a mare, got pregnant and gave birth to Odin’s horse.
Loki: And here I thought the tale about the goat was your favorite.
Jane: (snicker) That one, too.

29. Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Loki: It never rains on me.
Jane: Because you make an invisible shield around yourself.
Loki: Remind me again one of the side effects of having had the Aether inside of you.
Jane: Okay, so it doesn’t rain on me, too.
Loki: So no need for for umbrellas.
Jane: Nope.

30. If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

Loki: I take Jane wherever she wants to go.
Jane: I’m pretty sure you drag me around wherever you want to go.
Loki: Same thing.
Jane: (shakes head) I take pictures.
Loki: An insufferable number of them.
Jane: And he never smiles–not without looking like he’s about to commit murder and mayhem.
Loki: (smirk) I’m always about to commit murder and mayhem.
Jane: (rolls eyes but laughs) You do have a nice smile, though. It’s too bad I’m the only one who gets to see it.
Loki: And that’s how it will remain until we have children. (leers) I should like to begin working on that now.
Jane: (eyes bulge)
Loki: This interview is over.

CHALLENGE MET. *passes out*

OTP Asks (no more for this pairing. I’ve done them all)

  • Me: horses are great i love them so much
  • Me: *constantly complains how i have no money*
  • Me: *spends what money i have on horses*
  • Me: *cries bc this crap is expensive*
  • Me: *gets attacked by horses on a daily basis*
  • Me: *shovels horse crap all day*
  • Me: *slightly afraid of death when i ride*
  • Me: *cries some more*
  • Me: horses are great i love them so much
Some Monday motivation from


If you’re CLOSE to slip… READ THIS 10 reasons not to list:

1. You wanna wake up tomorrow bloated?

2. Want to feel like tomorrow’s cardio workout will be in vain?

3. Want to feel hungover from crap tomorrow?

4. Why spend money on junk when you can spend it on GOOD stuff?

5. Tough it out tonight and feel like a true warrior

6. By not doing it you will feel great about your loyalty to your goals

7. To get over your plateau you need to stay strong

8. Nothing tastes good for more than a few minutes

9. Your abs are CLOSER to be seen if you stay on track

10. No food is as tasty as results are.

And with that I’m hitting the gym!

  • Rand Paul: For the overall tax plan, if I choose to get involved nationally or even if I'm just still in the Senate, it's going to be similar to what Steve Forbes presented, a 17% flat personal, 17% flat corporate income tax.
  • Interviewer: So in order to do that, you're gonna have to get the money someplace.
  • Rand Paul: Gotta cut spending. How? I eliminate departments. Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Energy. Almost entirely these departments could be handled either at the local level, or not at all.
Things I Think It’s Ok To Spend Money on At 27

This year, I’ve promised myself to spend less money on stupid shit and more money on better shit. At 27, I cleaned out my apt and still have crap like ripped tights and old underwear and broken cups and stuff. And this year, while it is my true resolution to start a real savings account, I also want to invest or purchase things that will actually better my life, instead of stupid crap that I will forget about. Thus, a fantasy list emerges:

-a fitted jacket

-comfortable boots

-something that Ina Garten would describe as “very good olive oil” (to finish with, not really to COOK with)

-flaky sea salt

-jeans that make a butt look good

-an enormous amount of tights that don’t rip after the first wear

-lipstick that makes you look immediately good when you put it on so you don’t have to wear makeup


-a wallet that can comfortably fit all my things

-a medium-priced eye cream that hydrates (try Clinique)

-necessary dental procedures

-a nude tank top that you can put underneath see-throughish things

-new glasses (for face or cupboard)

-sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out

-one or two nice outfits you can utilize for funerals, nice dinners, and maybe one wedding

-better eggs and meat if you eat eggs and meat

-dinners you actually want to spend money on and not just ones that you are spending money on because you are too lazy to cook

-events you want to go to but aren’t just going to because you were asked to go to them

-a weekender bag for small trips

-various organizational containers

-a vacuum that you preferably works well

-pens that aren’t promotional

-gifts for other people that have been very good to you

-new books

-new furniture if you don’t want to move in one year

-things you look at that make you happy and you can’t stop thinking about them

okay but if Greg ends up either losing his money, getting it taken back from him for some bullshit contractual reason, or even worse, spending all of it with useless crap, I will be very disappointed. really, Greg may not care much for his new money situation, but I do. he may not need to be rich, but he needs more money to pay bills and shit, regardless. also, it would be a very cheap cop out for it to just go back to the status quo like this, at the end, and I expect better from the crew, tbh.

Sakura Amidst Chaos

I’m going to express and rant how disappointed I am with the hype of negativity surrounding this game and appreciation for the company that spends tons of money that brings it over. 

Let me tell you this the fans this you guys are full of CRAP. 

“The artwork is not pretty! The guys are not as good looking! They don’t even look like the actual historical figures. The party version of them looks so hotter!”

Firstly, the guys are meant to be representations of them following Voltage’s tropes of what they always put in their games (Visit their tropes page for more info to what I am talking about) also I like to see you (or me) draw them any better. The artist as everyone knows is done by the same person who worked on Be My Princess, the Sakura Amidst Chaos guys are just less refined, I believe it’s because the artist was attempting to make them look ancient to fit in with the theme of the game, if this was a app about royalty and princes then they would look elegant and royal like, you are all acting like as if the artist had drawn them as stick figures, over time all artists become better drawers and improve their technique of drawing so PUT a sock on it bitches. 

“I’m not a fan of historical or anything of the sort! There is too many games like this already with the same concept! What makes Sakura Amidst Chaos any different?!” 

Fine you may not be a fan of historical history, but this is Japan’s history and all their apps are Japanese you saying that as a fan disgusts me, you play their apps but when you won’t play one focusing on a historical aspect that is part of Japan, their culture you not only insult them but you insult other Asian cultures including my own. Hakuouki, Inuyasha, Kamisama Kiss, Heian Love and Ninja Love from Ntt Solmare has those same themes and they are still as popular it doesn’t mean Sakura Amidst Chaos won’t be any different there will be obviously be differences in each of these games doesn’t mean that they are all identical in every aspect and detail. 

“The prologue bored me and the characters are ugly! Not a fan of the plot!” I have seen this on YouTube and on other social media. This right here pisses me off (See everything above) The game isn’t out yet don’t judge until it’s initial release before you write off completely! Wait for someone to do reviews of the game, it’s a prologue not an damn App manual on the characters same can be said for the opening movie, doesn’t reveal anything about the plot or the characters you are just not please with something that you don’t understand or appeal to you, you as the fans disappoint me, Voltage took the time and money resources to this bring over to only be met with backlash of: 

“Not a fan of this not giving it a go” 

“Don’t like history-the guys are ugly”

“The art is not appealing, wish the guy had better hair” 

Etc and Vice Versa 

Suck it up assholes they don’t exist to please you and hear you complain about it, hear what you want yes for feedback not stuff like this. They are hear to bring something for entertainment to please and relieve the ladies of the Otome market. So stop with the negative BULLSHIT and take your negativity and stick it up your ass. 

Gives a big clap to the people who are willing to give the game a go and not bashing it before it’s release. 

PS: I’m not going to say sorry cause I have enough of people in this fandom who act like judgmental whiny bitches your not a fan of voltage if you disrespect something like this with such bullshit excuses. Been playing Otome long before Voltage started and I have never seen anything like this. Take the time to learn about Voltage and Japan’s culture is all I have to say and I have to agree with the person on Facebook, Voltage is better off just releasing some of the games to half the world and not all. 

A requiem for all the half-broken shoes I probably shouldn’t have thrown out.

Because of the consumer culture I live in and grew up in, I have always viewed damaged or heavily worn clothing items as essentially useless and throwaway. as a result of this, taking a pair of expensive but hole-ridden or torn leather boots to a cobbler or shoe repair shop has literally never occurred to me as something I could do, and something that would save me vast amounts of money, until a salesperson at Alamo Shoes in Andersonville suggested it to me while I was hemming and hawing over a pair of leather waterproof boots. 

I was standing over a pair of boots that were both a little pricey and immensely practical. I couldn’t determine for myself whether they would be worth the expense. I hate to spend money, and sometimes my desperation to be thrifty results in me buying cheap crap that breaks more easily that pricier, sturdier alternatives. Sometimes I cheap out so badly that I choose  to go without something essential, like a meal or health insurance. This invariably results in me incurring an even greater expense down the road. 

This is a real problem, and a real phenomenon among the working class; it’s called over-saving, and it’s probably just as common (or moreso) than being an impoverished spendthrift. When you’re super-super poor, it makes sense to spend every penny come by, because life expenses and debts and bad luck will eat it all up, anyway. When you’re slightly better-off than that, but you know scarcity, it makes sense to over-work and over-save money, often at the long-term expense of one’s health or financial well-being. 

It’s hard to feel comfortable investing in something of great value if you feel as though your financial situation is always on the precipice of becoming dire.  And if your financial situation actually *is* dire, well, then it’s impossible to spend wisely. Over-spending and over-saving are two sides of the same coin, both born out of financial instability, and fomented by a lack of education in these matters. 

Turns out, if you have a decent pair of (leather, suede, or vegan leather) boots or shoes, you can save literal hundreds of dollars by going to a cobbler or shoe repair shop and having them re-heeled, re-soled, re-zippered, or patched. some significant structural repairs cost as little as $10. Once you buy a good pair of boots or shoes, I learned, you can spend 5 or 10 years simply tweaking them and fixing them, never throwing them out. Like Wittgenstein’s broom, you replace the whole structure of the shoe piecemeal, one element at a time, until the amalgamation of sole, shaft, zipper, lace, and heel before you is not the shoe it originally was at the time of purchase, but retains its same function and appearance. 

Of course it’s cheaper and wiser and better to replace the leaky sole than it is to pitch the whole thing and buy it all over again. Of course. I should have known, but I never did. When something broke I threw it out, or suffered with it until I could afford to replace it. And only now at 27 years old am I realizing you don’t have to do that. 

And now i’m thinking back to the pair of sturdy waterproof black leather Merrill boots that I threw out due to a burst zipper something like three years ago

And the $60 snow boots i threw out due to a water leak a year later.

And the fact that for the past two winters i’ve  bought pair after pair of $20 rain boots, wearing each pair until they were destroyed by the approximately 150 miles i walk each month. I probably went through 4 or 5 sets since last December. 

And I realize that I’ve wasted tons of precious materials in this process of pitching and replacing, including significant reams of leather and suede taken from murdered animals, as well as hundreds of dollars, and thereby contributed to a teeming mound of waste created by consumers just like me. 

All because the fact that objects can and should be repaired by trained artisans literally never crossed my mind.

Because we don’t live in a culture where that happens very often. 

But I (and most people in my age and income bracket) have learned to throw out everything from holey socks to leaky boots to unstable furniture, not mindful of the fact that all of those things would have been painstakingly fixed by hand just a few decades ago. 

And it’s only due to economic contrivances that it makes more sense, at this point in time, to throw out many square inches of undamaged fabric and replace it  than it does to sit down and darn a small hole in a sock. 

Darning a sock takes time. It’s tedious work. We all have better things to do. In terms of human work hours, replacing the sock is almost certainly more logical. This is a sin for which no individual can be blamed. 

So we throw things out. I especially. I don’t buy a lot, but I love keeping my living quarters spare and Spartan. For years, as an impulsive over-saver and self-denier, I would force myself to throw out an item of clothing for each new piece that I bought. So, too, with damaged books, computers, phones, and furniture. If it was nonfunctional, its whole was deemed useless, disposable, wasteful to keep. If I could not avoid the evils of mass consumption, I could at least appear to be low maintenance by keeping my living space clean. 

And now I can picture the vast island of trash I have created over the course of my lifetime, even as a person who does not buy a lot. 

And I wonder how much of that sodden, floating detritus could have still been used at the time that I dispatched with it. 

I know that as long as I’ve been living in the city, my discarded boots and socks and dresses have often been claimed by members of our massive homeless population. I remember pitching a bag of damaged cardigans and hole-ridden leggings and finding them strewn around the alley behind my apartment the next morning, the choices items removed and probably put to use. Similarly, I’ve seen the many rusted-out pickup trucks that circle the neighborhoods, emptying dumpsters of metal scrap and spare bed frames. I can’t resent any of that; in fact I’m thankful for it. 

But the waste goes so much deeper. There are things I threw out that were not only useful to someone, but which could have remained useful to me, if not for small flaws that I ought to have repaired. And if I had repaired those things, I could have avoided pouring useless money into replacing those items wholesale. The money that I saved could have gone to better use, and some of it would have literally ended up in those same homeless people’s hands. To spend $40 replacing entirely a pair of boots that could have been patched for $10 is a failure of the market, a useless extravagance, a bleeding of funds that helps no one deserving of help. 

And it’s easy to feel guilty, thinking about it now, but only in an utterly vague and disembodied way. I can think of the accumulated waste floating out in the ocean, but I can’t see it. I can guess at the money that’s been pissed into the wind, but I can’t know how it would have been put to use if I still had it. And since throwing all those things away was, for the most part, a logical consequence of the particular type of consumer culture I currently live in, I can’t actually feel all that bad. And I certainly can’t judge anybody else who did the same things. 

Which is to say, all of this also makes me think in more aggregate terms, about all the crap that everyone in this country has wasted, without thinking about it, and without even realizing that something being mildly broken isn’t synonymous with it being trash. And how, for every boot or coat or chair I could have had repaired, there are tons of bags and boxes and charging cords and crusts of bread that also were mildly used, and also struck me as “broken”, but which weren’t useless either, not completely, not that I would have realized it.