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Homelessness as it exists in cities just isn’t an issue in small towns. If you lose your housing in a small town there’s a good chance you have friends and family there who can at least give you a place to crash. So when you hear people talking about the homeless, you either think they must be lazy fuck-ups who need to get a grip on their bootstraps, or they just need to walk over to the local church for some charitable aid to help them get a grip on those bootstraps.

In cities, homeless people exist in population sizes bigger than most rural towns – Los Angeles has an estimated 47,000 people with no place to go. New York City has over 60,000, and that’s lowballing it. That means if you took the entire population of South Dakota’s capital city and cloned them three times, they would still be outnumbered by New York City’s homeless population.

Did you know most homeless rely on hospital emergency rooms for care? Simply giving them a place to live cuts down on health problems and visits to the ER – ultimately saving taxpayers money, instead of having to pay more to watch people die on the streets. So it’s not just a case of bleeding heart liberals, wanting to save the world … it’s just as much a case of, “This person keeps crapping on my doorstep. I’d like this to stop. And also, instead of using my tax dollars to pay for a $20,000 surgery, how about we spend a fraction of that amount on basic preventative care?”

6 Ways Big Cities Turn You Liberal: A Convert’s Perspective

Finding Closure (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,682

Warnings: angst, language, more angst, mentions of sexytimes (so I’ll slap a NSFW-but-not-really label on this), flashbacks, mentions of alcoholism

A/N: This is the 2nd part of my submission for the talented and wonderful @tatortot2701 ‘s AU writing challenge.  I took a fluffy prompt and darkened it. My heart has an owwie.

My prompt was 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Too Independent Pt. 2

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader

Length: 2129+ words [I didn’t think it was this long tbh…]


A/N: It got angsty really quick.

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Part 1       Part 2

Y/N woke up, pressed against a warm, solid mass. She blinked away the confusion as the last 24 hours came back to her. Horror filled her mind when she realized what had happened. Mortified by the events of the last 24 hours, she scrambled off Dean’s bed, eyes wide, and chest heaving as she looked at her peaceful brother sleeping. She looked down, and noticed she was stark naked, the small onesie stretching past its limit. She quickly grabbed a shirt from Dean’s drawer, putting it on. She’s never felt more grateful for her brother’s long figure until that moment. The shirt had come to mid-thigh, covering just enough for her to sneak back into her room to grab her own clothes. She slowly made her way to the door, not wanting to make too much noise in fear of waking him up. Once she made it to the hallway, she ran to her own room. Before she could make it to her safe haven, she was caught by her other brother.

“Hey, Y/N!” Sam greeted, a wide smile on his face. “You’re awake, and back to normal! How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay,” she replied quietly, placing her hand near the hem of the shirt, making sure it was covering everything.

“Even though you were super adorable as a baby, I missed having actual conversations with you.” Sam chuckled, and took a few extra steps to give her a side hug. She returned it just slightly before he pulled away. “Anyways, I’m gonna go on a run. I’ll see you later.”

“Be safe!” she called back to him as he walked off with a wave. Finally, she made it to her room. She threw on some underwear, and tights before jumping on the bed, just short of screaming into her pillow. Tears of frustration streaming down her face. It was a another hour and a half of her own pity party until someone knocked on her door.

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kayyeh1  asked:

Can you give us the lowdown on the altered backgrounds and personalities if everyone in your reverse realm au? Like what about the villains too? Also why are their elemental powers switched?

First off, I’d like to say “Wow, I’m super psyched that people are interested in RR!” (no, seriously– I can’t say that enough ;u;)
Secondly, I’m gonna admit that I was struggling to figure out how exactly to answer this ask because to explain everything would make for a really long answer and I know when I see long text posts I breeze right by…

With that said, let me start out by sort of explaining what RR actually is: the “Reverse Realm” is the name given to one of the 16 realms in Ninjago. Unlike a lot of the realms we see in the show, the Reverse Realm is more like a parallel universe. Certain events happen differently than canon but the main storyline is the same. Some notable differences include: different elements, Wu being the one to go evil, Morro not dying until the events of season 5, Nia is the older sibling, they went back for echo, ect. Small discrepancies that have a greater effect on the story as time wears on.

As far as the personalities of the characters, this is where its kind of confusing(?)– the personalities of each character is the same as their canon counterparts but their demeanor is reflective of their Element and circumstances (this goes for most of the characters at least).

Notable differences in characters~

-Total dad. Like, ok, he was never evil so he’s just been dad all his adult life. He knows how to deal with all the emotional stuff (which is good because the reverse ninja are very emotional pff) and give the Good Dad Talks™.

-Angsty still, but has the Love™ from his Garmadad. He raised Morro as his own.
-Would die for Lloyd.

-Still a good bean, but not quite as mature as canon. He hasn’t gone through much trauma so he can be a bit selfish and self-pitying sometimes.
-Actually needs super thick glasses that he hates.

-He has a lot of self-confidence and embraces his artsy heritage. He loves song and dance even though he’d rather be a ninja. He doesn’t put himself down or hold himself to super high standards like Cole does. “Try your best and be happy with that.” is his perspective.

-Tortured Soul™. Take Jay and give him the burden of knowing people’s thoughts and emotions all his life. As a child, he was “the weird kid” who would stare off blankly into the distance and say random crap like “why do you do this to me…” to nobody. He’s still Jay just constantly stressed and a lot more sensitive (both physically and mentally).
-Worries about the outcome of everything. This is due to the fact he can sort of see into the future– but only what’s most likely based on current events and past precedents (basically like Saphire from Steven Universe? just not as accurate).
-Would die for Nia

-Oh boy. He is a good boy ok, but he basically hates himself. He blames himself for everything and feels totally undeserving of anyone’s love. He hates the fact that he hurts so many people around him; the people he loves. It’s not on purpose, of course, but his toxic powers are hard to control so he ends up burning/poisening his teammates sometimes (nothing too serious, but it makes Xayn upset).
-Because of this, he can have a tendency to be a bit cold/distant if he cares a lot about someone.

-Still cocky and cringy in the best way possible. However he’s a lot more emotional than Kai and cries a lot. Like a LOT. Cries when he’s sad, angry, happy, in pain, ect. He brushes it off saying it has to do with his Element and it’s just his powers acting up.
-Overall a softer, smaller, emotional version of Kai.
-Would also die for Lloyd.

-Big Buff Lady™
-“Shut up, we both know I could bench you.”
-Mom Friend™
-Take Nya and make her the older one who’s actually allowed to be in charge.
-Makes decisions more easily than Nya.
-Sometimes she forgets to look out for herself since she’s so focused on making sure her team has everything they need.
-A little more hot headed, she is Fire after all.
-Would die for Kye.

-he has his own answer already

-Sweet and sassy just like canon. She has her own body tho as I have mentioned previously. She is actually stored on a removable disk-type thing and can be moved from Xayn’s head to her body and back easily. Just hit eject!
-Does a good job of taking care of Xayn and helping him to love himself. She’s there for him when he’s at his worst times.

Dareth and his family-

-Lloyd’s best friend.
-He went through all of elementary school with Lloyd and still stayed friends with him after his “Tea of Tomorrow Incident”. He occasionally visits the ninja during their downtime.
-He sees all the ninja as older siblings since has none of his own.

-Bully to Lloyd (and pretty much everyone) during his childhood.
-Not very important to the story but I thought I’d mention him anyway.

-The Royal Blacksmiths are actually a hip hop group.
-This man amazing ok
-he has a lightning bolt earring and wears a black camo headband.
-he still put a lot of pressure on Kole when he was a child to be a great dancer/singer.
-Still rocks that mustach 👌

Ed and Edna-
-Rich Actors
-That kind of rich where you’re so rich you look like you live under a bridge.
-Basically spend all their time doing weird crap like hanging an obstacle course from their tall ceilings or collecting art from Cliff.

Cliff Gordon-
-Walker’s biological father. He gave him to Ed and Edna in hopes he’ll grow up kind like them and have a good life.
-Actual Hipster
-Lives in a scrap yard because “it’s secluded but not as mainstream as a cabin in the woods”.
-Makes money selling scrap but “the true glory is in the art”.
-Basically Dean from The Iron Giant.

Ray and Maya-
-The same? Just elements swapped.
-Maya is more aggressive than Ray I guess… That fire power does it to ya.
-Would also die for Kye
-Would also die for Nia

Pythor and the Serpentine-
-This would probably be best explained in a post about Lloyd’s story…

Chen and Clouse-
-Chen is so over it ok. Basically, take Chen and Clouse’s demeanors and switch them. Clouse is a total butt-kiss and overly excited to serve Chen’s every whim.
Chen: “Oh my god Clouse just stop. Your mouth runs and runs… Open and close all day long– you go on and on about nothing!!”
Clouse: “Oh, yes right away master, I apologize… Would you like me to stop now? Or later? I can stop now if you’d like but I can also stop later or at a predetermined time if you so choose…”

-Kinda chubby
-Ships everything
-Ships herself with Kye but secretly
-Is a real soft sweetheart but taught to be tough and unfeeling by her father.
-Was always nice to Clouse
-Runs the restaurant post S4
-Would go down with all of her ships and you cannot convince her they’re not canon.

-Pretty much the same just sassier.

Krux and Acronix-

-Always bitter
-Thinks he knows everything
-Tries but can’t
-He did sacrifice himself for the good of everyone else do I guess that’s some redemption points…

-He’s all talk tbh. He’s like the lame wannabe version of canon Ronin.
-If he met canon Ronin, he’d be his shadow and idolize him. (PFFF I JUST REALIZED HE’D BECOME THE SHADOW OF RONIN IM DYING)
-Would die for no one.

-Only wants to play mom when it’s convenient.
-Garmadon pays her to stay away.

-Like Nadakhan but female
-For some reason that’s scarier
-Looking for her lost fiance Delaren who happens to look like Kye

Well this is already well over 1k words so I’m gonna have to end it :0 I hope this feeds your curiousity despite the info being so minimal :U

Yelpers are the Worst

Managing the social media for my job becomes stressful at time. Anytime I open up my email and I see “You received a new review” from Yelp, I cringe. Most of the locations of the business tend to get good reviews. One location in particular is a magnet for awful Yelpers and it’s not the facility. The main reason is that it’s located in a wealthy area and many of the people there are snotty, horrible and cheap. They have more money than I can ever hope to have and they will do anything to keep it. I can understand wanting to save your money, but there’s a line between budgeting and just being a downright cheapskate. We do coupons and Groupons all the time. People will call, get info, bring in their Groupon and get mad that they spended more than they wanted too. Like we don’t have any hidden fees. Everything is on our site and on the paperwork THEY SIGN when they come in. So they complain, go home and write a review. Then they will make up crap in their review to make it seem like we legitimacy did something wrong. I think the most ludicrous thing I read was “They drugged my dogs!”. Like no, we didn’t. Are you serious right now? Over the past year, we’ve just been raking in the bad reviews, but not just because of cheap assholes. Last year we let go of a manager because we just got complaint after complaint after complaint about their attitude. The other manager, who is friends with them, quit because of this. Over the course of their time there, they became buddy buddy with some of our customers. So after they went the bad reviews just poured in. “What happened to Oldmanager1 and Oldmanager2?? New manager is awful person!!”. We got many removed, but there’s some that unfortunately Yelp won’t take down. This was almost a year ago and these reviews still happen. Let it go! Stop getting your friends to write reviews for you. It is seriously sad that to this day, they still won’t let it go. Yes, this stresses myself and other people out to deal with these reviews. Does that make you happy?? Please just let it go and move on with your lives. Don’t bring other people down for something that happened a year ago. 

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I know you're into US healthcare law, so I was wondering if you could explain to me why various insurance plans (including state-offered ones) have open enrollment dates and limit when people can sign up. It seems from the outside it's just so they can make peoples' lives more difficult, but is there an actual reason for this?

It is not a Bona Fide Healthcare Reason, and it’s…..not even a very good one, but essentially, it makes the math easier if you’re dealing with a finite and unchanging risk pool.

Remember that under the US health system, every time you see a healthcare professional, someone has to pay for everything they do. (Every test they run, every drug they prescribe, every blood draw and every needle and also the visit itself.) If that someone is you and you alone, a doctor’s visit could run you thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. However, if you have a good insurance plan and pay your monthly premium, the insurance company foots the bill, and will charge you only a portion of those costs.

Which means that in order for insurance companies to make any money, they have to create favorable risk pools. If 20 people sign up for plan ABC, they all pay the same premium. But if 5 ABC beneficiaries go to the doctor every week, they cost the insurance company a huge amount of money—probably more than their monthly premiums, and maybe even more than the amount of money everybody’s monthly premium brings in.

If I’m an insurer, I’m panicking—I can’t drop them from my plan just because they’re sick (thanks, Affordable Care Act!) but I also need to make a profit. Therefore, I need to figure out ways to offset the costs.

Which means insurance plans in general run on just….a crap ton of math. How many healthcare dollars does the average person utilize in a year? Where are they allocated (e.g. emergency services, pharmaceuticals, ambulatory care, etc.)? What if the average person has diabetes, how many additional dollars will they spend? Are there alternative therapies (like wellness plans or generic drugs) that do the same for less money? Are there partnerships the company can enter into that will bring those costs down? (This is where we get in-network and out-of-network stuff, as well as drug formularies.)

If people can jump onto plans and off again, or only buy insurance after they’re diagnosed with a chronic disease, it threatens the stability of the risk pool and ruins all the math. Additionally, when a company is offering its plans on the ACA marketplace, the government offers a subsidy—basically, they promise that if insurance companies lower the costs to the consumer, the government will make up the difference.

So much goddamn math, a lot of money changing hands—lawmakers and insurance compromised and decided it was much less complicated to have a single enrollment period, get everybody on the books, and manage the costs from there.

Which sucks for people who just……missed the deadline to enroll, or find themselves needing a different plan in mid-July. It also discourages a lot of shopping around for plans. (Which could itself lower insurance costs, though I have no faith in the free market to lower costs.)

That’s a long walk for a pretty short answer (”money and paperwork”) but I think it’s always helpful to know what’s really going on behind decisions corporations and legislators make.

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I understand for the most part what you guys are but what is your core basis? You guys are just in Europe?

At the moment we are operated from within western Europe.

But, we are not a Movement. 

We are preaching to be a lifestyle, a medium for a certain way of thinking. Our idea is to reshape/rewire the brain (and body) of anyone willing to follow in our path.

Nearly any Nationalist news-source is being really pessimistic about common day Europe. We on the other hand view this decline as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves and our people.

Pointing fingers and blaming others for our shortcomings and being defeatist about the whole situation is a sign of weakness, a weakness our ancestors would’ve overcome but we have become docile, only reacting vaguely to materialistic stimuli. For us to become stronger again we have to follow the way of our ancestors and really ask ourselves what we can do for Europe and how we can accomplish that.

We ask our followers: “What are YOU doing to make a change?” Pick up a book for example. Start reading works from people like Codreanu, Evola, or Mosley (there’s a lot of inspirational people to name). Try and learn about your roots and where your lineage originated from. Eat healthy, pay a little extra but try to support a local instead of buying in bulk at a supermarket. Start working out, start with 20 minutes (a day) and build up your stamina. Release yourself from any mind or mood-altering substances, and become the master of your own mind and body again.

Most Nationalists nowadays write something edgy on twitter or some other forum and at the same time sit on their ass while getting fat or are browsing the internet for crap which will give them a seconds laugh while at the same time not using the same tool(s) to learn.

Question your own existence “Should i buy that new iPhone?” or “Do i want to spend more money on freemium games?”. No! By faithfully carrying on the flame of your people, your ancestors have ensured your birth. We do not have the right to stop that flame from being passed on from generation to generation.

Be the strength and change you’d wish for Europe!

We’d like to thank you for your interest and we hope this gives you some insight in our way of thinking and the goals we’d like to achieve with Scrofa Division.

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Honestly I often find myself so mad that like if one of the richest people was nice enough to like redistribute their wealth and like focus on helping others a lot of the world would be better! Like I always think about if I somehow became a billionaire it would last long cuz like I'd spend all my money on helping other people and trying to unfuck the world. Why do people think money and their bullshit expensive crap that only has value because they say so is more important then the entire world

I know like I legitimately can’t imagine why the Koch brothers would spend their money destroying environmental policy when they don’t have much longer to live. Capitalism is like a drug

The Island (part 4)

Apologies for the long absences between parts. I want to catch up with some other fics from other writers as well as writing more but my real life is very real and just a bit crazy. You’ll know when it gets less busy, you’ll see me post more!

Short update. Amelia’s POV is in italics.

1 - 2 - 3

We’ve been in London just over a week now. My job, the thing that dragged our asses out to the UK, is going particularly well if we look past how difficult Owen Hunt has made every meeting. My son loves it in the hotel, has revelled in the small snippets of time and attention his father has given him, and has even picked up the way everyone says ‘water’ here which is pretty cute. This city is immense and has everything we could possibly want or need.

“Christian, please,” I say down the phone to my unreliable ex. I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to break the news to Theo that his father is actually a piece of crap rather than the amazingly successful actor the six-year-old thinks he is. He’s successful enough for an actor, but can’t afford to turn down a bit of work to take his son swimming so… “You promised him.”

“Is he nearly here?” My son’s big brown eyes fill with excitement. Fuck.

“I know I have the day off but that doesn’t mean-… No! Look if you-… Ugh, fine,” I resign, hanging up the phone. Here it is: Theo, your father is a piece of crap. “Teddy, come here,” I gesture, opening my arms for Theo to fold into. “I’m really sorry but your Daddy had to go to work today so he can make sure he has enough money to take you swimming next week. So we’re going to have to do something instead. Just the two of us.”

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Week 19 - Anatomy of A Scene

Here’s a look at our animation pipeline on AMBITION.  It’s a process that we’ve developed for doing client work and has served us well for many years.  It helps us save time and brain power, which gives us the ability to focus on just making solid work.

It Starts With Good Boards

Having solid storyboards is absolutely key to a successful production.  The concept of what a storyboard is actually used for is very misunderstood by artists young and old.  Getting the initial idea down is step one, but ensuring that all elements which will appear on the screen are clear and visible is the next important step to the process.  As a director, having a team that is familiar with your vision and level of standard for the work allows you the flexibility to be a bit more loose with your art.  But if working with a relatively new team, it’s super important to make sure that everything is CLEAR.

Key Animation & Timing

The next phase is taking the storyboards and putting the artwork “on model,” meaning to make it match the artistic direction that’s been established for the work.  Each cut of the reel is broken out and then every frame is counted for.

From our spreadsheet, the cut is 59 frames (2.45 seconds) long.  There are 3 main poses which are put on model as you can see below.  Now, you’ll also see an exposure sheet (x-sheet) that’ve made specifically for this production.  I start by marking down the main “beats” of the cut as indicated by the story reel.  Most story reel timing is usually left up to an editor and so it can be hit or miss depending on the experience level.  I tend to follow the Kurosawa school of filmmaking and believe that the director should also edit their own films.  Being an animator, I was meticulous with pacing so that my boards timing could be used as is.  

Writing x-sheets is a back and forth process.  Before I even start animating, I act out the actions PHYSICALLY to get a feel for the weight and I use a stop-watch to make sure that I have a good sense of long it will take me to go from A to B.  

NOTE: What you see here are my cleaned up key drawings which I produced AFTER I worked out my timing and spacing for the cut.

The Exposure Sheet (X-Sheet)

Some people have heard about them, others not.  An exposure sheet is much like a music sheet which allows for us to jot down the timing, spacing and action or camera directions of the cut.  

At first glance, it looks very intimidating but when you look understand that each cell represents a frame of footage; it’s not so scary anymore.  In fact, if you’re working in Flash or Harmony or any other animation program that has a timeline, you are in fact looking at a digital exposure sheet.  What trips people up is that they’ll spend way too much time in the timeline playing back footage and making tiny adjustments.  When in fact that proper way to go about producing high quality work is to do things one step at a time.

  • The key drawings from the story reel are marked down first.
  • Then I time out the action (using a stop watch and acting it out)
  • Then I jot down the spacing via thumbnails (testing as I go along)
  • When I’m satisfied with the work, I write it all done on the x-sheet and clean up my drawings.

As you can see, we’re animating on 1s so it’s doubly important that we have an iron clad grip on the work to maintain quality and consistency throughout.   If you leave too much to interpretation - I can guarantee that  - you will have more problems than you realized.

Once I’ve gone through and placed all my keys, it is now ready to be handed over for inbetweening and coloring.

Catch 22

Fact of the matter: Hand drawn animation - especially when done well - is a lot of work.  There’s a reason why we don’t see a lot of productions [in America] using hand drawn animation and it’s precisely because of the amount of work that goes into it and a lack of understanding of what it takes to do the work right.  9 out of 10 times, production budgets and schedules are often underestimated and then the money people get upset when the work looks like crap.  Animation takes a lot of time, especially to make it right.  It’s like sculpting a marble statue; when takes time to do it right.  And when it’s right, it’s right.  And when it’s wrong, it’s fucking awful.  But to most executives, producers and studios don’t want to spend the time (because it equals money) because the faster and cheaper you produce a product and get it to market, the more money you’ll make because you didn’t spend that much to make it!

It’s a catch-22.  Animation is an amazing storytelling platform, but in order to produce animation it will either require a lot of time or a lot of resources.  Both require money.  Guys like Bill Plympton keeps his production budgets and quality low because he does all the work himself but it takes between 1 to 2 years for him to do it alone where as Studio Ghibli will spend between 3 to 4 years producing a feature with all the trimmings.

Either way, when it’s done - and done well - animation is an incredible medium to work in.  Anything worth doing is never going to be easy.  

The luck between Ramsey and his Golden Boy are complete opposites. Geoff always gets the bad hands, loses no matter how hard he tries. Unless he has Gavin there with him. Whispering into his ear, watching every move with calculating eyes.

Naturally, Gavin loves traveling to Las Vegas. Loves the lights and noises and the all-around party scene. He blends in with all his jewelry and makeup like he’s always belonged. Geoff also sticks in -even though it’s not necessarily the good way. Walking down the streets, there’s quite a bit of people with tuxedos, attempting magic or singing/playing instruments.

“Oh come off it, Geoffrey. Just one casino tonight!” Gavin cooed. They were about 15 feet from two separate casinos and they both knew that Geoff couldn’t say no to an opportunity to gain more money and earn free drinks at the same time.

“Just one.” He agreed as he rummaged through his wallet. He handed over some cash and smirked. “You only have $1,000 to spend tonight.” The Golden Boy pouted in response but took the money.

“Bet you we’ll leave with 5 grand.”


Watching Gavin work his magic was like watching a well oiled machine work. Everything seemed to go along smoothly and it was very satisfying. He avoided the craps table, Russian roulette, things like that where he couldn’t predict certain aspects. He stuck to the card games and the slot machines. Being a hacker and a frontman gave him advantages that no one else could even think of.

He worked the slots with the tiniest movements, slipping a card into it so quickly Geoff had thought he imagined it the first few times. And with the cards.. Well, that was no problem. The Golden Boy’s whole job was the read people, so this was like a piece of cake.

They were only threatened to get kicked out for cheating a few times. But Gavin got them out of that, like always, by using his people skills in his favor.

And about 4 hours later at the end of the night, Gavin was waving around a bounded wad of cash. “$4,500.” He announced proudly. Geoff chuckled before swiping it out of the other’s hand.

“Still not 5k.” He pointed out. Gavin’s jaw dropped as he stomped his foot a little.

“That’s not fair! It still counts!”

(He would never tell Gavin, but Geoff had lost another $400 in there before giving up and just watching the other man.)

Here. I’m gonna say it...

I expected so much more from Thor: Ragnarok… 

The only thing worth seeing was Loki. And even that was ruined, since Loki was treated like crap, 99% of the movie. 

So yeah. 


Hands down for MARVEL spending money for all the great promos and all that. 

This is my personal opinion on the movie. You don’t have to agree with it. 
Have a good day. <3

anonymous asked:

People are missing the point about this charity post/involvement backlash. It's not that she's reaching out to a charity. No one, shippers or antis, should nay say that. But it's manipulation factor. When people (fans) feel like we are in the center of a shit storm being...I don't want to say manipulated bc we are smart, but maybe feel used by certain people taking advantage of our passion of the show and our support of these actors into spending our hard earned money for charity only (p1)

(P2) where they can throw away their appreciation for our support but lay it on thick for charity related things. I’m sorry but that’s not right. It’s not an MM thing either. Sam got heat during “suggest you ignore” basically saying I don’t care about how you feel & then all of a sudden when it’s time to raise money for MPC he seemed more sincere to everyone. There’s a lot of gray area in this bc of BTS bull crap but it’s the same concept that’d be a lot clearer if emotions were taken out of it.

(P3) And I don’t think people are wrong for thinking this way either. Supporting charities is always amazing work. But manipulating/using/whatever word you want to use for how people sometimes go about it is wrong even if it’s all for a good cause. That’s the end of my mini rant haha sorry. Have a good day!

I think that’s a pretty fair point anon! Thanks for explaining it better than I did :)

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Do you think Dan and Phil have joint or separate bank accounts? Phil has mentioned that he is very restrained when it comes to spending money while Dan, spends (quite deservedly so) a lot of money just on clothes.

I think you’re underestimating Phil makes-two-videos-just-on-random-crap-i-buy Lester. Phil who likes sky bars and expensive drinks and nice hotels and first class train tickets etc etc… 

(Though I do agree, Dan spends more on clothes. Phil is very Topshop brand loyal.)

ishqbaaz 15.11.17 lb

this one’s for @ilovefusion​ - it’s already the 16th where you are, so 🎉🎉🎉 happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂 fellow scorpio, cbse survivor, and eerily similar sister-from-another-mister! i hope you have an amazing day, and even better year! 💖💖💖

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  • ugh, starting off itself with senti pap. whyyyyyyyyyyyyy???? this is beginning to get on my damn nerves. 
  • aw anika, babyyyyyyy, this family is so damn undeserving of you as a bahu! stop putting yourself down like this! 
    • god how great is surbhi with the trembly voice and the hitch in her throat???? this girl deserves all the damn awards!!!! 
  • meanwhile these three here are not even listening to the heartfelt speech anika’s giving. 
  • lmao sanskaar???? what damn sanskaar do these fuckers have? 
  • hahahahaha gauri’s fervent agreement at the “ajeeb shayari”
  • khara sona, my ass. more like that cheapass kinda jewelry that’s cute and all, but leaves dirty green marks on your skin you have to spend hours scrubbing to get rid of and you think to yourself “my mom was right. i should have never wasted money on this crap.” 
  • “auraton ki izzat karna” hahhahahahhahahahahahahahahha 
  • yes, by all means boys, keep standing there staring. aur kar bhi kya sakte ho tum nikkamme. 🙄🙄🙄
  • aaaand the video’s playing. 
  • best reaction: 


  • poor shaktiji is all “yeh dekhne se pehle main mar kyun nahi gaya?????” 
    • he’ll have to throw in a few hours of extra pooja tomorrow to dho-ofy this paap away. 
  • dinky maasi’s glowing from joy. this is the happiest i’ve ever seen her. 
  • ok fwding coz… honestly… ugh. 
  • dadi’s hella traumatized to learn what haraamis her darling laadle are. 
    • yeah, think about US, dadi, who’ve been witnessing this shit for 400+ episodes now. 
  • oh great. that dukhiiii waala aaaaaaaaa music is playing. ouff do i have to watch this ep? imma just fwd all the nonsense drama, coz i honestly have better things to do. (not really, but anything is a better alternative to this nonsense.) 
  • also nakuul just looks so hella tired man. someone give this man some coffee or a red bull or something. 
    • someone also teach his makeup man to conceal the gigantic bags under his eyes. 
  • pinky, what do you care? you don’t even like your bahu. shouldn’t you be glad he’s cheating on her? 
  • omfg that damn vest of kunal’s is so tight it’s thiiiiiiiiis 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 close to busting open. fucking shirali, at least SIZE ka toh siya karo?!!?!?! 
  • ok tej just cares about his stocks. as usual. 
  • aaaaaaaand tej and pinky are fighting again. 
  • “rudra toh abhi bachcha hai.” 
  • aaaah man, after the longest time ever, i am completely on #teamPinky
  • lmao more typical middle class dialogue: “(inhone ne hi) mere bete ko bigaad diya” 
    • haan haan, warna woh toh doodh ka dhula hai na bechaara, ungli pakad ke le gaye the omkara aur rudra usko hotel kamre mein….. auntyji samjha karo, aapka beta hi sabse puraana paapi hai. 
  • ok dadi is starting to do drama and i can’t… fwding. 
  • why are they stopping rudra from telling the truth?
  • ok dinky’s saying her piece now and ughhhhhhhhhhhh  FWDING THIS NONSENSE
  • daaaaaaang shivKara’s death glares. very reminiscent of lord shiva’s third eye opening. wouldn’t wanna be dinky rn. 
  • omg aniRi shutttttttttt upppppppppppp stop defending these stupid fuckers god i hate this stupid fucking plot so much.
  • yeah coz this is hardly the first video that’s come out of shivaay. something or the other “featuring” him comes out every three four months. 
  • god i can’t take this regressive-ass shit anymore. just fwding the fuck outta this goddamn hellfuckery.
  • fwd fwd fwd fwd fwd fwd i am literally going through this episode like 
  • haan ab bhaujai ne speech de diya hai toh patnivrata of the year kaise peeche reh sakti hai. she’s also got her own bhaashan to give. 😒😒😒
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaand dinky maasi’s truth is outtttt. 
  • lmao rudra’s triumphant bitch face. 
    • god, leenesh is a good actor and has so much potential, but i feel so goddamn sorry for him being stuck in this goddamn role. he’s such a sweetheart and deserves so much better. #freeLee2k17
  • yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes, tej is flyinggggg offff the damn handle.
  • … am i supposed to feel sorry for dinky here? man, what the fuck kinda genes does pinky’s fam have, that’s so filled with conniving fuckery and victim-complex???
    • lol but the “mere baal kharaab kar rahe hai aap” moment in the end tho. feel like that was more surbhi @ nakuul than a shivika thing. 😂😂😂

  • great. anika’s apparently this generation’s virgin mary. congrats y’all. it’s the second coming of christ himself. hope he punches trump in the face and sets this fucked up planet of ours right. 
The signs according to people I know

(Written from a Scorpios perspective)
Aries: shy, smart, very hard working and super adorable!!!
Taurus: you tend to stress yourself out often. Just relax bb. If someone asks you to clarify, its because they don’t understand what your saying, but they want to understand. Don’t say “never mind”
Gemini: woah, I know we’re not supposed to get along very well but your chill as hell
Cancer: very emotional, but probably my best friend. You put your heart into it and I love you so much. (PS you don’t owe anyone anything)
Leo: hot damn bb I wish I had more of your attention. Everything about you is perfect like I cannot even put into words how I feel about you
Virgo: chill asf def comes w own personality and doesn’t give a crap. Can entertain for hours
Libra: lots to say, can hold a conversation like nothing and always down for parties
Scorpio: uhm, like the best kind of people ever (lol)
Sagittarius: fun, like to spend money, very careless
Capricorn: dark and to yourself but def my best friend ever. Very attractive personality wise
Aquarius: love the rules, very strict but one on one you can be very carefree
Pisces: energetic and crazy, can’t handle staying in


The entire reason they’re in the pet store in the first place is because the breeder couldn’t sell them and needed to make room for the next batch!

You have no idea what kind of genetics they have and no reason to breed from them in the first place. You could kill one or both of your fish in the attempt and you’re dooming any fry to a short, unhappy life with inferior genetics, just for *~the experience~*. That’s not just selfish, that’s cruel.

Breeding bettas is tough and stressful for both breeder and stock, and is definitely not something to go into just because you feel like it. If you want to breed for real, get yourself a good pair after as much research as humanly possible, plan your every move as you go and prepare to spend twice as much money as you make on your animals.

And while we’re at it, don’t bother with veiltails, rose/feathertails or double tails. You’re doing them a disservice by bringing more into the world.

Hyde’s Diary Entry: #8

Flower Power!

Jackie said the other day that if I really liked her, I’d show up with flowers for her for no reason at all. I’m sure one of her stupid magazines told her that. The thing is, I wouldn’t mind surprising her with something for no reason at all, but just not flowers. Flowers die. I’d like to get her something that lasts, something she can use – but won’t bug the crap out of me.

So I tried to think of something a girl like Jackie would need. Like if it were Kelso, I could surprise him with a new air-filter for his van (too bad Jackie doesn’t have a car). Fez is always in need of candy (Jackie won’t eat anything that has more calories than she has unicorns). Donna’s easy, I could always get her a book (Jackie doesn’t like to read anything that doesn’t come with a perfume sample). Even Forman, as much as I’d hate to spend my money on it, he always loves a new Star Wars action figure. At least that has staying power. It’s going to take centuries for those plastic things to decompose. Along those lines, I could get Jackie a Barbie, but … no way, man, I do not buy Barbies. I’d date her. Won’t buy her, though.

Then, when I was at the store the other day, there they were: plastic flowers. What girl wouldn’t like flowers that never die? With real flowers, you have to keep buying them over and over again, but these – I bring them to her once, and I’m set. Man, Jackie’s lucky to have a guy who’s willing to go that extra step.

That ‘70s Show diary entries copyright The Carsey-Werner Company, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC.

Tip for Impulsive Shopping/Option Overwhelm

Hi! Just wanted to share a tip that’s helped cut down on my impulsive shopping, stress and overwhelming indecisiveness this year.

Idk about everyone else but I dread going to the store. For groceries, for TP, for anything. What seems like a breeze to my NT husband is a sensory nightmare to me.
Everytime we ran out of a common household item, (for example laundry soap) I’d go to the store and spend probably an entire hour in the laundry soap isle. Looking at near every single one of the 20+ options. Searching for one that is better, cheaper, less chemicals, more eco friendly, blah blah blah. By the time I’d settle on something, I’d have completely exhausted my mental motivation, but there are still 10 other things on the list! Shampoo, cat food, trash bags, all the things that as adults we get the privilege of spending our hard earned money on.
By the time I was leaving, I’d have got half the things on the list, given up on the others, and filled my cart with other useless crap. Usually starving, probably had to pee. Irritated at all the sheeple that can’t figure out which side of the isles to zombie slow walk on.

ANYWAY. If this is you too, I’d like to HIGHLY recommend subscribe & save. It’s a free auto delivery service. They have an extensive selection of all kinds of categories of things that are eligible.
You choose what you want, how often you want it (as often as each month or as far off as 2x/yr) and that’s it.
If you’re a prime member, most of the stuff ships in 2 days, if not, it’s free standard shipping.
If you have 5, 15%. They also have coupons for stuff all the time.
Plus if you can afford the extra money/space, you can buy a ton of stuff in bulk, which is even cheaper and saves on packaging too!

The only kind of downside is that it’s autopay too of course, and im pretty forgetful. So I set a reminder (and they send emails too) each month to go review it. The way I’ve worked around this is I set all of my initial picks to once every 6 months, and then when I run low I change it accordingly.

It’s saved us a bunch of time/money/stress this year and I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before!!

Behind The Scenes 2 (10.75/16)

Author’s note: I seriously don’t trust my computer, so let’s see if this part even gets posted today! The next part won’t be posted till Wednesday (hopefully). Sorry for any errors.

Genre: idk tbh… (Suga) (Jungkook)

Word count: 1496

Summary: Can you get thorough to Jungkook?

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back at the dorm, you did the usual routine of cooking, eating and cleaning. Since it was still a bit early, Rap monster had somewhere he needed to go. And since you “did your part”, he decided to reward you and let you stay out of your room until he got back.

You decided to go to Jhope’s room to talk to him and tell him about your sweet  revenge on Jungkook.

You lightly knocked on his door. When he didn’t open up, you poked your head inside. “Hobi?” His lights were off and it looked like he was lying in bed. “Hobi?” you called out again. From his bed you could hear him mumbling about something, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. “Dang, he’s high already…. Ah, well then Yoongi will get to know first as usual.” You went to Suga’s room, letting yourself in with a light knock.

You were welcomed by a flash coming from his bed. You saw him laying against the wall posing with the stuffed panda he won.

“Were you taking a selfie with that toy panda?” you asked laying down in the spot next to him.

He looked at you a bit embarrassed. “And if I did?” he retorted

“Ha! Nothing… What are you doing?… Other than taking selfies.”

“Just reading.”

Then you heard his phone buzz. You leaned over to take a look at his screen. Your attempted failed though because Suga quickly moved his phone away from you.

“Why does everyone keep doing that?” you asked in frustration.

“Why do you keep looking at people’s phones?”

“… Fine, you have a point…”

“So how was it for you today?”

“Like I said, it was actually fun. Jungkook and I went on a bunch of rides. For most of the day he was actually fun to be with!”

“Really?” Suga asked, quickly turning to you.

“Yeah, but then he started flirting with the girl at one of the stands.” You cringed your face.

“You got jealous or what?” although he was obviously joking, you could have sworn you got a vibe of genuine curiosity form him.

“No! It was just annoying. He wasn’t going along with the whole thing. I was scared he was going to fuck it all up cuz he can’t keep it in his pants… So I got some revenge.” You giggled.

“What did you do?” Just then his phone buzzed again and his attention went back to his phone.

You continued to speak, but he wasn’t really paying attention to you.

“Yoongi… Yoongi… Yoongi!”

“Huh? What?” he mumbled, still looking at his phone.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah… something about Jungkook.”

“What are you doing?”


You took the phone out of his hand and took a quick look at his screen.

“Hey!” he ripped his phone out of your hands.

“You could have just told me you were texting Aiko.” You said now grumpy.

He typed something out and then put his phone back in his pocket and turned to you. “Ok, tell me your revenge again.”

“Nope, I already told you. You should have been listening.”

“Tell me. I’m listening now… I’ll give you this panda if you tell me!” Suga offered, holding the stuffed toy in his hand.

“…Fine.” You took the panda from his hand and retold your revenge.

“That’s hilarious, you should be proud of yourself.” He smiled.

You sat up on his bed. “I know.” You said, joking flipping your hair dramatically. Then you stood up and went to open the door. “I’m gonna go now.”

“What? Why?”

“I need to talk to Jungkook. I gotta do it before the monster gets back.”

He looked at you a bit confused.

“Maybe I’ll come back when I’m done.” You said as you walked out.

With much determination, you made your way over to Jungkook room’s and knocked loudly on the door.

“What? I’m busy!” Jungkook shouted

“I need to talk to you!” you said through the door.


You waited a good minute before knocking frantically on his door.

“What?!?” He shouted through the door. Soon he finally opened up and asked. “What do you want?!?”

“Are there still cameras in here?” you whispered.

He rolled his eyes at you. “They got take got taken out!” He said in a still angry tone.

“We need to talk.” You huffed, pushing your way into his room.

“By those words, I really hope you mean that you are going to “break up” with me.”

You walked over to his desk chair and took a seat. It wasn’t until you did so that you realized he was only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. “Can you please cover up?” you asked looking away from him

He grunted and pulled on the pair of pants he was wearing earlier, not bothering to button them closed. “Ok, what did you want to talk about? Is this about paying me back?”

“You know I don’t have any money.”

“There are other ways you can pay me back.” He said slyly. He sat on his bed and smirked at you.

You glared back at him. “I wanted to make truce.”


“Yeah. Look, we both hate having to do this whole pretend thing, so why make it harder for each other.”

“Cuz its fun. Why should I change so much just cuz I’m stuck with you now?”

“Was it fun when I fucked with you today? Cuz it definitely was for me.”

He just looked away from you, not wanting to accept the fact that you made a good point. “It’s hard to take you seriously with that stupid panda you know.”

“Ignore it.”

“…So what’s this truce of yours?”

You rolled the chair closer to him. “Well, I wanted us to agree to be civil about this whole thing. I say that every time we have to be together, we just pretend like we are actors in a drama. We don’t have to go as far as making out or having in depth conversations or whatever, we just have to be more legit than we are now. I’ll do my best to be more involved and not pull away and stuff. You can’t be going around flirting with everyone. And we can’t be fighting with each other either.”

“That doesn’t sound very fun.”

“That’s not the point. The point is I don’t want any reason for Namjoon hurt me. It’s my ass that’s on the line here!”

Jungkook stopped talking, remembering how serious the whole situation was. He wanted to bring up the fact that you were putting yourself on the line when you threatened him earlier, but just he kept his mouth shut.

“How we were on all the rides is how we should be all the time when we are out in public. Not exactly love, not the shit we deal with here, just whatever we have to do together in that moment.”

Jungkook nodded at your reasoning.

“The main goal is just to look like a legit couple. If we want to talk about something serious we can say… “Time out” and for that moment, we don’t have to be pretending.”

“Like a safe word?” he smirked

“… Sure… like a safe word… then to pretend again, we can say “Time in”. But my point is that we have to take this seriously. Shit is bad enough and we shouldn’t make this harder for each other. That is what Namjoon wants. He wants us to be at each other’s throats. Maybe if we do this good enough, he’ll get bored and make up break up.”

“He’ll just come up with something worse.”

He was right. “…We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“… You make a good point though. I guess I’ll go along with this shit.”

“So, no more flirting, no more starting shit with me, no more mumbling shit at me under your breath. I will reciprocate the cheesy crap and I won’t make you spend so much money or threaten you… Deal?” You stuck your hand out to him.

He started at your hand a bit as he contemplated your deal. “… Deal…” his hand engulfed yours. “Now that that is settled, can you please leave so that I can properly relieve myself.” He said, his hand still holding yours.

“Relieve yourself?”

“Yeah, I was in the middle of it when you wanted to come in.”

You looked at him confused. All his did was give you that stupid smirk of his.

“You know… Why do you think my door was locked?” His smirk grew.

You froze. He couldn’t be talking about what you thought he was talking about. You looked down at your hand and pulled it out of his grasp and then you looked back at him. He was on the verge of laughter.

“Eeeeeewwwwwwww!” you ran out of his room and to the hallway bathroom to disinfect your hand.