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so based on the limited amount of Olicity news so far from sdcc...

I’m 99.9 % sure that Oliver and Felicity are already married in present day 6x01. The episode flashbacks to the island will just focus on Oliver’s realization and relief that Felicity survived and at some point it will be implied that they’ll talk about being together again once everything has blown over. Then at the end of the hour we’ll see a scene where Oliver leaves William’s room and walks into the living room of his new apartment and bam Felicity is all cozy on the couch with a wedding band on her finger waiting to give him a speech about parenthood and patience.


Today marks 15 years that @mrsfuksox and I have been a couple. Love you more every day baby 😘😘

  • me playing older bioware games: Why do my companions always stay in the same room all the time I wish they'd go visit each other.
  • me playing Andromeda: Where the hell are my companions now why aren’t they where I left them how dare you socialise without me

what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

He caught her and never let her go again


The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 8

After a short hiatus, I bring you episode 8! 80% of the gifs from this episodes were Eros but even so Yuuri managed to have a range of expressions too large for 1 gifset. I enjoy how straightforward this episode is for Yuuri as a whole. It feels like he has control the entire time, even when life throws him curve balls.

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Bonus because I can’t in good conscience leave out a scene I love as much as I do (even if it’s not all that Yuuri-focused… it’s close enough to count!):