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The Ghost and the Crow

@thetoxicstrawberry remember that RP I told you I was doing with @redhothollyberries? The first part is up!

The Ghost and the Crow is a roleplay done by me and Holly where I write as Tobirama and she writes as Madara. The first chapter can be found here on AO3 and I beg of you to appreciate the amount of time it took me to format this beast. xD 

First chapter summary: Tobirama’s albinism affects his childhood heavily: too sensitive to sunlight, he lives by night, considered either a bad omen or a weakling by most of his clan. He takes to wandering across the Senju lands by night, training on his own. There, he encounters another young boy.

Kolivan/Antok into eventual Kolivance coming at you from the discord server -like holy hell people, you guys just started and wouldn’t stop. Also I didn’t format this someone was kind enough to compile it all for me so bless you @candywii666

This is more about Koli and Antok being a thing, but I can throw in some lance too.

Ok so I have the paladin handbook and when I got to Antok’s page, I noticed that he also has the hair necklace think that Koli had before he took his hood down. So I hc that Koli and Antok were husbands. When they got married, they both started growing their hair out, never cutting it as a sign of their union.

Now imagine how Kolivan felt when Antok died.

He wasn’t there to protect him He couldn’t save his husband So when they all get back to the castle, and Kolivan finds out Antok died, he just goes numb and hides in his room for a few days When he emerges, his braid is gone

Now, all the blades know what this means. They don’t mention it or talk about it at all because this is a sign of mourning and loss and they’re letting their leader grieve But the Paladins don’t know they symbolic nature of the haircut So lance (who both Antok and Koli had started to court once they joined the alliance) had been worried sick because Koli wouldn’t let anyone in to see him


lance tries to lighten the mood by complementing Kolivan’s new look And Kolivance just breaks down crying no one knows what to do because they’ve never seen their leader this distraught. He’s usually such a stoic person


when Kolivan does emerge, everyone is going about their business, except the blades, and he’s lowkey irritated, but then he finds Lance with a little candle saying a prayer for Antok. And Lance explains he does that for anyone that died helping them, that means Thace and Ulaz too

Everyone involved gladly gives this idea out for everyone/anyone to try out! So have at it, add onto the hc or not.

P.S. I’ll be adding some more hc’s that everyone’s come up with later… when I have more time xD

A Friend In Need

So since you guys all said canon and pain, here’s the first fic I wrote xD More coming later :)

She picked up her phone and selected a name from her contacts she hadn’t chosen in quite some time. She put the phone up to her ear and waited for it to start ringing, taking slow deep breaths that didn’t help at all in keeping her calm. Apparently she didn’t do calm anymore. She didn’t know how.

1 ring

2 rings

3 rings

“Hello?” A voice came through the phone speaker. “Amelia?” The voice said after a few seconds of silence.

She’d picked up the phone, she’d selected the number, she’d dialed, but now she couldn’t do the most important part. She couldn’t speak.

“Amelia? Are you there? Are you okay?” The voice said, getting more and more concerned with every word.

“Addie..” The name came out at a whimper, almost a cry. She hadn’t meant for it to come out like that, she hadn’t meant it at all.

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So a comic right? It’s just the first panel thou I’ll upload the others tomorrow but gosh i will probably not color all of them XD I hate doing a half assed job X) but yeah this will be a sansby comic tell me what u think about it even if it’s just a poor start XD Huhu hope u will enjoy it thou. Much love to all of u sweethearts that wanted me to start a comic aswell I hope I will be able to please u with this<3 and infinity thanks and love to the lovely @crickatune for helping me with getting an idea rolling :D love u <3!


MOZU - episode 01 -


Nyiro’s favourite video games characters [in no particular order]
Jennifer Scott || Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Why, then everything is a ship, large and small, but for my toy boat. The one I take into the bath with me…

Ok ok, there’s SO MUCH that I need to explain when I finish the Reaper High meme, but I couldn’t take it! I HAD to make my headcannon known!

This is just my head cannon. I don’t want to shove this is anyone’s throats, I’m just sharing my headcannon. No offense was intended and if asked, I will gladly remove this.

These three are a part of the Student Help Committee (they help students by finding them tutors, finding classes that might benefit them through a peer’s point of view, or by showing them to classes). They are made of VERY FEW members because anyone can find help in a COUNCIL.

The first name used to be called the Foreign Student’s Help Club, but because it was Reaper High, pretty much EVERYONE was foreign. They then changed it to SHC (Student Help Committee), but ended up going against the council for doing the same things they do inside the school. The two then made an agreement that the SHC will only help in affairs that include helping a new student find their classroom, helping student’s feel “at-home” in the school, and helping students who just want to ask any question in general. [Pretty much a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” club.]

They also try to talk to any villains who have gotten into trouble and try to communicate to them. They do not judge them, but they try to find some mediation in what the villain does in their world with what they do in Reaper High. (To prevent problems). Though, most of the time, the committee find themselves either running away from them or fighting them. They still try anyway.

More information might come later. I’m not sure. xD

Pucca © Pucca

Adam Lion © My Gym Partner’s A Monkey

Mac © Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Reaper High idea originally from RiddleMeRoxy [I’m pretty sure– If not, please correct me!]

Soraru Album Completion (032115)

Soraru: “Album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Completion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I (actually) did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lon: “Thanks for your hard work! It’s cold so make sure to wear pants!”

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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The Hookman || closed || with drenched--in--red

It was a rather small little cottage out in… well, it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The map hadn’t had anything marked here, but this was where they were supposed to be…

If this was a ‘orror movie, Marlowe thought as he turned the car off, this is where it’d open up…

Almost immediately after opening the door to get out (as he could tell Grell was too), Marlowe swore loudly. “Shit! Grell,” he called. “where’s the flashlight? I dropped the keys ta the 'ouse!”