more colour experiments


         It appears we have a traitor in our midst


So I decided to do some quick-ish doodles of some changes in mind for some people which may or may not become canon. Not too certain yet if I’ll give every member something a little different about their design. 

I haven’t touch my tablet like last week. Lol.

My digital art is a bit rusty but it will come back to me soon enough. XD

Anyway, yeah. I drew TFP Optimus Prime in not so rough sketch. ( O 3 O) /

 I miss this bot very much! :P Drawing his face is fine for me but drawing his body is like crap. Lol :B 

“They took away my home, my mother and my father.”

“And you want revenge?”

“I want  j u s t i c e.”


the Rise of the Guardians art book says that Tooth’s design was inspired by “half-bird, half-human gods of ancient Buddhist and Hindu cultures” and off kinnaris - bird-human characters found in Thai mythology, so I wondered why they made her skin so light if she was based off characters from these cultures.  I wondered what she would have looked like with brown skin.

this was more of a colour palette experiment, but personally I do think the browns work with the teals and greens better. I still do like DWA’s interpretation of the Tooth Fairy as it’s nice to see a Tooth Fairy that isn’t a blonde girl in a big dress


A sceptic who adheres to a believer is as simple as the law of complementary colors.