more color swaps

So discord is a bad influence and now this is just gonna be Karkatstuck, where twelve different blood color karkats all have to work together to play one of the least productive sessions of Sgrub ever (not really I just wanted to play around w more blood color swap options)

Anyways gold blood!karkat was super self sacrificial and accidentally fried his brain powers pretty early on, so now he just spends a lot of time grumbling at himself and berating his every little mess up as a massive failure. Kanaya and the others try to get him to be easier on himself but it usually just sets him off on worse fights with himself;;;

Jade blood!karkat is more passive, being raised to embrace his more caring side by the mother grub. He has a strong passion for troll regency romance novels, and enjoys making a lot of the accurate character clothes :)

I may follow up with the other blood colors if I feel up to it lmao