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So on my personal playthroughs I always remembered the Hyrule Castle stair puzzle as being a tad tedious, but during my playthrough with my friend she just walked onto the last step, cut the corner of the middle step that was up and put out the torch to solve it in one fell swoop. It was pretty glorious.

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Gaster since you kinda don't know where they live I could tell ya! They currently live in Snowdin!

✋︎ ☟︎✌︎✞︎☜︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ 💧︎☜︎☜︎☠︎ ✌︎ 🏱︎☜︎☼︎💧︎⚐︎☠︎ ✋︎☠︎ ✌︎☝︎☜︎💧︎. ✋︎ ☟︎⚐︎🏱︎☜︎ ✋︎ 💣︎✌︎😐︎☜︎ ✌︎ ☝︎⚐︎⚐︎👎︎ ✋︎💣︎🏱︎☼︎☜︎💧︎💧︎✋︎⚐︎☠︎.



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Art done by @cam-does-an-art

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Do you have any advice for someone who feels like a third wheel friend? I introduced them to each other, but for months their enthusiasm in talking to me has dwindled, while their excitement for each other has remained. They've have major life problems going on in recent days, and I just feel like it'd be really rude to ask them about my comparatively minuscule and selfish problems. I just almost feel unwelcome in our conversations anymore.

Perhaps if they are going through similar problems they just gravitate to each other more? Sometimes people just click especially when undergoing similar trials. Also just because their problems seem bigger, doesn’t mean your problems mean less. True friends will listen to you and care. I’m sorry you feel unwelcome in your conversations, perhaps try to hang out with them one on one? Or just tell them you miss certain aspects of conversations? Sorry if this isn’t helpful. Some days I’m off my game. 😓


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 8

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ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 7

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Self-indulgently doodling a soft baby while I try some things out.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 9

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more for my avatar au! for those who are unfamiliar with it, here is my first post where i explained the basics. for all those who asked for a lightning bender hanzo, you’re in luck!! this is also the first time i drew young genji, i hope i did him justice!


“Stop talking for a second and just… let me tell you something.” 

I had this idea about if Keith and Lance got stranded in space and for some reason the team can’t get to them or doesn’t know where they are, and they think they’re gonna die so they finally confess to each other. 😏 

But then the team finally comes and rescues them and they’re forced to actually deal with their feelings. 


Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from “Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by SC - 2nd Channel! :)

happy birthday to a special bean!