more clear version

Found this clear and close-up pic of Kouen and Koumei’s reaction when Hakuei’s life was in danger when the medium attacked her. This is a shot from the magazine and it’s even more clear than the volume version that I have. The only time Koumei made such a facial expression was when he heard about Hakuei in ch 274. Kouen is also known of always keeping his emotions under control, even when he heard about Hakuryuu killing Gyokuen and then his edict that sentenced them all to death.

Aladdin was with Hakuei at that time and he had yet to give Kouen all the answers he had been seeking, and yet Kouen was more concerned about Hakuei’s safety.

I wish I had someone I could call ‘mine’. Not because I own them, or because I am possessive, but because I want someone who was made for me, and only me.

I want someone who can understand me, and even if they couldn’t, who wouldn’t mind seeking refuge from the storms in my head together, side-by-side.

I want someone who is on the same page as I am, who doesn’t skip over the sentences that run on for too long, or scowl at the words they dislike, and who just wants to keep reading no matter how tedious or lachrymose the story becomes.

I want someone who betters me, but who realizes that it can be done without the causticity of criticism, because I am fragile and sometimes people’s two cents just seem to originate from a spiteful place, to be honest.

I wish I could meet someone who is their own person, but who is also essentially me, in a different body–maybe a more rational, clear-thinking version of me–simultaneously. I long for our souls to cross paths and for our lives to intertwine, so maybe I could wake up one day and not feel so incomplete.

Autistics Can’t Lie

“Autistics can’t lie” is a thing I see stated often.
Bovine excrement.

I see it stated in two different contexts. One is the “aspie supremacist” camp, the other is the “autistics are sweet innocent little angels” camp.

Neither has any connection to reality.

To address the more serious argument first (the one held by most people):

There is nothing about autism that makes telling lies impossible.

The idea that because we often seem childish, innocent, or we’re blunt/straightforward means we’re honest is conflating a lot of different things into one assessment.

Children are not incapable of lies - ask any parent. Even at 3 and 4 years old a child is likely to respond “no” when you ask “did you spill the milk on the floor?”, particularly if they know the punishment will be painful. No, the fact that they don’t understand the concept of lying does not make it not-a-lie.

They say what they think you want to hear. Truth-value is not part of their thinking.
Socially, autistics are bad at communication (it’s part of the definition of ASD). To avoid making social mistakes we often say what we think you want to hear. Truth-value may not be part of our thinking.

A statement being blunt/straightforward/unembellished does not make it true. “You’re ugly.” is blunt and not true (I tend to think ugly is a personality trait rather than an appearance). A lot of times they are just repetitions of things we have heard, not our own thoughts. Just because it’s straightforward from a person you think is “innocent” does not make it true.

Innocent is a judgement from a court, not a state of being. Even a sheltered person (such as myself :) ) has probably been exposed to things you are unaware of. Ascribing innocence to them and then using that false assumption to judge the truth-value of their statements is adding one error to another.

It is true that some of us can’t lie, in a limited sense of “can’t”.
As far as I know, the reasons are never what you think they are. Autism is at best an indirect cause.

I could lie, probably. I have written hundreds of thousands of words of fiction. Is that lying?
I can’t lie in the more clear-cut version simply because my memory is so screwed up I wouldn’t know if I was lying or not so I just say what I believe to be true at the time I say it.

Baby could probably lie. It just wouldn’t occur to her to do so since she believes everyone already knows what she knows, most of the time, so it would be pointless, and she doesn’t like pointless. Does that count as “can’t”?

Many of the autistics I come in contact with at the clinic I go to lie frequently. One is a pathological liar (he always tells lies even when there is no reason to). In my experience of being a crash-test-dummy in a study of autistics spanning nearly 30 years and over a hundred autistics I don’t think I have ever met one that could not tell a lie. Many that wouldn’t for reasons similar to why I think Baby wouldn’t, but none that couldn’t.

We’re not sweet innocent little angels, we just look like we are. (It’s really hard to get away with evil when you look like a demon.)

I will dismiss the “aspie supremacist” argument with the simple statement that it is a self-serving argument with no support. They make the claim simply to advance their claim of being the ‘next step in evolution’ (proving they don’t understand evolution). Pft.