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Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

Regarding “Kingsman: TGC”

The “Kingsman” fandom denied the death of Harry Hart and he came back in “The Golden Circle”.

If we deny the unnecessary romance and wedding in “The Golden Circle”, will it disappear in the next movie? Is this how it works?

Asking for a friend with one eye.

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Tips for lazy witches

We all love our witchcraft but sometimes you’re just too tired to do some certain things so here is a list to help make a busy witches life a little easier.

• too exhausted to make a sigil? Go onto and it creates a perfect sigil for you all you need to do is charge it!

• if you wear glasses enchant them so when you wear them when your tired they will help your eyes more

• when casting a circle do it metaphorically instead of lying down crystals, stones, salt etc.

• use music lyrics if you are too tired to create a spell

• want to increase or decrease things? Stir tea clockwise (increase) anti-clockwise (decrease)

• enchant your bed on a good energy day so on a low energy day it may help

• make little pre-made ritual and spell kits/bags so when you need to preform something all your measured ingredients and supplies are already there

* Happy enchanting 🖤✨🌙

1. You look at a map of a city you’ve never been to.
You see patterns and street names and they tell you nothing. The map remains dead, the city unknown.
2. You go to the city you’ve never been to.
It becomes a city you know.
3. You look at a map of a city you’ve been to, but have left behind. As you look at the map, you remember.
You are looking at nostalgia. You walk through street names and remember the taste of cake in the café whose name you forgot, but you remember its yellow walls and comfy chairs. A square is no longer four lines on a map, but an open space with people and statues and laughter and a fountain in the center. The monotonous, two-dimensional blue that indicates an ocean turns into postcard memories, so many shades of blue and green and the smell of salt and fish. The famous building with the famous name that everyone knows is now a personal experience, it is yours and yours alone in a way that will never make it anyone else’s. A billion feet have walked these (now familiar) paths and two of them were yours. You can trace the steps you have taken and you remember feelings and colours and strangers who offered you a smile. There is the hostel you slept in, there is the river you crossed so many times, there is the corner where you listened to the most amazing street musician. You fondly whisper street names that you had trouble pronouncing when you first spoke them, clumsily. You connect dots, and they turn to images in your head.
The map is alive, the city an old friend.
4. The map you look at is always the same; the perception is different. It is you who has changed.
—  p.s. // every time i look at a map I have a feeling that is hard to put into words

Phil Lester + Van Gogh icons

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Part 1/Part 2


“safe from pain
and truth
and choice
and other poison devils.
see, they don’t give a fuck about you
like I do.”