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As You Were - S2 E20

Vintage Misery 

Act 12

Back in the house, Judy is being taken away by some strangers she never met before. A lamb, rabbit and an antelope. Bellwether grabs her paw and starts to drag Judy with her outside.

Judy: “Wh-where are you taking me?”

Bellwether: “Somewhere safe.”

Judy: “Safe?”

rabbit: “Yeah somewhere better.”

Judy tugs her hand away. 

Judy: “I’m fine right here thank you!”

Bellwether: “Look were trying to rescue you.”

Judy: “I don’t need rescuing, I’m safer here inside the house.”

Bellwether: “No, you are not. If that predator comes back who know what he’ll do to you next.”

Antelope: “I’m thinking we got a case of stockholm syndrome.”

Judy: “Huh? What’s that?”

Bellwether: “ *sigh* We don’t have time for this. Lenny carry her.”

Lenny: “Uh ok.”

Judy: “Hey get your hooves off me!”

Judy was picked up by the tall antelope and outside they hear the whistles of the police. 

Bellwether: “Oh crud, we need to go.”

They all rush to the door and outside of the gate, looking back, Judy notices the brother bears were on the ground.

Judy: “Evan! Edwin! What did you do them!?”

Rabbit: “Don’t worry we just knock them to sleep, they’re fine!”

Judy looks back again and sees them being chased by the police. Just who are these people? And why would they say that they are trying to rescue her?


Back at Dowser’s mansion. Staple was at the gate, worried.There were loud roars and the sound of metal hitting one another, however it’s been a while since those noises were heard. Staple worries if Nick got into deep this time. 

Staring behind the gate, he notices a silhouette of an animal. The fog was thick so he wasn’t sure who it is. 

Staple: “Nick is that you!?”

There was no response however the figure is slowly walking towards him making gasping sounds like someone dying. Not taking any chances he got the guards to point their pistols on the figure behind the gate.

Staple: “Who are you!? Halt or be fired upon!”

The fog slowly cleared up and sees an animal with two red eyes, gaping mouth, carrying a large body while blood drips on the ground. It was Nick carrying Dowser, but he looks so ghoulish that the guards and him were startled by the sight. It was truly horrific, the stuff of nightmares, not just from the sight but from the noise Nick was making. He was gasping for air. Staple hurriedly opened the gate.

Staple: “Nick!’

Nick falls on the ground breathing sharply, struggling for air.

Staple: “Nick don’t worry I got you. SOMEONE LEND ME A DRAGOON!!”

PD: “What about the convict?”

Staple: “Put him in the paddy wagon obviously.”

PD: “He’s injured too.”

Staple: “I don’t care! Just get him in jailhouse before he wakes up.”

A guard comes close lending staple a dragoon. “Here sir.”

Staple: “Alright, help me put him on the saddle.”

Staple knew somewhat of the effects the vile has on Nick since he did told him about it once. Now his heart is struggling, but at least it seems that his breathing has calmed a bit, but he’s still gasping. 

Staple: “Make sure Dowser doesn’t escape. When I get back he better be chained to the teeth.”

PD: “Yeah but the panther is injured.”

Staple: “Then get doctor to treat his wounds.”

And with that, Staple dashed away headed to the hospital.


Theresa was going out for a walk, probably to buy some more cigars or some more fabric to make new clothes. Its cold and foggy outside so she went out wearing a stylish coat that fit her looks including a fancy cane. One thing about Theresa is that she is very stylish, probably because she is also a designer at heart. 

She wanders about and hear footsteps in an alley and a familiar voice. It sounded like Judy. She wonders if it is Judy. If it is, she sound like she’s in trouble. She decided to follow and hears more voices. 

Judy struggles to get away from the Antelope: “Let me go!”

Lenny: “Bell, this girl is getting difficult to handle!”

Bellwether: “Yeah we got one serious case here.”

Judy taking offense: “What do you mean!?”

Bellwether: “Ella shut her up.”

Ella grabs her scarf and wrapped it around Judy’s mouth with a rope tying her paws. 

Ella: “Don’t struggle.”

As Judy was being tied she notices that the rabbit looked familiar but where could she have seen her? She met a lot of rabbit slaves before so she could have seen her at some point in time.

Bellwether: “Alright we just need to get through here and were home free.”

Judy sees an out of service tunnel leading where, she doesn’t know but before they got in a figure from the fog appeared.

Theresa: “Hey what are you all doing!?”

Ella: “We’ve been found!”

Theresa notices Judy tied up: “Judy!” 

Bellwether pulls out a knife: “Back off predator!”

Judy struggles to stop her. However Theresa wasn’t intimidated.

Theresa: “A knife? Really? You petty thieves think you can intimidate me with that?”

Bellwether hasn’t gotten this kind of response in a while from a predator. it’s either she’s bluffing or she has something in mind. The only thing she has was a cane, it has a longer reach than her knife but only if she can close in.

Bellwether: “You two should go!”

Ella: “But-”

Bellwether: “NOW!!”

Theresa is being blocked by the small lamb so she can’t do anything besides to fight her off, so she begins to make her move. Bellwether was caught off guard on how fast she was able to close in the distance in front of her. Theresa swung her cane but Bellwether was able to quickly back away from it. Theresa took a stance, looks like Bellwether met a well trained swordswoman. 

‘Just where are they taking me,’ Judy thought to herself. They are inside the tunnels and its really dark from where she’s facing. Ella has a lamp but she’s in front. Judy however is tied and helpless, she can’t get away. The only hope is to try to escape once they untie her. 

She just hopes that Theresa doesn’t get hurt.

Back in the alley, Bellwether is in a difficult spot. Theresa hasn’t showed any opening after the first attack. She was able to hit her so many times and she couldn’t even get close! That damn cane is keeping her away from getting close and from the way she just swings that thing so fast she couldn’t even see it. She knew about the fox from the market but she didn’t know that she could fight! 

The police whistles are getting close, however she can’t let the the fox follow her, so instead she runs away hoping to lose her and the police. 

Theresa: “Wait! Come back here!!”

She throws the knife at her as a distraction. Theresa is able to slap the knife mid air, but the lamb was able to get away and disappear in the fog. 

Theresa went back into the entrance of the tunnel but was dark, too dark. The police caught up and she was able to tell them where they are headed. She want to follow but the police told her to stay out of it. She can’t help but be concerned but she trusts that they will find them. She hurriedly ran off headed to Nick’s house to tell him what happened.


Staple was able to get Nick to the hospital and is now waiting outside.

Staple: “You never said handling you was going to be a problem.”

He remembers the time when he first met Nick when he was assigned to be his partner by the leaders at central. He was a bit gloomy when he first met him, just a fox looking very depressed. He wasn’t sure why he was enlisted with a higher rank than him, but who knew just being with him would lead both of them finding wanted criminals and crooked nobles bringing them down when everyone else thought of them as being untouchable. 

For the first time they were able to loosen the grip these corrupted animals had on the city. Staple was glad to work with him.

Staple: “Don’t die on me Nick.”

Dr. Cain walked out of the room. Staple stood up wanting to hear his condition.

Staple: “How is he doc?”

Dr. Cain: “In critical condition but all he needs to do now is to rest and take his larger doses of my medicine to calm down his heart. So what did he do this time?”

Staple explains everything to her. She understood what it was but if this keeps going she’s not sure if she’s going to get better.

Dr. Cain: “I know what you boys have been through but if this keeps up, he may not be able to get any better.”

Staple: “Dr. Cain I know you are assigned to be his doctor in the past, can you tell me what is the vile doing to his body?”

Dr. Cain: “Its called a blood vile, its contents are made to increase your reflexes, senses, strength and dexterity. It’s like an adrenaline shot but much, much more effective. It was meant only to be shot to the arm but someone by the name of Daxter figured out that by shooting it directly through the heart, the effects lasted a longer and doubles the effect it would naturally have. I have voiced my concerns about this but I couldn’t ban it from being used in that way. So instead they just made it only to be used during emergency situations. I used to make those for the hunters but I also have been trying to figure out how to make a cure for its after effects. I was never successful on that part, instead I made something to ease the pain, something to calm the nerves by using herbs that are known to be toxic and dangerous if applied, but it works well as a counter to the side effect. Only those who has used the blood vile are permitted to that medicine, if anyone else ever takes it they will end up becoming sick for days, but that is easier to cure than this.”

Staple: “Has there been any progress on the medicine?”

Dr. Cain: “No, not as much as I wanted anyway. Only time and continues use of the medicine will bring him back to a normal condition.”

Staple: “So its that bad huh?”

Dr. Cain: “He hasn’t used one of these in years so he’ll be fine at least. As long as he doesn’t shoot it through his heart or just taking it continuously every time he’s on a mission.”

Staple: “This was the first time I actually have seen him use one ever since I became partners with him.”

Dr. Cain: “Then he’ll be fine.”

Staple: “I should probably tell this to his assistant.”

Dr. Cain: “Oh that sweet little fluff, having her in his life seemed to have positive effects on him.”

Staple: “Is that so?”

Dr. Cain: “Well tell her I said hi and please do not make her panic when you tell her this.”

Staple: “Alright, I’ll do my best ma’m.”

Staple leaves the hospital and outside a carriage parked right in front him. It opens and two bears including a beautiful blonde fox came out of it.

Theresa: “Officer, do you know anyone by the name of Nick Wilde?”

Staple: “Why yes he’s my partner.”

Theresa: “I need to talk to him!”

Staple: “Why what happened?”


Back at the tunnels, Judy had become sleepy from the long trek but she’s still trying to keep awake just case they let their guard down.

Ella: “Alright were here.”

Lenny: “Finally.”

They both climbed up a ladder leading upwards, probably out of a rabbit hole (this world’s version of a man hole). When they got up, Judy looked around and saw a bunch of slaves sharing food, playing music, children playing, and such. It was a bright atmosphere that what she originally thought. 

Ella took off the gag. 

Ella: “Welcome to our base.”

Judy: “What, where is this?”

Lenny: “Its part of the tunnels that we used as a hide out from the nobles.”

Judy: “It looks like a wine cellar.”

Ella: “You caught on pretty quick.”

Judy: “As I remember in one of the books I was reading based around house structures then there must be stairs leading up to someones house or storage house.”

Lenny: “Wow you’re smart. I’m impressed. To tell you this is below someones storage house.”

Judy: “Who’s storage house?”

Ella: “Why don’t ask over there? He’s coming down stairs right now.”

Judy looks up and sees a light grey rabbit walking down carrying some bags.

Oswald: “Alright its time to make supper for everyone!”

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  • Sherlock: *holding Molly around the waist from behind; kissing her neck*
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Receptionist: ...
  • Receptionist: *clears his throat*
  • Molly: *blushing* Oh, sorry...we're on honeymoon.
  • Receptionist: *impassive; collects key* Congratulations. Holmes, yeah?
  • Sherlock: *nods; steps away, keeping one arm around Molly's waist* Could you tell me which room Mr. Hamilton is in? Breakfast meeting.
  • Receptionist: *blinks* 6B, ground floor *glances at Molly; raises eyebrow* Breakfast meeting?
  • Sherlock: *moves his hand lower* Well, early lunch...
  • Molly: *smirks* He means late lunch *winks; takes the key*
  • Receptionist: *rolls his eyes; exhales deeply*
  • *once out of earshot*
  • Molly: *excited muttering* That was brilliant! You are brilliant.
  • Sherlock: *whispering quickly; breathing heavily* Despite what you might think, Molly, it is not hard to 'act' as though I am attracted to you.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *smug* Is that why your hand is still on my arse?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: He may have informants, Molly.