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ok but listen. so, Allura decides that Lance should be the temporary red paladin and he’s so fed up already what with Keith of all people becoming their leader and now they’re taking blue away from him and he just can’t and angrily storms away. allura makes to go after him but Keith stops her, saying that it’s kinda his responsibility.
So, Keith goes to Lance’s room and it’s really awkward. Lance doesnt want to talk and Keith doesnt know what to say. BUT eventually he tells Lance that he’s the only one he’d trust with piloting Red. and Lance is silent for a moment and then murmurs ‘but what if she rejects me’ because he’s insecure af but Keith reassures him and they go to red together and they have a bonding moment and AAHHHH

Maid Dragon Headcanons

Kanna sometimes helps Tohru clean underneath the furniture in the apartment like that one scene in The Incredibles.

Kobayashi eventually reaches the point where she’s so used to people entering and leaving her apartment that she doesn’t even get up to answer the door. Sometimes she falls asleep on the couch and wakes up to Lucoa watching TV  beside her or Fafnir rooting through her games for something new to play.

One night, Kobayashi shows Tohru and Kanna the movie Dragonheart. Kanna falls asleep halfway through, while Tohru points out several problems with the movie’s depictions of dragons and then erupts into tears at the end.

Elma sometimes calls to ask Kobayashi about work stuff. Most of the time, Tohru is the one to answer the phone, and hangs up on her the second she starts to speak.

Tohru is a huge fan of those shitty Fairy Tail fanfics where Natsu can’t control his ‘dragon lust’ and has sex with Lucy.

Eventually, Kanna trusts Saikawa enough to tell her the truth about what she really is. After she transforms into her dragon form, Kanna fully expects Saikawa to run away in terror. Instead, Saikawa freaks out over how cute and fluffy she is as a dragon, and falls asleep nuzzled in her feathers.

Fafnir is a beast at Dark Souls, but a total scrub at Bloodborne.

After Iruru starts living at the apartment, she and Tohru stop whatever they’re doing and growl at each other every time their eyes meet. All it takes is a soft “no” from Kobayashi to break them up.

Tohru thinks about that one time Kobayashi touched her boobs on a daily basis.

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