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Hopping onto that marriage train because goshdarnit I’m so gay for these two

Kobayashi is crying because Tohru is so beautiful. Tohru is crying because she’s so happy. I’m also crying


the members’ reactions when jongin forgot to go backstage right after his solo and danced with exo-m


Send me a character and number (only from Maidragon, Monmusu or AnR)

@askmisskobayashi cuz you asked for Torhu in a poodleskirt

happy (early) halloween!! kicking off the season with some halloween themed solangelo for an art collab with the super lovely @sabertooth-raccoon, who did the lines for this piece, and colored the lines i did! (check it out–saber’s coloring on this piece is incredible). this was SO much fun to color and yes, will solace is a certified potter nerd

I can’t believe there are four yuri anime in 2k17…. Thank the yuri gods….

MKDM Characters’ Search Histories (Part 1?)


  • Explain laundry machine
  • Explain duties of a maid
  • Explain dishwasher
  • Explain what is this machine anyway
  • Explain proper use of search query
  • Why is this machine so difficult
  • Being a proper maid
  • Human courtship rituals
  • Human education system
  • Education supplies
  • Excessive education supplies
  • Dinner recipes
  • Swimsuits
  • Beach activities
  • How to get her to love you back
  • How to properly please your master
  • How to properly please your master AS A MAID
  • Why are humans so strange
  • Bento recipes
  • Does an argument count as flirting
  • Does a competition count as flirting
  • Human courtship always so strange?
  • Christmas gifts
  • Back pain relief
  • Holiday recipes
  • How to tell if she loves you
  • How far into relationship before she tells you she loves you


  • Dragon mythology
  • Maid outfits circa eighteenth century
  • European maid outfits circa eighteenth century
  • Dragon tails in mythology
  • Public school enrollment
  • Caring for a young child
  • History of maids site:wikipedia
  • Obtaining wikipedia editor status
  • Dealing with affection
  • Infatuation versus genuine affection
  • What to do when you accidentally adopted a child
  • authentic maid outfits circa early nineteenth century
  • NSFW maid outfits
  • Difficulty expressing self to others
  • Overwhelmed when trying to explain self to others
  • social anxiety
  • dealing with social anxiety
  • Adopting a non-citizen child
  • Do I love her or do I love that she loves me?
  • Maid Cafe discourse
  • Advice for adoptive mothers
  • How to know right time to tell someone


.。.:*・° |  孫 悟空 x チチ  | .。.:*・°

Few Son Goku x Chi-Chi related merchandises from Japan since 1989 till 2017. 

This is just a sneak preview, there are more Goku x Chi-Chi stuff out there, though its not easy to get them cuz they were released long time ago, some of them are limited edition release. (I wouldn’t have even known about most of them if my older siblings hadn’t shown them to me!)

Also, the number of couple and family related mercandise is very less, like only 5%. The rest 95% is hot aliens either in fighting poses or ‘beating the crap out of each other’ pics. So, that makes these kind of pics very rare.

And the only way to get them now is through ebay or auction pages…where they ask too high prices 😓

Also, main reason I made these posts because of stupid messages like this - here.