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being a biologist working in the chemistry building is weird because everyone knows me on sight and will say that they’ve defs seen me around, but no one knows who i am or who i work for, and people in my own lab don’t know i’m not in the chemistry department and get very confused when i talk about things like committee meetings, but on the other hand, none of the biologists not in my direct cohort know i’m a biologist and get confused when i show up to like, department events, so i’m basically just an unknowable science cryptid haunting the hallowed halls of higher learning with my ice bucket

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What does the "perixides kill chemists" mean? I've only taken highschool chemistry and I'm curious.

Peroxides are highly reactive unless kept very cold, which in chemistry speak means “Blows the fuck up spontaneously when they get to room temperature”. They also react with oxygen, solvents, and a fuckload of other stuff. 

That chemical plant in the Houston area that was on fire was a peroxide plant. 

They will also poison your ass, even in very low concentrations, if taken internally. 

More chemists are injured and die from lab accidents with peroxides than just about any other chemical. 


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BumbleBee V BlackSun: Dawn of Shipping
  • Bumblebee Shippers: OMFG Bumblebee is totally 100% cannon now guys! One f***ing song sung by one half of this ship means that it's totally going to happen 100%! I don't care if u BlackSun haters come at me with actual cannon evidence proving me otherwise, cuz Blake and Yang had one song together!
  • BlackSun Shipper #1: But Blake and Sun have more romantic chemist-
  • BlackSun Shipper #1: *Gets blocked*
  • BlackSun Shipper #2: But Blake and Sun also had a love song sung by only one person and they didn't become canno-
  • BlackSun Shipper #2: *Gets blocked*
  • BlackSun Shipper #3: But both Blake and Yang over the course of 4 seasons have only shown romantic interest in boys and virtually no interest in gir-
  • BlackSun Shipper #3: *Gets blocked*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: This is why I don't search up the Bumblebee tag
Flower Power

For darling Dee, with apologies for the absolute shocker of a title, and based off this prompt list because it’s too wonderful not to

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  • “I rented the apartment above your flower shop and in the last two months you’ve gotten a new flower I’m allergic to so I keep buying bouquets until I can figure out which kind it is” au

When Lily Evans had arrived in the city to begin her PhD in Organic Chemistry, she had found the little flat above Back To The Fuchsia to be quite suited to her needs. It was big enough that she didn’t feel claustrophobic, but small enough that she didn’t have to spend huge swathes of time cleaning (she sometimes wished magic existed, so she would never have to do housework again), and only a few stops away from the university on the bus. The rent was very reasonable, and she thought it was quite romantic to live about a flower shop and wake up each morning to see the blooms bobbing away down on the porch below.

As an added bonus, the man who owned the business was extremely attractive, and she quickly grew to live for the days that she would get to smile and nod hello to him on her way to and from university. She had discovered, though some rather ingenious stalking—er, light detective work—that he was named James Potter (she’d looked up the name of the shop’s owner in the Yellow Pages), and, as he had once signed for a parcel for her whilst she was out, he knew her name and sometimes even greeted her with an “Alright, Evans?”. The only problem, as she explained to her friend Mary was that, though she knew that he knew who she was, he didn’t know that she knew who he was—though Mary, several rum and Cokes in at this point, did not seem to fully grasp what a problem this was.

All in all, though, it was a pretty good start to the term. She should’ve known it was just too perfect to last.

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Past lives.

I went to the psychic tonight and we talked about a lot of things that I’m not willing to share online because it’s not anybody’s business but mine. I truly appreciated the experience even though I was deeply sad throughout most of it. But sometimes it’s just important to recognize and articulate the stressors in your life.

Of course now I’m thinking: Perhaps I would have gotten the same results out of therapy. But would my therapist have told me about my past lives? I think not. And that is what I am willing to share here. Because past lives - whether they are real or not - are just awesome to consider.

So within the first minute she was like, “Ooh I see one of your past lives, but I’m going to save it for later.” Obviously past lives are the dessert portion of a psychic reading. Later she told me there’s a lot to do with scent surrounding my past lives. And then she just took off.

Past life #1:

I was a warrior, and I wore a suit of armor, but I felt uncomfortable in it, and I was always awkwardly getting on my horse. But I had to go to war anyway. I was married and I told my wife not to wash while I was away at war, so that when I came back I could smell her all over, including her orifices.

Past life #2:

I was a pharmacist, but not a modern day one, more like a chemist, who mixed together different kinds of herbs and medicines, and possibly worked to create healing aromas.

Past life #3:

I was a gypsy, a very witchy gypsy, and I would go to the woods to find different plants and herbs, once again to create potent scents and healing substances. She said I’m a gypsy now, still, because I move around so much, and that when I go to New Orleans this winter I should learn more about how to create those substances. She identified the one part of my body that has never healed properly - my right ankle, which I broke five years ago - and  said I should wrap it in flowers for seven days and sit outside in the sun. She said it could still be healed, that there was still time for it to be better.

One final note: She said it’s important for me to surround myself with witches now, and I said, “Don’t worry, I know plenty of witches.”

wizardsaintofphysics-deactivate  asked:

I'm in my first year at uni and I'm trying to choose between Chem and Astrophysics as a major (and most likely Masters and PhD would follow), and while I know you don't work as a chemist you do have a bit more insight into the subject than i do (you having a degree and all). So I was wondering if you have any knowledge to share on how difficult finding work in chemistry is, and what would the job of an chemist look like on an average day?

There are definitely more chemist jobs than astrophysicist jobs. More important though is the number of grad programs that will pay you to attend, which is also likely much higher in chemistry. 

Right now humanities grad students are saying “There are grad programs that PAY YOU!” Yup…sorry…there are just a lot fewer science PhD candidates so they’re more in demand. 

Talk to your advisor!

Months after 7-year-old Charlotte Benjamin wrote a letter to Lego accusing its female characters of being boring, the company has released the Research Institute set.
“I love Legos,” Charlotte wrote. But, she continued, there aren’t enough girls — and the ones the company has made just “sit at home, go to the beach, and shop,” while the boy characters “saved people, had jobs, even swam with sharks!”
The young girl’s letter went viral and attracted widespread attention, and within a week, Lego responded, saying “we have been very focused on including more female characters and themes that invite even more girls to build.”
The new play set now includes a female paleontologist, astronomer and chemist. 

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Mama Bree - What type of mortar and pestle would you recommend? Soap stone, regular stone, wood, cast iron? There are so many and I don't know which would be best for grinding herbs.

For a good M&P, you want something that’s going to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. The material should depend on what you plan to grind.

For anything harder than dried leaves and flower petals, I recommend either granite or marble. Make sure the inside surface of the mortar (the bowl part) has a rough texture, and that the pestle fits well in your hand. Make sure the whole thing is large enough for your purposes, and make sure it has a good weight, particularly if you’re doing heavy-duty grinding, so that the mortar won’t move around on you. (You should always hold the mortar with the hand that isn’t holding the pestle when grinding something, but the weight helps.) These do tend to be expensive, but they’re good quality and will last you a lifetime.

Porcelain and metal M&Ps are more for the chemist, where you need to grind up very small amounts of things like pressed-powder pills or other items that are solid but are made up of particulate material.

I’ve never found wooden M&Ps to be useful for much besides very soft materials. And by that, I mean breaking up clumped powders or crunching up dried leaves. Wood just doesn’t have the weight or the roughness for heavy work unless the M&P set is very large, and that’s not always practical. Small wooden M&Ps make nice decorations or collection bowls, but that’s about it.

If you’re going to be doing heavy-duty grinding of anything that’s in a twig, bark, or root state, or if you really want to reduce the plant material to dust, invest in an electric spice or coffee grinder. Hamilton Beach makes a magnificent 12-cup electric coffee grinder that retails for about $22 USD and it works very well. You’ll still need to sift the material through a fine mesh strainer and a funnel to remove larger particles, and I wouldn’t recommend it for big jobs or very tough herbs, but for small things and especially leaves, flowers, and fruit peels, it works extremely well. Just be sure to give it a good cleaning with the included brush and a DRY paper towel between uses and let it rest for at least 2min between grindings. (Also, I’d recommend purchasing the 2-year warranty for a few extra bucks, since it sometimes stalls out if it’s used very heavily or if water or too much powder seeps into the motor case.)

thedarkunknownmind  asked:

Regarding Small Town Witch: Where would stage magicians find themselves in this world? Strong practitioners of spell-making? Or proponents of the ban because it gets rid of their main competition (ACTUAL magic)?

There’s actually not a lot of crossover between the fields of stage magicians and alchemical magicians in the Small Town Witch world! Stage magicians are entertainers and performers while most of the magicians in STW are more like chemists as far as their discipline goes.

That SAID, in the STW world there is still a place for stage magicians – in particular though for them it’s a point of pride that they DON’T use spells in their craft. The fact that they’re using slights of hand that looks like magic is actually more the point that’s emphasized, simply because it’s so much more impressive than the ‘easy’ way with a spell. In a way they’re more like special effects artists!

I imagine the big scandal is when one of their tricks is actually exposed as being the result of magic.