more brotp moments

What I need in future b99

- more domestic peraltiago because I simply can’t get enough

- rosa and gina establishing a relationship or at least establishing feelings

- I actually need more gina and jake brotp moments because I honestly love them

- jake being scared about gina after the bus accident

- boyle and rosa brotp moments

- gina x rosa x amy girl power

- amy and jake referring to holt (and kevin) as their dad(s)

- jake x holt father/son moments because yes


[at Maji Burger]

Midorima: Kuroko

Kuroko: Ah Midorima-kun, good morning

Midorima: [takes a seat in front of Kuroko] Are you seriously having vanilla shake for breakfast?

Kuroko: [shrugs] It has milk.. how about you? Never thought you are the type who eats burger in the morning

Midorima: It’s my lucky item for today

Kuroko: Is it okay to eat a lucky item?

Midorima: It would be.. unwise to carry this type of food all day

Kuroko: So you choose to carry it in your stomach

Midorima: Exactly


Kuroko: [suddenly looked slightly surprised]

Midorima: What is it?

Kuroko: It’s Akashi-kun.. and Furihata-kun

Midorima: [proceeds to follow Kuroko’s line of sight]

Midorima: .. It’s not even the real Akashi

Kuroko: Yeah, it’s the other one

Midorima: We shouldn’t make our presence known

Kuroko: It would be the wise action.. not when Akashi-kun has that kind of expression [smiles slightly]

Midorima: To be able to make even the other Akashi smiling genuinely like that.. I must say I’m impressed with your friend, Kuroko

Kuroko: You don’t know Furihata-kun like I do, Midorima-kun. If I were a homosexual, I’d probably fall in love with him too

Midorima: You’re not a homosexual?

Kuroko: Not really. I’m more of a.. vanilla shakesual



Midorima: You’ve been wanting to say that for how long now?

Kuroko: [sighs] I really thought it was brilliant


“Hi, I’m Lavon Hayes, and I’m itch free where it counts” cue wade bursts out laughing. (1x05 Faith & Infidelity)

“ Raise your hand if you think Garmadon should come back onto the show. ”

“ Or more Morro screen time. ”

“ Or more brotp/otp moments. ”

“ Or less Misako. ”

Fandom :

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Okay but like, can we please have more Alex brotp moments with the Floor 19 inmates in the next book? Like, I’d really like some more Alex and Halfborn moments and I’d love to see Alex and T.J. moments and Alex and Mallory moments.

Just, Alex and Floor 19 brotp please

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O M G the wine scene gave me the FEEEEEEEEELS. also just the development between lucifer and maze too. he didn't think twice about pouring her a drink in the beginning of the ep. i still get hit with the realization that they've known each other for FOREVER and they know each other better than anyone. feeelingssss give me more brotp moments plz. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE LAST SCENE WITH THE FILES?? LIKE WHAT I NEED ANSWERS

Look I have a lot of Lucifer and Maze feelings all right. A lot. And I actually didn’t even notice the detail of him not hesitating to pour her a drink, my heart. But yes, the wine scene where you see they’re having a welcome back Maze party with everyone there, and her giving the stuffed toy back to Trixie, and the scene before where she kisses Rivers and says she has to get back to her roots and it is literally the softest we have ever seen her?? I know that was the second stand-alone episode from s2 moved over to s3, and it felt a bit jarring that Maze was back and then gone after being gone already for the first 2 episodes, but whatever. Also Deckerstar being like divorced parents crankily but caringly trying to keep track of their rebellious demon child. Yus.

Also, I super think it was Marcus keeping files on everyone at the precinct and/or something to do with the Sinnerman, or that the Sinnerman was tied to the baddie network in the episode somehow (aka as Rivers says, they know more about Maze than she thinks). But yes, we’ve already seen Marcus spying on them/Lucifer and keeping tabs, so it would not surprise me if he has started digging into the supernatural stuff somehow. Which would be interesting, because frankly I want to see him start to kick Lucifer’s butt and make him hot under the collar with it, so yes. Ahem. Aka I adore Lucifer but he is a Turbo Idiot right now and while I have no reason to think he will be less of one, still.

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Can you make more Brotp moments of Gajeel and Juvia. Like Gajeel texts Juvia to stop the rain, and Juvia says she can't coz her heart is yet again broken by Gray and so Gajeel texts Gray. I dont know, Im not good with stories haha but I guess you could figure out the rest. or Revise it. :)

dude I am always happy to do anything involving my all-time brotp *3* and hush your story is adorable <3

Juvia never said that she was crying, but Gajeel could tell from the light rain outside his window.

A few things I want for Rey's storyline going forward

1.) For it NOT to involve or hinge on a Kylo Ren redemption arc.
2.) For her and Luke to address the changes in the New Jedi Order going forward because not everyone has read or seen the additional content, or has knowledge of the expanded universe.
3.) Maybe some flashbacks or at least references to her life on Jakku and how she became a badass because again, not everyone has read the additional content and some people still want to call her a “Mary Sue.”
5.) Dual lightsabers that join to make a saberstaff.
6.) Or to keep Luke’s blue lightsaber.
7.) More awesome heroic brotp moments with Finn after a tearful, happy reunion.
8.) Her and Poe being kickass pilot bros. (Maybe being super competitive when flying too lol.)
10.) Bonding with Luke and Leia.
12.) Training/fight sequences in which we see how ripped Daisy is and how badass Rey is getting with the Force and lightsabers.
13.) Her being sassy with Chewie, R2, and BB8. And anyone else really.
14.) Maybe she gets her speeder back because it’s her baby.
15.) For someone to mention the fact that Rey loves and collects plants/flowers.
16.) And finally… the true heroic storyline she deserves. Front and center and being awesome as always.

Feel free to add something you want to see, guys!

gruvia: foreshadowing their future fight vs. natsu

At the moment, Gray and Juvia are in an undefinable stage in their romantic relationship, at least from Gray’s side. Mashima has posted on his twitter that “their relationship is still a mystery” and coming off the high of chapter 416, this is underwhelmingly and somewhat predictably true. I joined the fairy tail fandom a few weeks after 416 so I remember that there was a lot of expectation that at the very least Gray and Juvia would be living together comfortably for the whole year, yet it turned out not to be the case. That was a nice twist though, I was excited at the possibility of having an ominous mini-arc, where Gray might have been possessed by his demon powers. Alas, no.

The avatar arc was a bust for me because it had Juvia become a victim to plot conveniences and Gray not even be tempted to the dark side. Specifically, Gray got this glorious set-up when we found out he left Juvia; there were demon marks on him, he joined a dark guild worshipping Zeref, and it seemed like he was working alone to fulfill his Father’s will. In Juvia’s case, even if she was not my favorite character, I just don’t understand the need to make her sick, emotionally regressed to the point her rain returned, and then have her pain not even be an important part to the Gruvia storyline. Her rain and her regression did nothing but create an excuse that kept her out of Gray’s “solo” mission and later, Team Natsu’s get-together. 

I’m not saying that I disliked the previous arc because Gray and Juvia were not together for the whole time, or that they didn’t have a more romantic cannon moment, because I understand Mashima is running short of ways to keep these two apart until the end of the story. I’m saying that I disliked the futile reasons for Gray’s disappearance (Natsu blew his cover anyway), and the fact that the potentially large significance of Juvia’s rain was diluted to a mere off-panel moment where we don’t know if Gray ever found out about her condition or not. Like I said, I don’t understand the point of her rain’s return if in the end everybody was unaffected by it, and as much as I hope that there still is an underlying purpose behind Juvia’s state, I think Gray’s quick yet sincere apology wrapped up that poorly written arc.

After Fairy Tail’s revival, we got a few panels of them working together, and the guild teasing them about their closeness, and it was sweet because Gray was awkward about it, but their panels were mainly focused on their friends, and I loved that. I also respect the fact that Gray has feelings he still has to come to terms with, and that there is no obligation for him to show his love (bordering romantic) for Juvia in the same way she does for him. And in general, the Alvarez Arc had only a few “shipping” moments, and they were mostly for humor (i.e. gajevy’s grope, juvia fantasizing about gray while she was in a bath, natsu landing on lucy’s chest as always). 

One thing that’s been pointed out though, and you can see several greats posts about it x x and x, is that Gray has been a little cold and distant lately. I agree and that’s even taking into consideration that he is a more private and emotionally restrained character. But he undoubtedly had an increased emotional openness towards her when they were living together, and he was comfortable and happy, for Juvia would not call it “our home” so seriously in her raw state if otherwise.

More about their future though: 416 ended with Gray declaring to defeat E.N.D, and with Juvia agreeing to work with him (and watch over him: she is also following Silver’s will here). For the most part, they had the same goal in mind, until recently: Juvia said, out loud, that the real enemy was Zeref. Gray, still focused on his father’s goal, thought “E.N.D.” That’s important: Mashima has been teasing us with this silent interaction between Natsu and Gray for a while now. They’ve been wordlessly acknowledging the other’s body language i.e. Natsu paying attention to Gray’s demon marks, Gray noticing Natsu holding his bandaged arm, and also having more brotp moments fighting side by side. This is plot set-up for when Gray knows the truth about Natsu, and it will be all the more horrible because he’ll be torn between two people he loves; his father and his brother-figure.

Here’s where I think Juvia will be very important to the overall story, so actually make that three people he’ll be torn between. Juvia, who he is afraid to lose, who is patient and brave and has a mind of her own, will be the one to make Gray realize what his father (and his friends) really want for him. This is why I think so:

In this panel, Juvia reevaluates her motive for fighting Keith: in addition to defeating him to get rid of Face, she asks herself “is this really for Gray’s benefit?” Juvia has a very serious and analytical side to her when she battles or plans for her battles, and it’s this reason why I believe she has already stepped back, understood the whole picture, and realized that Zeref is the true enemy here, not E.N.D. And who’s to say that she hasn’t spent some time during Gray’s absence researching anything she could about E.N.D, Zeref, and dark guilds so she could reach that conclusion before Fairy Tail regrouped? After all, she was originally a member of Phantom Lord, she knows a thing or two about the forbidden and disastrous things guilds (people) do to assert power, all in Zeref’s name. 

As I’ve previously mentioned, I think having a Gray vs. Juvia fight is long overdue and definitely expected; Mashima has been including these kind of throw-backs between his recent arcs and his first few arcs for a while now, and because the only thing stopping Gruvia from reaching cannon is Gray’s struggle with his feelings, a head-on encounter would provide a direct way for him to accept them, for once and for all. This time, Juvia will be the one to show him the clear skies, to save him from the prospect of fighting Natsu, another loved one, and this will be Gray’s last step in his character development: finally being free of his demons, finally fulfilling his father’s will in a way that actually respects Silver’s well-meaning intentions, and finally at peace to return Juvia’s feelings and to know that “love and life” is a happiness worth risking, even in the face of death.