more brotp moments

“ Raise your hand if you think Garmadon should come back onto the show. ”

“ Or more Morro screen time. ”

“ Or more brotp/otp moments. ”

“ Or less Misako. ”

Fandom :

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Okay but like, can we please have more Alex brotp moments with the Floor 19 inmates in the next book? Like, I’d really like some more Alex and Halfborn moments and I’d love to see Alex and T.J. moments and Alex and Mallory moments.

Just, Alex and Floor 19 brotp please

me last year: all i want for the holidays are more BROTP Cinder x Thorne moments in Winter

me this year: all i want for the holidays are more BROTP Cinder x Thorne moments in Stars Above

Since we all need more Wynonna and Nicole brotp moments, how about a shooting competition between them? Wynonna is obviously competitive, but I bet Nicole is, too, when adequately riled up. I bet the whole thing starts when Wynonna makes a crack about how she’s the best shot or something and bets Nicole she has better aim (even though Nicole’s been through training). Waverly watches and sets up the cans/targets in increasingly more difficult locations because both Wynonna and Nicole are really good shots. Wynonna gets increasingly butt hurt and makes more and more sarcastic comments before starting to wander into topics Nicole would like to avoid discussing with Wynonna. So Nicole misses. Wynonna does a happy dance just like when she beat Dolls. While Wynonna is screaming in the background and dancing, Waverly walks over to console Nicole. “I’m sorry you lost, babe. You’ll get her next time.” But Nicole just smiles. “I let her win. Can you imagine how sulky Wynonna would be if I beat her? She’d be incorrigible.” (Wynonna is still dancing) Waverly hugs Nicole, who whispers into her ear, “And I didn’t think you’d want me telling Wynonna the whole story of how we met.”

A few things I want for Rey's storyline going forward

1.) For it NOT to involve or hinge on a Kylo Ren redemption arc.
2.) For her and Luke to address the changes in the New Jedi Order going forward because not everyone has read or seen the additional content, or has knowledge of the expanded universe.
3.) Maybe some flashbacks or at least references to her life on Jakku and how she became a badass because again, not everyone has read the additional content and some people still want to call her a “Mary Sue.”
5.) Dual lightsabers that join to make a saberstaff.
6.) Or to keep Luke’s blue lightsaber.
7.) More awesome heroic brotp moments with Finn after a tearful, happy reunion.
8.) Her and Poe being kickass pilot bros. (Maybe being super competitive when flying too lol.)
10.) Bonding with Luke and Leia.
12.) Training/fight sequences in which we see how ripped Daisy is and how badass Rey is getting with the Force and lightsabers.
13.) Her being sassy with Chewie, R2, and BB8. And anyone else really.
14.) Maybe she gets her speeder back because it’s her baby.
15.) For someone to mention the fact that Rey loves and collects plants/flowers.
16.) And finally… the true heroic storyline she deserves. Front and center and being awesome as always.

Feel free to add something you want to see, guys!