more bad homestuck stuff

“Hey, I’m Charlize! Uh, I’m a maid of breath from the Land of Roads and Petrichor. I think my consorts are like giant hedgehogs? I barely ever see them around though… They sleep a lot, so it’s kinda quiet over there haha. But yeah, nice to make your acquaintance.”

My art is barely worthy of being next to Dave’s but here I am. This took longer than it should’ve and yet it’s still trash hmmmm (this was really fun tho lol) @daveactualstrider

okay. well this is vaguely more of a warm-up looking thing i guess, due to the fact that it’s not awful but it’s also not grea t??

 (trust me im normally way better, its a little off here due to the fact i was trying not to let my shades fling across the room)

Leave behind your fears
Please believe
You will not falter

There’s no danger here
You can breathe
In clear blue water

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The guardians in general are kind of interesting as far as the “good” vs “bad” question—John complains about Dad even tho Dad’s kind of the best out of the bunch, but they all have kind of shady quirks in some way or another haha

This is very true!  We even know Grandpa Harley had his own less than optimal parenting eccentricities before death…  Who knows what Nanna would have been like. @v@

(I’m just throwing in this quote because these discussions have made me remember it, not because it makes a point or anything…)